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ArtDaily: Timbuktu rebuilds mausoleums destroyed by Islamists.

Now that’s kind of nice to hear. Amid all the other useless, idiotic destruction going on.

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Own that exotic car you’ve dreamed of ...

... in Lego.

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HistoryToday: Monetising the Past - Medieval Marginalia and Social Media.

Perhaps the success of these accounts would be lessened if a tweet were busied with shelfmarks, dates and sources, but wouldn’t it be nice if these huge audiences had the choice between investigating them further or not, and if libraries and archives received due credit for making this wealth of material available.” I recognize a fellow Utopian. Alas, we’ll have to wait for more than just more capable software; we must await a sea-change in attitudes. Attribute, dammit.

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Digg: Jennicam And The Birth Of ‘Lifecasting’.

Another early web story most tech journalists remain unaware of. Even after weblogs got popular, many felt having a weblog alone was exposure enough. We’d point at Jennicam, and ask, “Would you ever do that?” “Hell no!” Yet here we are. Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. Periscope. Anil’s comment at the coda is perfect. Thanks, Curt on G+.

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Going grey can be gorgeous.

Going grey can be gorgeous.

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Register.UK: SpaceX Falcon punches hovership landing barge in Dragon supply run.


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Blot: Blogging platform that uses Dropbox.

Hmmm. Limited to Disqus comments, of course. Yet I desire something ridiculously simple; CMS input screens are terribly vexing. MarsEdit makes posting to multiple CMSs tolerable.

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NY Times: Why Writers Love to Hate the M.F.A.

Other realities conspire to make the M.F.A. one of the fastest growing graduate degrees. Among them: the pervasiveness of digital media and celebrity culture, where anyone with a blog feels like a best-selling novelist-in-waiting; the rise of memoirs, a natural extension of the online selfie writing culture; the popularity of magical realism and noir fiction novels, which have turned many 20-somethings on to literature; and changes in generational attitudes, aspirations and culture.

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Anandtech: The 2015 MacBook Review.


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SciAm: Wine Snobs Are Right - Glass Shape Does Affect Flavor.

Different glass shapes and temperatures can bring out completely different bouquets and finishes from the same wine.” I imagine the same holds true for whisky.

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Bicycling: French Railway Seeks Action Against Paris-Roubaix Riders.

Normally riders who go through a closed safety crossing are disqualified. But Guy Dobbelaere, president of the jury of race commissioners, defended the action of the riders on Sunday.” I disagree. Watch the video. It’s indefensible on its face, and those riders should be disqualified. Damned stupid. Crossing tracks can be dicey enough on one’s own; if one racer had gone down, a dozen or more would have been tangled on the tracks with no way to save their lives before that train plowed through. I’ll leave the possible carnage to your mind’s eye.

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Guardian.UK: Robot reveals inside Fukushima nuclear reactor – video.

Doesn’t look particularly auspicious; I have no way to judge.

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DP Review: Manfrotto unveils Digital Director for iPad Air.

Now, I see a huge benefit to this. Bravo, Manfrotto.

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EOS HD: Canon 5D Mark IV “will be 1080p” with Canon LOG.

Coming from such a position of dominance in video with the 5D Mark II and 7D in 2010-12, how have Canon allowed so many competitors to even get a foot in the door, let alone bust it wide open?” We *all* wonder that.

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WhoWhatWear.com: Stop Your Sweater From Shedding in 1 Easy Step.

Freeze it?

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Firebox: Cafflano Klassic ... All-in-One Coffee Maker.

Expensive, but might allow one to avoid the unholiest of beasties while travelling ... road coffee.

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Guardian.UK: Republicans line up the standard anti-Clinton attacks. Will any of them work?

So far, sounds like the throw-crap-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks strategy. A whole lot of baggage to work through. Again. I try to imagine her overtopping it all, but just can’t see it. The Bloomberg poll, mentioned within, is interesting. All of Hillary’s boosters tend to quote ‘unbeatable approval numbers’ ... this poll indicates she has significant disapproval numbers as well. More Democratic primary candidates please.

Related: Gender may matter. Mischiefs of Faction: “At the very least, we should be open to the notion that male and female candidates are not treated the same and there is a very real possibility that sexism plays a role in determining election outcomes.”

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BBC: Woman wounded in US armadillo shooting.

Armadillos, taking potshots at people? No, just stupidity. “Police say the bullet ricocheted off the animal’s hard armour, entered the woman’s mobile home, and hit her in the back as she sat in a reclining chair.

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BBC: Soul singer Percy Sledge dies aged 74.

This was the essence of soul, dripping with feeling. It never had a time, it was in a world of its own, so it was timeless.” RIP, good sir ... thanks for the airwaves.

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Take the Little Black Classics for a spin.

80 books for 80p each.” Interesting, yet slightly maddening, interface.

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ArtDaily: Classicist sheds new light on lost epics; show a bloodier side of Ancient Greeks.

One passage in a later author, though containing no direct quotation, preserves an unusually gruesome episode from the Thebais. The warrior Tydeus has been mortally wounded by a Theban and both are dying. Tydeus seizes his attacker and bites into his head in revenge.” Inferred history. Hmmmm.

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priceonomics: The Obsessive Curator of the Internet, Jason Hirschhorn.

Competition in the curation/aggregation space is fierce.” Hmmph. That’s for sure. I’m up against limited-in-aggregration-depth robots now. “Eight years.” Been around almost twice as long as the subject of the article.

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WSJ: Good Mental Health Away From Home Starts Before College.

Why mental illness seems to be rising among college students is unclear.” Really? See earlier today. If kids can’t venture out on their own, there’s no foundation of confidence to rely on. You go ‘solo’ in college; if you’re not a self-starter, you’ll have issues.

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SciAm: Mystery of Ceres’s Bright Spots Grows.

We wait, and theorize, with bated breath.

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c|net: Under pressure, Canon cuts prices for 33 lenses.

Every little bit helps.

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