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:: thu nov 02 00 ::
i'll spare you all from the research i've been doing on radiant heating systems. just remember these three words: "entran II BAD." very expensive to fix. hopefully my chosen house isn't using it. gotta check it tomorrow ...

all in all, the inspection went well. a few wonkies, but we can deal with those. if all continues to go well, i'll own a *lot* of cactus.

booknotes continues 'beating the bush', to good effect. noplace better than from his home state of texas. the san francisco examiner's picked up the bush abortion story.

reuters: do penguins fall over backwards watching aircraft fly overhead, and does it affect their breeding patterns? i'm serious.

my copy of outlook is possessed. i'm convinced. it does things by itself. either that, or there's a ghost here.

culturefront: should judges be philosophers as well? hard enough to gauge conservative vs. progressive slants ... add platonism, aristotelian ... woof.

village voice: a diary as a political act.

times of india: the king and i say no.

faz: a shareware tragedy?

publishersweekly: the 'other' online publishing.

the telegraph: digital video will rock the movie industry.

enterprise linux today: the new religion, linux and open-source.

i just thought of something. in a world full of microsoft word and wordperfect and other 'thousand gadget' word processors, i find myself looking at shareware text programs, seeking elegance and simplicity. maybe instead of adding features, the biggies should be SUBTRACTING them with upcoming releases ... ? [blasphemy! heretic! burn that boy!]

zope weekly news.

maccentral: fantom rolls out highspeed cd-rw. 6-7 minutes for an entire cd. not bad.

techweb: germany leads in open source development. good work folks.

digitalmass: hands-free cellphone kits could TRIPLE your radiation dose. whoops!

urf. turn over, hit the alarm. home inspector's checking out the new digs today ... up extra early to get some production done. c...c...coffee?