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wed 03 jan 01

digging around the subject 'synchronicity', i've found just way too many strange things. linking will just get me even more weirded out. i'm going to put my nose in a favorite book and drop the landing gear.

synchronizing pink floyd and movies. 2001, contact, etc.

gitamp makes winamp semi-transparent.

i'm surprised to see 18% of my visitors have javascript turned off. are you really worried about dangerous meta characters? is it turned off by your sysadmins? i'm curious ... drop me a note and explain if you have time! industry pundit assumptions only go so far. i'd appreciate it.

which, btw, hal 'n' al (shoot me for coining that term) have given me a new idea for my random quote generator. <tease> next update, maybe. </tease>

waxing philosophical again. today i hear a voice in my head, a voice i've never heard. the voice of a character in a novel. "golasse, golasse ... for the love of god, shut that damned thing off!" i can hear it as clear as day ... even the baritone range of the man's voice. don't even *ask* why [and i'll place an even bet none of you can discover the book. a hint: two authors, famous for a different novel]. i love how characters in a book can be so real. i can see the man's face as he rouses in bed to yell this. the gestures, the grimace. then again, i'm one of those strange people who laughs out loud while reading books in the bookstore. young mothers pull their children away ... as if that's a socially unacceptable way of reading a book. books are a sort of religion for me, but they're certainly not a cloister. i'm pulled so thoroughly in to the world of that book, the real world melts away and i'm transported in a fashion much more satisfying than any movie or video.

look under 'careers' ... "dangerous MEAT"?!! good thing there's no internet board of health ... (grin) ...

reuters: arthur c. clarke's dna to go on space odyssey in 2003.

dangerousmonkey always manages to make me smile. knows his way around a verb, he does.

the new congress arrives. the chant starts: "blood on the floor, blood on the floor." go get 'em, senator mccain. we're behind you.

hey sam, i hope this isn't near you. sulfuric acid spill off a train in southern arizona.

the most famous painter you've never heard of?

feed: castaway = extended federal express advertisement?

latimes: looking at digital art. my associates and i had many conversations about digital art. could you classify as a masterpiece a digital drawing obviously done with illustrator 3? pixelpaint? would anyone buy it? an interesting conversation for over coffee ...

backstage: he went out doing what he loved.

phineas thaddeus veeblefetzer is dead.

linuxworld: a look at the powerpc penguin.

gimp is available for windows, and is up to 1.2. but watch out.

nandotimes: new york nuke plant restarted.

speaking of which, phpsyndication allows you to grab rss files and put them in html pages. look at the code itself.

phpeverywhere: comparing php with perl for dynamic web pages. if perl looks too daunting, try php.

i was trolling around the php sites last night, and found many more weblog and news-posting programs than i previously thought. between all the various scripting languages ... there are many, many options for the non-blogger, non-manila ... even non-html person out there. automatic archiving, discussion groups, polling, rss ... it's all out there, available for use. going to play with a couple, just for laughs.

mornin'. more boxes unpacked, more room cleared in the garage. in another couple of days, i may be able to set up my kreitler rollers and begin cycling in earnest again. it's been a while, so i expect to fall off a couple of times (grin). shelves are setup in my office closet ... time to reorganize as i have time. no matter what happens, sandra and i have agreed ... we're *never* moving again ...