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04/20/15 • 04:02 PM • PersonalWeblogs • No Comments

SciAm: Greener Fracking Tech Reduces Injection Of Lots Of Wasteful Fluid.

Okay, but will it serve as an even better lubricant for geologic strata?  Note that simple pectin is roughly equivalent to this compound.

04/20/15 • 11:43 AM • EnvironmentalNatureScience • No Comments

Youtube: Spring at Kew Gardens - see the gardens come alive.

I’m dying laughing at the sound effects.

04/20/15 • 11:24 AM • Motion GraphicsNatureTravel • No Comments

I love Epic Bison Bars ... but ...

This current batch is ... crunchy. Reminds me of a Thai “tendon salad”. I suppose they can’t all be perfect. Bleurk.

04/20/15 • 11:15 AM • FoodPersonal(9) Comments

Foxtrot Alpha: This Amazing First Person View Shows Every Move It Takes To Fly A P-51.

Instant YT favorites.

04/20/15 • 10:17 AM • HistoryMotion GraphicsTravelVehicles • No Comments

Kitbashed: Silent Running.

Silent Running maintained that awe over the vastness (and loneliness) of space. You walked out of it pensive. I haven’t seen it but that once. I doubt its aged well, other than in message. Thanks, MeFi.

04/20/15 • 09:52 AM • EntertainmentHistory(5) Comments

Newsblur seems to be down.

It’s like my right arm’s been hacked off. Slow linkage until I get my RSS fix.

10 minutes later: Back up. Phew.

04/20/15 • 09:12 AM • PersonalWeblogs • No Comments

Music suggestion for the afternoon: Rare Earth.

Getting much enjoyment from “The Best of Rare Earth” this afternoon, doing some home repairs. 

04/19/15 • 03:52 PM • HistoryMusicPersonal • No Comments

Authority Nutrition: Sugar Alcohols - Good or Bad?

Erythritol for the win, here. If you MUST have teh sweet and want to dodge calories.

04/19/15 • 03:12 PM • FoodHealthScience • No Comments

@SnoreWell: How to start a creative agency.

Dying laughing.

04/19/15 • 11:27 AM • DesignProgrammingPsychologySmall Business • No Comments

Guardian.UK: The golden ratio has spawned a beautiful new curve: the Harriss spiral.

New way to compose an image. If you go back through your photographs, you may find you have unconsciously been using it.

04/19/15 • 10:50 AM • PhotographyScience • No Comments

Guardian.UK: Sold 17m albums and you want to pay me nothing? Pat Pope’s row with Garbage.

Everybody has devalued the photograph over the years. It has become so common for people to see nothing wrong in using images and expecting to pay nothing. I was just highlighting a point and making a stand.” This is, understandably, all over the photography forums.

04/19/15 • 10:49 AM • EntertainmentPhotography(2) Comments

ReadWrite: How To Blur Your Search Tracks On Google.

Of note.

04/17/15 • 05:42 PM • GoogleHuman RightsInternet • No Comments

Autoweek: The Beast of Turin awakens - Fiat S76 driven for the first time in a century.

Damn, how did I miss this? Run the video, but watch your volume levels. Holy COW.

04/17/15 • 03:40 PM • HistoryVehicles1 Comment

BarnFinds: 1966 Chevy II Nova SS L79, The Rare Spec.

When you saw a Nova like this trolling for a red-light drag on Rt 9 in NJ, you didn’t engage (if you were smart). All kinds of high performance engines got shoved in these babies. Usually only ‘older’ dudes would keep them stock. They’d blow the body panels off Porsche 928s.

04/17/15 • 03:24 PM • HistoryVehicles • No Comments

DesignYouTrust: Abandoned Motors At Makeshift Car Graveyards.

Gorgeous and painful in the same instant.

04/17/15 • 02:18 PM • HistoryPhotographyTravelVehicles • No Comments

Carnival - add comments in a developer-friendly way.

Of interest.

04/17/15 • 02:18 PM • InternetProgrammingWeblogs • No Comments

KickStarter: Glide - Simple, professional app creation.

Of interest. Canny; there’s an Apple Watch in the top hero shot.

04/17/15 • 02:16 PM • ConsumptionDesignInternetMobileProgramming • No Comments

ReadWrite: Thanks To Google’s Mobilegeddon, Your Search Rank May Be Toast.

Is it Google’s web, or our web? I’m not seeing ‘mobilize or die’ numbers in any of my responsive sites’ stats.

04/17/15 • 01:56 PM • GoogleInternetMobile • No Comments

SciAm: The Enduring Mystery of the Missing Oil Spilt in the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s not exactly missing. [snip] At the same time we don’t know exactly where it is either.

04/17/15 • 01:41 PM • EnvironmentalNatureScience • No Comments

SERoundtable: Google Mobile Search Drops URL For Site Name & Breadcrumb Navigation.

Of note.

04/17/15 • 01:28 PM • GoogleInternetMobileProgramming • No Comments

Picky Bars Smooth Caffeinator.

Gluten free, dairy free, and soy free.” I don’t generally do ‘energy’ bars, but for biking, this might be pretty cool fuel.

04/17/15 • 01:27 PM • ConsumptionFoodPhysical Fitness • No Comments

The Morning News: Binge Reading Disorder.

The typical American consumes more than 100,000 words a day, and remembers none of them. When everybody’s reading, but nobody’s smarter, what value has the word?” Personally, I don’t speed-read. I deep-read. If it’s not going to ‘stick’, I usually don’t bother. I just started ‘Outlander’ (I was curious). It may go into my ‘abandoned’ list. “The stone screamed ... (extensive snip) ... it was the sort of scream you might expect from a stone.” Really? Seriously? I expect the TV show is better? I’ll soldier on, however. Paid for it. Might as well bull through to see if it picks up. I hear more and more people discussing the show, so I feel I need to know something about it for my own adaptation to culture.

04/17/15 • 01:07 PM • ArtsBooksPsychology • No Comments

FishbowlNY: Bloomberg Terminals Suffer Outages.

Having worked on Wall Street for a time, I can only imagine the chaos.  Some folks live and die by those things.

04/17/15 • 01:02 PM • ComputingConsumptionEconomics • No Comments

Vox: 11 images that capture the incredible vastness of space.

#4 makes my brain hurt. More than the others. I suppose because I’ve driven from coast to coast.

04/17/15 • 01:00 PM • PersonalScience • No Comments
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