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:: wed nov 08 00 ::
what constantly amazes me is how the television networks such as cnn can recycle the same information over and over again, never adding anything new, and make it seem fresh. they got a lot of practice during the o.j. trial ... i think i'll read a good book instead. see you folks in the mawnin' ...

proportional representation.

the tutankhamen link below reminded me. did anyone else catch that tv special a couple of years ago, documenting the japanese research team's discoveries at the pyramids in egypt? it answered the age-old question of how the value of pi got into the pyramids ... they uncovered evidence that the ancient architects used small wheels to calculate distance ... rolling the wheel one revolution gave the equivalent of one unit of measure. so the circle, and therefore pi, appears in all the calculations for the pyramid. i'll have to see if i can find a reference online ... and make sure my memory isn't failing ... (grin).

we have one hard-and-fast rule at the casita ... no xmas music until after thanksgiving. but the snow all over has just been so beautiful, i bent the rule and have been playing 'the nutcracker' cd. the snow has dusted the sandias, the jemez and the nearby sangre de cristos. looks like someone took a can of that fake snow and just went to town. the mountains are saying 'come, play!' sure wish i could heed the call.

the house purchase is making us crazy. i'm sure we'll sit on our patio and laugh later, but for right now, we're ready to pull our hair out.

edge.org: time loops, a talk with paul davies.

daily yomiuri: japanese team to dna test tutankhamen for cause of death.

dallas morning news: looking for quality in art.

lego, when confronted with hacking, released an sdk instead of litigating. embrace, extend ...

zope weekly news.

linuxdevices: open source does not mean free.

well, it looks very close. i predict gore wins the popular vote, bush wins the electoral college count. bush will likely be president. but the recount is going on right now ... breaths are being held.

democrats toppled many republican strongholds in the senate (roth, ashcroft, etc.). it didn't give them a majority, but enough were strategically placed to send a distinct message ... if they're willing to listen.

if i hear one person say the 'm' word [mandate], i'm going to collapse in a maniacal fit of laughter ...

the television network coverage last night was an embarrassment. i hope there will be some resolution to the problems they had last night. there's no telling what their premature calling of states did to the overall vote counts. certainly calling gore in florida early would encourage more nader voters to 'take a chance'; it could also have discouraged bush voters from going out, figuring a loss was imminent. or spurred more voters to get out for bush in those states with polls still open. i believe there should be no national coverage until *all* the polls are closed. freedom of the press does not include throwing an election. just my 0.02 cents.