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:: thu nov 09 00 ::
one other thing i'm wondering. say i screwed up a paper ballot. do i get another? if i'm voting at a machine, i can clear my choices and start over. a punch-card scenario doesn't offer that same ease of use; and what do you do with the 'mistake' ballots? just curious ...

okay. politics raises its ugly head again. most municipalities exercise the concept that, with evidence of a mistake in printing or distribution of ballots, a mistake in programming a voting machine, or a voting machine or system malfunction, a revote (or 'special election') can be ordered by a judge. other legal sources mention if two entries for one race are entered on a ballot, the ballots are normally thrown away, uncounted for that race. i believe the voters have legal ground for getting a revote in palm springs, but the 19,000+ throwaway votes are a lost cause.

so. as soon as we have our loan approved, both cars begin to act bizarre. the van is now beeping cheerily, as if both doors are open all the time (faulty switch or wire). then the mazda began to shake, rattle and roll. i just went out in a calmer moment, popped the hood, and was greeted by completely chewed ignition cables. seems either the ground squirrels or the mice are getting us back for having their brethren exterminated from our prospective house ...

andrea spills the beans ... it's andre's birthday. happy birthday!

pbs: american photography.

suffocate: art is resistance. limitations are a source of creativity ...

boston globe: taking away the poultry prescription. 40% of antibiotics in america are consumed by farm animals. does that qualify as a 'prescription drug benefit'? (grin) can't help it ...

antiquity: discussing archaeological interpretation.

spark-online: the romance in art.

chicago tribune: some spectacular frescoes have been uncovered in pompeii.

pittsburgh post-gazette: plans to rebury 'giotto' cancelled.

bbc: the right to watch. people would, on the whole, prefer to be their own censors, rather than have to sit through poorly-cut films.

osopinion: the age of 'everyman tech'.

bidness 2.0: the voice-activated future.

the napster/filesharing controversy that was swirling on webdesign-l seems to have disappeared. the log files may have been innocent. i'd still like to know what the risks are for files other than MP3's ...

clickz: broadband boom, part 1.

i'm an aggregator standing on the shoulders of other aggregators.

zdnet: amazon books a tough read.

securityfocus: ebay immune from pirated music lawsuits?

because everyone's going to be saturated with politics, dangerousmeta is a 'politics-free' zone today. lord knows you'll be getting enough opinion and innuendo from elsewhere.

a great quote, from james harvey robinson: "political campaigns are designedly made into emotional orgies which endeavor to distract attention from the real issues involved, and they actually paralyze what slight powers of cerebration man can normally muster." just so.

okay, you'll forgive me one political note. the ny times pulled new mexico out into 'undecided', because gore has just a few thousand vote lead.

zopenewbies is just too good to miss these days. it's becoming my first link of the day.

the snow has melted quite a bit at our altitude (snow rarely stays for more than two or three days in santa fe, no matter how deep), and has turned our dirt roads into pits of viscous, brown gook. i was getting annoyed, until i stepped back and remembered how much i lov1޽Jֵ9B{R91.kJB.s!kƵRZ)ZJccƽkJsk!sƽZkc{{{kkޔRkkkBk{{Bss9c{֜֌Zc9BJ)֭ƵƥscֽΜ֜ckcRZRν罥֭{Ɣν{{ƵޔƽR{JޔZs{sZ...{޵9ccƭkBƥk1JRkc9{BJRZ9).{JJ1{J11ޥ!19{ބZkJB!s!.kƥ.BZ..!9!..s)BRB11!!J{kc{ZsJ{1{9....sƄތ9Zsk9cB1ed playing in the mud as a child. i mean, if you're going to get your car dirty, why not get it *really* dirty? (evil grin) oh, if sandra finds out ...

house, house, house. everytime i turn around, there's something else to be done, someone to be called. the inspection period ends today, and we then wait for the seller to come back with their answer. appraisals happen now, and financing begins.