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AI: Google may halve memory consumption in Chrome 55 update.


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Oh and yes, I did watch the debate. Or ‘game show’, as I like to think of it.

Hillary still doesn’t have a strong enough comeback for the ACA price increases. She’s most vulnerable there.

Donald, on certain subjects, was just all over the place. He started off pretty focused - bang on about the problems of the ACA’s costs, yet no real coherent fixes - and ended up a mess afterwards. I felt like I was watching an orange marmalade danish exploding on my kitchen table.

My bugbear, the ACA. I’m looking at a near-$7k deductible, $45-75 copays AFTER deductible for doctor visits (full price before), for the cost of a freakin’ mortgage (over $1k) for the two of us. And that’s the second cheapest offered right now, before the November increases.

I will not continue to pay for the [former] uninsured to have good free coverage, when I’m checking Youtube to fix my own health issues. It costs so much, I have no extra income to pay for the actual doctor visits. Unless I dip into retirement - or go bankrupt, live off the dole and get it all for free. There seems to be an economic range, a spot between subsidies and being comfortably middle-class, where folks like myself end up in tax and health care cost hell.

This is not about selfishness, or conservative/liberal ideology. It’s about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The ACA is violating all of that, here in NM. It feels like an old-fashioned shakedown, courtesy of the US government. It’s wrong.

Also, Kaiser (who gets quoted all the time in healthcare analysis articles) is FULL OF BS. I have a friend in Rhode Island who’s facing huge increases, and Kaiser claims RI is going DOWN 14%. Press, do your duty. Follow up on this, hard. We’re being fed bullbananas on the actual increases in costs.

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Deadline tonight.

Links will be thin - as if they haven’t been! Sorry for the circumstance. That time of year!

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Vox: Republican elites’ Trump quandary is a long-term GOP problem.

Assuming Clinton wins, Republican elite leaders basically have three options, all bad.
1. Unify the party around anti-Clinton rhetoric.
2. Capitulate to Trumpism
3. Abandon the Republican Party as a hopelessly devalued brand, and start a new party.

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naked cap: Economic ‘Recovery’ Feels Weak Because the Great Recession Hasn’t Really Ended.

But there really isn’t a recovery, and no signs of it on the horizon, because people have to pay the banks. It’s a vicious circle – or rather, a downward spiral. Basically, the IMF economists are just throwing up their hands and admitting that they don’t know what to do, given the limits of their tunnel vision.

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Mashable: Over half of U.S. fracking wells are in water-stressed areas, report says.

I maintain it is patently insane to frack in drought-prone areas. Especially when we receive 300+ days a year of sun (solar) and almost as many days of wind (wind power). Makes. Absolutely. No. Sense.

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In These Times: Hillary Clinton’s Millennial Problem Is Because of Her Policies, Not Her Gende

Laying out plans for single-payer healthcare and a $15 minimum wage, Sanders beat Clinton among millennials in each one of the 27 states where they faced off in the primaries. And he might still be the most popular politician in the US today.” The gender thing is so overdone. Yes, it exists. I’m not minimizing it. But by harping on it constantly, Hillary supporters drive any shred of enthusiasm into the toilet. It gets to the ‘thought police’ stage. Ridiculous. As I’ve said, Hillary better start talking ACA, public option, single payer, or November will see her slim lead disappear in those seven to eight days.

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FishbowlNY: Amazon Prime Now Offers Magazines.

The magazine selection is great too. A few of the options available: National Geographic Traveler, People, Sports Illustrated, Bon Appétit, HGTV, Popular Mechanics, Golf Digest and Runner’s World.” Getting closer to ‘one login, one price for everything.’

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naked cap: We’re Past the Point of No Return for Climate Change.

The biggest near-term priority needs to be radical reduction in the use of energy. And there is a lot that could be done that does not involve great changes in lifestyle; in fact, as far as businesses are concerned, the big barrier is inertia ...

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OpenCulture: Some of Buster Keaton’s Death-Defying Stunts Captured in Animated Gifs.

There’ll never be another like Buster.

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Esquire: Penny Loafer Style Through History.

I grew up in Princeton, for heaven’s sake. I always have a wearable pair.

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New Yorker: Trying to Solve the L.E.D. Quandary.

Cree’s solution to socket saturation is gadgetization, which is itself a form of obsolescence, effectively shortening a product’s life span. [snip] Disposability was one of the ills L.E.D. technology was supposed to end.” The problem with CFLs (rather, many problems but I’ll point out the one most jarring) was color balance. You expected a light to respond as an incandescent would. Certain CFLs would turn reds a deep, rich black. It was bizarre. I hate to see LEDs go that route ON PURPOSE. Cree has been a good brand. I think they’re making a mistake.

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NY Times: Can Women Be Trusted on Abortion? Two Men Weigh In.

Mr. Pence’s demeanor on Tuesday may have been calm and friendly, but his record on reproductive rights is horrendous, and voters need to be aware of that.

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TechDirt: Trump Joins Clinton In Pushing For Cyberwar.

Cybersecurity is mostly a defensive game, and it should remain that way. Encrypt everything possible. Disconnect critical infrastructure from the wider network wherever possible, and do everything to stop attackers from getting in, taking down, or mucking with systems.

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Supreme: Brick.

A fashion house is selling a brick for ... $30. Do a search, you’ll find many incredulous takes on this one.

Pet rock, it ain’t.

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TechDirt: J & J Warns Insulin Pump Owners They Could Be Killed By Hackers.

Holy Hannah.

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The Atlantic: Mike Pence Pretends That Donald Trump Never Happened.

Should the Trump candidacy fail, as now seems likely, those leaders stand ready to deny that the revolt ever happened. [snip] The solution for 2020? Bring back the professionals — and return to business as usual.” It’ll work only if the obverse doesn’t give the media more clickthroughs.

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AppleInsider: macOS, Windows Spotify Free users plagued by malicious website pop-ups.


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Authority Nutrition: 6 Reasons Why High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is Bad for You.

The lead-in is designed to bring in eyes. As you read, you’ll notice sugar is just as bad, and fruit is not. AN is trying to educate you to minimize all the sugars.

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VP Debate.

Nah, didn’t watch. I am interested in neither individual. Saw a highlight or two. VP candidates need bowties at these debates. Extra points if they were wifi and we could make them spin via using a hashtag on Twitter.

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Deadline on the 10th.

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Hackernoon: How it feels to learn Javascript in 2016

I’m just going to move back to the backend. I just can’t handle these many changes and versions and editions and compilers and transpilers. The JavaScript community is insane if it thinks anyone can keep up with this.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ...

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PS Mag: An Obamacare Exit in Minnesota Will Raise Premiums by at Least 50 Percent

Now, Democratic politicians are advocating for one of the most controversial of the proposed Obamacare remedies — the public option, in which the government would up competition by offering its own insurance plan. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton began voicing her support for the public option in February, the New York Times reports.” My underlined emphasis. As I said previously, better start inoculating now, Hillary.

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Metafilter: It’s balloon fiesta time!

That’s the definitive FPP. Good work, filthy light thief.

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Buzzfeed: Trump Suggests That Soldiers Who Suffer From PTSD Aren’t “Strong”.

There was a silence in the room after his statement, and people on social media were quick to express anger.

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