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:: tue nov 28 00 ::
is it really tuesday? i've lived a lifetime since i last blogged. let's see. what can i report? well, we have to be out of the rental by thursday night; penske truck is rented and waiting for thursday morning. the mice/groundsquirrels have eated *two* of my ignition wires in the 626, which means i take it over to the new house and park it in the garage ... dropping $80 bucks a week for cables isn't my idea of $$ conservation. still up to our eyeballs in paint, though we've called a halt as to what we can do before getting our stuff over.

had the carpets cleaned, deodorized. someone had cats. 'nuff said. today, the saltillo tile floors got cleaned and resealed ... an interesting process. a warning about saltillo tile: it's very soft, and prone to scratching/denting. we're putting felt pads under all our furniture. i love to tilt my chairs back; time to learn a new habit if i don't want dents.

we found the mouse entrance into the house ... the dryer vent. i've blocked it with foil for the moment, but i'll have to install some screening there. the mice are gone. little buggers.

millions more things to share later. gotta go look at some bathroom hardware ...