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:: sun nov 05 00 ::
most weblogging is a form of journalism; i think it's appropriate to look closer at the subject.

journalism as civic leadership.

irex: journalistic ethics. the 'three immutable rules' ... "it is never right to knowingly publish false information, it is wrong to accept bribes in return for writing or suppressing information, it is wrong to write about subjects in which you have a conflict of interest, whether financial or personal."

inkspot: the journalist's resource.

ethicnet: database of european journalism codes of ethics.

pew center for civic journalism: does public journalism work?

morrock.com: quotes about journalism and the press.

allafrica: patriotism and the practice of journalism.

it is really striking me more and more this election season (no, i'm not talking about candidates) that we really need to take back control of our 'free press'. from websters: "journalism: writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation." has anyone else noticed the lack of journalism, not just this season, but for quite a while now? it seems everyone is putting interpretations where they don't belong (and i'm as guilty as anyone). objectivity. it seems a rare commodity. i'll be practicing more of it in the future.

boston globe: vanishing tongues.

appwatch: postgresql update.

it's sunday, and i'm working again. burning a cd for a screen saver manufacturer. postings later.