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Speed-dating, Muslim-style.

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Harvard University Art Museums:

Extra Ordinary, Every Day.  The Bauhaus at the Busch-Reisinger.

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Nefertiti Resurrected.

Later: Y’know, when you think about Egyptian history, this woman could also be Tut’s wife, Ankhesenamun. She would be arrayed as a queen; certainly Ay wouldn’t want her around after the marriage that would legitimize his reign.  Could explain the damage.  A long shot, I guess.

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notes that the death of coral reefs started long before the recent fashion of global warming.  Cause?  Overfishing by humans.  “Among her sources: research by UF anthropologists showing that indigenous Bahamians hunted green turtles to such an extent they seriously depleted the herbivore long before the first colonists arrived.”

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Miami Herald:

Soybeans and corn fall after a night of rain.  Futures still sound to me like a recipe for an ulcer.

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looks at Françoise Hardy in “Faces that have made History.”  You might remember her from the film, “Grand Prix.”  One of my James Garner faves.

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Boston Globe:

This one’ll surprise you.  Unradical Son.  “By maintaining high levels of domestic federal spending, intervening cautiously in the country’s continuing cultural conflicts, and waging a war to remove the threat posed by Saddam Hussein that was also consistent with the imperatives of “humanitarian intervention,” Bush has governed in a manner that should not leave progressives foaming with rage.”

“Humanitarian intervention.”  A masterpiece of spin and double-talk.  Needs a paragraph-by-paragraph counterpoint.  Wish I had the time.

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Text messaging ruining the blockbuster summer.  Nice to have a convenient scapegoat for when your movies simply stink.  Other than banning cell phones in theatres (good luck.), this may raise the quality for all of us.

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Alicia de Larrocha is making her final long goodbye.  Though she is a pianist, guitarists should go out of their way to hear her, before she leaves the stage forever.  Her renderings of Spanish music have been spectacular.

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Boston Globe:

We’re all geeks now.  Oh, come on.  We’ve had a long history of tinkering in America.  Thomas Edison, Popular Mechanics.  Who wouldn’t expect us to replace our fascination with vacuum tubes for chips, capacitors [ouch] and power supplies?

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

Mysticism, Reason and the Virgin. Letters written in response to the article linked the other day.

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Thomas W. Kellogg, one of the designers of the Studebaker Avanti, passes away.  A doctor down the street from us owned one, where I grew up.  That car never looked dated until the 90’s, with the deprecation of all chrome.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Three today.  St. John’s gets a 10 million dollar donation.  If you don’t know about St. John’s, it follows a “Great Books” curriculum.  If I’d known about it in high school, I would have greatly desired to attend.  Also, a prescribed burn is scheduled for 10 miles east of Pecos, New Mexico.  Hopefully this one won’t rage out of control; we’ve certainly had enough rain, I deem.  Finally, conservationists sue to protect endangered species, including one in New Mexico.  Not the Rio Grande silvery minnow, however.

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Reuters Health:

Treating sleep apnea reverses heart enlargement.

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Strangechord has some nice sunsets, too.

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NY Times:

Paul Newman is still HUD.

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I’m here,

I’m here ... just running late.

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Foreign Policy:

Think Again: The United Nations.  By Madeleine K. Albright.  My favorite excerpt: “The United Nations has no armed forces of its own, no power of arrest, no authority to tax, no right to confiscate, no ability to regulate, no capacity to override treaties, and despite the paranoia of some no black helicopters poised to swoop down upon innocent homes in the middle of the night and steal lawn furniture.”

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Locus Focus.  In which you can learn the commonalities between hyperrealism, Flaubert, and Jerry Seinfeld.

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American Heritage:

America’s First Iraq; What happened when we delivered the Phillipines from tyranny a century ago.  “They preached democracy but dispersed patronage to those Filipino politicians who supported U.S. policies.”  *Cough.*

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“You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.”

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Enola Gay, restored.

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this recipe would sound more palatable translated into French or Italian.  Then again, I think I’ll just pass.

08/18/03 • 02:13 PM • Food(2) Comments

Our ferret

is back.  Saw him/her yesterday, in our courtyard.  Now, today, I find a partially-masticated bit of mouse over by a rain barrel.  Anyone for second-hand mouse jerky?

08/18/03 • 12:50 PM • Nature(2) Comments


EZ Publish 3.1, take it for a spin.  Another PHP CMS to look into.

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