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:: fri nov 03 00 ::
house update #2: the plumber and installer says he used wirsbo, not eltran II. i'm sure he'll excuse me if i want to verify it. also, i see that oil prices are going up due to the tensions in the middle east. time to look at directpower.

lingua franca asks five experts their recommendations for recent books on the ancient greeks and romans.

civilization online: growing old without a net. no matter what either candidate says, save NOW.

intellectual capital: the legacy of progressive education.

independent review: school-choice choices. there aren't just two (or four). whoops, and this one: the agony of public education. articles are pdf.

times of india: crop circles flattened. they caught another guy red-handed.

times of india: hmmm. viagra doesn't work as well for certain races.

all the airwaves are saturated with the bush dui story. as i said before, george and his advisors made a huge mistake by not disclosing his history. as i have more time to sit with this, i'm getting angry.

i want to know: was george an alcoholic? if you've been around an alcoholic, you know what i'm talking about. it's damned serious. and it's rarely 'cured.' is george on medication for alcoholism? we deserve to know.

we find out he was arrested at 30 for a dui, and 'gave up' drinking at 40. that's potentially over ten years of binge drinking or worse. there's no statute of limitations on alcoholism ... and there is an 80 to 90% relapse rate. physical and mental disability goes along with it. it's obvious reagan was suffering with alzheimer's long before he was diagnosed ... are george's difficulties with speech the result of brain damage from alcohol?

later: the washington post has an article that touches on my questions. looks like he was a heavy drinker from college until 40. he could have physical and mental impairment. alwin? what do you think?

i also would like someone to explain to me how the republican party decided this was their 'best' candidate? people are denied employment for less than this. smacks of political favors. i think the bush family sold the republican party a pig in a poke.

also, i prefer to not allow individuals with criminal or arrest records become the head of our country. and yes, i would say the same thing about any other party affiliation. i'd give 'em a break for things done in high school or college. but not as an adult. when i was a kid, i thought the world of john f. kennedy. i wanted to be president someday. not now, not for many reasons. but i'd like to see it return to that lofty state.

it's getting to be a more serious issue than i originally thought. as an aside, it will not play well here in new mexico, where drunken driving is higher than almost any other state in the union. it's considered the supreme act of selfishness, as well as showing a total disregard for the safety of others. both gore and bush are looking at new mexico as a 'spoiler'. this may tip new mexico solidly over to gore.

i just had to link this. cnn had the cryptic title 'rustic pouch pies.' who could resist an inquiring click?

house update: the radiant (under floor) heating system is running a bit low. looking for goodyear entran II, a known defective product. after calling the builder, we got the number for the original plumber. looks like they may have used a product called wirsbo instead; hopefully we can verify that physically. but, another problem! while looking for the radiant heat tubes, i found something really smelly. mice. deer mice. hantavirus carriers. behind the refrigerator, in the wall. want to know what a mouse fart smells like? it's not pretty. remediation time, before purchase ... humane extermination, please.

bookmagazine: ursula k. le guin.

sparkonline: hypertext books? *yawn*.

artnews: was pablo picasso more than just a dabbler in communism? does that make his art less important? not.

mcafee virus update may bite your version of windows.

sourceforge: a php cms.

my postings will be a little late today; lots going on.

bush dui. even though a gore supporter, i'm very sad. to expect that one can hide personal peccadilloes after the intensity of the clinton scrutiny calls george's judgment into question. the seemingly all-powerful magnifying glass of the media is only just starting.

i feel sorry for him, truly. george is not ronald reagan; he cannot plead age and deafness. the media is going to eat him alive, his family alive, and gleefully. there are some things i could not do to even my worst enemy; this is one.

no matter who enters the presidency, we'll be having investigations and scandals. personally, i can't take another four years of peeking into someone's personal life. 'witch-hunt' style assassinations of political rivals is something i hope the democrats will not copy from the republicans.

wishful thinking, i'm afraid. but i feel it's time for someone to take the high ground.

back to the casa to check for radiant heat connectors. screwdrivers, flashlights, kneepads. fun!