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fri 19 jan 01

poetry about new mexico ... at blue mountain?!

the brownie camera page. whadda face!

my favorite toy.

lunch box bonanza. as god is my witness, i can't remember which kind i used to carry ...

quantum mechanics of sandwiches in lunchboxes.

diver dan! miss minerva! baron barracuda!

felix the cat.

the kit kat clock. va-va-voom ...

they still make p.f. flyers.

online etch-a-sketch.

wham-o hula hoop.

wham-o superballs.

buy a pogo stick?

say hello in the basque language. tambourine is a basque word ...

basque recipes.

where to find a bullfight in andalucia.

nativeamericanlinks: nai expedition to mesa verde, gila cliffs, chimayo, etc. ... a taxonomy of kachinas ...

scanning in gimp.


broadcast designers association. they even use the '.tv' ... big bucks.


went for a walk. heading west, the sun set in a long orange smear across the horizon ... rather like theatrical makeup across an eyelid. wondered if the spanish conquistadors and the western pioneers enjoyed the beauty, were awestruck ... or were they just goal-oriented, focused on the pursuit of gold, and staying alive ... oblivious to the grandeur?

installed mozilla 0.7 last night. much nicer than netscape 6; snappier all the way around. still bombs at unpredictable moments, however. the instability on my win2k laptop makes it a 'back folder' item. i'll have to try it out over on the mac side ...

economist: more bandwidth for your buck.

artnews: the online art market, hit or miss?

santa fe new mexican: watch 'em backpedal. even the pro-deregulation republicans are starting to back a delay in the deregulation of new mexico's utilities. thanks, california. [linkrot. good for 12.]

reuters: japan reports norwegian whale blubber may have toxic levels of pcb's.

reuters: italian AIDS vaccine at human trials stage.

reuters: big changes at time warner.

nytimes: outsider art fair.

first things: defining social justice.

bostonherald: dubya and the bard.

the economist: does music really soothe the savage beast?

guardian: death of the live classical music concert?

webreview: implementing information across your site.

underground. the book is completely downloadable.

the register: overclocking athlons.

the register: redhat has worms.

mac runtime for java 2.24.

update for winamp.

linuxworld.com.au: the future of gnome.

zdnet uk: 2ghz in 2001.

zdnet uk: if you've got a mac, watch out for melissa. virus.

sure wish i was over in amsterdam. eurozopecon.

i open the doors, stand outside in my bathrobe, stretch my hands to the sun, and welcome another day ... and then dash back inside because it's freaking cold out there.

but the mountains are, as usual, gorgeous in the morning sunlight.