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SF New Mexican:

Officials weigh cost, benefits of supertankers.  Flying a 747 at 400 feet ... sounds damned exciting, somehow, but lacks the romance of four props.  They’ve done low altitude testing, but I wonder about testing in the thermals that hot fires create ... I don’t believe passenger jets are rated for the same G forces as old bombers.  Imagine if one of these babies crashed ...

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SF New Mexican:

Smoking ban looks to pass with overwhelming support.  Noone has the ‘right’ to sicken another human being.  In college, I used to break roommates of the habit of smoking in our room by copying the ancient Orientals, and smoking some really nasty teas to fill the room with a similar yet more disgusting stench (think burning cow pies). Nothing like direct retaliation to teach a valuable lesson in ‘rights’. In areas where smoking’s been banned, business has picked up.  Smart entrepreneurs of bars and nightclubs (sans food) can make adjustments and find profits, too.

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SF New Mexican:

Subdivision won’t get county water.  I’ve seen too many of these developments using the “recycled water” and “space for farmers” markets’ as leverage.  Recycling for plants and such is nice, but it doesn’t speak to supply for the numerous houses.  Talk generous cisterns on every roof of every house, you might have something that will mitigate the impact.


3,000-year-old skeleton found in Rome.  Nice set of teeth, seemingly.

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Bush energy plan whacks conservation.  “If Congress accepts the Energy Department’s proposed 2007 budget, it will cut $152 million - some 16 percent - from this year’s budget for energy-efficiency programs. Adjusting for inflation, it would mean the US government would spend 30 percent less on energy efficiency next year than it did in 2002 ...”

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LA Times:

Me Hulk.  Me bust yo’ scanner ...

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NY Times Theatre:

For Spalding Gray, One Last Tale.

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Times Online.UK:

Sexual attraction: the magic formula.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Take This Internship and Shove It.  The interns I used in Manhattan were usually thrilled I was actually using their talents for production, rather than appointing them retrievers of coffee, donuts and pizza (which was a common occurrence, apparently).  This article makes a decent case, though it could be stronger.  I wonder what skills the interns gain from internships, nowadays.  My interns learned a proprietary system that was to go out of production in a few years; only the general knowledge of how to craft presentations would have been transferrable towards their futures ... and PowerPoint destroyed much of that craft.  Not being clairvoyant, I feel my interns got a bad deal.

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NY Times:

In Chicago, Leonardo the Inventor and Decoder.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

War Widow Holds Service for Wiccan Husband.  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...”

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SF New Mexican:

Development encroaches.  County considering purchase of Ortiz Mountains preserve.  Residents told time for action has come.  The Galisteo basin holds more ruins than Chaco Culture NHP.  The little town of Galisteo is a piece of living history, and its character should be protected.

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Happy B-day,


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“PowerPramming.”  In the local area, I notice the predominance of fathers dragging kid-trailers behind their bikes at workout intensity.  Moms seem to slowly wheel their strollers, cellphones jammed in their ears.  Not a judgment, just observation ...

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Times Online.UK:

California reds win by a nose in tasting rematch.  I’m sure the French wish they’d never bailed our butts out at Yorktown.

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Poets & Writers:

The Law of Diminishing Readership.

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SF Gate:

New Yorker editor sees digital days ahead for magazine.  The New Yorker is going to get a web upgrade.

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What is Beauty? Or, On the Aesthetics of Wind Farms.  In Santa Fe, every architect wants to do contemporary, not southwestern.  We end up with unholy mixes of the two (excuse me: ‘innovative and unique’).  Southwestern matches the history, tradition and landscape.  Contemporary, to me, is a fashion still undergoing change.  What surfaces and textures are contemporary today, are being ripped out for whatever flavors are current tomorrow.  They are stark, a blank canvas to counterpoint the more interesting landscape; a valid interpretation, but like good jazz, require active appreciation.  Stuffing modern efficient windmills in our southwestern natural environment is necessary, but couldn’t they make some that look like household fans from the 30’s?  There’s an Ikea-ish sense about these wind turbines, that becomes cloying after a couple of viewings.  Instead of Swedish, how about Myst?  Send out the contract to Aermotor?

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Discovery Channel:

Study: Cell Phones ‘Excite’ the Brain.  So cellphone addiction may be a reality.  I never could figure out why folks like to walk around with those bluetooth headsets mounted in their ears.  It’d drive me bonkers.  I know, I know ... headsets don’t radiate as cellphones do. Still.

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ABC News:

Sir Edmund Hilary rips Everest climbers for leaving a dying man.  Summiting, or saving a life.  You’d think the ethical dilemma would be simple.

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CNet News:

Microsoft shows off JPEG rival.  Smaller, less artifacts ... it’ll get used.

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Update your links ...

Booknotes has moved to Weblogger.com.

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NY Times:

Sans Makeup, S’il Vous PlaĆ®t.

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NY Times:

Lay and Skilling get fried.

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SF New Mexican:

New urbanism or same old sprawl?  Noone ever seems to look beyond town borders for ‘prior art’.  This is an extension of the malady I escaped from in Princeton, NJ; what we called “Plainsboro disease.”  Developers who put nothing into infrastructure, build wildly, shirk promises.  Taxes go up, the search for ratables starts, there goes the neighborhood.  I’ve warned about this in more than one venue, to fall on deaf ears.  All one can do is keep running from the sprawl.

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