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Daily Beast: Confederate Flag Loses More Hallowed Ground as US House Votes to Ban Flag in VA Cemeter

It is likely that the Senate will follow the House’s vote on Confederate flag at VA cemeteries and limit even further the right to display it on public property. We may not be far from a time when the only place that you can display a Confederate battle flag is on the back of a pick-up truck.

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OpenCulture: Werner Herzog Will Teach His First Online Course on Filmmaking.


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naked cap: Quelle Surprise! US Big Business Prefers Clinton to Trump by 2:1 Margin.

Mind you, ‘greatly prefer’ translates as ‘loathes Trump, deems her to be less obviously terrible.’

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Economist.UK: Musical innovation - Musicians who keep a-changin’.

Doesn’t explain Led Zeppelin. Or Pink Floyd. Does explain Jeff Beck. Like that time he used stuff written by David Torn.

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Bernie supporters, Nevada, and the larger picture.

I mentioned this on Facebook, but forgot to mention it here. The chairwoman in Nevada made a fundamental mistake. The voice vote should have been reinforced with another form of voting when opposition was raised. If you’ve not attended public meetings, you may not be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order. When she made what seemed to be a bad call, *any* member of the polled group should have been able to ask for a ‘division of the assembly’. I’ve been to enough public events, been the butt of enough bad calls, to predict that I would have been irate at this behavior as well. Roberts is used at just about every political or community meeting I’ve ever been to.

None of the media are pointing this out. Bernie’s run has been showing up the structural weaknesses of each state’s primary and caucus systems, and revealing how they might be gamed. I’m not saying they are, but certainly there’s enough “we’ve gotta make chicken salad out of chicken scratch” procedures that beg justification. I’m hoping these systemic flaws are fixed before the next Presidential election. Where there’s no wood, a fire can’t burn. The fact that thousands of primary voters were excluded because the polls simply could not handle the volume should disturb you enough. Yet the news media’s been remarkably silent. I hear from my readers here, directly (thank you all!). This broken system is just not acceptable in the 21st century.

I have to conclude that the dinosaurs in the DNC, the DLC should-be-extinct reptiles, are dialing up their pressure on Sanders to bow out. They don’t want to make compromises at the Convention (though they’re starting to creak just a little, I suspect it’s all just for show, going through the motions). “Liberal pundits” are starting to realize the situation. The 1992 strategies will not work today or tomorrow. Time for fresh ideas.

Expect more savagery aimed at Bernie, daily. The establishment wants him out, yesterday. The polling putting Trump ahead of Hillary is scaring the bejesus out of them. They think they can put a nice face on Clinton’s campaign and push Trump back. Cue up Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” (released a couple of months before I graduated high school - 1977!) and talk up a two-executive Presidency (which roused unbelievable amounts of opposition in ‘92) and push Trump to the rear just as they’ve done so effectively with Bernie Sanders.

Excuse me while I engage in a bout of tragic laughter ...

Memories, like the colors of my mind ... thanks to Dan Lyke for this: Salon, June 2008, Why Clinton Voters Say They Won’t Support Obama. Take a breather, people.

Later: Hillary dropped out on June 7, 2008. I would not be surprised if the Clinton camp is telling the Sanders camp on backchannels that if the writing is on the wall after the votes in CA and NJ, he must kowtow or he won’t get any concessions.

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Oh, only 2600+ unread news articles in my agg ...

... as in ‘gag’. Let’s see how far I can scan before I decide to bail for “Mark all as read.”

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Luminous Landscape: Michael Reichman passes away.

Oh, for God’s sake. Fuck cancer. I’ll miss Michael terribly. Luminous Landscape and Michael have been a regular stop for me since they started. RIP.

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First chance I’ve had to breathe today. How’re you all? Hope you’re well. And that’s the last you’ll hear from me until tomorrow ...

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Mashable: LinkedIn resetting passwords after 117 million user credentials stolen.

Reset your passwords. Again. Remind me, what do I need LinkedIn for? Hasn’t done a damned bit of good except suck a little time here and there.

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BBC: ‘Elizabeth I dress’ stored as altar cloth under vicar’s bed.

