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And cold. Roads are still icy. School’s shut, some state offices. Sun’s out though, so things should clear up soon.

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The Verge: Rdio is shutting down and Pandora is buying up the scraps.

Question is, how long for Pandora itself?

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The New Yorker: E-Mail Legal Disclaimer.


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Macworld: Google to offer deep links to Facebook content inside its search app.

Might be a good time to make sure your posts in Facebook are properly marked either ‘Friends’ or ... ‘Public’.

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naked cap: Will the Paris Attacks Herald the End of the Schengen Agreement?

...  it’s hard to continue to argue for more fiscal integration while assembling border crossings. The accompaniment to such border closures would likely be a rise in right-wing, Euroskeptic nationalism across the continent, and subsequent tensions could spark exits.” I hope they don’t feel the need to go from nothing to full-shred TSA in one swoop.

11/16/15 • 11:24 AM • Human RightsTravel1 Comment

CJR: A gun-carrying journalist, and rightly so.

Something you don’t hear a lot about. The stereotype is ‘martyr’, but there really is no reason why a journalist should be a sitting duck, particularly in dangerous areas.

11/16/15 • 11:14 AM • Human RightsNewsPolitics1 Comment

Autoweek: Nissan: 2016 Titan XD pickup won’t try to beat the Ford F-150.

General comment: Fugly. May look better with larger 4WD style tires.

11/16/15 • 10:52 AM • ConsumptionDesignVehicles(4) Comments

HuffPo Science: 18 Habits Of Highly Creative People.

A little too ‘new age’ for my taste. I’d like to see a definition of a ‘highly creative person.’

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Mashable: Fiat’s all-electric 500e is worth adjusting your life around.

The entire time, every second I was behind the wheel, I was thinking about the car. I was altering my driving style, suffering from icy toes because turning on the heat would zap precious battery life. And I wonder if I ever looked directly out the windshield at all, as my eyes were oft locked on the battery charge-level screen.” Oh yeah, sounds delightful.

11/15/15 • 11:57 AM • DesignEconomicsEnvironmentalTravelVehicles • No Comments

Guardian.UK: Centuries-old Incan mummy’s DNA reveals untold story of ancient lineage.

It’s another brick in the wall ... [snip] ... people came to the Americas quite rapidly and then groups stopped in isolated places, creating their own demographic complexities.

11/15/15 • 11:54 AM • HistoryScience • No Comments

ByzantineBlog: Byzantine ‘flat-pack’ church to be reconstructed in Oxford after 1k years

You show your power by planting churches. He [Justinian] sent out flat-pack, self-assembly churches – Ikea churches.” Justinian, for you non-classicists, is the Byzantine emperor who built the Hagia Sophia, among other things. A very interesting individual. The set of laws in the Code of Justinian illuminates a great deal of Roman history, and at his decree, paganism was outlawed ... and the Greek schools of philosophy shut down for good.

11/15/15 • 11:21 AM • HistoryReligionScience • No Comments

ArtDaily: Treasure hunter Ruben Collado seeks gold in sunken British ship off the coast of Uruguay.

The Argentine adventurer spent 14 years searching for the wreckage before finding it by accident in 2004, when the propeller of his boat struck a sunken mast as he trolled around the River Plate estuary. ” After fourteen years, that must have been an *amazing* moment.

11/15/15 • 10:42 AM • HistoryScience • No Comments

The Verge: A designer’s take on the iPad Pro.

Tempting, but every time I try to incorporate an iPad in workflow, I end up spending extra time dealing with the handicaps in the programs (compared to desktop versions). Extra time increases bottom line.

11/13/15 • 06:04 PM • AppleDesignHardwareMobile(2) Comments

The Verge: Gmail will soon alert users about unencrypted emails.


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BeardedSpice, Mac Media Keys for the Masses.

Someone may find this handy. Just saw it in a thread.

11/13/15 • 02:43 PM • InternetMusic • No Comments

Autoweek: Nurburgring gets safety fixes, set to go full speed next March.

Bucket list drive, that.

11/13/15 • 02:40 PM • PersonalTravelVehicles1 Comment

SF Reporter: New York City transplant is rescued by Search and Rescue teams in Carson National Fores

Proper prep is key. Eric [‘from Santa Fe’], were you in on this one?

11/13/15 • 02:26 PM • HealthPhysical FitnessSanta Fe LocalTravel1 Comment

naked cap: 10 Economic Facts that Power the Sanders Insurgency.

Read of the day. Not anything we didn’t know, really, but piled together ...

11/13/15 • 01:57 PM • EconomicsHistoryHuman RightsPolitics • No Comments

Valet/Fall 2015 Buying Planner: Shearling Coats.

Wrong answers. There’s only one place to look, and it’ll cost you a pretty penny. Overland Sheepskin. The styles are unimpeachable, and they’ll stay in style and last for decades.

11/13/15 • 12:02 PM • Consumption1 Comment

NY Times/Letter of Recommendation: The ‘Death in … ’ Books.

In their defense, there are indeed lessons to be learned from other people’s tragedies: Don’t pitch your tent at the edge of a cliff if you plan on getting drunk; don’t try to befriend the buffalo. Still, no one buys a book with a skull on the cover because they’re hoping for edification.” You will learn loads. Mostly that ill-preparation is a game of chance with Mother Nature, and she often wins.

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Atlas Obscura: Lower Trenton Bridge.

In fact, Washington’s famous Crossing of the Delaware was also somewhere near there.” Who writes the crap? I mean, really Atlas Obscura. You can do better than this. Greenwood Pottery in Trenton supplied the US Navy with china in WWI, enriching some of my ancestors. And there is a Washington Crossing State Park, where Washington *actually* crossed. More likely the Hessians put in where the Old Trenton bridge resides.

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Italian Ways: Sepo and Noveltex - from advertisement to art.

Pour le Soir, halfway down, is brilliant. The graphical shapes on the face. Wowzer.

11/13/15 • 11:09 AM • ArtsDesignHistory • No Comments

BloombergBusiness: What’s Really Warming the World?

Fantastic use of interactive animation. Scroll through it all.

11/13/15 • 10:46 AM • EnvironmentalHistoryScience • No Comments

WaPo: Time for GOP panic? Establishment worried Carson or Trump might win.

We’re potentially careening down this road of nominating somebody who frankly isn’t fit to be president in terms of the basic ability and temperament to do the job. [snip] It’s not just that it could be somebody Hillary could destroy electorally, but what if Hillary hits a banana peel and this person becomes president?” Happy to hear the Establishment’s taking it seriously.

11/12/15 • 10:31 PM • HistoryPolitics(2) Comments

Register.UK: D-Wave heads for New Mexico.

In other words, conventional supercomputers can only do so much nuke-simulation, and if quantum annealing works as it says on the box, it’ll help give the US a shiny new arsenal without having to actually blow things up.

11/12/15 • 10:26 PM • Santa Fe LocalScholarlyScience • No Comments
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