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:: mon nov 06 00 ::
david brower is dead. drape your trees in black crepe.

editml pro ... edit xsl, xml, css, dtd, etc. windows.

sfnewmexican: political fowl play? sf new mexican is the king of linkrot; this link will only be good for ~12 hours.

nytimes: the week in science, lead is a study that evolution may happen in much shorter time spans, given the right conditions.

nytimes: pullingtheplug.com. the swift downfall of dot-coms ...

new scientist: beyond the genome, land of opportunity. medicine may become truly 'modern' ...

lingua franca: on mirrors.

webdesign-l maillist has a thread on possible involuntary font and other file snatching via windows napster 0.7 beta. so far, it seems an anomaly; if there's substance behind the rumor, i'll post the continuing news here.

telegraph: thomas the tank and copyright. uk.

new statesman: american literary criticism, a hoax?

the guardian: giotto or not? lead excavator says: "for heaven's sake, your eminence, do not treat it as giotto. you risk blessing and honouring the bones of a fat butcher."

the art newspaper: damaging through restoration.

allafrica.com: south africa wants its own domain name.

one would expect gandalf to use linux, i guess ...

canada computes: they're impressed with amaya as a wysiwyg html editor.

osfaq: how to create a database-driven website. php/mysql, arguably the most popular current combo ...

cnet: nautilus preview release 1.

director online: slider control behavior.

freshmeat: python-sip.

silicon.com opens a german-language version.

cbsnews: study links parkinson's and pesticide. if born out by further research, this is a mildly explosive discovery. the effects of the industrial revolution will be harder to deny in our own bodies, as contrasted to the planet as a whole.

i can't help commenting on *some* political items. they're just too interesting. we've got a winter storm watch posted for tomorrow evening, election night. local pundits are already predicting a republican sweep, because 'liberals don't vote in inclement weather.' objective journalism or generalization?

this week is going to be tough for this weblog. delivery of two large sites, getting the final inspections done on the prospective house, and locking in interest rate and financing. on top of all that, we still have two phone lines out ... which *really* hurts our productivity. murphy is looking out for us, as usual.