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MeFi: World’s oldest surviving inscription of the Ten Commandments? Not quite.

Road trip.

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SciAm: Robotic Comet Lander Philae Says Good-Bye.

RIP, little one. I tell you, I’d design ‘em like they were Fingermajigs. Remember those?

02/01/16 • 11:41 AM • ScholarlyScience(2) Comments

Ana White: Build a Leave it to Joy Triple Pedestal Wide Farmhouse Table.

A little extra detail work, this might end up an heirloom piece.

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Facebook at Work.

No. Just say no. Project management, putting info in one spot, yes. Facebook is not optimized for tracking issues. I predict a quagmire.

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NBC: Honda IndyCar test at Sebring sees new aero bits revealed.

From the front, looks like a slightly-used Venetian blind.

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cuni.cz: A unique boat from the Pyramid Age discovered at Abusir.

Extraordinarily, the desert sand has preserved the plant fiber battens which covered the planking seams. Some of the ropes that bound the boat together are also still in their original position with all their details intact, which is a unique discovery in the study of ancient Egyptian boats.

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NPR: Does Egypt’s Law Protect ‘Short-Term Brides’ Or Formalize Trafficking?

Horrific. My heart screams in outrage.

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Guardian.UK: British pilot saved friend before dying from Tanzania poacher bullet.

A high-calibre bullet passed through the floor of the helicopter, hitting Gower first in the leg then in the shoulder before exiting through the roof. Despite his injuries, Gower managed to fly the helicopter down into a tree, allowing his spotter, Nicky Bester, time to jump out before it crashed to the ground.

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Israel21c: Israel’s 10 best gas-station eateries.

Here we Americans think Israel is too small, too urban to have such features. Love this bit of local color.

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Discover Magazine: No, GM Mosquitoes Didn’t Start The Zika Outbreak.

Saw the original article on the ‘net, smelled more than one rat. A lot of allegations, with no discernible trail of breadcrumbs from one sensational fact to another. Jeremiah, your years of enforcing good skepticism paid off here.

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Staying off the subject of Iowa, purposely.

I’ll wait for results. Given the fact this whole race has been unprecedented in insanity and instability, I suspect Iowa won’t count for beans, no matter how much the winners will tout it.

02/01/16 • 09:06 AM • Politics(3) Comments

PS Insider: Question - Can You Upload Images Instagram From Your Desktop?

Sigh. And we must from time to time. FYI.

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Dazed: Supermodel Cindy Crawford announces her retirement.

“I shouldn’t have to keep proving myself. I don’t want to.” And you certainly don’t have to. Hits me harder than I expected; her retirement signals an end of our ever-more strained grasp on youth. Maybe we’ll see more of our compadres push the hair color away.

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euansemple: A plague of managers.

This makes me think of today’s project management software (a la Basecamp, Asana, Trello, etc.). Metadata is virtually required to make it all worthwhile; keeping the system up to date is a job in itself and kills production time for workers. Minimal solutions such as Slack seem the better bets to me.

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Atlas Obscura: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Traffic Signs.

Nudelmesse!” That’s what I’m calling it from now on. Love it.

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Open Culture: Try the Oldest Known Recipe For Toothpaste.

It was painful on my gums and made them bleed as well, but that’s not a bad thing, and afterwards my mouth felt fresh and clean. I believe that this recipe would have been a big improvement on some of the soap toothpastes used much later.

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Slate: Rick Perlstein, historian of conservatism, on Donald Trump and the GOP crack-up.

As demagogic as so much of the conservative movement has been in the United States, and full of outrageous examples of demagoguery, there’s always been this kind of saving remnant, or fear of stirring up the full measure of anger that exists.

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New Yorker: Ted Cruz’s Iowa Mailers Are More Fraudulent Than Everyone Thinks.

I just wonder how many of these went out to people who might seriously believe they committed a violation or were embarrassed that their neighbors might know about their alleged voting record.” Social pressure, huh? What’s next, browser histories? Don’t laugh.

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Archaeology News Network: Uncertainties in tree-ring-based climate reconstructions probed.

This suggests that there is less certainty than implied by a reconstruction developed using any one set of assumptions.” More models are better? I expect costly?

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SF New Mexican: Road extension stirs fears in Eldorado about increased crime and traffic.

I’m not doing anything anyone should be alarmed about.” Every additional road, another wedge.

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SF New Mexican: Over 1 million face loss of food aid over work requirements.

The provision applies to able-bodied adults ages 18 through 49 who have no children or other dependents in their home. It requires them to work, volunteer or attend education or job-training courses at least 80 hours a month to receive food aid. If they don’t, their benefits are cut off after three months.

And for those who do have children? They don’t have to work?

01/31/16 • 08:41 AM • HealthHuman RightsLawPolitics1 Comment

Open Culture: What Ancient Greek Music Sounded Like.

Hey, neat.

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BillMoyers: The Escalating Media Assault on Bernie Sanders.

When pollsters match Sanders against the four top-polling Republican hopefuls, on average he does better than Clinton does against each of them — even though she, like Bush, is supposed to be ‘best positioned’ to ‘capture the broad, sensible center ...” Quote from the article, a la Chicago Tribune.

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Gallup: Trump’s Negative Image - 60%. How does that compare, historically?

Of interest.

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McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Ayn Rand’s Objectivist House Hunters.

Hah, but also sad.

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