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ArtDaily: British Library launches online collection of over 280 Holocaust survivors’ testimonies.

We are delighted that, through our partnership with the British Library, these important survivor testimonies are now going to be widely available to all”.

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Italian Ways: The MV Agusta 500-6 GP - superior class comes at a cost.

The things we used to do for improved aerodynamics ...

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HuffPo/Science: King Tut’s Mask Damaged; Beard Snapped Off During Botched Cleaning.

Click the Twitter pic link in the panel, center. Oh. My. Freaking. God. Heads should roll for this.

How *anything* comes to us intact from antiquity, amazes me. Even artifacts become opinion.

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Telegraph.UK: Experts say two mummies in the Vatican Museum are fakes.

A medieval shinbone in one. Not even the Vatican’s immune.

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Social trending riff: If John Boehner is orange, and “Orange is the New Black” ...

... he’d best not visit Ferguson. He might learn something he didn’t expect to.

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“Barometer Soup” is just such a great album.

Not everyone cares for Buffett anymore ... he’ll always have a place in my album-rack. Hey, country music only *just* caught up to what Jimmy was doing in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s ...

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BBC: ‘Safer GMOs’ made by US scientists.

What we’ve done is engineered organisms so that they require synthetic amino acids for survival or for life.” Plants as slaves? You know someone’s going to say it.

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Mischiefs of Faction: Looking presidential - reaction to the 2015 State of the Union.

The forty-fourth president is confronting the fact that his presidency has not only changed policy, but also changed politics, and not entirely in ways he would have chosen. He’s laying the groundwork for his legacy and his successor. And he’s made ambitious proposals that have no chance of being passed, because that’s how second terms tend to go, especially during contentious divided government.

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The Luminous Landscape: Time For A Change.

A redesign. Clean, simple.

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Coconino National Forest: FS seeking info on vandalism.

If you can identify any of these individuals, won’t you help the Forest Service out?

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Meetings early.

Links later. Snowing, not hard yet, but forecasts are for a decent amount (3-8”). NWS isn’t being definite about our immediate area, being on the edge between E/W and mountains.

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Bruce Clay’s 2015 Predictions for the SEO Industry.

BC’s always ridden the top of the SEO industry. You know I don’t like SEO in general, but he makes good predictions.

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Supercars.net: Cadillac V16 Hartmann Cabriolet.

Click through (top-right).  Oh my.

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Lightroom Killer Tips: A Quick (but very powerful) Adjustment Brush Tip.

Another “goodie.”

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Guardian.UK: Benzene found in Montana water supply after Yellowstone oil spill.

Elevated levels of benzene were found in samples taken from a water treatment plant that serves about 6,000 people in the agricultural community of Glendive, near the North Dakota border, officials said.” Leukemia is usually the result of being around benzene. Even just getting it on your skin. Nasty stuff. And yet, “Exxon Mobil is facing state and federal fines of up to $3.4m from the spill. The company has said it spent $135m on the cleanup and other work.” The main water source is likely destroyed. Price tag?

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NBC: A Rising Economy Lifts Obama Going Into State of the Union Night.

You can hardly tell from our NBC/WSJ poll that the Republican Party was the big winner from the midterm elections just two months ago. Somehow, Obama and the Democrats stole the Republicans’ post-election honeymoon. Or the Republicans somehow lost it.” Are you kidding? “Somehow”?!! They shat upon it by going ideological right out of the gate. The low turnout numbers were a limp desire to simply maintain the status quo, not a mandate to go batsh-t crazy. If there’s one thing blogging over many political seasons has shown - it’s that ‘there are no unimportant elections’.

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NY Times: Prison Beard Ban Violates Muslim Religious Rights, Supreme Court Rules.

And now I wonder what Fox News thinks of the Supremes after that decision.

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Macworld: How this 16-year-old turned an Instagram feed into a $15K-a-month social media empire.

His looks don’t help him at all, now do they ...

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This is why weblogging was great.

I noticed Cast Away was streaming on Netflix. I’ve been facing some interesting choices in my life, so I figured I’d watch it again. Hit me just as hard as it did the first time.  And I remembered a piece Dave Rogers had posted when the film came out ... 13 years ago now. I couldn’t find his post online - as all us ‘originals’ have, he’s changed CMSs and personas a couple of times - but after dropping him a Twitter message, he dug around and reposted his great review, and associated correspondence with a fellow blogger.  I link his pieces here (scroll down to the piece titled Cast Away, and then scroll up to read Greatest Hurts and Greatest Hurts 2).

If you want to know why the ‘old’ web was so great, you need look no further. There’s gold in our archives, I tell ya.

Dave sums it up well: “This is an aspect of the current blogosphere that I find sadly lacking. We had a great deal more thoughtful discussion back then. I may simply be looking at the past through rose-colored bifocals, but little like this takes place today.”

And thanks again, Dave. I may not have commented then, but your post stuck with me all this time. I think that’s about the best praise any weblogger can give another.

Later: And now, scroll further up to Addendum, same link as above.

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Paris Review: The Cult Appeal of Kyril Bonfiglioli‘s “Mortdecai” Novels.

... I am a product of my time and a woman. And I found the book — with its caustic, rape-centric plot—ugly.” Bang-zoom. If we held all movies against the original books, I think we’d be devoid of entertainment. I still can’t forgive Peter Jackson for what he did to Gandalf. And how could anyone come up with a movie from Silver Linings Playbook? Yet someone did. Anyway. The trailers of Mortdecai make me think of Mr Bean with too much plot, for some strange reason. Little urge to see the movie.

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Wired: Moog Music Recreates a Trio of Its Legendary Modular Synths.

What? No mention of Rick Wakeman and Wendy/Walter Carlos? C’mon, kid-journalists. Do your research!

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New Republic: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World.

There are certain connections we make that go beyond decoding words.” Amen. Yet we should look to ebooks and books as complements, not as one ‘killing off’ the other.

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The Rumpus: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding.

The real gems in this book are the moments of irreverence and Newman’s willingness to say things that most people would not. I wish she would let loose a little bit more and do this more often.

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On MLK day, there’s always subtle pressure ...

... to come up with some anecdote, some uniquely rare observation about Mr King to boost one’s own brand/credibility. I’ll just say, once again, I’m terribly sad he was assassinated, and that the world lost his voice forever. And quietly point you to a list of past and current civil rights activists, and urge you to take a listen.

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BBC: Pope Francis - No Catholic need to breed like ‘rabbits’.

Good Roman Catholics do not need to breed like ‘rabbits’ ...” Dude must be giving the traditionals in the Vatican nightmares.

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