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:: wed nov 01 00 ::
boston globe: the media won't agree to cool their jets on election night. irresponsible, disgraceful. it's about time they recognize their contribution to low voter turnout.

nytimes, cyberlaw: delete should mean delete. a bit old, but interesting.

albuquerque journal: misleading and dirty politics in albuquerque in association with the presidential elections. democrats vote on the eighth? don't laugh. call a few seniors and see if they believe you. what bothers me most is that an affidavit is all that prevents a person from voting twice. who checks affidavits?

atlantic monthly: does gore deserve to win?

review of 'teach yourself python in 24 hours.'

apache today: the political web. oho ... so, political affiliation runs along the lines of ... conservatives/IIS, liberals/apache. i guess that makes zope leftist. (grin)

this conference on 'computer supported cooperative work' sounds good.

xml.com: combining style sheets with include and import.

zope: zwiki 0.7.0 released.

bbc: cut nerves can be reconnected, and send electrical impulses again? sounds like hope for christopher reeve ...

bbc: cholera genome decoded. if you've read jean giono, or seen 'the horseman on the roof', you'll find this interesting.

i hear people talk about 'not voting', and how that 'makes a statement.' what statement it makes really escapes me. the tactic hasn't championed any issues, and certainly hasn't brought us better candidates ...

newstatesman: the first postmodernist ironist. kierkegaard.

nytimes: decoding the candidate.

village voice: novellas are "it".

internetnews: brilliant digital introduces new genre of online music content.

tophosts lists and rates web hosting services.

geek.com: ms whistler beta.

digitalmass: think twice before investing in e-books.

digitalmass: a compute farm for biogen.

cnn: orsay museum shows off rare manet still lifes.

it's safe to say that booknotes has pretty much nailed the bush record in texas. running on a record like this is disingenuous.

good morning! there's a bunch of ravens on the roof this morning, their claws scrabbling up against the skylights. what a way to wake up.