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The Atlantic: Even Though it Has $50 Billion of Oil Money, Alaska Can’t Pay Its Bills.

Was going to tease that Alaska might be able to purchase Greece - but Greece’s debts are at least 6x the Alaskan nest egg.

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Valet/Fall 2015 Buying Planner: Chukkas.

Some decent lookers.

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Guernica: Fukushima and Beyond.

There seems to be no way that deep nuclear disarmament can occur as a result of international diplomacy without a parallel process that involves phasing out the nuclear energy option for all countries.

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Medium: Stock photos that don’t suck.

Of note. Via Camworld.

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Not One-Off Britishisms: “Stroppy”.

Perhaps I should rename the blog.

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ArtDaily: Craft in America episode focuses on fine handmade instruments.

Craft in America, the Peabody Award-winning documentary series, now in its 7th season, returns to PBS, on November 20th at 10pm, with an all new episode, titled MUSIC, which focuses on how fine handmade instruments are crafted and the world-renowned artists who play them, demonstrating the perfect blend of form and function.

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Miguel Marquez Outside: Park bench plaque recently installed.

History of awkward silences.

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Italian Ways: Giovannino de’ Grassi and his animal notebook.

Illustration fans may enjoy this.

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NPR: Oliver Sacks, Renowned Neurologist And Author, Dies At 82.

I have been lucky enough to live past 80, and the 15 years allotted to me beyond Hume’s three score and five have been equally rich in work and love.” RIP, good sir.

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IMGur: Modern cavalry war horses. Against their instincts will lay completely still during battle.

This isn’t so strange, if you know history ... the era of the cavalry only ended in WWII. Germany, Poland, others were still using horses until about 1945.

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Guardian.UK: Is it justifiable to show footage of people being killed?

Depends on how its framed, IMHO. Characterising the Flanagan video as resembling a ‘first person shooter’ game got me very uneasy. I saw a five year old rack an unattended 9mm Beretta like an old pro - parents were alarmed also. How many guns/shootings do kids see by that age? Not so much ‘what are we doing’ as ‘what are we allowing to happen’ with our culture?

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Dazed: Miley Cyrus just came out as ‘pansexual’.

Slightly NSFW photo. You don’t even have to look - I just wanted to make an observation: As opposed to what’s said in this article, you can browse Tumblr and find most young people today are finding it cool to list themselves as ‘pansexuals’. Don’t be surprised if your kids copy the trend. The frequency was already on the uptick, but it has exploded since Bruce/Caitlin Jenner’s PR push. So many are young ladies who live in the boondocks, who want to be ‘different.’ I can only imagine their reactions if they were hit on by some of the transsexuals I used to see in lower Manhattan in the ‘80’s.

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Phys.Org: Researcher argues that there’s more to the genus Homo than we may think.

Interesting theory. Bound to shake some folks up.

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Haven’t posted a pic in ages.

East was best tonight.

For some reason, Flickr’s less interesting with their last redesign. [Photo services are less compelling than ever, I’m finding. I need to build some photo-stories over on Exposure.co; change it up.] Tonight’s sunset was best looking to the East, rather than the West.

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Paywall again.

The New Yorker this time. Sorry not to be able to read, sorrier not to be able to give you extra ad revenue by a link.

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NY Times: Bernie Sanders Warns Democrats They May Not Win in 2016 Without Him.

To be completely accurate, he’s not being so egotistical as that title sounds: “The people of our country understand that given the collapse of the American middle class, and given the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality we are experiencing, we do not need more establishment politics or establishment economics.

Meanwhile, over in the Clinton camp, their territory is shrinking.

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Mashable: RIP, the Goodyear Blimp.

Always made me smile when it passed over Princeton during football seasons. Funny, I’ve never seen a blimp here out West. Ever. Balloons, sure. No blimps. Hmmm.

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PDN Photo of the Day: Women in Their Prime.

B&W emphasizes the wrinkles, but with grace.

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ABC7: IndyCar drivers pay tribute to Justin Wilson with drive across Golden Gate Bridge.

Minor discussion of closed cockpits.

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Yosemite/mouse problem licked.

Turns out, not Yosemite at all. When I’d previously had some cutouts, I’d noticed it happened after abrupt mouse movements. Seems the battery door doesn’t push the batteries into full contact.  I taped a piece of index card inside the door, and that fixed things. I’ve been having them so frequently lately, I thought - what the hell. Go for the easy solution. I slapped a full-length piece of duct tape over the taped index card (twice as thick as previously), and closed the battery door. No more ‘connection lost’ inconveniences.

And my apologies for picking on you, Yosemite.

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The Atlantic: U.S. Housing: An Economic Bright Spot After a Wobbly Week.

Unlike with the stock market, economists agree that the housing market can probably withstand an interest rate hike ...” You wonder if policy-makers or journalists ever look beyond the statistics and check actual conditions on the ground. Real estate is but thinly recovering here. A hike would immolate that progress.

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Will Reichard: Pocket’s ‘recommendations’, coming to a cramped screen near you.

So the bloat starts. The ‘Microsoft Word’ path of ... hyperaccessorizing? Would that be a correct term? I use Pocket solely as an easy transfer between mobile and desktop for blog purposes. A button tap or two, versus sending myself an email. Fewer steps than sending to Evernote, and then erasing (if it’s in the blog, I don’t need it in Evernote). I hope ‘Recommendations’ aren’t going to get up my nose ...

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Petapixel: When Photography Becomes a Weapon.

... in the 21st century, photographs of an atrocity don’t wait to give rise to opposing responses. They are created and distributed with an intent to harm and polarize. The weaponization of photography is a partial reflection of a modern culture that is willing to consume and interpret imagery without analysis or concern for who might be victimized by the image.

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Can we (should we) talk about Trump’s signage?

The typography is *horrible*. Is he using Elance or something? “Here’s a blue rectangle. Slam this type in there.”

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ArtDaily: Archaeologists unearth ancient Greek palace with important inscriptions near Sparta.

No sign of Gerard Butler’s CGI abs, though. [Teasing.]

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