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:: tue nov 14 00 ::
bbc: hiv gene breakthrough.

nytimes: motherlode of tv comedy discovered in a painted-shut closet in manhattan.

nytimes: scientists rough out humanity's story. genetics and archaeology are proving to be a powerful combination. it will be fascinating to track the migrations of mankind ...

netscape 6 throws an error when installing in my version of win2k. should i spend the time to debug? of course i will. later: doing an absolute minimal install seems to do the trick [no mail, aol art, macromedia, realplayer, or anything else. bare bones, as it were.]

yes, it's true. the gore-bush contest in new mexico could be decided by a hand of poker ... we've done it before recently. who says the 'wild west' is dead?

the leonids are coming. set your alarm clocks for before sunrise on saturday.

sf new mexican: water wars in santa fe. let the golf courses crisp, as far as i'm concerned. i'd rather be able to take a shower ... [linkrot central; good for about 24 hours.]

hmmph. even playboy declines going ipo in the current market conditions.

komodo ide for python and perl, pre-beta.

time: you say you want an e-book revolution?

reason: grand inquisitor. brings up some interesting notions.

new york post: sister wendy, as marketed in america.

globe and mail: awards ... honoring the honored?

albuquerque journal: gore's back in the lead again, due to some more lost ballots. are these the keystone kops?

washington post: the cia's secret chatroom.

arstechnica: about ntfs 5.

the big news, of course, is the announcement of netscape 6. the standard discusses some issues.


freeos: remote administration of linux. more webmin.

washington times: digital dilemma. dmca.

oh, lord. not more politics. as with the o.j. trial and the impeachment, turn off the television, read overseas news sites. the only interesting political link i've found today is this one. let's hope the xenophobes in the republican party listen.

up, out in the cold, client meetings. what challenges does the day hold? the jury is still out ...