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Mirror.UK: Katie Hopkins wants ‘euthanasia vans’ because ‘there are far too many old people’.

Has she met Ann Coulter yet?

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BarnFinds: Amazing Bugatti Barn Find!

Stunning. See Artcurial for other images.

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Guardian.UK: Archaeologists discover remains of Jamestown colony’s earliest leaders.

Mysteriously, a small silver box resting atop Archer’s coffin turns out to be probably a Catholic reliquary containing bone fragments and a container for holy water. Archer’s parents were Catholic in Protestant England, which became illegal. So the discovery raises the question of whether Archer was perhaps part of a secret Catholic cell – or even a Catholic spy on behalf of the Spanish.” Oh, my. Placing my bet he was the one who ate the 14-year-old ...

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Politico: Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits.

He’s an expert shamer.” An astute observation.

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SERoundtable: Google - We Check To See If Your Mobile Site Vastly Different From Desktop.

Of note to desktop/mobile designers: “For now, I suspect they flag these cases and send a manual action reviewer (web spam fighter) to take a closer look.

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Guardian.UK: Killer of Cecil the lion was dentist from Minnesota, claim Zimbabwe officials.

They tied a dead animal to their vehicle to lure Cecil out of the park and they scented an area about half a kilometre from the park.” Given the fact the lion was wearing a radio collar (a rather unsubtle addition to the lion’s mane), you wonder if they ever actually looked before shooting.

07/28/15 • 11:16 AM • LawNatureSportsTravel(2) Comments

YT: Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart.

Postmodern Jukebox just keeps on hittin’ it, doing modern pop songs with the 40’s vibe.

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Daily Beast: The Death of Satire.

This is the formula for successful late-night TV comedy in the present day: an absurd or ridiculous clip that can make the rounds on YouTube the next day.” Been ages since I’ve taken in a current comedy. Banal, indeed. The legitimate media’s gotten too close to The Onion; often more tragedy than comedy, IMHO.

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DesignYouTrust: US Salt Flats Speed Week photos.

As in, No Speed Week. Thank El Niño.

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Kickstarter: Interchangeable Watches With Quick-Change Straps by Covair.++

Interesting. I’ve never imagined powerful magnets AND clockworks being able to exist in the same proximity on a wrist. Live and learn.

Later: I’ve noticed that when I post any link to Kickstarter, the reads on Twitter are virtually nil (as in, 50% fewer engagements than even the most uninteresting link). Not a reason to stop, but if readers here are desiring to maximize traffic on their own blogs, it seems Kickstarter has saturation beyond exhaustion.

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ArtDaily: Vintage posters and advertising signs at Showtime Auction, Oct. 2-4.

For when I redo my office (shortly) ...

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c|net: Cause of fatal 2014 SpaceShipTwo crash determined by NTSB.

As we already suspected early on, pilot error. In a busy cockpit, you live or die by the checklist.

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The Economist: Daily chart - Unlikely results in scientific studies.

Watch this; it might even break me of posting the latest science study news.

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Guardian.UK: Does the age of an author matter when writing YA fiction?

One thing we’ve learned from Yalc, is that writers of all ages - young and old – write exactly the kind of fiction that YAs want to read, and long may it continue!” Who comes up with story ideas like this? Ageism!?! How old was Dr. Seuss?

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SF Reporter: Plague Death Confirmed - Santa Fe County woman died of plague.

Dr. Joan Baumbach, the deputy state epidemiologist, tells SFR that it’s the health department’s policy not to release information on the location of where the 52-year-old woman likely contracted plague.” I should think it would save lives to pinpoint the location, despite a certain amount of concern on the part of residents. Plague is usually concentrated around rodent nesting areas in specific locations; radiating outwards as the summer wears on and the fleas get transferred by breeding populations.

Later: Pets are the usual vector for human infection. As the CDC explains it, plague fleas sit at the entrance to packrat and ground squirrel holes. A dog sticks their head in, and if the pet has no proper repellents applied, the dog will pick up the fleas and transfer them to their owners (adults and children). Please, PLEASE don’t waste time with essential oils, brewer’s yeast or other ‘home remedies’. You are putting everyone’s lives at risk. And if you wonder why people don’t appreciate your dog coming up to them unbidden on walking trails ... well, now you know why.

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History Extra: Elizabeth I - The monarch behind the mask.

Very sad, actually.

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Vox: Rooftop solar is booming. But it may be more vulnerable than you think.

But as rooftop solar penetration rises, time-of-use pricing begins to have the opposite effect. As a bunch of solar floods the grid during peak hours, it will have the effect of suppressing peak prices, reducing the incentive for additional solar.” If price is the only motivator, that is.

07/27/15 • 12:58 PM • EconomicsEnvironmentalHome & Living(2) Comments

Register.UK: Google unhooks ‘social network’ from YouTube.

Given the lack of interest the platform has generated over the last four years, this move could prove the beginning of the end for Google+.

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Time: Happy B-day, BUGS!!!

Lookin’ good for seventy five years young.

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LuminousLandscape: Canon 5Ds Review Through Print Performance.

... people who buy prints don’t carry a magnifying glass with them – they look at what the picture is about and what it means to them. It’s a bit of a tough pill to swallow for some photographers, but most people couldn’t spot the differences in print quality between good and superb if it fell on them.” Great article, LL.

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The Toast: Visible Faith - On Grad School and Ageism.

... I was surprised by the degree to which the more mature male professors seemed unnerved by my presence, and they became the main source of my day-to-day anxiety. One of them, a jeans-wearing survivor of the pseudo-hippie revival of the ’80s, once announced to our class that Thomas Hardy only began writing poetry after he reached his sixties. ‘Just when the brain is atrophying for most people,’ he said, staring at me, ‘the man became a world-class poet. Imagine! You’ve got to be some kind of brilliant to defy those odds.’The more fool he.

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Kickstarter: Double or triple your screens by Slidenjoy.

Unfold this at your local coffee joint, watch other techs’ gonads shrink ...

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Guardian.UK: Zimbabwean authorities hunt Spaniard accused of killing Cecil the lion.

Orford calculates that with tourists from just one nearby lodge collectively paying €8,000 per day, Zimbabwe would have brought in more in just five days by having Cecil’s photograph taken rather than being shot by someone paying a one-off fee of €50,000.” Perhaps, but who owns the camps? And does that money stay in the local economy? I have a feeling there’s much more to this, before the animals can experience any sort of safety.

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SciAm: What You Don’t Understand about Suicide Attacks.

Until suicide attackers are widely seen for the desperate, traumatized, and mentally ill people they really are—instead of ‘psychologically normal’ altruists—America will continue to suffer Islamic mass shooters who seek glory and heavenly rewards through death.” Yes, but there will always be depressed, isolated, vulnerable people. You will never cure those maladies in any effective manner. I hate to pick on the internet, but getting radicalizing texts and videos is exponentially easier today than in the recent past. We are seeing this result: a sick mind can be turned in days, instead of years.

I think of going to the library in my high school years, trying to find a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ just to *look* at it. Not even cracking it. I think every librarian tailed me as I went into the aisle to view the single copy (I’d asked at the desk). I wouldn’t doubt they called my parents, even.

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Register.UK: New study into lack of women in Tech: It’s NOT the men’s fault.

Really it happens a lot earlier than college.” You have to look at the whole timeline for young lives. Right down to the pink baby blankets.

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