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Interesting recent developments for Mozilla Firebird.

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Random Javascript:

Adding new lines to a ‘mailto:’ URL.

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Apple begins to ship the G5.

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Roll Call:


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Apparently, the British dossier failed to reveal an ‘imminent threat’ from Iraq.  And you can read the contents of the email.

Later: The UNMOVIC/IAEA inspected Ibn Sina on the 12th of December, 2002.

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Federal Times:

Fewer to get overtime: new labor rules mean big changes for many Feds.  “While the salary level below which an employee automatically receives overtime would increase from $250 a week to $425 a week, other changes would make it easier for employers to deny overtime. Employees without college degrees and those earning at least $65,000 a year would find it more difficult to retain their time-and-a-half pay.”  Don’t have a college degree? Well, just pick a comfortable spot under my thumb, here ...

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States failing new test of child welfare system.  “The 32 states evaluated so far could lose millions of dollars from the federal government if they fail to fix problems within a few years.”

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Duke University:

African-Americans face greater glaucoma risk.  Bottom line ... get your eyes checked regularly, especially if you’re over 40 or have a family history of glaucoma.

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Seattle Times:

Longer immunity seen in vaccine against smallpox.  “A report scheduled for next month’s edition of the journal Nature Medicine indicates that lab tests can detect immune response in 90 percent of vaccinated people for many years, some for as long as 75 years.”

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New site shows dangers of posting personal info online.  Be aware of your rights, be explicit about uses of your website’s contents.

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Times of India:

Texas Senator urges Congress to tackle migration reform.  Now, I’ve never heard of los ‘Braceros.’ More info, and some pics.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Mexican migrant workers, for our victory in World War 2.  Now, that piece of history, I was totally unaware of.

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Times of India:

Every cloud could do with an iodide lining.  “... it is a better bet than sacrificing young virgins or marrying donkeys.”

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National Post.ca:

Cultural History of the Night.  “... the fact is that for most of recorded history, nocturnal urban darkness was the norm, not the exception.”  Night sky brightness is a natural resource, and should be preserved.

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City Journal:

How hip-hop holds blacks back.  Speaking from a local perspective, I’d like to hear how the defenders of hip-hop explain why young Hispanics embrace the mass-media hip-hop culture, throwing off the previous generations’ hard-won social status and actively seeking to simulate an authentic ‘ghetto’ experience.  Instead of embracing upwards societal movement, diving voluntarily, giddily, into an existence framed by violence and poverty.  Cut to Albert Camus’ “The Rebel”: “It is no longer either revolution or rebellion but rancor, malice and tyranny.”  It seems, in the face of history, the only ‘cure’ is that a new rebellion must supplant hip-hop.

Later: Mercurial comments.  But Hispanic is the correct term, at least in this local area, and one must be mindful of labels in New Mexico.  Hispanics are the majority, and are the forces of order and governance in Santa Fe; indeed, most of New Mexico.  So why embrace a disempowering image?  Because teens will simply embrace contrarianism?  In this case, simple contrarianism is marketed with an unhealthy dip into violent nihilism; a different beast altogether.  Though, they may be the first ‘postmodern teens,’ too ... depending on your interpretation.

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New York Times Op-Ed:

Bob Herbert, “Staying in the dark.”  Can be summed up as, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  I’m getting awfully tired of the terrorist paranoia, however.  Every breakdown in infrastructure, every fire, every mishandled airplane, we hear the “what if terrorists are organizing to do this?  When, oh when, will anyone admit that terrorism needs a systemic – not a topical – solution?

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New York Times:

Einstein’s Clocks, Poincare’s Maps.  “In May 1905, on a hill from which he and his friend Michele Besso could see both the electrically synchronized clocks of Bern and the as yet uncoordinated clock in the tower of suburban Muri, Einstein realized in a flash that the only thing that would not change in empty space was a particular speed.”

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New York Times:

Study finds atmospheric decline in pesticide harmful to ozone.  Methyl bromide.

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New York Times:

For Ugandan girls, delaying sex has economic cost.  For want of $30 a month.  Surely, in our Internet age, someone can come up with a donation scheme to reach these young women directly.

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New York Times:

The Bits are Willing, but the Batteries are Weak.  “... losing access to the digitized information that permeates our lives ... [snip] ... punctured a cherished illusion of the cyberage: that cyberspace is a separate universe, immune from real-world physics.”  Or the real world in general.  Cue Morpheus: “The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

In reference to our tree issues.  Locals Claim Systemic Insecticides Can Rescue Trees.  A systemic called “Acecap” is inserted into a drilled hole, and disseminated via sap.  New Era of Trees Takes Root in Santa Fe.  Recommendations for pest- and drought-resistant species.  Finally, Helpful Hints for Water-Stressed Trees.  Best thing you can do, is water your piñons enough for them to make plentiful sap.  The recent monsoon rains should help.

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Happy Anniversary!

It’s been one year since Andrea and André tied the knot.  I sincerely hope André‘s out of his casts!  Happy ordination anniversary to Hal, and a happy birthday as well.

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Sunset tonight:

I’m a little green around the gills ... summer cold, or virus, or something.  Didn’t think it was advisable to be climbing on the roof with my balance a bit off.  But this should still satisfy.

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Sunset tonight:

An interestingly intense yellow, with the pinks and slate blues of post-storm cloud breakup.  I had to drop the saturation quite a bit to keep it somewhat accurate; the camera didn’t render the subtlety.

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NY Times Editorial Observer, Verlyn Klinkenborg:

In the British fallout over Iraq, even Walter Mitty has a part to play.  “I have decided that the Little Man, the bewildered man, the nervous, beaten, wife-crossed man, is a realer and stronger thing in American life than ... the Hemingway men that choke guys to death.”  Excerpt from Thurber’s book.

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Clothespin for your nose, Captain?

Someone ‘kindly’ left this in my referrers.  Herald Sun, Australia: Whale flatulence stuns scientists.  The photo wasn’t really necessary.  I think we can imagine ...

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