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sun 07 jan 01

over at the stables today, a pickup truck was left, windows open, playing dwight yoakum's "thousand miles from nowhere". leaning on a fence rail, thinking about things past, one of the quarter horses came up and snuffed my neck. heaven comes unbidden sometimes.

review of the leica m6. note to self: start buying lottery tickets.

an article by ron harris, discussing creating black and white epson prints from conventional 2 1/4 stock.

someone needs to manufacture a digital camera in the form factor of a minox. tasty.

view camera construction faq. who could afford to buy one? so build one instead.

american prospect: the web and youth feminism.

london telegraph: depleted uranium shell use raises radiation levels in kosovo; maybe britain. as we have anti-mine groups, we need some anti-depleted-uranium-shell protesters.

webstripper. now, now. get your mind out of the gutter. this software's like webdevil, only for windows.

good lord. i get back to an email from someone thinking i *like* eminem. i was being sarcastic, dear reader. maybe i wasn't caustic enough to be clear. my apologies.

sunday times of london: a century in photographs: gardening.

sunday times of london: one minute sculptures. slide show.

here's a mind-bomb for you. right out of the semantic labrynth. 'contextual freedom of expression.' not censorship. i oughtta be a politician ...

boy, am i a grouch! time to go shovel the walk.

the washington post: eminem's nomination lighting up the switchboards at the grammys. dr. dre's puppet ties us up in knots. lyrics to 'real slim shady'. brilliant, incisive. a more penetrating voice on our social condition than dylan was in the 60's. yep. the thought that kids believe mr. mathers and dr. dre have the courage of their convictions over the pursuit of the almighty dollar strikes me as portraying america's youth as being unbelievably naive. and the grammys ... the grammys are more notable for the great swath of music and production they ignore, than what they elevate ...

santa fe new mexican: new drug bills drafted. the question: will there be an influx of stoners to our state? a bigger question is, española is a tragedy. heroin use there is at unbelievably high levels. you find syringes on the sides of back roads. any bright ideas for *this* problem? (linkrot: good for 12 hrs).

nytimes: free gun locks are popular items in maine. interesting statistic for you: more individuals were killed by accidental discharges than were killed by indians during the american westward expansion. i'll find the attribution when i have some more time. it's buried somewhere in my old college notes ...

nytimes: of church, state, and journalism.

reuters: well, it's not the heimlich, but it worked. daughter uses vacuum cleaner to save choking elderly father.

telepolis: german BND intelligence embroiled in a net scandal.

zdnetuk: flash plugin, a security risk?

the register: first php virus found.

cnet: review of linux mandrake 7.2.

slept late. felt good. my back's in somewhat of a knot; clearing the rest of the driveway should take care of it, however. my mind is a total blank this morning. well, let's look about the electronic world, and see what we can find ...