Can’t quite judge the size. Seems like an awful lot of cloth for the bustier sort of clothing depicted. Unless it also included the skirt.

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico health insurers propose rate hikes for 2017.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico also plans to sell coverage on the exchange this year, and proposals submitted to the state show average increases of as much as 83 percent for individuals.Jesus H. Christ. The next enrollment period starts November 1 - election is November 8. Once America sees the rate hikes ... ? The Dems have wanted to avoid mentioning the necessary ACA fixes during the election cycle - but if price hikes match these news articles, the nominee better start doing a fast dance or it’ll be a dull Trump-Trump-Trump sound over their political grave.

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Techdirt: Federal Judge Says Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine A Legitimate Source Of Evidence.

There is no suggestion or evidence … that the Wayback Machine ever adds material to sites.” No, it doesn’t. But what it captures generally lacks context. I find that concerning.

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Vox: Watch the rapid evolution of the American diet over 40 years, in one GIF.

I look at these, and become surprised that none have been correlated against disease (‘the reduction in whole milk perfectly tracks the rise in autism!’ etc.). Correlation, causation, and the whole internet amateur-research phenom ... then again, wait five minutes and check Twitter.

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ANN: Mysterious happenings around the star KIC 846852.

The cause of such a dramatic event, however, is not understood, and meanwhile other imaginable scenarios are still allowable, but the new results put a firm limit on the amount of dusty material around this strange and unique star.

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AI: Leaked screens show Siri in Apple’s upcoming OS X 10.12 with always-on ‘Hey Siri’.

I can’t help but imagine the new ‘open plan’ offices, with dozens of people shouting “Hey Siri!” and the poor iMacs crossing commands left and right ... worthy of a comedy sketch at least. Using the word ‘delete’ for any purpose would be as heinous a crime as saying ‘fire’ in a theatre ...

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FiveThirtyEight: How I Acted Like A Pundit And Screwed Up On Donald Trump.

Hrmmm. I have a different, cynical take. The process of natural selection has been disrupted. The idiots among us are surviving. It’s OSHA’s fault. (Joking, just joking ...)

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Lorem f-cking ipsum: A Good F-cking Design Advice Service.

Language! Of course you could never use it. But it’s funny for a second or three. I find Lorem ipsum causes more problems these days than solutions. Better to just grab some text from some innocuous source. How many times I’ve heard, “What language is Lorem ipsum? Can’t you just use English?”

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Atlas Obscura: Johnnie Meier Classical Gas Museum.

Great place. Been there a coupla times. Looks like he’s added some stuff. I’ll have to haul my larger MP camera up there soon.

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Catapult: The Fierce Triumph of Loneliness.

I moved through these scenes like a ghost yet felt astoundingly whole.” Well-expressed.

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Busy this morning, then busy all day tomorrow.

Photo shoots, video shoots. And a brief car repair. Man, I’m already tired just looking at my schedule. Links in and around these events. Thanks for your patience.

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GitPrime: Data Driven Development, Software Team Productivity Tool.


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Alfred 3 Preview - Take Control of Your Mac and OS X.

Been a user since the earliest days. Can’t imagine life without it. Hopefully they won’t take the TextExpander subscription route when it’s finally available ...

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SF New Mexican: Albuquerque weighs getting more power from solar sources.

300 plus days a year of sun, probably 120 days of wind a year (at least). You’d think it would be a no-brainer. If we’d invested in solar and wind instead of oil and gas, we’d be financially healthy today. But no ... New Mexico must keep its head firmly wedged in its colon. [Excuse the graphical-ness. I’m in the mood to not suffer fools gladly. This was foolish fifteen years ago. Today it’s simply insane.]

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Fubiz: Black & White Backstage Portraits at Cannes Festival 2016.

Verité at Cannes. Refreshing.

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Guardian.UK: GM food generally safe for humans and the environment, report says.

When farms switched from conventional crops to the engineered varieties, there was no substantial change in yields. While experimental results suggest that there should be an increase in production, the US Department of Agriculture data doesn’t show it, the report said.” One must separate the GM from the pesticides used. It’s the pesticides that manifest the problems, not the GM.

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