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tue 09 jan 01

cheapest date *you* know. one glass of old simi chardonnay, and i'm done for. see y'all in the mañana.

should i worry? this was in my referrers: police.gov.hk.

when you have the choice, always do the crazy thing. if you survive to old age, you'll have great things to talk about, other than an 'organ recital' ...

heavy flurries begat a dusting of snow, not more than 1/2 inch. maybe three inches this weekend. i keep putting off and putting off buying that snow shovel. i keep having this thought ... why not build a helicopter instead. hover it around, blow the snow off the walks and drives. and you thought tim allen was bad ...

take the space between us, fill it up someway ...

okay, now i *know* it's a full moon. they've got a fetch beta. fetch? hasn't it been consistent and ubiquitous since the last ice age?

i link too much stuff. it's just so hard to cut back.

cnn: one way or another, those votes're going to be counted. anybody have an opinion about the research body they plan to use?

linda chavez withdraws. she probably had a 'new one reamed' by george. (as i understand it from people who have worked for bush, he's got a bit of a temper.)

ignore the previous note. found it. at the apple site. looking at the vr. hmmm. i expected more swoop and less box. but thin is fabulous. just fabulous. and i'm a sucker for retro-steel looks.

all the mac sites are dead slow. anybody know where i can surf to get a gander at the new g4 powerbook? i gotta see this titanium wonderbox ... though, i have to say, the common-sense synapses remind me to *never* purchase first-generation apple ANYTHING ... no matter how whiz-bang-swoosh-dead-on-the-money-gotta-have-it-now-wheres-the-charge-card. let others take the 'edge' off ...

'silly' molecule names. research scientists need to get out more often.

the mtv photo booth: fellow former princetonian brooke shields and many others; but these two are scary ... janet reno and sam donaldson.

electronic telegraph: whippet coursing.

nytimes: sandra bernhard on ralph lauren: "oh there's nothing like the sight of a jewish cowboy riding off into the sunset. I sure do love your sheets, mr. lifshitz."

nytimes: the u.s. government is obviously perfectly aware that depleted uranium makes for a very dirty battlefield. who pays for cleanup?

nytimes: hooray for mr. dombeck.

7:10: morning has broken. the sun has slipped behind a sheet of blue clouds, leaving an intense rose filigree. performance is over for another day.

book: on the trail of the anonymous.

7:05: just when you think colors can't get any more intense, the dawn dials it up. there's a shaft of vertical brightness perpendicular to the horizon. i took a video shot; i'll see if i have time to post it later.

the age: dreading the lord of the rings.

spark-online: what makes an 'outsider' an outsider, artistically speaking? and what does it really mean? and does it matter ...

7:00 a.m.: the rose clouds are underpinned with a purple-blue variety. the gold of the horizon is intensifying.

classical news: glamour and the classical canon. bare bach?

new scientist: time to test the theories again. dna extracted from an ancient human in australia call the 'out of africa' descent of man into question.

6:50 a.m.: rose and gold robes of clouds are preceding the sun ...

new scientist: making a virus more effective. now, it may just be me, but doesn't this sound like a disaster in the making?

new scientist: east german dissidents were tagged with radioactive solutions.

6:40 a.m.: clouds are now a sepia brown; sky is a very light yellow tint. clouds increasing at the moment.

linuxpr: phatlinux is hot. i even find average people discussing it here in santa fe. where've i been?

there's an update for analog, mac only.

6:30 a.m.: there's now orange on the horizon, and the yellow transition to blue in the sky has a distinct green line ... if just for a minute or two.

bbc: if there's one highlight to the dour dotcom winter, it's that amazon is doing aok. like them or not, they're a bellwether. positive news from them may boost analysts' depression.

business 2.0: a perspective on the dotcom crash.

newsbytes: of aol, instant messaging, and profits.

i'm watching the sun rise. it's 6:22 a.m. MST, and the horizon is almost lemon-yellow, with rose coloured clouds.

guardian unlimited: seeking information about a galactic marriage.

space daily: new use for the iridium satellite grid: solar weather pattern detection.

florida today: destiny lab gets placed in atlantis cargo bay. great pix.

security focus: macromedia insists flash is secure.

internet week: time still isn't right for streaming.

couldn't sleep. or at least, tossed and turned. figured i'd cut to the chase, and just get some work started. a restless mind.