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:: fri nov 10 00 ::
procedure for a recall/revote in colorado. municipal level. do you think if we could get 25% of the u.s. population to sign a petition, we could get some new candidates? (grin)

revoting has been done in iowa (reported from africa, of all places).

check this out. how to alter ballot language in florida. minutes from a meeting in march, 1998. search for the word 'revote' and read the gobbledeegook.

ponca city, oklahoma, held a revote for mayor, due to 17 people voting who were actually outside city limits ...

las vegas has done a revote.

here's one for ya. in san angelo, texas, they know how to deal with folks who fill out the wrong ballots ... they let them revote. similar mistake, george's back yard. hmmmmm?

up for some punishment? here's some links to 'constitutional crisis', courtesy of yahoo. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven ... stop already!!!!!

the project for excellence in journalism.

when i think of 'one man, one vote', i think of africa. this is what they think about the election issues.

a question to mull. new mexico is, by and large, about the poorest state in the union. yet i voted at one of the most high-tech contraptions i've ever seen. the florida folks, who seem rather well off, are using antiquated paper votes? i wonder. this is the 20th century, almost the 21st. it is absurdly simple to put systems in place that allow only one vote per race; in fact, i believed all this time that functionality was a baseline. looks like i was mistaken.

a quickie: you think florida has problems? the new mexico count may not be final till november 28th. we've got missing ballots, and here the republicans are screaming bloody murder, not the democrats. but do you hear it nationally? noooooo. well, maybe. looks like reuters has picked up the story, but not the rancor. bravo.

can't get any momentum in the weblog right now; maybe later. too much going on. the house, as usual.

learn of the contentiousness of american politics: the presidential election of 1800. the house of representatives revoted TWENTY-NINE times to elect thomas jefferson over aaron burr. an important point to remember, historically speaking, is that many federalists lost faith in burr because he took no active advantage of the situation to make himself president in jefferson's stead. if not for burr's neutral response in 1801, jefferson might not have succeeded adams to the presidency.

i'm gravely disappointed in the media. i'm thinking of just watching pbs and itn from now on. cnn was so over the top last night, i just stood watching in horror. i think there is a mistake in our constitution; the definition of 'free press' was never stipulated. instead of being penetrating, elucidating the issues, they seem to purely serve as a virtual 'volume' control, turning up the noise until it's unbearable, and perpetuating misconceptions in order to generate some onscreen controversy. they are serving noone but their own popularity numbers and egos. bill schneider of cnn, who i normally like, was way out of control last night, pushing his opinions and ego on interviewees who have significantly more experience and deeper knowledge of the subject matter. no humility, no reasoned responses.

let the state and federal authorities do their job, without all the histrionics. local anchors are 'blaming' al gore for the recount, when it was the percentage of difference between the tallys for bush and gore that triggered an automatic state recount. others are calling it a 'civil war' and a 'constitutional crisis'. the spin is out of control, to the point of fabrication.

for you folks in foreign countries, the reason lawsuits are being filed now is because there are time limits for redress on election results or procedure. some states put the limit at seven days, some are ten. might as well leave all options open and file right away, build the case (if you need it) as time goes on. even the new york times should recognize this. in the litigous society that america has become, it is purely a safety measure on the part of the democrats. the republicans last night refused to say whether they'd do the same thing if they were in gore's place; don't kid yourselves, everyone's leaving their options maximally open.

all the talk about the electoral college is a waste. the procedure can't get changed for this election. it needs an amendment to the constitution to be enacted. so those arguments are purely idle speculation, gossamer threads of fancy. ignore them.

stand back, take a deep breath. it's american political drama. not as contentious as the 'contract with america' and the impeachment, but the play's not over yet. there's nothing we can do but watch it all play out, unless you live in or are a resident of florida. if you're a student of american history, this is no better or worse than other disputed elections.

stood outside in the light of the moon, replaced the spark plug cables in my car. drives smooth, but the engine light is still on. so i'll be taking it to service this morning. [maybe i was playing in the mud *too much* ...]