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sat 03 feb 01

and with that, i'll get some shuteye ...

okay, these two crack me up:

... i know you're smiling. c'mon, admit it. you can't help it ...

evening: scanning more pix tonight. maybe i'll post one or two.

new daily link: woods lot.

nytimes: animals think.

check the new nikon usa site.

dpreview: new nikon d-1's on the horizon. rumors, specs.

new word of the day: 'lag-gregator'. aggregators that are slower at collecting updates than surfing the sites by hand.

the independent: napoleon and his library. i really have to find that old silent film 'napoleon' ... abel gance? ... saw snips on tv years ago, never made it through the whole thing ...

newsforge: build your own pc. got a screwdriver and a charge card? that simple. well, you may need to know a torx from a philips ...

searchdatabase.com: mysql and the open source revolution, a q & a.

commweb: changing the telecom act?

newsforge: apple lowers boom on 'aqua' skins. whither bryan bell's theme for manila?

yahoo news: where would tech be without metal?

yahoo news: looking at the new epson photo printers.

yahoo news: sphinx game is neat ... but getting it running *really* sphinx ...

betanews: napster replacement.

webreference: moving large documents to the web.

we have a heat wave today. it's 30 degrees at 10:30 a.m. mst gmt-7. after about two weeks of the teens, it's glorious. going out for a walk soon.

so, i notice that today will go in my archives as "01_02_03". cosmic significance? none. interesting? not really.