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Guardian.UK: Texas governor stops cities and towns banning hydraulic gas mining.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has signed a bill into law that prohibits cities and towns from banning a gas drilling practice known as hydraulic fracking, giving the state sole authority over oil and gas regulation.” Would you expect any less from Texas?

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Google Cloud Platform Blog: Pay Less, Compute Moore.

The price war is on.

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Mashable: How America has regressed since the ‘Mad Men’ era.

Lest you believe Mad Men is documentary, cue up McMillan & Wife [on Netflix], and check out something filmed in the era. Even the Mad Men folks didn’t dare go to the aesthetic lengths the period embraced. A plaid jacket makes an attempt, but you need to pair it with a striped shirt, paisley tie. Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James wear some particularly cringeworthy gear that will, if you were around during the era, will remind you of what we assaulted each other with daily. I remember wearing red, white and blue vertical stripe bellbottoms with a blue flowered big-lapel shirt, and thinking myself devastatingly handsome (erk). Such were the times. Another of the things they don’t portray (as far as I can tell) - the body odor. Showers became popular about the time of blow dryers; many houses just didn’t have them. A semi-weekly bath was considered clean enough. Greasy hair, damp pits. Even on businessfolk. [Yes, I know I just recently wrote about this. But the stills from Mad Men I’m seeing all over are just not period accurate.]

Regression? Everyone knows many conservatives worship the ‘50’s. I ended up attending a friend’s party, to my surprise a GOP fundraiser. Cigars, pearl necklaces. Brylcream and beehives. A total time capsule. Even more dated than my old man’s poker get-togethers when I was a tiny kid.

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In These Times: Actually, Mad Max: Fury Road Isn’t That Feminist; And It Isn’t That Good

Different take on Mad Max; opposing the ‘stealth feminism’ label.

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Slate: Pollen in honey cannot desensitize the immune system.

Someone tried to sell me on this a long time ago. Never noticed a darned thing. “You have to do it longer!” Do you know how long a jar of honey lasts in my cabinet? Waste of time and space. So I went back to buying honey I liked the taste of.

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Google NGram Viewer: AOL, Facebook and Twitter.

Of interest.

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The New Yorker: In Defense of Amtrak.

A profit-maximizing, reëngineered train could squeeze five or perhaps six seats into the same space, making basic economy miserable enough that more people might pay to escape it.”  What the hell. I sentence this author to a couple of years of commuting on the NE Corridor, before he can write about Amtrak again.

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WalletHub: 2015’s Best Cities to Start a Business.

Surprising results.

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BBC: Obama restricts ‘military’ gear going to police.

Militarization of police has not made us safer. From my reading, available statistics post-9/11 show very little improvement in murder rates, and surprising increases in drug offenses. CJR needs to pull some stats and do an in-depth report.

Tangential: Why did police forces stick with revolvers for so long? Glock showed up in the US in 1988. Anyone my age will remember the fits over “plastic guns” ... the biggest complainers (law enforcement) became the biggest purchasers, ironically.

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Hyperallergic: Woman Found Guilty of Criminal Harassment for Instagramming Street Art.

Shouldn’t they go after the street artist instead?

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SciAm: Highly Contagious, Antibiotic-Resistant Food Poisoning Establishes U.S. Presence.

Because of the increasing threat of multidrug-resistant shigella, the CDC and other health agencies recommend doctors only prescribe antibiotics for severe cases. Shigellosis can actually clear up on its own with proper hydration and rest.

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Guardian.UK: Russia restarts Progress spacecraft and corrects ISS orbit after series of failures.

Russia is currently reforming its space industry, but experts say years of underfunding mean there is a shortage in new-generation specialists to replace those recruited in the Soviet era.” 

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Guardian.UK: Texas police arrest more than 165 people linked to deadly biker gang shootout.

The ‘60’s all over again?  Not quite. Not as rangy and lean anymore.

Later: Yep, things are the same, yet different.

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NY Times: Dean Potter, Extreme Climber, Dies in BASE-Jumping Accident at Yosemite.

Flying in wingsuits, they tried to clear a notch in the granite cliffs but instead smashed into the rocks in quick succession.” Are we seeing a spike of excessive risk-taking, now that folks can record their own exploits so easily?

Later: I assume the notch on the right.

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100,000 Stars.

Cosmic fix for the morning ...

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CAR: Stirling Moss drives the Mille Miglia: 360-degree video.

Drag the video around. Kind of cool. Two viewpoints, left-front and right-rear.

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Endless horse.” No false advertising here.

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Audio’s turrible, but Jeff Beck and ZZ Top doing “Rough Boy”.

May 2, 2015. If you’re a Beck fan, you know the song - according to Jeff himself - pulled him out of one of his ‘disappearing act’ periods and restored his faith that guitar still had a place in music. Thank goodness Billy whipped this one out when he did.  Also - a slew of current tour videos are appearing on YT. I want to hear a decent recording of “A Change is Gonna Come”!!

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Storms to the west (a good thing) ...

Looking west ...

... and ‘insta-fog.’

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The Rumpus: The Well Speaks Of Its Own Poison, By Maggie Smith.

... As the devil eats,
bones pile under the table. Bread cries out in the oven
for fear of burning. A heart nestles among red apples.
” Sounds like fun.

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HTML Arrows: HTML Symbols, Entities and Codes.

Handy. I believe I have a widget for this, but I never keep it loaded (save that RAM for bigger stuff).

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Quartz: Most children are happy no matter what, but materialism catches up eventually.

There is also a noteworthy difference in the nature of of kids’ carefree attitudes in rich and poor countries. Despite being generally happy, children in developed countries were relatively less satisfied with their body, appearance, and self-confidence.

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Lindau-Nobel.org: The Ozone Hole Could Become History.

Archetype for climate change?

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ReadWrite: I Wore Suitsy For A Week—And No One Noticed.

Last weekend, the liberty-loving tech organization, Lincoln Labs, held a rally for presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul. There were suits oozing out the front door waiting to get a selfie with the libertarian icon. I blended right in.Pfffffft.

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Columbia.EDU: The Penguin Atlas of Medieval History.

Scans from the 1961 edition. Random find.

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