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sat 27 jan 01

good selection and prices on iaito, for iai-do. and a good site for how to maintain the blade.

cold weather tip: newspaper. wrap yourself in newspaper as one of your first layers, heavier layers over top. newspaper works as a sort of vapor barrier; you'll stay incredibly warm, and the next time you shower, you can read the funnies on your thighs ...

it is snowing *again*, and very cold. three-four inches on the ground again. we've got a four foot drift in the front courtyard. i keep thinking ... if all i've got to talk about on this 'blog is weather, i better pack up now ...

a pattern there is,
for no mortal to discern
chaos, climax, peace.

when creativity flows, doubts are worse than stark truths.

"i am a camera with its shutter open,
quite passive, recording, not thinking.
recording the man shaving at the window opposite
and the woman in the kimono washing her hair.
some day, all this will have to be developed,
carefully printed, fixed."

  -- christopher isherwood.

now, i have a date with some tile, some grout, and a couple of barked knuckles. see you later.

new statesman: the 21st century, the absence of reality.

new scientist: mind reading, for real. awful illustrations. they let some intern loose with photoshop ...

nando times: 'the catcher in the rye' turns 50 this year. with a silence that is deafening.

cnn: future of information warfare.

zdnet: preparing a pc for linux.

freeos: in depth look at lilo.

newsforge: supercomputer on a cd. don't throw out those old pcs ...

publishers weekly: adobe e-book format upgrade.

yahoo! now works for the good of mankind.

freeos: starters for linux, the command line.

planet it: looking at linus and linux. i disagree; committees are death. you need a charismatic leader with vision.

not much doin' today. flurries on and off; not much accumulation, if any. blowing snow like crazy. in other words, just moving the existing stuff around in great heaps. what was once on the east side of the house, is now on the south side. the table that blew over, is now covered up in a snowdrift.