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thu 25 jan 01

it's cold and dark. time to renew the font of youth by getting some shuteye.

mirth is back!

lots more shots. i'll post more through the coming days.

unpacking some more boxes, found a trove of photos i took in high school, with my old ansco autoset:

mmmmm. desktops.

reuters: the taliban are having problems with leonard dicaprio ...

linuxtoday: linuxppc becomes a non-profit corporation. they avoided the investor dictatorship ... nice.

new wiki: using perl with zope.

curmudgeon's got the goods today:

ye pow'rs, wha mak mankind your care,
And dish them out their bill e' fare,
Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware
That jaups in luggies;
But, if ye wish her gratefu' prayer,
Gie her a Haggis!

santa fe new mexican: trying to curb large developments to specified areas, already able to handle traffic. even in a town that relies mostly on the tourist industry, lax zoning threatens the character of the town, and therefore the income stream. this would be a good move.[linkrot; good for 12 hrs.]

nytimes: i now question greenspan's acumen. where is the prior art? proof that such tax cuts can help soften a recession, and in particular, a tax cut of this nature? i'm disappointed. later: reuters clarifies, restoring some faith.

nytimes: decoding the e. coli genome.

happy anniversary, ANDREA!

9:30 a.m.: back online at dangerousmeta.com. had dns problems; probably the california power outages. sorry! out of my hands.

dp review: samsung develops 512Mb flash memory card. 1 gig on the horizon.

lingua franca: big numbers. i can't believe a woman sat and typed all the numbers to one million over five years ... she must have been quite dedicated.

nytimes: sundance film festival is losing it's edge?

variety: laura bush and the arts.

businessweek: art, the internet, and profit.

osopinion: media and 'techno-arrogance.' get used to it. anyone a pilot also? then you know about the media's reportage of air crashes ... "sad to say, the pilot did not file a flight plan." as if that's a trigger for disaster. a flight plan is a little 1/3 page piece of paper that allows you to give an arrival time, so authorities can start looking for you if you're late. even better: "he was attempting to land at an *uncontrolled* airport ..." god forbid! an airport without a control tower! horrors! even though there are clear and specific procedures that one uses to safely takeoff and land ... and thousands of people do it every day. journalists are like everyone else; just as uninformed, just as opinionated. that's why one has to read broadly to gain proper perspective ...

for mac, html tagwriter is another shareware html editor, with interesting features.

cute. for windows, javascript menu master.

the athena operating system. mac, windows or linux.

tweakers: itanium isn't so hot, yet.

the bbc echoes an opinion i've noticed before ... scientists need to explain themselves better in order to get the public to understand.

zdnet: handheld market doubles.

maccentral: shipping dates slip on new macs. doesn't take *that long* to rectify shipping problems; i suspect manufacturing issues.

using the template toolkit for perl.

dumb question if i ever heard one: are hackers hounding microsoft?

perl deserves first amendment protections as freedom of expression ... ?

it's snowing to beat the band again this morning. forecasts of between 4 inches and a foot today.

martin got me up this morning; seems my dns is down. if you're clever enough to find this entry, you get a cookie. obviously, you remember that you can also find me at http://www.zopesite.com/dangerousmeta. not as elegant, but it works.