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:: wed nov 15 00 ::
albuquerque journal: the nuclear laundry. okay, so get this. we can't stop a laundromat from dumping radioactive materials in our sewer because our ordinance is more strict than the state or federal requirements. all this without a single common-sense recognition that this will kill people, animals and god knows what else. corporate rights over individual rights, and selective focus once again (city vs. state vs. federal). i ask you all this: do you know what is being dumped in *your* sewers? look where these guys are trucking stuff ...

nytimes: online degrees; an issue of credibility.


thecounter.com's stats for this site seem to be prohibiting page loading once in a while; if you're having problems, drop a note. i'll turn it off till they get their act together.

just took a peek at the current crop of articles about the election. the number of stories seems to have escalated exponentially; i think dave said it first: "what a mess." what more need be said?

columbia journalism review: if you read nothing else on this weblog today, read this. the rich get richer, but there's more to the story. "for example, families in the top 5 percent of the income distribution saw their earnings grow by 65 percent between 1973 and 1999, a period during which the incomes of families in the middle fifth grew by only 11 percent. income gains at the very top have been even more pronounced. c.e.o.s of large American companies, for instance, now earn more than 450 times as much as the average worker, up from forty-two times as much in 1980."

scientific american: where are they? with the abundance of planets being discovered, the likelihood of extraterrestrials and other civilizations is on the rise again. are alienoidz among us? will it change what i had for breakfast?

the telegraph: the whitbread book of the year awards. yuck.

national post: alan greenspan swings.

village voice: looking at publishers and e-books.

ny daily news: the result of the art defacement at the brooklyn museum.

the telegraph: giotto? *ahem* who's that? the new genius of assisi. florence will lose the renaissance crown, leaving tuscan art in turmoil ...

second look: netscape 6 lasts for about a dozen sites, then bombs with an unspecified 'generated errors, creating error report' box. oh well.

crn: linus torvalds, the truth shall make you ... rich?

devshed: stream me up, scotty. php.

linuxplanet: preview nautilus pr2.

zdnet: satellite net service blasts off. it's a bit pricey ... i think i'll wait for the first bandwidth/weather reports to come in ... (grin) ... before i spring for this.

linuxppc releases a new beta ...

wow ... check out hebdolinux.

macweek: kodak believes photos are the 'killer app' ...

i'm making a conscious decision to drop the david siegel method of classifying websites (first generation, second generation, third generation ...). i'm tired to trying to explain 'classification by limitation' to clients, when they don't even know what HTML is. i will retain the tripartite structure, but rename the items. the first is straight html, no or minimal graphics, completely standards compliant. third is a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing site completely lacking in standards compliance, using all techniques available. second is the compromise of the two, where information and art collide ... that huge gray area where most corporate and web application sites are created. i need some names ... primo, secondo ...? anyway. got to knock it up into some text form for client reference ...

zope seems to redraw faster in netscape 6 vs. msie 5.5. i got my morning archiving done much faster. still, i had to switch to the 'classic' look ... that blue interface draws the eye away from any but the most neon content ...

if all goes well, the last piece of financing should fit into place today for our new house. we close next tuesday (loud sound of superstitious knocking on wood) ...