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mon 22 jan 01

american prospect: the illegitimacy of george w. bush. party domination is cyclical ... good read.

maybe i'll look at twin lens reflexes tomorrow. i love my yashicamat. quiet as a mouse, hides well in a trench coat [for unobtrusive shots].

there's a lot of sx70's at all prices on ebay.

what is it about unique, gnarly little limited-capability tools that inspire such amazing creativity?

sx70 polaroid gallery.

instant legend, instant paperweight. sx70 vs. captiva.

an sx70 site.

quicktime video of how to do sx70 film manipulations. be warned ... 11.5 mb.

sx70 photo impressionism.

busy, busy day ... but successful. let's see what other meanness i can get into ...

santa fe new mexican: water policy in the desert. yes, use effluent on the expensive golf courses. [linkrot; good for 12 hrs.]

nytimes: the museum of natural history has booted pluto from their list of planets, seemingly on their own initiative. then again, maybe they just need some controversy to drive up ticket sales ...

nytimes: panel on climate change released dour projections on global warming. solar, wind, water ... it's way past time to encourage alternative energy sources.

nytimes: de la beckwith, the assassin of medgar evers, has died.

reuters: bush to ban funding of abortion groups. and the new york times version. wasting no time, i see. john, you were right. it *is* going to be a long four years.

reuters: bush faces plutonium issues in europe.

reuters: what do you do when it's awfully cold? ice sculpture! why not ... 'path of least resistance' and all that.

lingua franca: what was once right wing, goes left wing?

philly inquirer: fighting over 'little house on the prairie.' legalities be damned; respect the author's wishes.

nytimes: a new twain ... not shania, silly. mark.

seattle weekly: artists are getting gentrified out of seattle.

the telegraph: what generates bursts of great creativity?

new criterion: on modern art.

BEditLite, BEditPro. note i didn't say "BB". done on purpose? windows.

internet product watch: bugseye/emerge. content management for catalogs.

o'reillynet: p2p and electrical deregulation.

macnn: corrupted gifs in dreamweaver in os 9.1.

osopinion: the ethical programmer.

unixreview on the state of wine.

xmlhack: canonical xml now proposed recommend.

cbs: sifting through a civil war sub. keep watching this!

huh? what? yep, it's a monday. i'll get something up soon ... but get this ... a client left stuff in my mailbox *before* i went to put out the garbage at 7 a.m. today. *before*.

that's what kind of day today is going to be.