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:: thu nov 23 00 ::
happy turkey day, one and all.

yesterday was a day filled with yard cleaning, flower bed removal, errand running, paint buying.

i moved at least thirty loads of leaves; i'm 'hurtin' for certain', but this is only the beginning of what has to get done.

we blasted out to get enough paint to cover the living room and ceilings last evening, went back to the new house and painted out a 2' x 2' patch to see how the color we chose coordinated with the various shades of wood and trim. we chose a darker adobe color than we would normally go for; after many years of apartment living, we're tired of the 'neutral' tones. dying for some personality.

but now, this wonderful thankgiving day morning, we awake to a winter wonderland. there's at least six inches of snow on the ground ... making the performance of various necessary tasks just that little bit more difficult.

that's o.k. it's thanksgiving, after all. i'm very thankful for all the things i've got, and i'm thankful i have you folks to talk to!

once again, happy thanksgiving!