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tue 16 jan 01

find out what 'desmodromic' really means ...

los alamos and radiation are no joke. right now, neither santa fe nor albuquerque use *any* rio grande water for drinking supplies. that will soon change. and it worries me.

mother jones on depleted uranium.

andrea, mother jones has an article about coke in schools: schoolhouse rot.

just out of curiousity, just enter 'rearrange sock drawer' in any search engine, and get a real slice of americana ... *everyone* uses this term.

someone may have found this before: the bureau of missing socks.

got a house. what else do i need? one of these.

telephone sfx. *lots* of them.


given the macromedia/allaire merger, one wonders the future of barebones ... given that they're also bundled with dreamweaver ...

update to linesort for bbedit.

garry winogrand, masters of photography.

have to go into town ... and it's snowing like a banshee. no accumulations yet; maybe i'll take the vidcam with me ...

january issue of megapixel.net.

the weather stills sounds filled with potential; so far unrealized.

books unlimited: frantz fanon and algeria.

boston globe: how to pick a ballet dancer.

la times: superflat.

mediachannel: did you realize that television actors for commercials had gone on strike last year? would you have cared?

linuxpr: nusphere given western hemisphere rights to mysql training. what happened to 'open source' ... or is everyone in a panic now?

zdnet: fast track to 10ghz.

usable web: information architecture guide.

freeos lauds linux mandrake's ease of installation. it's so easy, they help you with an installation guide to the installation guide ... (grin) ... not that i'm knocking it. linux installs need all the help they can get.

byte: linux in the post dot com era. post dot com era?

iview is reversioning.

securityfocus: php .htaccess vulnerability.

700 mhz durons are shipping.

yahoo news: new software for birders. drop the nikon binocs for a moment and read up ...

netimperative: no sdsl for britain 'til 2002. opportunity for satellite? the rocky road to broadband continues ...

geeknews is discussing jake's fortunate save via google, and the legalities of having google cache an entire site ...

the current weather reports are discouraging driving ... yet the roads here are clear. we must have lucked out.

well, the rumors of our entombment in snow were greatly exaggerated ... or else, the snow went north of us. sandra's going to venture into santa fe city, but here we've got a piddling inch of snow. and i was all set for being snowpacked! looks like more of a mountain and altitude accumulation event ... nevertheless, it's sunny and snowing here. go figure.