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Pacific Standard: Our Memories Are Deeply Flawed, and We’ll Be Happier If We Accept It.

The recovered-memory movement in the 1980s and ’90s emboldened people to root out their supposedly forgotten pasts — usually with the help of a therapist — and confront their tormentors, often their own parents, while fueling an adjacent hysteria about uncovering clandestine, sometimes occult-themed, networks of sexual predators.” God, the damage this movement did ...

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DYT: 1980s - The Period Of Women Rock Hairstyle Boom.

Oh man. There’s a blast from the past. Hairspray and blowdryers!

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Truth-in-journalism request.

If a speaker’s using a teleprompter, it should appear in any videos taken. Likewise, kickback monitors (video screens at the foot of the stage, a la Steve Jobs fictional ‘ad libbing’) should be cut to occasionally, so viewers know the source of the rhetoric.

Anything else is fiction. Journalism isn’t supposed to be perpetrating fiction.

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BillMoyers: America Has a Republican Problem — and the Media is Partly to Blame.

... the Republican Party, with its history of dog-whistle racism, sexism, homophobia, nativism, and gun addiction, salted now by incipient fascism, has been legitimized by the mainstream media for years.” All in the interest of keeping the old Fairness Doctrine at an arm’s length. And it ain’t just happening for the Red side of the aisle. Get the DLC dinos out of Washington. They’ve been ‘legitimized’ way too long as well.

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SciAm: Viruses Hijack the Body’s Response to Mosquito Bites.

Ya know, I keep getting the idea Mother Nature ain’t wild about this human-overpopulation/global-warming stuff.

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Trump speech hype.

A few hours of hype - for a teleprompted speech (keeping him on message). “Look at our trained monkey.” Ugh. This time they used his phrasings, I see. Notice almost noone video’d the man with the prompter glass in-frame, so most think he’s speaking off-the-cuff. Not portraying truth, IMHO.

Later: And now much of the media is featuring all of it. They reward fools when they can appear cognizant (I like using it as a noun, though not commonly accepted in grammar circles), backchanneling candidates of greater value.

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FiveThirtyEight: With Trump In The Race, The Battleground Is Everywhere.

The source’s recent inaccuracies over Trump has made them introspective. I wonder if it is not overdone.

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ANN: Codex Rossanensis, original Biblical manuscript, goes on display in Calabria.

Looks rather amazing.

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SER: Google Adds AMP Web Validator Tool.


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NY Post: Trump has been giving out fake diamond cuff links for years.

It’s just very Donald.” Make some hay, Clinton campaign. This one’s been dumped in your lap.

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BBC: North Korea missiles ‘a serious threat’ after new tests.

From my reading, these are conservative estimates of range. Accuracy, however, esp. over a polar route, is another question. Soviet missiles were woeful during the Cold War. Aim at Phoenix, hit Akron ... that kind of inaccuracy.

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Luminous Landscape: Hasselblad Announces Groundbreaking X1D.

Yeah, but sensor quality? Got a lot of high MP cameras out nowadays. And this ain’t cheap.

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Guardian.UK: Graffiti artist banned from 20% of US [‘Creepytings’, Casey Nocket].

A graffiti artist has been banned from all national parks and other federally administered land – that’s more than 20% of the US – for vandalism after Reddit users tracked her down on social media. Casey Nocket was also sentenced to 200 hours of community service and a fine for drawing faces in acrylic paint in at least six national parks: Death Valley, Colorado National Monument, Canyonlands, Zion and Crater Lake.” Good. Should have been more community service, IMHO, but they had multiple jurisdictions to deal with.

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LR/Instagram - Lightroom Publish Plugin for Instagram.

The purists’ll scream.

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Popular Archaeology: Found - The “Throne of Agamemnon”.

OK. Protesteth a smidge too much? Schliemannizing?

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Vox: The US is spending trillions less than expected on health care.

But for individual consumers, slower health spending likely doesn’t feel cheaper at all. In fact, it probably feels more expensive: One big way private insurers have held down costs is by asking consumers to pay a larger and larger chunk of their medical bills.” Yeah, we know about that in NM.

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GalleyCat: Writing Quality Decreases Among Those That Read Online Only.

Bah. I’ll argue sample size.

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Donald’s broke, and I can’t find anything to link ...

I have to run out to another photo shoot. Back later! Promise!

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NMFireInfo: Battleship Fire on Santa Fe National Forest.

Shit. There’s no other word for it. Be safe, firecrews.

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99U: How to Fight Through Intellectual Discomfort.

Deeply intellectual work is soul work that takes more time and energy.” All I have to say is ... run a weblog. Longer the better.

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The Atlantic: The Existentialism of GPS.

... the knowledge that we are not where our maps say we are is now part of the background noise of daily life.

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APOD: 2016 June 20 - Sunrise Solstice over Stonehenge.

Nice. Could be a PS job, but nice. (One must remain skeptical these days.)

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McSweeney’s: List - Obituaries for Teen Girls If They Actually Died When They Say.

Someone is going to call ‘sexist’.

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Telegraph.UK: Nose dives, tangles with phone lines and very bumpy landings.

How not to land a biplane.

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Guardian.UK: Breast cancer cell growth halted by osteoporosis drug, study shows.

Well, that’s cool. Of course, “But this study was carried out in mice and on cells in the lab, so we don’t know how effective this approach could be at reducing breast cancer risk in women ...”

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