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:: sat nov 04 00 ::
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i'd like to erase what i wrote yesterday. during the night, my sleep was disturbed. alcohol, politics, influence. mix the three, and who do you think of? edward kennedy. chappaquiddick. most of the kennedy clan. so, dear readers, i apologize for yesterday's comments.

i am a democrat, and i will be supporting gore because of his philosophy. i can trust him to make decisions that pretty closely match my own. pro-choice. environment. health care. he is an unexciting candidate, inspiring passion in no one (other than tipper). but i am familiar with his congressional actions and record, thanks to my past residence in the state of tennessee, and i have a significant comfort level with al gore.

i will not cross parties and vote bush, as i had contempated at the beginning of this race. bush's philosophies are unclear to me, even at this date. he prevaricates on women's choice. his environmental record is grim (take a swim in the houston ship channel). his health care plans seem to favor corporate interests. his tax cut will cause a recession, according to the brookings institution. i have to weigh the fact that the republican party he represents has been against medicare and social security virtually since inception of both programs, and i do not trust a single representative of that party to ensure the health of either system. i feel giving federal money to 'faith-based programs' is a violation of church and state. the rising xenophobia in the republican party will damage us in world markets and destabilize the balance of power in the world.

you will notice i do not comment on either man's 'programs' or 'initiatives', because such promises are not worth the air they're spoken in. everything they propose will be filtered through the u.s. congress. given the strong likelihood of a republican majority in both houses of congress, mr. bush's programs are likely to be rubber stamped, without alteration if he is elected. there will be no healthy check-and-balance. if gore is elected, every single program will be a watered-down compromise. personally, i prefer the compromise over complete, unedited republican party philosophy.

and now, i am going to try to refrain from any political commentary until after the election. tensions are high, and i have other things to concern myself with ... the pressure of work, and my upcoming house purchase, and that is plenty. my political choice is made. i will surgically excise my arrogance at thinking i can change anyone else's opinion.