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DYT: Scientists Are Painting Eyes On Cows’ Butts To Stop Lions Getting Shot.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Brilliant, if it’s really that simple.

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Youtube: Eagles away! Dutch police unveil latest recruits against drones.

Hmmm. As I’ve mentioned before, drone operators (after many crashes) tend to upgrade the propellers to lighter, stronger carbon fiber. Those CF blades are sharper than a conventional steak knife. The eagles, unless they have stronger feet than I imagine, could end up severely injured.

09/13/16 • 10:15 AM • HardwareLawMotion GraphicsPoliticsSecurity1 Comment

Guardian.UK: Household incomes rose in 2015 for first time in eight years, US Census says.

Household incomes in the US finally broke free of the recession in 2015, rising for the first time since the Obama election, the Census Bureau announced on Tuesday, but they still remained below levels before the recession.” As I’ve been saying repeatedly ... the Administration and the media have been hooting and hollering about ‘recoveries’ for years now. We’re still NOT back. Hurts worse in the poorer states (NM being one).

09/13/16 • 10:01 AM • EconomicsHome & LivingPolitics1 Comment

Macworld: Bottom line - Should you upgrade to iOS 10?

As if you really have a choice. Bow to the inevitable, now or later. Upgrade hardware if necessary.

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Dazed: A British artist is stranded on a boat in the open Pacific.

One of the more bizarre stories you’ll read this month. Make some time. Nothing really earthshattering, but still ... an artificial ‘connected’ no-(wo)man’s-land. It must be like suspended animation.

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Atlas Obscura: The World’s Oldest Snowshoe Sat in an Italian Cartographer’s Office for 12 Years.


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BBC: Why you feel busy all the time (when you’re actually not).

We live frenetic lives, at least in part, because it makes us feel good about ourselves. To put it mildly, this makes no sense. Perhaps we’d pause long enough to realise that – if we weren’t so damn busy.

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DP Review: Samyang goes Premium with MF lens range.

Interesting. Some Samyangs have been stellar, at a stellar price point. Watch the reviews.

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Guardian.UK: Ship found in Arctic 168 years after doomed Northwest Passage attempt.

Wowowowowow. They’ve found the second ship. Long way away from the previous. Right up my interest-alley. THANK YOU EVELYN for the link.

09/12/16 • 01:17 PM • HistoryScienceTravel1 Comment

Designer News: Anyone else finding that Adobe programs are becoming more slower to load?

Oh yeah. I need to stuff an SSD in the iMac or upgrade. Religiously keeping my main drive half empty (performance suffers if the disk is above 50% capacity).

09/12/16 • 09:41 AM • AdobeDesignInternetSoftware(6) Comments

Bill Moyers: We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People.

So what brought on that spasm of rebellion?  They simply couldn’t see beyond their own prerogatives. Fiercely loyal to their families, their clubs, their charities and their congregations — fiercely loyal, that is, to their own kind — they narrowly defined membership in democracy to include only people like themselves.” So many parallels to the privileged classes vs. the third estate in the French Revolution. History repeats.

09/12/16 • 09:36 AM • EconomicsHistoryHuman RightsPolitics1 Comment

BBC: MH370 search - New debris in Madagascar includes ‘burnt parts’.

Another opportunity to show us the same old maps again. And to reiterate, it’s worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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Macworld: Google Earth’s Mac updater isn’t malware, but deserved your suspicions.

Freaked me out, too.

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EurekAlert: New genus of bacteria found living inside hydraulic fracturing wells.

Yeah, but wait for it. The oil and gas lobby will want them protected as an ‘endangered species’ if fracking regulations get tightened. We live in that kind of bizarro culture now.

09/12/16 • 09:09 AM • EnvironmentalScience1 Comment

The Brander: Yulia Brodskaya.

Masterful quilling.

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MeFi: Animated math.


09/12/16 • 09:07 AM • GeneralScholarlyScience1 Comment

SERoundtable: Google AMP Pages To Get Expanded Exposure In Mobile Search Results.

Of note. Better exposure for tech, not for quality content. Disappointing.

09/12/16 • 08:59 AM • GoogleInternet • No Comments

DeSmogBlog: Obama Again Sounds Climate Change Alarm But Continues Supporting Fossil Fuel Industry.

Wishy-washy, but worth a perusal.

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The High Hidden Costs of Fast Fashion.

It shocked me, the first time I engaged in a conversation and found that others buy clothes, wear them straight from the store, and then throw them away or give them to ‘charity’ to assuage their consumer mindset. I can’t even. First thing I do is wash ‘em. Those flame retardants aren’t good.

No wonder I keep coming across such badly-manufactured stuff in clothing stores. I have Ralph Lauren Polo shirts I’ve been wearing for decades, that still iron up like new.

09/12/16 • 08:31 AM • ConsumptionPersonal1 Comment

naked capitalism: Warrant Issued for Amy Goodman’s Arrest for DAPL Reporting.

Some strange things going down in North Dakota, however, and they don’t augur well for those who are peacefully engaging in constitutionally protected activity, including peaceful protest and press coverage. I noticed, for example, that the state recently became the first to authorize the use of armed drones by police.” You think it can’t happen here, and then ...

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Open Culture: Doonesbury Imagines a Trump Candidacy Back in 1999. And Nails It!

Omigod. Share this around.

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Hillary almost collapsed.

Looks like Hillary’s suffering from a familiar A/V malady. We would go from venue to venue, hyper-air-conditioned (super-cold in anticipation of thousands of hot bodies), then travelling out in the heat between venues. Or cold ballroom - hot city - cold airport - temperate airplane - cold airport - hot city ... you get the idea. The sharp temp changes really tax your immune system. And planes are petri dishes.

I fell ill of this in Baltimore, years ago ... noone to spare from the crew. I had to haul my butt to the emergency room in a taxi, alone. They freaked out - I was dehydrated enough to start heart rhythm problems. They pumped me full of saline for hours. When I walked out eight hours later to catch a cab back to the hotel, I felt like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man. Thought my eyes would pop out of my head. I couldn’t drive myself back home to Princeton, I sat in a hotel room alone, hallucinating for three days until the fever broke.

I give Hillary a big ‘pass’ on this one. Been there, been through that ... it’s really horrible. And I was late 20’s, 30’s ... in tip-top physical shape. It *hurt*.

[I’m an ethical guy - I would give Trump or Johnson a ‘pass’ on this one, too.]

Get well soon, Hill. And don’t do too much too fast. It’ll come back on ya.

Day later: Note that Donald Trump behaved better on this (so far) than the media.

09/11/16 • 05:28 PM • HealthPersonalPolitics(4) Comments

The Atlantic (June, 2016): Images of Twenty-First Century Cowboys.

Yup, it still exists.

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WaPo: Democrats wonder and worry - Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?

It’s going to be the craziest 60 days we’ve ever seen in politics. I’ll say it again. Obamacare’s cost increases go live on November 1. One week before election. Hillary better have a fix long before, or else she could lose this with her current slim margins. Back-pocket election. Many things can happen in between, but that could end up being the nail in the coffin.

09/10/16 • 08:36 PM • EconomicsHealthHome & LivingPolitics • No Comments

Guardian.UK: Former EPA head admits she was wrong to tell New Yorkers post-9/11 air was safe.

If you were around in 2001, we bloggers called ‘bullshit’ on this at the time. It defied all logic.

09/10/16 • 08:33 PM • EnvironmentalHistoryPolitics • No Comments
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