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tue 02 jan 01

if you also own an adobe: the secret stucco society. oh, how you can get stucco ...

what in heaven's name is ed up to? i smell something new and different ...

stanford's site on 'making the macintosh'. we forget the mouse was such a special item ...

zephyrgraffiti.com. req. flash.

hpe, humble portal engine, runs newsisfree.com. php.

cool site of the day -> nikolai's got us looking at the top of the charts. check the '2001 bloggies' and nominate your fave blogs for many different categories. neat! and a nice design, too. thanks for doing this, nikolai.

cnn: not wise, mix awa and drive. weave, dent jeep.

yep, my archives have been googled. i'm #1 for 'office depot canned air'. the frequency of arcane search terms is on the rise ...

nytimes: dissecting a masterpiece.

nytimes: a big year for leftover books. what do you do with them if you're a bookseller?

national post: is jazz that unapproachable? ken burns vs. the critics.

phpbuilder: best practices ... php coding style.

macnn: powerlogix drops prices. hurting newertech just a little more ...

xml.com: xml namespace resources. mysql updates for zope! perfect timing.

what's that squishing sound? an update to 0.7.3?

cbsnews: satellite radio! 100 channels! COOL. it's about time! please, pick up wqxr. please.

the register: the darwin awards for 2000. i'm ashamed of myself for laughing at these human tragedies ...

picked up another book on apache last week, and 'beginning php programming'. was surprised to see a book on ruby in the stores already.

i don't know why it's hit my funny bone, but there's something hilarious about dave reminding people to throw away their graphical xmas trees ... especially when we just got a 'xmas tree dropoff' notice.

my first archive entry in the new millenium ... 01/01/01. neat. as others have noted, a binary number. can't wait for 10/01/01. gee, who would've thunk 1's and 0's could be so ... so ... EXCITING! (sarcasm.)