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The Luminous Landscape: The Epson V850 Pro Scanner in Context.

The Epson V850 Pro combined with SilverFast 8 makes it possible to produce high quality scans rather easily.

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FGR: Ralph Lauren Does Southwestern Elegance for Fall 2015.

Must be AZ. Ain’t seen any o’ these outfits around here.

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Italian Ways: The record-hunting Garelli 348cc.

Who needs functioning wrists? Look at the angle on those bars!

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Okay, where’s the day gone?

A few more things to handle, then some links.  Crikey, I suck as a weblogger today ... can’t even sneak in *one* link ...

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Busy morning again.

Links in a few.

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CultWestern: Two Upcoming Westerns.

Eva Green? Done. I have to say, Mikkelsen, Green and Morgan are three I’d never have thought of sticking in a western. It looks good, though.

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Wispy sunset.


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Messy Nessy Chic: Laundry Basket Cars.

Someone mentions wicker sidecars ... here.

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National Interest: Are Submarines About to Become Obsolete?

I suppose you could set ‘em up in shoreline parks, as they’ve done with old nukes and aircraft. I suspect a smidge too big for that sort of end.

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Gun DB.

Of interest.

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The Atlantic: Why Walmart Raised Its Wages.

The CEO of Walmart announced earlier today that all of the company’s employees will, starting in April, be paid at least $9 an hour, nearly $2 more than the federal minimum wage. That’s still far short of the $15 per hour pushed for by OUR Walmart, a union — like group of Walmart workers. Still, it’s a change for a company that has stubbornly opposed such a raise for years.” Good news, nonetheless.

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InstantShift: 50 Most Beautiful Animal Migration Photos.

Mind-blowing, some of these. I’d like to see them enlarged, someday.

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c|net: Fantastic Adobe video spotlights 25 years of Photoshop artistry.

Photoshop was my saviour, as I’ve expressed many times. Not many of us can still claim that we learned to do drop shadows in channels, because layers didn’t exist.

Tangent, slight: There were many graphics software packages before PS. I see a bundle of news articles today missing this fact. I used to use Rio on Vista and NU-Vista graphics boards in PCs. Rio was *very* powerful, more powerful than the first Photoshops. PS didn’t do true 32 bit graphics for many years. But it was a tres handy Swiss Army knife for converting TGAs to other formats. I could quickly get Mac and PC formats into TGAs for my video system in less than fourteen steps ... and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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Guardian.UK: New hopes that tar sands could be banned from Europe.

It would be incredibly useful for responsible investors to be able to look at the carbon intensity of different oil companies’ products – to put pressure on them to reduce it, and speed the shift to a a low carbon economy.” Indeed.

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Vimeo: Time-lapse macro marine life.

...meanwhile…” Beautiful. Beats another night sky or city time lapse again ... and again ... and again ...

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The Atlantic: Does a Creative Firm Get a Boost From Being in a City?

God yes. Santa Fe’s dead, Albuquerque too, compared on a national scale. Note that in the ‘90’s, when we in NYC thought we were on top of our games, the actual most-creative work was being done in Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis. They just didn’t get the recognition because NYC owns the creative PR and has simply immense amounts of opportunity and resource to make a middling concept popular. 

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Messy Nessy Chic: Saving Pie Town - The Last Pie-O-Neers of the American Dessert.

Pie Town is a place you really have to want to see, by itself.  No longer a crossroads; it’s more a passing glance on a two-lane between nothing in NM and nothing in AZ. There’s a ‘Y’ in the road a couple dozen miles east of the town that takes you south to Glenwood and Silver City. So it has slowly dessicated in the desert.

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Busy morning.

Links soon.

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SF New Mexican: Allow buns on campus, advocates say, to deter rape.

BEST TITLE EVAH. Click it before it’s gone.

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Science: Drones and satellites spot lost civilizations in unlikely places.

When ecologists look at the Amazon, they see ‘virgin wilderness’ untouched by humans, Iriarte says. But thanks to the discovery of large-scale earthworks called geogylphs and terra preta — ‘black earth’ that was purposely enriched by humans in the past — archaeologists have concluded that at least parts of the rainforest must have been home to large, agricultural settlements.

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Youtube: Blank Space - Vintage Cabaret-Style Taylor Swift Cover, ft. Ariana Savalas.

Hella classy.

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HuffPo: NYC Subway Cars - From Rolling Canvasses To Rolling Billboards.

Twenty-five years later, whole-car graffiti trains are back in New York. Visually bombed with color and stylized typography top to bottom, inside and outside, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is pocketing some handsome fees for it. It is not aerosol anymore, rather the eye-popping subway skin is made from enormous adhesive printed sheets that are laser cut to perfectly fit every single surface of a train car.” You know, I’ve worn mostly plain t-shirts for years now for specifically this reason - I refuse to be an unpaid human ‘advertising wrap’ for any companies but the ones I genuinely admire.

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Flickr: Tinkerbots’ Photostream.

I could just stop blogging today with this ... something I’ve always meant to do myself, but oh-so-wonderful to see someone, anyone doing it.

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Of note: “Receive books on your Kindle through Dropbox.

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Business Insider: AT&T Google Fiber in Kansas City — but it’s charging more for privacy.

Charging for your freedom. This can’t be legal, can it?

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