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:: fri nov 17 00 ::
cnn: the european view of our elections. maybe we should accept some peacekeepers ...

academic press: tna before rna.

times of india: let tolerance be the world's religion.

ethics and rationalized quality.

nytimes: in the saddle. oh, ya ... in hawaii, too.

nytimes: sailing to byzantium.

albuquerque journal: meteor shower tonight. put on the long underwear!

talking with the makers of crop circles.

american art at the millenium.

american outlook: art, science and postmodern society.

culturekiosk: debating censorship in the media.

salon: which 'book awards' to watch.

the atlantic: exit gutenberg? more e-books.

oh, great. cnn reports a security breach exposing mortgage application information online. have i been cursed or something? of course i have to call to find out if my broker is using this system ...

linuxpr: new version of webevent.

securityportal: discussing python security risks. look for a response to this article ...

two random news items: corel may sell off their linux products, and intel should debut the pentium 4 on monday.

write the web: ethics of online communities. i rarely install chat rooms for clients for just this reason.

thedigest: qwest in new telecommunications deal. not a mention of new mexico; are we destined to remain the 'outback of the internet'?

techweb: adobe sees acrobat as e-book platform. i still think xml is the better way to go ... to me, the emphasis is on universally-readable, archival text, not on graphic or outline formats. they're nice condiments, but not the main course ...

computeruser: earthlink and direcpc join to deliver two-way satellite service. hughes/direcpc have had bandwidth restrictions on their previous product; what are they doing now, i wonder? also, this is the second company offering satellite two-way. does this mean that our broadband dreams are finally going to be realized? i'd love to be able to design for 256k minimums, instead of 28.8 or 56k ...

msnbc: yahoo is now pay-only for commercial listings. but will they be more timely? i demand service for my $199 ...

webreference: protecting your ideas.

cnn: pull tab ballot system. watch out ... slow applet advert on this page.

up early, on the road. took some shots of the new house, to be included in christmas cards. that is, if everyone gets organized, we *should* have a house ...

there seems to be a preponderance of extremely short individuals driving today; cars look like there is noone at the wheel, but when passed, i get a glimpse of a nose sticking over the steering wheel ...