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:: sun nov 19 00 ::
what a joy. i haven't seen a single piece of election news today, until a few minutes ago. i am beginning to change my opinion now. i voted for mr. gore, but 'winning at all costs' is going to be a losing play in this chess game. when both parties have been playing croquet with cracked mallets, having one call 'foul' and complain about the imperfections when the score is close is beginning to ring in my ears as bad form, poor sportsmanship. i'm as worried about mr. bush as the next democrat ... but anything he does that is outside 'standard deviation' in politics will cost the republican party dearly. being forced to play centrist will probably alienate some of the republican base anyway, making a democratic return that much more plausible ... or strengthening third parties.

i'm just really tired of both men hiding behind their p.r. flacks and their lawyers. hearing all the party hacks keep repeating the same phrases over and over. we're not dogs to be trained to salivate when we hear a bell ring (though sometimes i wonder; would they continue to do it if it weren't effective?). it's like chinese water torture. i, for one, have hit saturation.

artnews: mere light can be destructive to archival art.

the atlantic: robert parker, wine critic.

xmlhack: antarcti.ca puts xml to work. you can 'borrow' their patent.

infolets: webserver for those fluent in xml.

computer user: k-12 computer-to-student stats. "...only 8 percent of schools say that the majority of their teachers are at an advanced skill level that allows them to integrate technology with their curriculum."

albuquerque journal: the town of cerrillos, just down the way, is creating a new park.

albuquerque journal: bending einstein's law, going twice the speed of light.

i miss wqxr from new york; the radio station of the new york times. it obviated the need for television. later: they *would* have a live stream. oh, for broadband.

nytimes: defy the i.r.s.

good morning! obviously, i've been doing more programming than is good for me. all the physical labor of yesterday has me feeling like i need my joints lubed. anyway. more yardwork today, some packing.