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wed 17 jan 01

nytimes: book review, roosevelt and churchill.

say hello to kasha-katuwe tent rocks monument. new mexico thanks you, mr. clinton.

jason newsted's left metallica.

collywobbles. just fyi.

looking for a belt, i got a surprise. i don't think these go with the outfit i had in mind ... though i have to wonder why anyone would want a *used* one. the mind boggles as to what i'll find under 'shotgun chaps' ...

rangefinder mag.

eye caramba.

accidental photography.

sight photo magazine.

w. eugene smith.

the exploding dictionary rules ...

bored.com says these are the most interesting sites on the web.

the utterly boring web site. yep, he's right.

30,000 tons of nuclear waste ... and 300 million tons of chemical waste per year. this site is somewhat pro-nuke; i remind you all, however, that los alamos is storing nuclear waste in fiberglass drums under canvas tents at this moment. waste is not just spent fuel; clothes, tools, piping, water, etc. i don't know if these numbers take that into account.

world oil market projections, to 2020. department of energy.

rainforest devastation numbers.

the right to keep and bear arms, subcommittee on the constitution. look at the members, read the history. interesting in light of john ashcroft.

nytimes: butter with a pedigree.

nytimes: a neoconservative translation of de tocqueville? from the example, this is troubling. we hope for better accuracy in new translations ...

santa fe new mexican: reports on our snow accumulations. also, the albuquerque journal reports that governor gary johnson slipped and fell on his 'back' (read: butt) and has fractures in his spine. he's expected to make a full recovery.

and that's about my limit for the moment. back this afternoon. maybe.

scientific american: information technology, 2500 b.c.

sfgate: laura bush and the authors. bleak. though i was half-expecting an enshrinement of louis l'amour ... that texas/wild west myth, don't you know.

ottowa citizen: theatrical fog causes respiratory problems. first hand experience here ... it's awful stuff. and they began 'flavoring' the damned stuff about a decade ago. nothing worse than inhaling gouts of watermelon smog ...

yahoo news: aol password security glitch.

byte: jabber and xml messaging.

raging bull: has the linux bubble burst?

xmlhack: rss 1.0 in a box.

so links won't be quite up to the usual. i'm sure you understand.

three words today. 'stomach virus' and 'snow'. or, possibly, 'food poisoning' and 'snow'. i've got a new intestinal system on backorder from amazon; when it'll arrive in this weather mess, i don't know.