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Macintouch: El Capitan issues.

Many sound like the usual suspects ... the Adobe issues concern me, obviously. I’ll be watching to see the fixes before upgrading.

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ProLost: Impressions of the Sony a7R II.

Good article on the A7RII.

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NY Times: Vatican Clarifies Position on Kim Davis.

... they met in a group meeting planned by others.” We expected mitigating factors.

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WilliamReichard: Excellent read about the nature of theater.

Will asks the question. I answer: Reading may be solitary, but it makes me better when involved in community. My reading drove my imagination as a child, causing me to break boundaries and become a more complete individual. After a spin in the pages of a novel, I return to society seeing the same-olds through new lenses.

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Archaeology News Network: Scientists solve the riddle of deep ocean carbon.

There has been a long outstanding question about whether hydrothermal vents are a source or sink of organic carbon to the oceans. We have shown that hydrothermal vent fluids contain almost none of the organic carbon which accumulates in the oceans, which means that vents are a sink for this unreactive ‘stored’ carbon.

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Re/Code: Twitter Plans to Go Beyond Its 140-Character Limit.

Less one-line snark in our lives. I think that chalks up as a Martha Stewart “good thing”.

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History Today: Gun Control, The Right To Bear Arms.

Really interesting condensed history. Thank goodness he referenced Blackstone. The differences between UK and US gun law, in about a page and a half of reading.

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DP Review: Can the iPad Pro be a serious editing tool for imaging professionals?

Despite being a much more powerful device than other models in the iPad line-up, with the software that is currently available the iPad Pro remains an additional tool for specific tasks in your editing workflow, but not the centerpiece.” My italic emphasis.

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Atlas Obscura: The Wellington Wreck of Simiane-la-Rotonde.

What a story. RIP, guys.

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Mac invoice, 1987 ... beware the prices.

Australian dollars, not us. Still expensive, but not that expensive.

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NY Times/In Performance: Juliette Binoche.

Antigone. Still lovely.

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Archaeology News Network: Archaeologists uncover secrets of Revolutionary War site.

Lexington. “Watters’ favorite discovery is the button. ‘It is gorgeous,’ she said. ‘It has a fox, a windmill, a bridge on it, and to think something this delicate has been sitting here for so long is incredible.’

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The Atlantic: The Real Reason People Don’t Save Enough for Retirement.

If all workers were automatically enrolled in a savings account that couldn’t be tapped into until retirement (or disability, if that came first), they wouldn’t be burdened with investment decisions.” Where’s my paddle? Someone needs a paddling. If you’re going to play that game, prosecute those responsible for the last Wall Street debacles. The stock market and real estate plunges were paid for at the worker bee level by retirement accounts, early withdrawals. Come down off the high horse, Atlantic.

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My day is just not going according to plan.

Links when I have an opportunity. I’d forgotten about the endless photo requests from the major auto mags ...

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CNet: Stephen Hawking says nomadic aliens might crush us.

Nick Bostrom also had an interesting take on this subject. His contention: if we’re not contacting aliens, there must be some challenge, some barrier that advancing civilizations hit, that rubs them out. The fact we’ve survived this long, means our greatest test is before us, not behind us. Worthy of many an hour of contemplation, that. Is it even possible to prepare effectively for an unknown extinction-level event?

09/30/15 • 03:44 PM • FutureScience(2) Comments

Register.UK: Flaky Flickr’s pic upload faulty for weeks, fume fed-up photographers.

The site’s getting less and less usable, IMHO. The mobile emphasis in the new designs, the ‘smart’ features ... are all adding needless complexity to doing a simple function: publishing photos. Now it seems they can’t even do what the site was designed for.

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MessyNessyChic: Chasing Ghosts in an East London Time Capsule.

Impressive. And, perhaps, a little oppressive.

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Daily Mail.UK: Is James Dean’s ‘cursed’ Porsche about to be found?

Even so, it’s not complete. Parts were scavenged for other racers, with their own ‘curse’ histories.

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Hyperallergic: A Petition to Stop “Irresponsible” Restoration of Chartres Cathedral.

Comparison photos ... ? Concerning.

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Classic Rock: Jeff Beck tribute gets re-release.

Attention, Beck fans!

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Guardian.UK: Battle of Britain pilot’s relatives help excavate downed plane 75 years on.

Wünsche’s plane was hit and he baled out, surviving with burns and leg injuries and returning to active service the following year. The plane ploughed straight into farmland now owned by the National Trust.” One assumes the haybale cushioned his landing [‘baled out’]. Apparently an ill-spelled wartime guide has caused the confusion in UK.

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Discover Mag: Duct tape can do everything - including cure your warts.

Actual verdict: “Duct tape occlusion therapy was significantly more effective than cryotherapy for treatment of the common wart.

09/29/15 • 11:10 AM • ConsumptionHealth1 Comment

Archaeology News Network: Ancestral background can be determined by fingerprints.

Anthropologists have looked at fingerprints for years, because they are interested in human variation. But this research has looked at Level 1 details, such as pattern types and ridge counts. Forensic fingerprint analysis, which is used in criminal justice contexts, looks at Level 2 details—the more specific variations, such as bifurcations, where a fingerprint ridge splits.

09/29/15 • 11:04 AM • Science1 Comment

LRB: Ravishing.

Two books on the history of ‘the Castrati’. I cross my legs and move on ...

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naked capitalism: With Shell’s Failure, U.S. Arctic Drilling Is Dead.

“On September 28, the company announced that it had ‘found indications of oil and gas in the Burger J well, but these are not sufficient to warrant further exploration in the Burger prospect. The well will be sealed and abandoned in accordance with U.S. regulations.’After the disappointing results, Shell will not try again.” Well, that’s a relief. Now to watch Russia.

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