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mon 01 jan 01

alwin, my friend, once again you have left me stunned at your openness and honesty. you've made me think of something i heard a long time ago, but can't quite clearly remember. "life is a shirt of flame that mortal man has no power to remove. some incorrectly perceive it as burning with the deeds of our past, the life we have lived. but the shirt of flame is our own flesh burning with the desires which we have yet to actualize, the life we have yet to live." forgive yourself, peel off those awful labels, and move forward, mr. hawkins. the rest of us will be pedaling rather hard to catch you up.

well, the sconces are up. they look terrific. gotta get a slightly lower wattage bulb, however. they'll peel your eyelids off. and, i got the towel racks up in both bathrooms, tp holders, towel rings. new shower heads. teflon tape out the wazoo. everything seems to be working. one thing is abundantly clear, however. in every instance, a contractor took the easy way, when the *right* way would have taken no more time. a shame. but i'm correcting their screw-ups, one junction box, one pipe, one floor tile at a time. i guess that's what 'house ownership' is all about, really.

arthur c. clarke on the third (and fourth) millenium.

electronic telegraph: 2001 is rereleased. 70mm! dang, there's probably not a 70mm theatre within 1000 miles of santa fe ... (frown). later: rick corrects me; there's a theatre in denver. great!

electronic telegraph: reconsidering wwII.

great stuff at linuxtests.org.

webreview on browsers. interoperability, compatibility, etc.

latimes: classic industrial design.

maybe it *is* a new millenium after all. the vatican supports a 'placenta bank', to harvest stem cells. reason and intelligence over medieval ritual. i applaud.

nytimes: challenges for zoroastrians in the new millenium.

nytimes: saddam hussein rattles his saber; how'd he get another one, anyway?

cnn: la femme nikita, the series, will be back again. i've enjoyed the series off and on; its view of power and ruthlessness the dark opposite of the sometimes cloying benevolence of 'star trek: next generation.'

cnn: breaking open the 100 year old detroit time capsule.

scientific american asks 'how close is hal?"

hey, wow dude. it's like ... it's the third millenium. cool. but wasn't i supposed to have a robotic house and a levitating car or something?