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NY Times International:

Report Says Mitterrand Approved Sinking of Greenpeace Ship.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Krugman, Un-Spin the Budget.  “But the fact is that revenue remains far lower than anyone would have predicted before the tax cuts began. In January 2001 the budget office forecast revenues of $2.57 trillion in fiscal 2005. Even with the recent increase in receipts, the actual number will be at least $400 billion less.”  After the Reagan supply-side fiasco, I thought the Laffer Curve was forever banished.  The Reagan tax cuts on the rich never, ever came even within spitting distance of paying for themselves.  I never looked to relive history; indeed, I expressed this concern in the campaign of 2000, when Mr Bush leaned heavily upon these same bankrupt economic policies.

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Driving back from town,

there was a funnel cloud that touched down briefly between Eldorado and Lamy.  Bizarre to see the tall rectangular column.  It took a few seconds of looking at it for the reality to sink in.  Nobody else seemed to notice it.  Yep, it was sucking up dust and tumbleweeds.  It dissipated rather quickly, and now we’ve just got rumbles in the sky.  But damn, that was something to see.

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NY Times:

The Car Is for Kids, but Gramps Is Driving. Immediately after these heavily-researched vehicles were released, the trend was clear here in Santa Fe.  Older folks loved these vehicles.  I still maintain, there’s a huge market for a high-viewpoint four cylinder vehicle, if someone will have the guts to build it.

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Washington Post:

Transcript of an open discussion with Mike German, an ex-FBI Agent and Terrorism Analyst.  Gems within: “Carlos Marighella, a Brazillian Communist terrorist from the 1960’s wrote the ‘Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla’, a how-to manual for terrorists. In it he says the terrorist attack will draw an over-reaction from the government which will heighten oppression against the innocent and drive them to the cause of the terrorist. We need to start paying attention to what their goals are in devising our strategies.”  My italics.

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CSM Commentary:

The chilly ripple effect of a jailed reporter.  “‘Journalists are not entitled to promise complete confidentiality - no one in America is,’ Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald told the court.  That is debatable.  Confidentiality is observed in doctor-patient relations, priest-penitent relations, and, yes, lawyer-client relations.”  Repeats many other statements I’ve read, but that excerpt is worth pulling out and posting.

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‘Morning-after’ pill doesn’t increase unsafe sex.

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Blogs seen as powerful new tool in U.S. court fight.

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Not that kind of girl.  The growing pains of Charlotte Church as she approaches rock ‘n’ roll.

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NY Times Travel:

36 hours on Block Island, Rhode Island.  When I moved to Santa Fe, it was the light that caught me.  On the East Coast, Block Island has this same quality of light.  It’s a great place for photography.  My first trip over there was in stormy weather; on the ferry, gaps formed in the clouds, shining streams of light down into the ocean, making pools of deep green/blue that dotted alongside our wake.  Ethereal.  If I had a film scanner, I’d post some of my shots from the island.  Weekdays are better than weekends; less people.  But I would recommend not to miss the graveyard.  Take the time to read the inscriptions, and appreciate that the historical fishing life was a hard one.  Oh, and some bug spray.  You can stay away from the areas prone to biting flies and such, but you won’t want to.  The island is small enough to be circumnavigated by bike in a day, lingered over and sampled with a camera over three days.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Ian McEwan, The Surprise We Expected.  “The city will not recover Wednesday’s confidence and joy in a very long time. Who will want to travel on the Underground once it has been cleared? How will we sit at our ease in a restaurant, cinema or theater? And we will face again that deal we must constantly make and re-make with the state - how much power must we grant Leviathan, how much freedom will we be asked to trade for our security?” 

Mr. McEwan is quite downbeat, and I can appreciate the sentiment.  I was expecting at least a few pessimists to counter the defiant thrusts.  There is a huge unspoken in this article, that I feel will be misconstrued by Americans nervous over the Patriot Act ... British law is not our own.  Britain does not have our Miranda laws, for instance, and has other legal powers beyond what we’re commonly used to in America.  And there’s those lovely ‘Big Brother’ cameras in downtown London, that may prove to be invaluable. 

