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BBC: The Cornish beaches where Lego keeps washing up.

The incident is a perfect example of how even when inside a steel container, sunken items don’t stay sunken. They can be carried around the world, seemingly randomly, but subject to the planet’s currents and tides.”  No mention of how many fish are choking on small Lego parts.

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NY Times: Rich People Shrug Off High Taxes.

Despite the common political argument that local governments need to coddle high earners with low taxes, lest they take their wealth elsewhere, rich New Yorkers, at least, seem to accept with equanimity the burden of contributing to civilization.”  OK, that’s it. We can end the tax cut insanity then?

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Supercharged: Bandit9 Honda Eve.

Ummmmmm … ouch. Irony is, my long torso would probably fit well. But that seat.

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Colossal: An Amazing Collection of Mechanical Singing Bird Automata.

Leave the volume up and drive your office-mates to distraction.

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PhotoShelter Blog: How 4 Photo Editors Are Using Instagram.

Of interest.

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OpenCulture: Wearable Books - Medieval Manuscripts Were Recycled & Turned into Clothes.

Um. Yes. Well. Newspaper and book-paper are pretty good insulators, it turns out. We had a family friend who grew up in Austria post-WWI, and he related how he managed to keep warm in the terrible post-war poverty by lining his clothes with newspaper (and in the process, making me curious about what the Treaty of Versailles wrought that textbooks weren’t telling me). I later tried it myself (what kid wouldn’t?) … and found it worked extremely well. Except for the ink all over your skin.

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Italian Ways: Polaroid manipulations.

They become impressionist paintings.

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VaultSkin for iPhone.

Interesting.  I’ve seen others of this kind of case, of course. A photo of one on another site tickled my fancy. My concern is, pulling out of a pocket, does one dump their cards and/or phone all over the place?

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Eye appointment … back later.

Just a check. Nothing serious.

Update: I’d been testing a set of Ciba contacts.  I wasn’t able to go more than five or six hours with them. Terribly red, dry eyes. Doc said that was not good, so we switched to Coopers. Immediate relief, but I have to spend more time with them (and let the eyes recover from the Cibas) before I can make a real recommendation.

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Mosaic: Can meditation really slow ageing?

Researchers have since linked perceived stress to shorter telomeres in healthy women as well as in Alzheimer’s caregivers, victims of domestic abuse and early life trauma, and people with major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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FiveThirtyEight: Dying at the Grand Canyon.

Erm, go observe in person. When I visited the park, the number of both American and European tourists prancing [I chose that word carefully and accurately] down the Bright Angel Trail with just a single water bottle stunned me.

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Past Horizons: 70,000 year-old African settlement unearthed.

This find, according to the researchers, seems to contradict the previously held belief that the construction of permanent structures was associated with the so-called Great Exodus from Africa and occupation of the colder regions of Europe and Asia.

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ArtDaily: The ultimate connoisseur’s Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale headlines RM’s Monterey Sale.

Oof. I’d give an eyetooth for that baby.

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365/2: 200. Trumpet vine and visitors.

365/2: 200.

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BBC: James Garner, Rockford Files star, dies aged 86.

This one hurts. When I was a kid, I wanted to be as cool as James Garner.  RIP, good sir. You will be sorely missed.

Later: A good observation, from Mashable? Yes! Check it out.

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Upgrading the system to Mavericks today.

Pulled a bootable copy with SuperDuper. Running Time Machine *one more time*.  Think that’s enough?  You’ll hear from me ‘on the other side.’

Later: Postponed until sometime tomorrow. Realized it’s time to delete old apps, upgrade a few others … empty some junk off the internal drive.

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365/2: 199. Virga at sunset.

365/2: 199.

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SciAm: Bread Wheat Genome Contains “Shocking” Plot Twist.

In short, the wheat family tree is beginning to look distressingly similar to that of the Hapsburgs.” Worth the read, even if you don’t share an interest in such things. You can baffle the foodies in your social circle.

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DP Review: MIT photography course materials freely available online.


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Virus Bulletin : Mayhem - a hidden threat for *nix web servers.

Of note.

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The Airship: Gonzo Today - What Hunter S. Thompson Means to Modern Journalism.

The definition of journalism most of us are familiar with would align with ‘just the facts ma’am’ — that is, objectivity over all. Yet, it’s hard not to associate the term with a certain cigarette-chomping, gravel-voiced professional hooligan who obliterated the wall separating himself and his subject via a homemade cocktail of narcotics, explosives and fearlessness (some would argue foolishness, no doubt).

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MetaFilter: Ah yes, the old rumpscuttle and clapperdepouch (aka “fadoodling”).

Oh, yes. Period slang. Just the thing to add to the weblog.

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Ghost in the Machine: Tagged and Archived.

Sheesh. I’d best get my arse in gear. Did you sitemap.xml all that, Kevin?

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365/2: 198. Gin on the tree.

365/2: 198.

And a storm shot, and a sunset shot. I was going to post a rough two-shot pano, but PS spit up and lost it. Ain’t got the energy to redo it.

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Here’s a cool audio recording tip.

Got a Blue Yeti? And a Zoom H4n? If you’ve purchased the ‘dead cat’ for the H4n, it fits perfectly on top of the Yeti, and functions as a stellar pop filter. Kick your gain up, you’re good to go.

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