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:: mon nov 20 00 ::
i'm hitting the sack. closing's tomorrow at 8 in the morning. knock on wood, light a smudge stick, say a prayer, whatever. we can use it, and i thank you.

one final link for the eve. does anyone else with a mac still play scarab of ra? yes, it still works on current system iterations. just goes to show, you don't have to carry a virtual bazooka or whizz-bang graphics to have some fun ...

nytimes: particle physicists search for the higgs boson ...

i wonder why this caught my eye? epicture pro ... for dangerous designers only. exports to flash, as well as other animated formats ...

apachetoday: apache 2.0 alpha 8.

linuxpr: linux for windows. yeah, that's right. based on linux-mandrake 7.2

thanks for the box idea, alwin ... and thanks, andrea, for the offer of 'overseas' help. we'll survive.

if bush wins.

lingua franca: do cats cause schizophrenia?

lingua franca: multiple universes.

one major dot-com is going belly-up each day, for the month of november.

in britain, they're reporting on a 'republican doomsday' scenario for our american election.

evening: well, the walk-through is done. a couple of small issues, nothing big. it's starting to sink in, finally. financing seems to be working out fully ... of course, we won't know the final figures until tomorrow morning. just to be sure of a good experience, sandra's taking me out to breakfast (i'm a total grouch when i'm hungry) ...

well, i was hoping to put more hyperlinks in today, but there's just too much to be done. gotta go to the bank, visit the title company, get some food (empty refrigerator), confirm truck rental, make sure i remember to get a hand-truck, raid more dumpsters for boxes, take a deep breath, continue packing, clearing the yard, patching nailholes in the walls from hung pictures, calling a locksmith to change the locks on the new house, getting a bid on cleaning the saltillo tile floors, deciding what colors to paint the kitchen, the dining room and living room, pushing the phone company to get our phone lines hooked up as early as possible (we get to keep our current #'s!) ... just to name a couple of things.

nytimes: landscape pioneers.

nytimes: this is great news ... thirteen states move to cut truck emissions. i wish new mexico was on the list; however, santa fe uses propane-powered buses. makes the plaza area much more pleasant, and guess what? people actually *use* buses here. they even have racks for bicycles.

t-minus 24 hours until we close on the house. nerves are shot. how are you?