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:: fri nov 24 00 ::
nytimes: e-commerce failure. an important article to read. they didn't touch on a lot of facets; many products are unsuited for mailorder or internet sale. i get quite a few prospects knocking on my virtual door, with a business on the ropes, hoping e-commerce will either save them or turn them into the next amazon. the kindest thing i can do is to get them to do a little introspection, and kindly turn down their request. they may go ahead, with another web programmer, but at least my conscience is clear.

good morning! yesterday was a day that started snow-bound (unable to get the car out of that long driveway ... if you remember my 'bringing back the garbage can' trek from 'behind the curtain'), followed by some strategic snow-shoveling in areas that required traction. finally, by 1 p.m. we left the rental and started painting the new house. painted all day, until it got too dark to see differentiations in the paint strokes. stopped for a makeshift thanksgiving day dinner, our first meal in the new house, and watched the sunset from the dining room. great view! then retired to the bathrooms to dig out the corner and edge grout/caulk in preparation for a reset/replacement. continued filling nailholes and cracks in the walls. back to the rental, tub, bed.

today? the same thing. hope you all continue your four day weekend in good health and good spirits.