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:: tue nov 07 00 ::
election coverage: the networks are a complete and utter waste. watch the map on the nytimes site; numbers are tallied as they come in, and states aren't called till there's a clear winner.

congrats [and thanks] to brent and sheila for sharing their 'inessentials' for a year ...

boston herald: rockrgrl.

publishers weekly: working towards a common e-book format. pdf? you gotta be kidding. xml, xml ...

nymag: is dave eggers synonymous with 'new media'? warning ... a nasty javascript popup scheme on this page ...

cnn: bach is *really* a decomposing composer ... though, if you have any experience with archival photofinishing or bookbinding, you know about acid in paper ...

infoworld: who defines the rules for the net?

zez.org: regular expressions explained.

appwatch: apache ssl.

devshed: understanding embedded fonts.

networldfusion: home users imperil systems. oops, sorry. guess what? deal with it.

go out and let your voice be heard. vote early. just vote!

i woke up this morning to almost a foot of snow. took me 45 minutes to get to the polling place; if i can do it, you can do it.

well, the voting machines in new mexico are more modern than in new jersey. i used to use the old metal flip-lever; these had plastic membrane keypads. nice features, as well. hard to read the bond issues, however. but it all worked nicely ... after i convinced them 'vreeland' didn't begin with a 'b'.

i'm thinking about going over to help the local democratic party for the evening; on the news last night was a report that some radical republicans for the *second* time have been calling democrats, using weather as an excuse this time, advising them that voting has been extended to two days, the 7th and 8th. depriving citizens of their rights is not the way to win an election. it lacks honor. the ny times is reporting a similar trick in new jersey ...