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:: sun nov 26 00 ::
so, what have i been up to?

paint, grout, caulk, plaster.

that's about the size of it.

the living room is done, painted, finished. well, except for a little trim work. one bathroom is caulked ... the previous owner must have hired the worst tile/grout artiste known to mankind. a future weekend project, obviously. they were also extremely prolific in creating and hiding nailholes. nail holes the size of small cars. if they put up a picture, they put at least eight (count 'em ... EIGHT) holes at half inch intervals until they found the right height by trial and error. then they would fill the holes with whatever gooey substance was available. toothpaste, gum, toejam ... who knows. it all had to be picked out and replaced with proper patching material, then textured to match the remainder of the wall.

bored yet?

well, they also decided they liked clear latex caulk. there was a ton in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, heck ... i think they even used it for jewelry. not well laid, either. just a miserly little bead that wouldn't do anyone any good except for a fungus. so i pulled up one end, and was able to rip feet of the stuff out rather easily. all will be replaced.

i could continue, but you'd all drop off. tomorrow, the first heavy-duty cleaners come: the carpet cleaners. stay tuned. this weblog will remain somewhat intermittent until we get hardwired phone lines december 1. thanks for your patience. though, if you're trying to figure out what to do with your patients, you might want to look here.