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ProPublica: Meet the Doctor Who Gave $1M of His Own Money to Keep His Gun Research Going.

I did a gun show study. When I started crunching numbers on gun show sales, and looking at the surveys, I came to realize — as interesting as this is, gun shows themselves are not a big part of the problem. I felt obligated to add this into my report.”  Unexpurgated scientific study will out.

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Geek.com: Physics-exploiting axe splits wood in record time.

This rocks. Perhaps a new item for my Xmas list.

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The Baffler: The Tyranny of Time Management.

According to a press release by Vanderbilt University, the researchers found that test subjects ‘overwhelmingly viewed the actors using the electronic calendars as being more authoritative.’ Additionally, one of the authors said that ‘actually being able to operate the devices really isn’t all that important, provided you know enough to look reasonably competent. Just possession is 90 percent of the game ...” My emphasis. Via the unquenchable Dr M on Twitter.

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Dissent Magazine: Phyllis Schlafly - Still Wrong (and Mean) After All These Years.

Why is she still a subject? I thought we’d moved beyond the 50’s beehive-hairdo historical revisionists (‘submit to your husbands, slam those ‘mothers little helpers’). I suppose this means the old GOP still wants some PR traction.

Related: “Supersisters” feminist trading cards of the ‘70s.  Great.

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NPR: Does Kin Selection Explain The Evolution Of Religion?

Kin selection turns on the concept of inclusive fitness, the idea that an organism’s biological fitness derives not only from the direct production of offspring, but also from aiding the reproduction of its other relatives.” My emphasis. Good luck with that in these net-connected personally-disconnected times.

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ArtDaily: Lunar-landed artifacts from moonwalker Alan Bean set for lift-off at auction.

I wonder how much that real ‘space pen’ will go for ...

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Sorry; busy morning.

A full email box this morning meant I had to spend a deal of time writing replies. And, whereas I’m short and concise on this blog, I tend to go deep on email. I’ll get to links soon.

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Autoweek: Steve McQueen’s Jaguar XKSS in the Hollywood Hills.

You will, I hope, remember that I got to check the ‘Green Rat’ out in person.  Some other shots of it (and other Jags).  Here, here and here. And here. Also here.

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365/2: 111. Storms hovering around this afternoon.

365/2: 111.

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BoldItalic: The Gutters in Buena Vista Park are Made Out of Old Headstones.

Even a gravestone isn’t immortal. For some reason, these photos serve to remind me that blogging is even more ephemeral, another warning about where I invest my time.

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NY Times: Repatriated Works Back in Their Countries of Origin.

Some works, returned with great fanfare, have taken on greater meaning back on view in the countries or cultures that produced them. Other times, after the triumphalism fades, they fall victim to benign neglect, or are not always easy to reach.” Then there is the problem of Egypt.

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SciAm: Mega-Heatwaves Mechanism Pinpointed.

The study shows that soil drying is the key link in the intensification of mega-heatwaves …” Oh yeah. Anyone who lives in the southwest can tell you this.

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Guardian.UK: Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter obituary.

God will sort things out? A more balanced take than most young-newsie American ones. NJ law enforcement of the period felt the case was clear; there was a great deal of anger over the overzealous prosecution. Ali (then in full bait-Frazier mode and wanting every bit of PR he could get after his first loss to Joe) and Dylan only served to obfuscate the facts at the time.

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DiscoverMagazine: Lead in Ancient Rome’s Water Was 100 Times Natural Levels.

Despite the significantly elevated levels of lead in Rome’s waters during the empire’s height, researchers noted that their work does not examine what, if any, health problems were caused.”  No doubt, the start of the consumer-waste bottled water movement … ?

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Olive-Drab: Army Jeep In A Crate for $50?

The myth, debunked.

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PS Mag: Smokey Can’t Save Us - Wildfires Are Out of Control.

The chart isn’t using a consistent scale (on the left). Adjust in your mind as you view.

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DPR: A travel-sized large-format 4x5 camera?

$149, sans lens.

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Luminous Landscape: Panasonic GH4 Report.

Video goodness. Still love the availability of an external grip with XLRs.

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Forbes: It’s Final - Corn Ethanol Is Of No Use.

Didn’t think much of it in the first place.

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Pacific Standard: Frequent Liars Club.

So who are these people who lie practically every time they open their mouths? In the U.K. study, ‘they are younger, more likely to be male, and have higher occupational status,’ they write.

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Forbes: How Earbuds Have Changed The Sound (And Business) Of Pop.

Indeed, jamming as much sonic information as possible into the mid-range has become second nature to our most enduring producers because it translates so well to earbuds …” Gack.

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The Mischiefs of Faction: Why Are Conservatives Obsessed with Reagan?

… people just find it easier to employ with a “great man” view of history. So rather than think about what really happened - the mix of positions that we call modern conservatism gradually emerged from the debates and negotiations among mid-century thinkers - it is easier to just say that Reagan did it.” He did it, alright. And we’re still suffering the fallout.

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Italian Ways: Carlo Bugatti’s unique furniture.

Car design, yes. Furniture? Game of Thrones?

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The Smart Set: Sitting it Out.

The café is poorly positioned, poorly arranged, or too exposed to loud traffic and passing cellphone shouters. Most U.S. cafés seem to relate to street life in an adversarial manner rather as a contributor. The technical term for this sort of design, I believe, is ‘fucked-up feng shui.’” So true! Even in Santa Fe.

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365/2: 110. Get yer rocks off.

365/2: 110.

New Age folks like to leave cairns and anthropomorphic assemblages of pebbles on large table rocks around here.  Outtake: Happy horses and happy riders in the Preserve on Easter.

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