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CosmosUp: Oldest Star System ‘could Point to Extremely Advanced Alien Civilisations’.

Planetary systems around stars have been a common feature of our galaxy for a long, long time.

01/27/15 • 04:57 PM • HistoryScience • No Comments

Guardian.UK: White House unveils plan to open Atlantic waters to offshore oil drilling.

Like our shorelines can bear more pollution. Thanks for nothing, O.

01/27/15 • 04:55 PM • EnvironmentalPolitics(4) Comments

Youtube: Fantastic Four | Official Teaser Trailer [HD].

Erm. Oh the melodrama (modern superhero trailers). I just don’t think anyone can do a rubber-man convincingly. Can’t suspend disbelief on that one; I see them try, and it takes me right out of the film. F4 should stay cartoon. IMHO.

01/27/15 • 03:51 PM • Entertainment • No Comments

Slugline. Simply Screenwriting.

Of interest if’n you need this sort o’ tool.

01/27/15 • 03:44 PM • EntertainmentMotion Graphics • No Comments

Youtube: Nobody Tells This To Beginners.

Yes. In my parlance, “Iterate faster, iterate better.”  It’s not enough to do the same thing over and over again. One has to do it, judge it, do better the next time. Keep refining. Or keep stretching. Whatever it takes!

01/27/15 • 03:34 PM • DesignProgrammingPsychology • No Comments

Latest Mac OS X [Mavericks] Security update ... long period of white screen is normal.

I let mine update via the App Store, restarted, and my iMac sat on a white screen for a very extended period, with no hard drive sounds. Eventually it all started chugging again, and loaded normally. Just warning others - be PATIENT.

01/27/15 • 03:27 PM • AppleInternetSecuritySoftware(2) Comments

GreaterGreaterWashington: The Air and Space Museum needs a new skin.

Beginning in the 1950s, engineers and architects tried to apply stone as thinly as possible to make buildings more cost-efficient.” Just wait until you see the results of modern ‘starchitects’ work in 40 years.

01/27/15 • 03:13 PM • DesignEconomicsPolitics • No Comments

MessyNessy: Building Mr. Eiffel’s Penthouse Apartment - A Tower Under Construction.

Good old steelwork.

01/27/15 • 03:08 PM • ArtsDesignHistory(2) Comments

CBC: Archaeologists find casket with Don Quixote author’s initials.

No real new information, but photos.

01/27/15 • 02:54 PM • ArtsBooksHistoryScience • No Comments

Hit the ground running with work this morning.

If I see a link fly by, I’ll snatch it out of the air and plaster it here ...

01/27/15 • 02:15 PM • PersonalWeblogs • No Comments

NY Times: How Much Snow Has Fallen.

The second map. If true ... *yawn* ... some Governors are going to look pretty silly.

01/26/15 • 11:42 PM • EnvironmentalNaturePolitics • No Comments

ArtDaily: Rare 1938 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Cabriolet heads for Bonhams Stuttgart sale.

Looks brand new.

01/26/15 • 10:43 PM • ConsumptionDesignHistoryVehicles • No Comments

The Hollywood Reporter: Portraits of Stars at Sundance.

Big softbox.

01/26/15 • 08:47 PM • EntertainmentPhotography • No Comments

c|net: Emma Watson to play bookish Belle in live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Not at all who I pictured for the role. Too WASP-ish, too skinny. And where’s the chestnut-brown hair? I understand the ‘bookishness’ choice, but ... meh.

01/26/15 • 05:00 PM • ArtsChildhoodEntertainment • No Comments

PS Mag: Whatever Happened to ‘Eco-Terrorism’?

*Ahem*. George Washington Hayduke lives ... in t-shirts, anyway.

01/26/15 • 01:20 PM • EnvironmentalHistoryLaw1 Comment

GadgetFlow: KeyMouse™ Re-invents the Keyboard and Mouse.

This is the kind of gizmo I’m usually a sucker for. Not at this price, though.

01/26/15 • 01:11 PM • ComputingConsumptionDesignGeneralHardware • No Comments

ReadWrite: Why We Need A New Word For Drones.

I was all over this what, nine months, a year ago? Catch up, media. Or not. “Drone” sells ad impressions.

01/26/15 • 12:50 PM • HardwareMotion GraphicsNewsPhotography(3) Comments

BBC: Dementia ‘linked’ to common over-the-counter drugs.

Hmmm. “The study estimated that people taking at least 10 mg/day of doxepin (antidepressant), 4 mg/day of diphenhydramine (a sleep aid), or 5 mg/day of oxybutynin (a urinary incontinence drug) for more than three years would be at greater risk of developing dementia.”

01/26/15 • 12:43 PM • HealthScholarlyScience • No Comments

EOS HD: DSLR Video Quality Rank, January 2015.

Of note.

01/26/15 • 12:40 PM • HardwareMotion Graphics • No Comments

Guardian.UK: Can art still shock?

I always get disappointed when people only consider art within a ‘shock’ framework. Eliciting emotion should not be limited to outrage or disgust. What of thrill, what of inspiration, what of happiness? Why are these considered ‘lesser’ emotions in the artworld? Boring, even?

01/26/15 • 12:31 PM • ArtsHistoryPsychology • No Comments

medievalbooks: Medieval Speech Bubbles.

Even bubble-less. Clever.

01/26/15 • 12:20 PM • ArtsBooksHistoryScholarly • No Comments

TechDirt: Classic Songs Of The 50s & 60s May Disappear From Streaming Thanks To Lawsuits.

it seems quite likely that at least some, if not all, of these services are going to quickly realize that their best move is to simply remove all pre-1972 recordings from their catalog.” Oh, for heaven’s sake. What am I going to do without my Gene Vincent? Johnny Cash? Bob Dylan?

01/26/15 • 12:08 PM • HistoryLawMusicPolitics • No Comments

Vox: This airplane is hammering ISIS. So why is the Air Force trying to kill it?

The A-10 may be slow, but it’s very maneuverable. The F-35 as a replacement is just a terrible, expensive joke. It’s like having a one-size-fits-all vehicle (tank, transport, hummer, jeep, motorcycle). Makes no sense.

01/26/15 • 11:51 AM • EconomicsPolitics(4) Comments

Art of Manliness: WWII Workout Week - Posture Training.

Reminds me of the old RCAF Exercise book from the ‘60’s.

01/26/15 • 11:27 AM • HealthPhysical Fitness(2) Comments

The Atlantic: The Texas Miracle.

Say it, Atlantic. Fracking rendered these numbers, not any policy miracle (other than letting energy companies have free rein).

01/26/15 • 11:19 AM • EconomicsEnvironmentalPolitics • No Comments
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