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HollywoodReporter: The Story of the Most Daring Cliffhanger in ‘Next Generation’ History.

Nice backstory. Via MeFi.

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CraigsList: 1946 Flxible - yes, it runs.

Oh, to have the cash to turn it into an RV.

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EOS HD: Interesting insights into the new Sony A7R II and RX sensor technology.


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NewsQuench: 8 million mummified dogs found in Egypt.

... this was a surprising and very pleasing find ...” Dog lovers won’t be so pleased.

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Not your stereotypical Santa Fe door.

Not the stereotypical Santa Fe door ...

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BBC: Saint-Donatien in Nantes in ruins.

Very, very sad.

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Macworld: Macaw 1.5.15 review: Promising web design program falls short of its goals.

Though I used to wish for a program like Macaw, the current version left me longing for my days of coding by hand. If you end up feeling the same, take heart: Among its promised features, Scarlet prominently advertises a text editor for your code.” Already have a couple I like, thanks.

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Aeon: People are violent because their morality demands it.

They know that they are harming fully human beings. Nonetheless, they believe they should. Violence does not stem from a psychopathic lack of morality. Quite the reverse: it comes from the exercise of perceived moral rights and obligations.” At times like this, I reread Chapter One of Scaramouche. Change laws, change politicians like you change clothes ... for little real effect. We have to change our populace, and that is a much more complex task.

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Italian Ways: The art of cycling in Italy.

Scroll to the last few. Centaur with busy factory in the background? Angel wings being tied to the pedals? Recommendations to the proletariat.

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NWS ABQ - Drought Information.

We’re actually doing pretty well, all things considered.  We’re 98% of precip for a ‘normal year’, and drought is easing. Upcoming months look normally wet, too.

Back courtyard’s a jungle.

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TechDirt: Apple Informs Bloggers It Will Be Using Their Content Via An Opt-Out Only ‘Agreement’.

If we receive a legal claim about your RSS content, we will tell you so that you can resolve the issue, including indemnifying Apple if Apple is included in the claim.” How helpful.

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Surely a candidate should be able to come up with something better ...

than “thoughts and prayers” for the shooting victims. Just about every single one riffs off this tired old chestnut.

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incase: DSLR Camera Organizer.

Retrofit an existing bag into a camera bag. Nice to know it’s available.

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BlessThisStuff: DxO One.

Same MP and sensor size as the new Canon G3X. It all hinges on the quality of the lens, methinks.

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SF Reporter: American Idol Comes to Santa Fe.


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History Today: Mysticism and Machines.

In everything from the Biblical teraphim (mummified oracular heads) and Haephestos’s handmaidens, endowed with speech and sentience, to the Chinese practitioners of khwai shuh, who sought to bring images and statues to life to serve as slaves, Cohen’s focus is on the mystical origins behind the search for perfect human imitation.” Sounds like fun.

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nakedcap: Are Locavores a Threat to Feeding the Planet Efficiently?

Interesting discussion. I wonder, if today’s cities had preplanned for local food production acreage, would CASTE still hold true?

Related, if you have login access.

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JamesEdition: Luxury real estate in Tavoleto Italy - Castle.

8 floors. Let’s get a bunch together and buy this.  It could be “Castle Blog.”  Much more entertaining than all that other IndieGogo and Kickstarter stuff we drop pocket change into.

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ArtDaily: 200 years after Waterloo, Britain still battling Emperor of French revolutionaries Napoleo

... if you don’t watch out, Boney will get you!” Lovely bit of local historical color.

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Literary Hub: The Joy of Throwing Away An Entire Novel.

Was I sure there was nothing salvageable there? Was I giving up?” Every writer or blogger will know this feeling. I myself often fantasize about chucking this whole thing, wondering what phoenix would rise. Would I be happier? Freer? I chafe against the restrictions of the blog, locked in the same form-factor for a decade. Our blogs are becoming prisons, the dimensions dictated by the walled gardens elsewhere. Cam gave me hope with his new blog, and how it bodily and boldly breaks barriers. These functions should have been baked into blog software, years ago.

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Giandiablasco: Outdoor wigwam.

Neat, but the real impact is when you see more than one in a grouping.

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Another night of cloud pageantry.

another night of cloud pageantry.

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Open Culture: Zen Guru Alan Watts Helps Us Overcome the Fear of Dying.

Worth your time. Note, Agents of Shield had a good take, too.

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Guardian.UK/Video: Can the Republicans halt climate change?

Good point.

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Luminous Landscape: Rediscovering Craft.

As for 35mm, as far as I’m concerned 135 film is simply not competitive at all against any digital camera. If you like it, fine, but history has moved on.” That triggered a memory - a time when we obsessed over whether 6MP [the latest digitals at the time] was equivalent to the best 35MM films, and whether it was time to switch. Just at the beginning of the ‘00’s. How time flies.

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