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sun 28 jan 01

been offline for a while ... not sure why. now it's too late to post anything worthwhile ...

infrared photographer.

cicada has a section on the zone system.


polaroid galleries.

one little thing. we've been trying to replace our coffee maker (which now has a slow leak). tried a cuisinart grind-n-brew; made iced tea, not coffee. the stuff was see-through; no way to add more than their recommended level of coffee beans. the grinder sounded like a ww2 fighterplane taking off. and it's ugly. took that back. got a new braun 12 cup; dirty dishwater has more flavor than this machine. and it's ugly. it's going back this afternoon. where next? krups? mr. coffee? bunn-o-matic? the mind boggles.

well, i've had a langorous morning, and frittered away my usual blogging time. i'll be back later, probably.