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:: sat nov 18 00 ::
hey! now i know how to make a martini ... go to oregon and ask a nurse.

now comes the 'work' part. closing on the house on tuesday; we have until the end of the month to move out of our current rental. that means CLEANING. :^( seeing as how we have almost an acre to tend at the rental here, i went outside today to begin raking, getting rid of the leaves and accumulated brush. erf. more work than i expected. got it about 2/3 done today. after that, a rousing ride to the hardware store, for various wood filler products, grout, spackle and other things to cover wear and tear, so we can get our deposit back. on top of this, after the closing, the new house needs painting and some other things done ... in addition to packing and moving our stuff. so be warned; after tuesday, this weblog is going to be somewhat sporadic! but when qwest gets the new phone lines hooked up, i should be running twice as fast ... maybe some new fun things coming for this weblog. who knows? i have this wonderfully childlike desire to put an h.o. scale slot car racetrack on a 4x8 piece of plywood in the garage and satisfy my inner 8 year old ...

a question on my mind: what can i do about the media? any high school journalist knows not to trust a single source. election night was inexcusable. how do we, the people, encourage objectivity and accuracy from the self-perpetuating media behemoths?

personally, i think we need to circumvent the media juggernaut and create our own, not-for-profit news aggregators. the net is ripe for this, i think.

the atlantic: the case of new mexico's 'hidden jews'.

the atlantic: religion and the new media. two book reviews.

brill's content: overkill. who bears the responsibility? imho, modern media scrutiny is as deadly a weapon as a .454 casull ...

philadelphia city paper: public radio.

linux.com: 3d rendering software. only speak of renderman in hushed, reverent tones, please.

digital mass: it's getting harder and harder to laugh this off. dot-com closures.

sf new mexican: gore wins new mexico. no hand of poker. rats. [linkrot central. good for 12.]

albuquerque journal: add scientists to water, stir.

our ever-wise alwin had reminded me of this a while ago: soda-drinking children end up lacking nutrients.

sun's out, it's shivering cold out. the boxes we have 'raided' from various office supply store dumpsters are waiting in our living room. soon the air will be filled with the sound of muffled thumps, tape, and a bit of classical music ...

went to a 60's-themed martini party last night. do you know how to make a martini? i don't. what we concocted would probably anesthetize a couple of right whales ...

it was telling that i only heard one conversation about the election, and it seemed to quickly vanish into thin air. both camps best beware; i think america is at that delicate pinnacle called 'saturation point'. i think mr. gore runs more of a risk here; if he missteps or misreads ... he may end up giving mr. bush a public opinion mandate.