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Homedezen: Concrete Cabin by Nickisch Sano Walder Architekten.

How do they heat it?! Needs more than that fireplace. I get the shivers just looking at it.

02/22/15 • 12:13 PM • DesignHome & LivingTravel(8) Comments

Guardian.UK: Sylvie Guillem - ‘You dance, and there is always an answer’.

Some have ledes about her being “a car mechanic’s daughter” for the sensationalism; more informative is the fact her mother was a gymnastics instructor. Ms Guillem, your unique artistry will be missed.

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NY Times/First Draft: President Obama Has, In Fact, Expressed Love for His Country.

Is there any sillier political subject to be arguing over?

I swear, let’s chuck the whole current crop of politicos and start over. The childishness is way beyond ‘11’.

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AuthorityNutrition: Gluten Sensitivity is Real, and “Wheat-Free” is Not Just a Fad.

This study made headlines all over the world, claiming that gluten sensitivity had been disproved and that gluten was safe for anyone except people with celiac disease. However, this is completely false. What this study does show, is that gluten probably isn’t a very big factor in irritable bowel syndrome, in which case FODMAPs are the main player. This study also happens to support the fact that many people (IBS is very common) are intolerant to wheat, and should make an effort to avoid it. It’s just that the mechanism is different from what was previously believed. The solution, a gluten/wheat-free diet, is still the same, and just as effective as before.” My italic and underlined emphases. I got into a dustup over this study on FB; this reinforces my contentions there.

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Discover/Neuroskeptic: Right-Wing Brain Surgeons - The Case of Surgical Neurology International.

Good lord. I suppose we’re used to climate change/GMO science being perverted, but health now, too? In such a particularly difficult field, it seems extremely inappropriate and wasteful.

02/22/15 • 11:30 AM • HealthPoliticsScience • No Comments

Code as Craft: Re-Introducing Deployinator, now as a gem!

If you aren’t familiar with Deployinator, it’s a tool we wrote to deploy code to Etsy.com. We deploy code about 40 times per day. This allows us to push smaller changes we are confident about and experiment at a fast rate. Deployinator does a lot of heavy lifting for us.Via rc3.org.

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Chemical Heritage Foundation: Mummies and the Usefulness of Death.

But as mummy medicine became popular in the West, merchants found new ways to satisfy demand. Tomé Pires, a 16th-century Portuguese apothecary traveling in Egypt, wrote that merchants ‘sometimes pass off toasted camel flesh for human flesh.’” Yum, yum.

02/21/15 • 03:30 PM • HistoryScience(2) Comments

Daily Mail.UK: American Benjamin Miller gored by bull at Carnaval del Toro in Spain yesterday.

Benjamin Miller of Georgia underwent a three-hour operation to repair damage to his thighs, sphincter and back muscles after being tossed and gored by a bull.”  Darwin Award winner for the weekend. I now have a new mental image of ‘head butt’.

02/21/15 • 03:28 PM • HealthSportsTravel • No Comments

Archaeology News Network: The men who smuggle the loot that funds IS.

Not exactly Indiana Jones.

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ArtDaily: Recently discovered original, custom ‘Hollywood’ Cord to shine at Bonhams Amelia sale.

One of just four survivors known to have been built, this exceedingly rare automobile, attributed to famed silver screen actress Dolores del Rio (who starred alongside such legends as Elvis Presley, Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis, Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn, Omar Sharif, Orson Welles, and many more) is not only unique in its model and history but also totally original.” Dang, I need to get to Amelia.

02/20/15 • 06:32 PM • HistoryVehicles • No Comments

Mashable: Lost Sherlock Holmes story found in an attic in Scotland.

It’s believed to be the first unseen Holmes story by Doyle since the last was published over 80 years ago.COOL.

02/20/15 • 06:22 PM • ArtsBooksHistoryTravel1 Comment

The Luminous Landscape: The Epson V850 Pro Scanner in Context.

The Epson V850 Pro combined with SilverFast 8 makes it possible to produce high quality scans rather easily.

02/20/15 • 06:14 PM • HardwarePhotography • No Comments

FGR: Ralph Lauren Does Southwestern Elegance for Fall 2015.

Must be AZ. Ain’t seen any o’ these outfits around here.

02/20/15 • 06:13 PM • ConsumptionDesignPhotography(2) Comments

Italian Ways: The record-hunting Garelli 348cc.

Who needs functioning wrists? Look at the angle on those bars!

02/20/15 • 04:33 PM • HistoryTravelVehicles(3) Comments

Okay, where’s the day gone?

A few more things to handle, then some links.  Crikey, I suck as a weblogger today ... can’t even sneak in *one* link ...

02/20/15 • 04:24 PM • PersonalWeblogs • No Comments

Busy morning again.

Links in a few.

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CultWestern: Two Upcoming Westerns.

Eva Green? Done. I have to say, Mikkelsen, Green and Morgan are three I’d never have thought of sticking in a western. It looks good, though.

02/19/15 • 08:01 PM • EntertainmentSanta Fe Local • No Comments

Wispy sunset.


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Messy Nessy Chic: Laundry Basket Cars.

Someone mentions wicker sidecars ... here.

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National Interest: Are Submarines About to Become Obsolete?

I suppose you could set ‘em up in shoreline parks, as they’ve done with old nukes and aircraft. I suspect a smidge too big for that sort of end.

02/19/15 • 04:48 PM • EconomicsPoliticsScience • No Comments

Gun DB.

Of interest.

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The Atlantic: Why Walmart Raised Its Wages.

The CEO of Walmart announced earlier today that all of the company’s employees will, starting in April, be paid at least $9 an hour, nearly $2 more than the federal minimum wage. That’s still far short of the $15 per hour pushed for by OUR Walmart, a union — like group of Walmart workers. Still, it’s a change for a company that has stubbornly opposed such a raise for years.” Good news, nonetheless.

02/19/15 • 04:32 PM • ConsumptionHome & LivingHuman Rights(6) Comments

InstantShift: 50 Most Beautiful Animal Migration Photos.

Mind-blowing, some of these. I’d like to see them enlarged, someday.

02/19/15 • 04:17 PM • NaturePhotography(2) Comments

c|net: Fantastic Adobe video spotlights 25 years of Photoshop artistry.

Photoshop was my saviour, as I’ve expressed many times. Not many of us can still claim that we learned to do drop shadows in channels, because layers didn’t exist.

Tangent, slight: There were many graphics software packages before PS. I see a bundle of news articles today missing this fact. I used to use Rio on Vista and NU-Vista graphics boards in PCs. Rio was *very* powerful, more powerful than the first Photoshops. PS didn’t do true 32 bit graphics for many years. But it was a tres handy Swiss Army knife for converting TGAs to other formats. I could quickly get Mac and PC formats into TGAs for my video system in less than fourteen steps ... and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.

02/19/15 • 03:53 PM • AdobeHistoryMotion GraphicsSoftware1 Comment

Guardian.UK: New hopes that tar sands could be banned from Europe.

It would be incredibly useful for responsible investors to be able to look at the carbon intensity of different oil companies’ products – to put pressure on them to reduce it, and speed the shift to a a low carbon economy.” Indeed.

02/19/15 • 02:17 PM • EconomicsEnvironmentalPoliticsTravel • No Comments
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