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if you see a comet streaking through Santa Fe, brains leaking out the back, it’ll be me.  Later, taters.

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NY Times:

Has the Federal Government only just woken up to the fact that cheap Chinese manufacture is ... junk?  We’re getting flooded with the stories, now that they’ve been tipped off.  What rock have these supposed quality-checkers been under all this time?

06/29/07 • 09:25 AM • Consumption1 Comment

NY Times Science:

“Some 10,000 years ago, somewhere in the Near East, an audacious wildcat crept into one of the crude villages of early human settlers, the first to domesticate wheat and barley ...”  Where domestic cats come from.

06/29/07 • 09:23 AM • HistoryScience1 Comment

NY Times:

“Ratatouille” gets big thumbs up.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Albuquerque store Free Radicals keeps the counterculture alive and well.

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SF New Mexican:

Pregnant widow’s car recovered; photos missing.  Following up on the car story of the other day.

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SF New Mexican:

“Gov. Bill Richardson may be the only serious Hispanic presidential candidate in the 2008 campaign, but, according to a national poll released this week, he’s badly trailing Sen. Hillary Clinton and running third behind Obama among Hispanic voters.

Related: The AlbTrib thinks Bill’s doing better.

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One of those truly magical moments in music,

when the audience and the artist, meld into an expression of lovingkindness.  Rare for these trying days.  Thought I’d point it out, for those who might a renewal of faith.

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Washington Post:

Fed Leaves Interest Rates at 5.25 Percent.

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the equitable way to divvy up chores.  It even sends weekly chores by email.  Can’t argue now, except over relative difficulty per chore.  Via Lifehacker.

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Half-dollar sized hail, all of a sudden.  It’s moving south now.  If you’re driving down to Clines Corners, best wear goggles and a crash helmet.

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The art of condescension.

06/28/07 • 11:50 AM • HistoryHuman RightsLawPolitics1 Comment


Oil surges past $70 in the US.  Perhaps Santa Fe should hook up those old watering troughs and place hitching posts downtown.

06/28/07 • 11:27 AM • ConsumptionEconomicsHome & Living(2) Comments


Norway hosts witchcraft experts.

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Yoga School Dropout.”  After the report of a local yoga buff dying of complications from drinking the water in India, I thought this might help put some reality behind the romanticism.

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Times Online.UK:

‘I wish everybody, friend or foe, well. And that is that. The end’ ... and then he was gone.

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CSM Commentary:

A boomer revival.  The ‘encore’ career.

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Windows Live Folders Beta.

500 mb free online storage.  Via vowe.

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Private Facebook Pages Are Not So Private. “... users looking for privacy must also change their preferences under search, else their profiles will be indexed by internet search engine spiders and their names, photos and personal data fields will be searchable by any Facebook member who is a fellow member of a “group” such as a school or geographic area that the user elects to join.”

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Verse to make your garden rosy.  There has always been a mysterious magic to Shakespeare done in the outdoors, as if some sort of alchemical change is taking place in reality around you.

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Which Is the Most Influential Work of Art Of the Last 100 Years?

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David gets a wash in public.  Donatello’s, not Michaelangelo’s.  “When he was housed at the Uffizi Gallery at that time he was covered with a mixture of wax, oils and pigment to give him the same dark colour as the other sculptures.”

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NY Times Health:

Antidepressants Rated Low Risk in Pregnancy.  “... the studies did not include enough cases to adequately assess risk of many rare defects; nor did they include information on how long women were taking antidepressants or at what doses. The studies did not evaluate behavioral effects either; previous research has found that babies suffer withdrawal effects if they have been exposed to antidepressants in the womb, and that may have implications for later behavior.”

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NY Times Business:

A New Genre on Wall St.: Bailout Blog.

06/28/07 • 08:09 AM • EconomicsWeblogs • No Comments

Albuquerque Tribune:

Los Lunas Iraq war widow’s stolen car to be replaced.  Anyone wishing to donate to the car fund can call 505-768-4100.

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