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SciAm/Blogs: 551 Feet Under the Sea - What It’s Like to Ride in a Deep-Sea Sub.

Take a trip, textually.

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SciAm: How Big Animals Deter Cancer.

The larger the animal, they found, the fewer endogenous retroviruses it acquired. For example, mice picked up 3,331, whereas humans gained 348 and dolphins, 55.

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Nautil.us: Our Nuclear Waste Is a Goldmine.

But there is a better solution: Nuclear waste can be turned into electricity. A new generation of nuclear reactors, dubbed Gen-IV reactors, could do it with great efficiency.

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The Gadget Flow: Turn Your Apple Device Into A Virtual Reality Machine With AirVR.

The second photo down.  We all knew this is where we were going to end up ... [laughing] ...

09/23/14 • 09:45 AM • ComputingHardwareMobileMotion GraphicsSoftware(2) Comments

Jump for Joy! Featuring Roland Tanglao ...

More from Roland’s shoot. Great stuff!

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365/2: 263 ... BEAMS.

365/2: 263. BEAMS.

Saw these just off the end off the driveway. Sun through light rain.

09/22/14 • 05:53 PM • PersonalPhotographySanta Fe Local • No Comments

Bicycling Mag: The $134 Miracle Bike.

Should probably have solid tires. For comparable ‘improvement in lives’, dig around and see what bicycles did for women in the late 1800’s. One could, squinting a bit hard, credit bicycles with the suffragette movement.

09/22/14 • 04:13 PM • DesignHistoryHuman RightsPhysical Fitness(3) Comments

Vimeo: Destiny/Mars Opening Sequence.

Kinda fun. The ‘space M-16’ is kinda bizarre.

09/22/14 • 04:09 PM • ChildhoodEntertainmentMotion Graphics • No Comments

BarnFinds: Preservation Restoration - 1929 Ford Model AA.

The cursing speed is 30 mph.”  Sic. Great find. The Model T’s and A’s were also called ‘Tennessee Walking Trucks.’ You could put your sack of seed on the back, line it up with the tilled field, stick it in first, jump out and walk behind it to seed the fields.

09/22/14 • 11:34 AM • DesignVehicles • No Comments

SciAm: Einstein’s “Time Dilation” Prediction Verified.

Experiments at a particle accelerator in Germany confirm that time moves slower for a moving clock than for a stationary one.

09/22/14 • 11:21 AM • HistoryScience • No Comments

A Continuous Lean.: The Escape Artist/Dennis Hopper in Taos.

At some point, I’ll take a drive up and pay my respects.

09/22/14 • 11:05 AM • EntertainmentHistorySanta Fe Local • No Comments

365/2: 262. Cool and crisp up in the Sangres.

365/2: 262.

The aspens are turning in patches at the highest elevations (10k here).

09/21/14 • 08:55 PM • NaturePersonalPhotographySanta Fe Local • No Comments

Return of the Cafe Racers: Kruz Triumph Daytona 1000.

A pretty trick ‘budget build.’

09/21/14 • 11:44 AM • ConsumptionDesignVehicles • No Comments

365/2: 261.

365/2: 261. Evening sunflowers.

Just watching the sunflowers wave in the wind as the sun goes down ...

09/20/14 • 07:28 PM • PersonalSanta Fe Local • No Comments

365/2: 260. Car show on the Plaza tonight.

365/2: 260.

Still importing from the CF card. If I like some of the others, I’ll add ‘em here later.

09/19/14 • 06:58 PM • PersonalPhotographySanta Fe Local • No Comments

Yeah, well ... day got away from me.

And supposedly there’s a car show on the Plaza. I have to go see. I’ll be back with pix later.

09/19/14 • 04:22 PM • PersonalPhotographyWeblogs • No Comments

Busy morn. Links in afternoon.

Lots on the plate. Tootle along elsewhere for now.

09/19/14 • 10:08 AM • PersonalSanta Fe LocalWeblogs • No Comments

365/2: 259. Odile ain’t doing much yet.

365/2: 259.

‘Course when I dare Nature, she comes back and pounds me to death. We’ll see tomorrow.

Later: For Throwback Thursday, from the ‘80’s.

09/18/14 • 07:55 PM • NaturePersonalPhotographySanta Fe Local • No Comments

Gawker: Iranians Sentenced to Six Months, 91 Lashes for Dancing to “Happy”.

Can we talk about implementing a worldwide “Prime Directive” now? Between IS and this. Those who want to go back in time and be medieval, well ... they can be medieval. Noone in the modern world does business with them. No arms. No supplies of food. No internet. No health advances. You break with the modern world, the modern world cuts you off until you choose to rejoin it. Enjoy the dentists.

09/18/14 • 06:28 PM • HistoryHuman RightsLawPoliticsReligion • No Comments

Weezbo: Bizarre Bird-Inspired Stilettos by Masaya Kushino.

Weirdsville. Something else for Lady Gaga to fall off of.

09/18/14 • 04:51 PM • ArtsConsumptionDesign • No Comments

Hollywood Reporter: Were ‘Longmire’ Viewers Too Long in the Tooth to Matter?

“Every second and a half an American turns 50, which means that in a very short time, we will be the largest demographic in the country — and with our longer life spans, we’re not going anywhere. It also just so happens that 50-plus-ers account for of 75% of disposable income in America.

09/18/14 • 04:46 PM • EntertainmentNewsSanta Fe Local1 Comment

Crazy iOS8 question. How do you stop your iPad from alerting you when your iPhone is ringing?

One noisemaker is enough! Don’t need both ringing.  It’s gonna drive me batty. I can’t find the preference.

09/18/14 • 04:35 PM • AppleInternetMobilePersonal(5) Comments

SF New Mexican: LANL’s burst barrel has sister drum at WIPP.

Veritable time-bomb. My concern includes cousins still at LANL, sitting outdoors in canvas tents.

09/18/14 • 11:08 AM • EnvironmentalSanta Fe LocalSecurity • No Comments

Slate: How do you differentiate good acting from bad acting?

I agree.

09/18/14 • 09:40 AM • EntertainmentPsychology • No Comments

iPPinka: Convertible Shelf Table.

Cool idea. As long as you’re not stocking books.

09/18/14 • 09:37 AM • ConsumptionDesignHome & Living • No Comments
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