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The New Yorker: Copywrong.

Um, tell the entire story. From my reading elsewhere, Stewart’s people approached the original photog, didn’t like the price, and got another photographer to shoot a derivative.

I expect better of you, New Yorker.  You’re on my watch list now.

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Boston Review: Conservatives Are Driving Americans Away from Religion.

Religiously-inflected politics of personal morality alienated more recently-born moderate and liberal Americans from the church.

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Guardian.UK: French soldier’s room unchanged 96 years after his death in first world war.

The parents of the young officer kept his room exactly as it was the day he left for the battlefront. When they decided to move in 1935, they stipulated in the sale that Rochereau’s room should not be changed for 500 years.

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Ebola Deeply, Covering the Crisis.

EbolaDeeply.org, a curated list of articles on the crisis. I need to watch ‘em for a few days before I recommend ‘em.  The article “Ebola Threatens Chocolate” rings a bit off (in the changing ‘Around The Web’ sidebar).

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Slate: Aging slower: How elevation and speed affect time via relativity.

I’m aging faster than most of you (high altitude, lower gravity, self-employed, not moving at speed as much).

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Dazed: Glastonbury bans sale of Native American headdresses.

Appropriate. Those who make and wear tattoos know not to copy ‘real’ Maori Ta Moko designs out of respect; the Maori consider this a form of ‘identity theft’, because the patterns are family-based. Why should a similar respect not be extended to Native Americans?  Remember how much Christians love Serrano’s “Piss Christ.

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OpenCulture: Prof. Iggy Pop - BBC’s 2014 John Peel Lecture - “Free Music in a Capitalist Society”.

Info on where to find it in the last para.

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Youtube: Haiku - ‘Chasing Jeff Beck down a dark alley with a loaded guitar (studio).’

Heh. Totally unfamiliar with the group.

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365/2: 286. Galisteo Basin Preserve, late afternoon harsh light.

365/2: 286.

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SF Reporter: Santa Fe’s Newly Improved Caboose.

The orphan caboose at St Francis and Cerrillos roads enjoyed a makeover.

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Kormaran. A new kind of boat.

Okay, cool.

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The New Yorker: The Limits of Friendship.

With social media, we can easily keep up with the lives and interests of far more than a hundred and fifty people. But without investing the face-to-face time, we lack deeper connections to them, and the time we invest in superficial relationships comes at the expense of more profound ones.”  Hmmm. ‘Profound’? I’d say ‘expense of more psychologically beneficial ones’.

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Photoshelter Blog: How this London Photographer Got 70,000 Followers on Twitter.

I try to be intelligent in the way I build my following by targeting the people that I follow who will then follow me back.” But that’s the whole secret. Look at his follower/following ratio. Almost 1:1. Choosing people who follow back is not difficult. I could hire a kid to sit and lure followers eight hours a day for a week, and have a huge following - completely unrelated to the quality of my social posts or photography. No doubt there is an advantage to big follower numbers, but at what cost?

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Helftone: Mac App Store - The Subtle Exodus.

Of interest.

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Apple Insider: IDG cancels Macworld/iWorld 2015 conference, says show ‘going on hiatus’.

Wowzer. End of an era, indeed.

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Library of Congress: WPA Posters (canned search).


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Observer.UK: What drives writers to drink?

Wait! I know this! AMAZON. Well, not in the context of this article perhaps ...

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Kickstarter: anonabox - a Tor hardware router.

The anonabox is a networking device that provides anonymous Internet access and encryption, and helps to bypass censorship in places where access to the Internet is limited.

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The Appendix: Photographing the Guillotine.

... this will be and this has been.” Yes, exactly. Good article.

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The Amphipolis Tomb - Map, photos and information.

Nice.  Someone’s compiling all the latest on the tomb.

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PS Mag: Planning to Do Good Tomorrow Gives Us Permission to Be Bad.

It found people who reported doing a good deed in the morning—and thereby solidified their self-image as admirably virtuous—were more likely to engage in unethical behavior later that day.”  Ah well.

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SciAm: The Surprising Problem of Too Much Talent.

Why is too much talent a bad thing? Think teamwork. In many endeavors, success requires collaborative, cooperative work towards a goal that is beyond the capability of any one individual.

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NY Times: Forecast for Ebola Worsens as Mortality Rate Rises.

Mortality rate seems to have jumped from 50% to 70%. Caveat: the particular type of Ebola in the current outbreak has been, from my previous reading during the early press, always been pegged at 70%.

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Amazon: Vapur Element Bottle.

Pretty cool idea. The included carabiner is a nice touch.  I’m always trying to figure out better ways of carrying water while shooting.

10/14/14 • 11:20 AM • ConsumptionGeneralHealth1 Comment

Wrong Hands: wasting timeline.

I was rather good with a yo-yo.  Still have one, somewhere; an original Duncan Butterfly.

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