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:: sun july 30 00 ::
evening jukebox: loggins & messina, angry eyes. i haven't seen their live double album in the cd generation ... some great instrumental breaks on that piece of vinyl. for blackholebrain, i highly recommend steve vai's 'little green men'. stevie ray, 'life by the drop.'

spam email: "summer's coming! get back into shape to wear that two-piece!" hmmm. i don't think i've ever worn a 'two-piece' ... and summer's *what*?!!

columbia journalism review: will new media save the old? "... their strength is in sticking to old values -- distinguishing fact from rumor, acting as elite authenticators of information."

browsing object-oriented databases over the web.

finetuning: css and xslt style sheet tutorials.

earthfirst radio.

linuxpr: dsl test program. "... we attribute these low install numbers primarily to political games and loose interpretations of fcc guidelines by the rbcos (regional bell operating companies)."

ispplanet: has the riaa made the internet illegal? napster won't be the only one to lose ...

osfaq: supercharge your linux.

cnn: review of 'rare earth'.

downloading 'radio.userland' ...

mac updates
windows updates
linux updates

we were making merry last nite, giving a good send0ff to a neighbor who's moving to california. the francis coppola white is not bad for a 'new' wine. the air force has been out early ... we had a couple of jets swish by in a roar. great morning alarm clock ...