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Quanta: The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality.

On one side you’ll find researchers scratching their chins raw trying to understand how a three-pound lump of gray matter obeying nothing more than the ordinary laws of physics can give rise to first-person conscious experience. This is the aptly named ‘hard problem.’ On the other side are quantum physicists, marveling at the strange fact that quantum systems don’t seem to be definite objects localized in space until we come along to observe them.” My italic emphasis.

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TechCrunch: Hundreds of Spotify credentials appear - users report accounts hacked.

FYI. I went ahead and changed my password, nonetheless.

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CJR: For enthusiast media, ethics can be costly.

I got a snort out of this, at least: “The profile suggests a readership of fewer aspiring Olympians than what cyclists call M.A.M.I.Ls, or ‘Middle-Aged Men in Lycra.’

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Mashable: ‘Urgent’ fix ordered for some Dreamliner planes because engines shut down mid-flight.

A bit inconvenient, no?

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NY Times: Prince and the Competition.

Michael Jackson, yeah ... but a more interesting comparison would be the former Terence Trent D’Arby, whose life took similar paths, to very different career results.

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Macworld: Microsoft Word Flow keyboard goes live and free for all iPhone users.

Might come in handy at that.

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GWU: Americans Overwhelmingly Engaged in 2016 Election but Tone of Race Is Affecting Voters.

In a head-to-head matchup of each party’s frontrunner, Mrs. Clinton leads Mr. Trump by only 3 percentage points nationally (46 to 43; 11 percent undecided).” Not good, people. The Battleground poll has a Republican bias in past years. Even so, that’s too damn close.

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NY Times: Beyoncé Unearths Pain and Lets It Flow in ‘Lemonade’.

How is this not a work of pretentious self-pity? How isn’t this the mistake of the year?” Perhaps it is the first wave of a much-needed correction for objectification and misogyny in hiphop lyrics. Waking up to the complexities, realities and responsibilities of relationship, color, sex. Ironic, then, that Billy Paul died over the weekend. He gave us the man’s view - smooth, no drama. Beyonce rips out the lady’s. Compare.

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Guardian.UK: Trump and Clinton share Delaware tax ‘loophole’ address with 285,000 firms.

This squat, yellow brick office building just north of Wilmington’s rundown downtown is the registered address of more than 285,000 companies. That’s more than any other known address in the world, and 15 times more than the 18,000 registered in Ugland House, a five-storey building in the Cayman Islands that President Obama called ‘either the biggest building in the world, or the biggest tax scam on record’.” Remember those text ads in the back of magazines, “Incorporate in Delaware”? Yeah. That. Surprised it is still allowed to exist.

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ScottKelby: Another Little Instagram Tip - Better-Looking Text In Your Posts.

Cheat to add line-breaks.

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Valet: Spring Buying Planner - The Four Shorts You Want for Warm Weather.

Because every male needs some hideously embarrassing shorts to roll out on occasion.

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Coolist: 17 Vintage Cameras for Going to the Shutterbug’s Ball.

Convenient lever for a rant. So many young authors think they’re being clever calling the Canon AE-1 a ‘classic’. It was a plastic piece of junk that needed a battery to function (heaven forfend!). Anyone who was into photography in the 70’s can tell you - the camera recommended to all beginners was ... drumroll ... the Pentax K1000. All-mechanical, except for the meter (as all cameras were). If the meter gave out, you could still take photos. You could pound nails with it. So enough with the AE-1. Photographers used to joke that if you left an AE-1 in the sun, you’d come back to a puddle of goo. Such were the times. The AE-1 was a camera for the masses, not for the serious photographer.

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Anandtech: Drobo 5D with BeyondRAID - Protected Direct-Attached Storage Made Simple.

They seem so simple and wonderful. But. More than one person has complained about this: “One of the main disadvantages of this proprietary scheme is that it is impossible for third-party tools to reconstruct data in case of a faulty unit. Unless the user has a standing warranty coverage from Drobo, getting hold of another similar Drobo unit is the only way out.” You need to stay well within warranty.

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RealClearPolitics: The Trump Bandwagon Is Rolling Toward a Cliff.

By the time California Republicans cast their ballots, Trump’s voters will number some 13 million, around 10 percent of the electorate. Most of the remaining 90 percent are repulsed by him, as anyone with informed opinions and a sound conscience should be.” Mr Gradgrind, what have you wrought?

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HuffPo: Charles Koch Compares Donald Trump To A Nazi.

Invest in popcorn in time for the RNC.

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Political Wire: Sanders May Change Tone Towards Clinton Soon.

Best thing to do is let the candidate fade, but enliven the issues. Time to switch from funding Sanders alone to supporting those candidates who might win this fall - a good way to continue to keep ‘Bernie fans’ in the loop. If they can’t handle supporting Clinton alone, get them involved in their local races to push Clinton left — force her to compromise left, instead of right (as her husband did). The issues are too important to let lapse after this election; it’s what Sanders does as he concedes, that is just as important as what he would have done if he won. If he plays it honorably (and logically), he could be a more important historical figure for losing. Not expressing myself particularly well, but I think you all get my drift. And more Congressional elections in two years. Revolutions don’t happen in one electoral cycle. Republicans took the long view after Nixon (all these conservative thinktanks were created early in the Carter years). Play the long game for once in your lives, Dems.

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Watch the Circus: Why I Blew the Whistle on the SEC’s Investigation of Goldman Sachs.

Of note.

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DP Review: Photographer Brian Ach shares his experiences of working with Prince.

A number of news agencies have called me asking if I have unpublished photos of Prince. I do - I have tens of thousands of them.  But they aren’t mine to share.

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Yeah, this kinda blew my mind, too.


First little T-storm of the year, happens late in the afternoon, Sun drops below clouds, and I see this as it moves East. I friggin’ ran outside the house in the rain, up the hike-bike path to get it.

04/23/16 • 07:27 PM • NatureSanta Fe Local(4) Comments

Bill Moyers: Here’s What a Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Mean for Global Warming.

Fracking still not off the platform. And likely won’t be.

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Guitar World: Pioneering Guitarist Lonnie Mack Dead at 74.

Another great, gone.

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Youtube: Prince, Honky Tonk Women.


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The New Yorker: Hillary Clinton Should Be Allowed to Boast.

Best expressed thoughts on the subject that I’ve read. Yet there’s another current in the mix. If she’s the ‘best candidate’, that ‘expectation of perfection’ is working against her.

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DiscoverMag: Remnants of a Supernova Are Pummeling Earth.

Iron-60 is made in supernovae, and it has a half-life of 2.6 million years, so that means there was a supernova not too long ago not too far away.” Right out of the pages of sci-fi, but real.

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NY Times: U.S.-Mexico Teamwork Where the Rio Grande Is but a Ribbon.

Oh, I remember the river-choking effects of cane down on the Rio. Try clambering back through it after swimming to Mexico ...

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