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Art of VFX: Hercules.

Nice kitty.”  I dig the giant warthog.

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DEDPXL: Fuji X-T1 Review.

Zach Arias gives his opinion.

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The Airship: Have You Failed as a Writer If You Aren’t Famous?

True failure doesn’t lay in being unknown, but ceasing to write.

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Popular Archaeology: Ancient naval ram found in Phanagoria reveals history of unrest in 63 BC.

When the ship was first discovered, scientists suggested the ship was an ancient Byzantine merchant vessel. However, the newly-found ram dismisses the previous version and proves that the ship was a bireme, an ancient oared warship with two decks of oars that Mithradates used to quell unrest. The ship was later burned by the protesters in 63 B.C.

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Guardian.UK: Shipwreck excavation may explain how 17th-century warship blew itself up.

A surprising number of the human remains recovered so far have proved to be female, suggesting that as well as the 350 crew, plus extra gunners for the newly mounted artillery, the ship was carrying many of their wives and sweethearts.”  In between tours, they’d allow wives and sweethearts on board, to prevent the crew from deserting if they got off the ship. Having read various maritime novels about the era, one could imagine the crew being pretty lax, what with the captain not on board, and wenches all over.

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Dazed: Life on Earth is dying again.

Don’t say we weren’t warned – yesterday several studies published in the journal Science advised that we’re in currently in the middle of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction. While the human population is flourishing (no doubt part of the problem), other species are in rapid decline.

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Art of VFX: Trailer for “The Cut”.

Looks good.

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BBC: Possible Rodin and Degas works found at Gurlitt home.

Two sculptures, possibly by Auguste Rodin and Edgar Degas, have been discovered in the home of the late art hoarder Cornelius Gurlitt.”  Good grief, sounds like the man was sitting on his own personal Louvre, and never really bothered to enjoy any of it.

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OpenCulture: Colorized Photos Bring Walt Whitman, Charlie Chaplin, Helen Keller & Mark Twain Back.

Hmmm. I disagree; in color, Goebbels loses the sinister. Looks more like he has a case of hemorrhoids and sitting isn’t doing him any favors.

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Telegraph.UK: The Greek myths that could be box-office hits.

Stop-motion animation, pioneered by Ray Harryhausen in films such as Jason and the Argonauts, gave us loveable but clunky Olympians. Today, with computer-generated imagery and green-screen technology, the Greek gods on screen should be sublime.” Yes, we get the watered-down archetypes from Hollywood, but never a really good ‘go’ at Greek myth.

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WSJ: In India, Hindu Gods Get a Muscular Makeover.

In “Shiva: The Legends of the Immortal,” a series of graphic novels, the title character boasts bulging muscles that ripple under his tiger-skin wrap and dark tresses that blow in the wind as he battles with his trident.”  Don’t gods depicted in art always reflect the taste of the era in which the art is created?

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Messy Nessy Chic: Meet the Nomadic Berber Rock Band who play the Desert Blues.

We’ve seen so many strange onstage costumes over the years, these don’t surprise me a bit. Video/audio at the very bottom of the article (doesn’t it belong up top?).

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Late start.

Was up until the wee hours last night working. Links coming.

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Seattle.gov: Space Needle Still Standing After Reported Drone Strike.

Another dope. Good luck to the President’s EO; the FAA is the proper venue, no matter what others say. If that thing had broken its props against the Needle, it could have killed or seriously injured someone on the way down. In a “Me, Myself and I” culture, this can’t end well without regulations.

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CNet: iPhone 5S vs. train goes exactly like you’d expect.

I despair of youth today. An iPhone won’t derail a train. The concept behind using pennies was not to derail a train, but to put enough of a slicker material (copper offers less traction than the rails, working as a lubricant) between the wheels and the rails to slow or stop the train. 

Not enough kids are growing up in rural areas, sans helicopter parents. I think it’s a huge, HUGE problem.

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WaPo: Study - Colorado River Basin drying up faster than previously thought.

The authors conclude federal officials allocated 30 percent more water from the Colorado River than was actually available. The gaps were made up by groundwater.”  Water wars are just startin’, kid. Git yer hogleg ... it’s gonna get nasty.

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365/2: 204. Hot sunset, no monsoon activity to speak of.

365/2: 204.

I was revelling in the fact I’ve got Reeder back again. Blog workflow is much faster - though it also allows me to read after more tangents, too. [*slaps wrist*] I have too damned many interests.

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BikeEXIF: BSA A50 by Hazan Motorworks.

Beautiful. Check the aspirator bottle as oil reservoir. (Hope it’s padded a bit).

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Pacific Standard: California’s Lax Policing of the Fracking Industry.

The problem is that at least 100 of the state’s aquifers were presumed to be useless for drinking and farming because the water was either of poor quality, or too deep underground to easily access. Years ago, the state exempted them from environmental protection and allowed the oil and gas industry to intentionally pollute them.” !^$%$^@#^%!%$ [Holding my hand to my throat, practically strangling myself, so I don’t start shouting again.] There is no such thing as a useless resource.

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Greek Myth Comix: Deaths in the Iliad - a Classics Infographic.

Interesting. Normally I hate infographics. This one offers good insight without being a visual assault - though legibility is an issue ...

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Discover Mag: Feathers More Common Among Dinosaurs Than Previously Thought.

Come on. Some must have had pompadours!

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ReadWrite: President Obama To Kick Off Drone Privacy Guidelines.

Hmmm. Seems like evidence of some pretty heavy-handed business interests smelling profits.  Pulling responsibilities away from the FAA? Yeow.

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Having Reeder back enables me to ‘firehose’ links again.

Missed it. Apologies to those on Twitter, whom I may overwhelm.

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SciAm: The Evolutionary Psychology of Women’s Shoes.

By exaggerating the normal female gait, high heels serve to falsely enhance our perception of the wearer’s femininity.

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SciAm: Farmers Fight Explosion of “Superweeds”.

We have had numerous calls about poor control of Palmer amaranth with glyphosate this year.” Nature’s escalating the battle again.

Later, related: Happened to run across this, from 2010, when filing the above. Interesting that “Monsanto, which once argued that resistance would not become a major problem, now cautions against exaggerating its impact. ‘It’s a serious issue, but it’s manageable.’”

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