I’m not arguing for or against; I’m merely pointing out it will be interesting to see how swiftly these perpetrators get captured and identified; whether there’s an advantage to this more powerful police and anti-terror front.

Post-Madrid, even post-9/11, I would recommend all passengers (in any nation) on trains or buses, those partaking of restaurants or other venues, be rather vocal about abandoned packages and bags.  Simple situational awareness and asking “Is that somebody’s?” might go far to making everyone safer.  These zealots are attacking us, the common folk of Western Civilization.  I believe we must empower ourselves, in effective and acceptable ways, for protection.

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NY Times:

Couple Sentenced for Hiring Son a Stripper.  What?  No abstinence pledge?

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NY Times Technology:

Flickr becomes an essential resource; not just for journalists, but likely for law enforcement, I’d imagine.

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NY Times:

In London, timers, not suicide bombers.

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SF New Mexican:

Texas volunteers create Minutemen group, split from national.  Oh, do read the comments.

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SF New Mexican:

Wal-Mart one step closer to another S.F. store.  “But Consuelo Luz, a professional singer who opposes the project, said it was absurd to believe a new Wal-Mart would alleviate social problems when the firm fosters ‘sweat-shop’ conditions and pays wages so low that its workers are eligible for food stamps.  That prompted Commissioner Michael Trujillo to interrupt her. ‘I can’t listen to these people bash a company,’ he said, demanding that speakers stick to the land-use issues the commission must consider.”

The commenters at the bottom of the page pretty much take this apart; I must say Commissioner Trujillo needs to read more about Wal-Mart’s employment policies.  It’s not ‘bashing’, it’s a serious consideration.

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In the pink:

Mr. and Mrs. Broomeman are expecting a girl.  Congratulations, and best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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Fox News:

Appropriate source, I thought, to let slip this little bit of news (lost in more important items today) ... Florida Finds No Criminal Activity in Schiavo Collapse; Probe Over.  “... the most likely cause of Schiavo’s collapse remains the one already advanced — an eating disorder.”

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Iranians to train Iraq’s military.  “‘No one can prevent us from reaching an agreement,’ Mr Shamkhani said when asked about possible US opposition.”

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AmericasRoof News:

Is New Mexico Going to Sue to Take Guadalupe Peak From Texas?  Straighten our southern border, get more water, and steal Texas’ highest peak?  Good deal!  Via email, from Knick-Knack.

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The Economist, Opinion:

London Under Attack.  A clean and clinical analysis of the bombings, their meaning, and the likely results. 

If you’re tired of the American 24/7 news-regurgitation machine, you can’t do much better than this one article.  You can then turn off the boob tube for the rest of the week, likely, and respectfully honor the dead and wounded.

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Boston Globe:

Slow progress seen on cutting jet fuel tank risk.  I saw a television science program in the 80’s, I believe, about a Canadian inventor who came up with the concept of an open mesh that is placed inside the tanks.  The mesh prevents explosive expansion, keeping the flame isolated to the damaged area.  The weight and volume of the mesh was negligible, but apparently airlines had nixed it because of a perceived profitability hit; passenger capacity vs. safety.  The only reference I’ve been able to find is on this site, see on the right hand side, “Gas Tank Explosions Preventable.”

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Is it me,

or is CNN turning into a sensationalist rag?  Those headlines (“WE WERE WAITING TO DIE!”, and others, in title type).  Jeez.

Later: “LONDON BOMBERS HUNTED.”  Even better, a link to compete with having your fingernails pulled out: “Watch: Minute by minute.”

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The aftermath of the London bus bomb.  Scroll down to “Watched by Gandhi.”  Via Euan, who’s OK.

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NY Times Editorial:

Judith Miller goes to jail.  “... we remain convinced that the public wins in the long run and that what is at stake is nothing less than our society’s perpetual bottom line: the citizens control the government in a democracy.  We stand with Ms. Miller and thank her for taking on that fight for the rest of us.”

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