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Archaeology News Network: Ear bone of Neanderthal child points to anatomical differences.

... we do not yet know the relation between these morphological differences and hearing in the Neanderthals. This would constitute a new challenge for the future.” Now there’s something mindbending. More or less sensitive hearing?

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Reddit/Sci: Folic acid lowers stroke risk in people with high blood pressure - large clinical trial.

Read the comments before slamming folic acid tabs.

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Medium/Cuepoint: The Wacky, Wiggly, Razor-Thin World of the Flexi Disc.

Savoring the playable records once found on cereal boxes, inside magazines and at fast food counters.

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Mashable: Rare color photos of 1928 England, full of soul and spunk.


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Massive DDoS attack against Github.

Current status.

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CosmosUp: Catastrophic Collapse Of Universe Is Imminent, Physicists Say.

Better than an eternal expansion. At least there’s a chance of another bang.

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NakedCap: Elizabeth Warren Strikes Back as Citigroup Tries to Blackmail the Democratic Party.

“Cynics may say that these are just range wars, and that Warren is a progressive hood ornament for the Democratic party. While we’ve criticized her for her timid student loan proposal and for her falling in line with US adventurism abroad (save the proposed intervention in Syria, where Congress refused to back Obama), Warren is nevertheless is achieving something significant.

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Nice to have the windows/doors open again.


A breath of wind, a streak of sunset light ... the feeling. That’s all.

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Global Investigative Journalism Network: Secrets of the Wayback Machine.

It’s been so handy as I parse my new mobile design for this blog. Seeing what I’ve done in the past. Anarchic, lazy, meticulous, more.

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SciAm: Memories May Not Live in Neurons’ Synapses.

The idea that synapses store memories has dominated neuroscience for more than a century, but a new study by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, may fundamentally upend it: instead memories may reside inside brain cells.” Hmmm. Bad for PTSD sufferers, but potentially good for Alzheimer’s patients.

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The Atlantic: Pilots on the Germanwings Murder/Suicide.

And when people start looking for whom to blame, the answer is simple: Joe-six-pack who wanted a $99 flight from New York to L.A, or Pierre Baguette who wanted a 65 Euro Paris-Casablanca…and the cynical bean counters who make this possible” Pilots used to be paid well, have peerless training and plenty of *useful* hours in type. Not so today. Huge issue.

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c|net: Iron Man looks even badder in sleek black ‘Stealth Mode’ suit.

Can flat black be far behind? I look at this, and sort of expect to see an H-D logo someplace. Needs chrome pipes.

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BBC: Italian court acquits Knox and Sollecito of Kercher murder.

Circumstantial evidence cases are notoriously difficult. From my reading, the Knox guilt was threadbare.

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Well, to my surprise, a Eurasian Collared Dove.

Afternoon visitor.

If you’ve got a better ident, let me know.

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SLYT: Lightroom Workflow - A Super Easy Way to Keyword.

Nice tip. Spray your keywords.

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It’s time, once again. Anyone had problems with the Yosemite upgrade?

Not so much interested in the upgrade *process*, but have you seen any app incompatibilities?  Particularly concerned about Adobe Creative Cloud, Coda 2, other programming bits and bobs. If you’ve run into any issues, I’d appreciate a comment. THANKS.

03/27/15 • 12:23 PM • AppleInternetSoftware(3) Comments

Developer Drive: Introducing Page Parts for WordPress.

Of interest. Sort of like “Pages” in EE, but sounds more flexible.

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Guardian.UK: High time Lance Armstrong realised that only humility earns redemption.

He must accept his scarlet letter at some point, and act accordingly. Showing up in France just prior to the TdF, will do nothing to help his reputation. Notoriety, yes. Reputation, no. Notoriety will not boost rehabilitation.

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NY Times: Richard III Gets a Kingly Burial, on Second Try.

Royal funeral, bargain-basement style. Perhaps it is time to pull the bones of the ‘two princes’ out of the wall of Westminster, and see if they’re actually DNA matches. ‘Tis the season.  And the poem’s not bad.

Later: The Tomb, finished.

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Got my camera back from service.

3/26 sunset one.

Only took two tries to get all the crap off the sensor. Nice to have that blotch gone from the top-left of my frames (requiring constant spotting). A second, closer view.

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PS Mag: ‘You Wouldn’t Drill for Oil in the Sistine Chapel’.

I’m afraid that argument doesn’t work. You’ve got to load your oppositional scattergun with every bit of counterargument you’ve got and shoot like you mean it to stop these bandits.

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Muut Blog: Switching from Disqus to Muut.

Ah, Disqus has some competition.

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iPad Air bizarreness.

Since the last update to the system, my iPad has displayed a very curious anomaly. At random times, I’ll hear music playing. iTunes Radio has started itself, and it begins to play Jason Mraz. Now, I don’t ever open iTunes Radio. And I don’t own any Jason Mraz, nor have him selected. Every time this happens, it’s iTunes Radio, and it’s Jason Mraz.

This usually happens randomly after watching a video during lunch, or checking out some Youtube selections. I habitually close the application (drag upwards), tap to return to the home screen, and shut off the iPad (quick click of the power switch). I’m an old-school Mac user ... single task to maximize RAM. Old habits die hard.

You should see me start running around the office trying to find the rogue sound - I’ve not grokked that it’s always the iPad. I start turning off sound on my computers, then start checking devices.


Later: I swear I don’t do this. I SWEAR. But it’s the most likely explanation. I’m going to come off as one of those thick-fingered dolts who can’t operate mobile devices.  In the bottom menu (the drag-up menu) on iPad, there’s a music controller over on the left. I SWEAR I don’t touch it. But, I think that when I poke the iPad to return to the Home screen after drag-closing my last-used app, I somehow press too close to the bottom, and the iPad reads it as a “play iTunes Radio” command.  I’ve apologized to my iPad.

So now I’ll go into iTunes Radio and choose some Heavy Metal, for the next time I do this.


I have it set on Jeff Beck Radio, starting the original version of “Superstition.” Now I’ll instantly know where the noise is coming from, if I do this again.

03/26/15 • 02:18 PM • AppleMobilePersonal(3) Comments

Youtube: AAA video analysis provides shocking results among teen drivers.

Ouch. Important to watch this; you’ll drive all the more defensively now. The way I used to cure this, was to have kids learn to drive a stick shift. No automatics until good driving skills are ingrained. The eye/hand/foot coordination required by shifting relieved boredom, and served to keep handheld distractions at a minimum. Not to mention that being able to disengage the engine via clutch in emergency situations saves lives. Via Cam Barrett on FB.

03/26/15 • 12:45 PM • ChildhoodGeneralPsychology(2) Comments

NY Times: Germanwings Co-Pilot, Andreas Lubitz, Deliberately Crashed Plane, Prosecutor Says.

I join with the rest of the world, in being horrified.

03/26/15 • 12:25 PM • NewsTravel(7) Comments
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