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Guardian.UK: Black holes have a way out, says Stephen Hawking.

The existence of alternative histories with black holes suggests this might be possible. The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn’t come back to our universe. So although I’m keen on space flight, I’m not going to try that.” So, when this Universe turns into a puddle of lukewarm dark goo, we just find a black hole to travel through.

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NY Times: Ad Blockers and the Nuisance at the Heart of the Modern Web.

Ad blockers could end up saving the ad industry from its worst excesses. If blocking becomes widespread, the ad industry will be pushed to produce ads that are simpler, less invasive and far more transparent about the way they’re handling our data — or risk getting blocked forever if they fail.” If they did not interfere with the reading and comprehension of information, I wouldn’t mind. But when they do, I block them.

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BBC: ‘Temperamental’ Big Ben was ringing up to six seconds late.


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Time: The Next Revolution in Photography Is Coming.

For obvious commercial reasons camera manufacturers are careful to reconstruct the digital image in a form that mimics the familiar old photograph and consumers barely noticed a difference in the resulting image, but there are very few limitations on how the RAW data could be handled and reality could be reconstructed in any number of ways. For as long as there’s an approximate consensus on what reality should look like we retain a fingernail grip on the belief in the image as an objective record. But forces beyond photography and traditional publishing are already onto this new data resource, and culture will move with it whether photographers choose to follow or not.

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The Nation: Can Hillary Clinton Win Over the Left?

... in a historical irony, Hillary Clinton now needs to convince progressives that she really is who she was once widely believed to be.

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KurzweilAI: Rechargeable batteries with almost indefinite lifetimes coming, say MIT-Samsung engineer

Taking note.

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Rucksack [CSS].


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New Yorker: Shipwrecks Under Istanbul.

All they wanted to do was simply dredge the harbor. Then “... the real problem was the large number of Byzantine shipwrecks that began to surface soon after the excavation began, in 2004. Dating from the fifth to the eleventh century, the shipwrecks illustrated a previously murky chapter in the history of shipbuilding and were exceptionally well preserved, having apparently been buried in sand during a series of natural disasters.Thanks, WiredFool.

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Mashable: Microsoft builds Surface cover prototype with bonus E Ink screen.

Clever. Taking menus off the main screen, onto a narrow E-Ink display. Would need wider adoption. I would lay odds that E-Ink would get swapped for a color display eventually. [Ed.note: Two eventually’s in that sentence. Removed one. Boiled up more coffee. Thanks.]

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SciAm/Q&A: Why Is Blue Light before Bedtime Bad for Sleep?

I just checked out Amazon - there used to be a whole market of ‘blue light generators’ to *enhance* sleep. Thankfully, they’re disappearing fast. Only a few ‘aurora’ ceiling projectors left.

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BBC: China cognac lover barred after downing $190 bottle in airport row.

A Chinese plane passenger who was told she could not carry a $190 (£120) bottle of cognac on board downed it all rather than let it go to waste - and was then deemed unfit to fly.” I wouldn’t want to waste any either. But I’d have probably transferred the 100ml, and donated the rest to someone nearby.

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Vox: Donald Trump’s approval rating among Hispanic Americans is absolutely horrible.

The billionaire’s disapproval is so enormous that Gallup had to more than double the width of its graph just to fit it all in.

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Adding a ‘Future’ category to the blog.

That last post made me realize the deficit in not having one.

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Dazed: Kids are studying for jobs that will soon be done by robots.

The Foundation for Young Australians believes that 60 per cent of the country’s students are training for jobs that soon will not exist. As a consequence, the organisation wants to see school curriculums totally overhauled in order to prevent sending out a load of kids into the world without suitable skillsets.” Finally, someone says it. Another reason a good liberal arts degree is invaluable ... the Swiss Army Knife of degrees.

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Atlantic: The Dow Spikes at the Opening Bell After China Cuts Interest Rates.

The Dow jumped 300 points at the opening bell Tuesday, and the S&P 500 spiked 2 percent—a day after global markets were battered amid the uncertainty posed by signs of weakness in China’s economy.” It ain’t over until the bell rings.

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Guardian.UK: Boy trips in museum and punches hole through painting.

Not that it was a factor, but since when do fine art museums allow drinks to be carried around (other than expensive patron dinners)?

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Bootstrap 4 alpha.

Overlooked this the other day. Nice to see BS3 legacy support.

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Autoweek: Popular IndyCar driver Justin Wilson dies Monday; was an advocate for safety.

Dammit. “[He] pushed for safety at every turn, and he recently offered a detailed explanation of why oval-track spectators should be positioned on the inside of dangerous corners the way rally fans are. He acknowledged the cost it would take to pull off such a radical change to the sport’s viewing habits, but he wasn’t afraid to offer a smart opinion.” Hideous that this season’s crazy bodywork murdered him.

Later: Apparently he chose to be an organ donor. Media is saying his organs have saved six lives. Now that’s sportsmanship.

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BBC: New York stock exchange trader: Market ‘bordering on edge of panic’.

Mentions ‘87. Traders got near-suicidal then. Dismal train ride on the way home that day. Luckily reason prevailed, but it was a bad patch for Wall Street folk.

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FlightClub: Breathtaking Blue Bugatti 100P Replica Finally Makes First Flight.

Excellent. Sorry about the brakes. Thanks, Will!

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Hemmings: Bonneville Speed Week cancellation spurs proposals for salt flats replenishment.

Potash had been mined from Bonneville since the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that the Bureau of Land Management, tasked with overseeing public lands including the Bonneville Salt Flats, determined that potash mining “may be causing the salt layer to thin and retract” and that ‘such diminshment would degrade the unique geology and historical relevance of the site and would disrupt the recreational opportunities that have been part of the BSF for over 80 years.’

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William Reichard: Ursula Le Guin answered my writing question!


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Israel21C: Shipwreck linked to Baron de Rothschild.

Imagine what you’d find if you drained the Mediterranean. Which, BTW, place a Bermuda “triangle” over any spot in that body of water, you’ll find more historical disappearances ... probably x100.

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Archaeology News Network: The pronoun ‘I’ is becoming obsolete.

Recent microbiological research has shown that thinking of plants and animals, including humans, as autonomous individuals is a serious over-simplification.” There is only ‘we’.

08/24/15 • 09:52 AM • Science(2) Comments

Washington Examiner: Former Trump adviser - Romney thinking about getting in.

The move could indicate Romney sees an opportunity to better confront and challenge front-runner Donald Trump. Some see current establishment standard bearer former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as flailing.” A right jolly time we’ll have, if he does.

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