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wed 10 jan 01


edward weston's pepper.

once again, i'm thwarted at the cusp of linux. looks like phatlinux won't work with win2k. so, on to trying to configure one of my old systems with mklinux.

yahoo fairly shouts a warning to wall street.

a curtiss p-40 warhawk, part of a portfolio of george rodger photos.

pdn-pix. photo news 'n' stuff. a section on 'grand masters of flash', but i got bandwidth-frustrated ...

photobetty: e-zine for women photographers.

it had to happen. the la-z-boy 'e-cliner.' hey, match this with a g4 powerbook, and we could all look like 'big elvis.'

hal rager of blivet, being busy at work, emailed over a fascinating article from prospect magazine about elections and the ethnography behind the results. i don't have time to do the article justice; but i insist that if you visit this weblog, you read this article. many nuggets of gold in here, none more so than the second-to-last paragraph. it echoes my own observations: that the hispanic population in the southwest does vote more republican as they climb the status ladder. the mexican-american/hispanic/spanglo population cannot be pigeonholed as a 'bloc' for either party; many in the media seem to assume any minority votes with solidarity. here in new mexico, they'll learn the hard way. on the whole, very worth the read. thanks, hal! i don't have to weblog for the rest of the week now ... (grin) ...

phatlinux is on hold for the moment; they talk about win98 and 95, but no mention of win2k and ntfs ... it started to balk on install, which set off bells in my head ...

andrea, there are actually two or three building 'styles' allowed in santa fe city. pueblo, territorial, and (i believe) northern new mexico. each has a distinct look, yet all must be made to look like the historical adobe forebears of the style. and, as i've said before, everyone must adapt. mcdonald's, burger king, walmart ... they're all adobe. where's that digital camera when i need it? municipalities don't have to accept neon nightmares.

on to work.

that's why they call 'em theories ... and they're no less important to teach.

nytimes: scientists discover two new planetary systems, and are shocked at what they find.

nytimes: human evolution theory continues to evolve.

nytimes: with opec recently in the news, and the republican push, it looks bleak for the arctic wildlife refuge.

nytimes: the supreme court hacks away at the clean water act. a familiar split in voting. however, *ecosystems* are more important than splitting legal hairs. alter one facet, a million others change in concert. the impact on migratory birds will have effects both north and south of whatever watershed they fill. i fear this will bring back that old malady, 'flood plain outlet malls.' wait for the spring rains, and the flood sales ...

dpreview: nikon rolls out an almost completely new line of film scanners at macworld. some with firewire!

the new criterion: review of martin gardner's compendium volume 'did adam and eve have navels.' he uses numerology to 'prove' that bill clinton is the antichrist.

chronicle of higher ed: 'anders-streben' in academic disciplines.

architecture week: considering how best to rebuild beirut.

village voice: another article looking at ken burns' series, 'jazz'. "the ironic flip side to the notion that jazz is "america's indigenous music" is the fact that most americans don't listen to it."

msnbc: hmmm. various wireless technologies don't play well together. for instance, your apple airport and your 2.4 ghz phone. too little bandwidth. sounds familiar, somehow.

mozilla 0.7, two months beyond netscape 6. download links for builds on bottom of page.

newsforge: discussing open source, and some philosphy, too boot.

linuxcom: the interpersonal side of being a sysadmin. dealing with that user with the iq of a 'diced carrot' ...

whoah! black adder, a windows/linux development environment for python.

there's too much to list. go check versiontracker for mac updates.

there's a growing number of acquaintances, crossing mac and windows, who like 'the bat' as a windows 'claris emailer' style email client. i would too, but i just can't get past those icons ... too busy for this visual artist.

sfgate: 'new economy' magazines cut jobs. well, that's not so bad. hearing the same news ten different ways was a bit ridiculous in the first place.

excite: hands on the new g4 powerbook. hmmm. concerns about the hinge? titanium is strong, yes, but not good with shear and torque. hence it's failure as a material for bottom brackets in bicycles. or is the hinge steel and plastic?

cnn: oh no! lego's courting the 'evil empire' ... microsoft. does this mean the blocks won't fit together anymore?

via xml.com: the digital dictionary of buddhism, and the digital dictionary of east asian literary terms.

bbc: taking the web to the wilderness.

just noted maclaunch on the 10 am aggregator. hadn't seen the site before.

silicon.com: in britain, women perceive e-banking as too time consuming.

the register: france, germany ... now the greek language is being assaulted by 'greeklish', usually brought about by the technological wave ...

lessee, what's up in the world today?

i've got a 237mb archive sitting on my hard drive. phatlinux. jealous? i'm cutting out in a bit to get it installed and run.

well, the snow of yesterday has become a granular crust of ice. we've got low blue-gray clouds; can't see the sandia range at all. clouds are down to the ground to the south. the west side of the sandias, madrid and such, seem to have gotten a good dusting.