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Happy Anniversary!

It’s been one year since Andrea and André tied the knot.  I sincerely hope André‘s out of his casts!  Happy ordination anniversary to Hal, and a happy birthday as well.

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Sunset tonight:

I’m a little green around the gills ... summer cold, or virus, or something.  Didn’t think it was advisable to be climbing on the roof with my balance a bit off.  But this should still satisfy.

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Sunset tonight:

An interestingly intense yellow, with the pinks and slate blues of post-storm cloud breakup.  I had to drop the saturation quite a bit to keep it somewhat accurate; the camera didn’t render the subtlety.

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NY Times Editorial Observer, Verlyn Klinkenborg:

In the British fallout over Iraq, even Walter Mitty has a part to play.  “I have decided that the Little Man, the bewildered man, the nervous, beaten, wife-crossed man, is a realer and stronger thing in American life than ... the Hemingway men that choke guys to death.”  Excerpt from Thurber’s book.

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Clothespin for your nose, Captain?

Someone ‘kindly’ left this in my referrers.  Herald Sun, Australia: Whale flatulence stuns scientists.  The photo wasn’t really necessary.  I think we can imagine ...

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I immediately thought of Monsieur ColdMarble when I saw this the other day, and forgot to post it.  There are a set of four of these humorous art pieces.  At least, *I* thought they were humorous.  Other folks didn’t see the joke; unfamiliar with each artist’s style, I guess.

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No, I don’t pull links, folks.  Not without recognizing such publicly.  I did screw up and delete a link, but I don’t think it was this one!  But I can’t be sure.

Nevertheless, that being said, the linked Washington Post editorial is quite ... ignorant.  Taken on the bright side, however, Native D.C.‘ers have had a chip on their shoulders about their ‘healthy climate’ since Revolutionary War days, trying to bravely accept the fact that they got swindled into buying property in a malarial swamp ...

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Canyon Road.

Click a thumbnail to see a larger view.



I keep seeing so much great artwork I want to own, but can’t afford.  Ah well.  At least I can *visit* it.

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Friday night arts crawl.

Time to head into Santa Fe for the Friday night art openings.  Free wine, cheese, crackers, fruit cups ... freeload and get a dose of culture.  How can I refuse?  The new G5’s in hand.  See y’all later.

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The Virgin Mary

causes some stir today.  Kristof in the NY Times gives his opinion, Christianity Today responds.  But more than one church has problems with Mary.  There is the “Cult of the Virgin,” with historical connections to Isis, and of course, the famous Black Virgins.

Then there’s the issue of Marian apparitions. And the Virgin of Guadalupe.

To anyone who’s read Eco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum,” this stuff is simply fascinating, and the source of endless speculation.

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USA Today:

U.S. search for missing Gulf War pilot focuses on crash site.  “One U.S. official said Friday that investigators are now 99% certain that prewar intelligence reports indicating that Speicher was being held in prison were based on faulty information.”  There’s an epidemic of that going around, it seems.

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PHP Builder:

The “Switchbox.” Clever.

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American Scientist:

Richard Feynman’s Diagrams.  “Beyond a mere calculating trick, he came to see in the lines of his diagrams a patchwork of comings and goings on the microlevel, particles careening to and fro as they marched through space and time.”

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Atlantic Monthly:

“People Like Us.” On diversity in America.  “The dream of diversity is like the dream of equality. Both are based on ideals we celebrate even as we undermine them daily.”

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Senator Maes upset over Santa Fe Plaza’s lost “magic.”  Dressing it up is only one aspect; as many visitors have mentioned, the overbearing presence of the American automobile (read: SUV) also ruins the experience.  These ancient, narrow streets weren’t meant for steel behemoths or unmuffled superbikes.

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Act for Change:

Stop Monsanto from bullying Oakhurst Dairy.  There’s nothing illegal about freedom of choice, and litigation should not be used as a weapon.

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warns of the dangers of fish farming.  “Interbreeding with escaped farmed salmon is expected to alter in wild salmon the unique genetic makeup which allows them to migrate from freshwater to the ocean and back to freshwater to spawn.”

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Fair and Balanced?,

says Neal Pollack.  I say restore the Fairness Doctrine.  Two links, one with good references, the other a general overview. 

This, from the first link:  “Currently, however, there is no required balance of controversial issues as mandated by the fairness doctrine. The public relies instead on the judgment of broadcast journalists and its own reasoning ability to sort out one-sided or distorted coverage of an issue.”  And, of course, the breadth of broadcast media ownership is getting narrower and narrower, with more conflicts of interest.

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features Stella Guitars today.

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has the scoop on the new Sony DSC-828, Sony’s new flagship 8 megapixel super point-and-shoot.  8 1/2 x 11 at 300 dpi, folks.  Due mid-November.  This means, I hope, that 10 megapixel digital SLR’s will show up this winter at D100/D10 price points.

Full selection of links at the bottom of the article.

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RSS 2.0 Full Text

has been added to the navigation area.  HTML tags are turned on; with my occasional inserted CSS styles, there may be some strangeness.  But the links are there.

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has pics of the results of the “Great Blackout.”  Just reminds me of what my father used to yell up the stairs, when we’d go in to visit Manhattan: “Wear sturdy shoes!”

Later: Grant Barrett at World New York has more.  Well-written and illustrated.  Thanks, Cam.

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Thanks for the compliments, but I’m still looking for Relton’s “elegant presentation.”  I’m not there, yet.  A few issues.  Firebird is not displaying the two main columns on the page flush top.  The baselines of ‘Navigate’ and the first date should line up.  Hah.  Internet Explorer is only allowing the smallest shim of space as a clickable area for my permalinks (“Heaven forfend, he used negative margin sizes!  Call the Spanish Inquisition!”).

Later: Fixed.  The CSS will still get renovated, but display is more consistent now.  Adding in those little touches from the previous DM.

This is what I get for hitchhiking the existing design, rather than designing from scratch.  Remember that ... it’s usually best to design with CSS from the inside-out, rather than the outside-in.  I think you’ll catch my meaning.

There’s also been a request for full-text RSS feed.  Any preferences between excerpts and full-text?  I haven’t had time to deal with the RSS feeds yet ... but slapping them into FeedDemon showed they exhibit that annoying tendency to require a return to my page, before hitting the outgoing link.  I’ll work on that, after I get this design wrung out, I promise.

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O’Reilly Web Devcenter:

Introduction to OOP in Flash and ActionScript, Part 1.

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Victims of 9/11.

Tuesday’s Children.

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