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SF New Mexican:

Raising for the roof.  Re-roofing an historical chapel in SF.  “The Rosario Chapel was built on the site where Don Diego de Vargas is believed to have knelt in 1692. There, he made a promise to an image of La Conquistadora that if—after the Pueblo Revolt—he could reconquer Santa Fe peacefully, he would honor the saint with an annual celebration—the Fiesta de Santa Fe—for years to come.”  Read more on the Pueblo Revolt, a historical chapter that underlays many modern racial and cultural issues in SF.

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CNN Health:

Synchronizing sex: Time to harmonize your hormones.  “Passion is fueled by dopamine, and dopamine is fueled by novelty.”  Paging Ms Hurst, of Novelty Candles ... though all I can find a screen grab of is Ms Belfridge ...

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Drug could reverse effects of macular degeneration.  But at such a cost.

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Exquisitely bronzed

naked ass in front of the Lensic Theatre at night.

Now, now ... am I responsible for your imagination?

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Marijuana may stave off Alzheimer’s.  But isn’t “memory loss, impaired decision-making, diminished language and movement skills” the definition of being high?

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Some women may see 100 million colors, thanks to their genes.  No wonder I’ve had so many arguments with art directors of the female persuasion.  I’ll shut my trap from now on; if they see a color shading, I’ll believe it.

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‘Monster’ fossil find in Arctic.

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Washington Post:

Waterboarding Historically Controversial.  “In 1947, the U.S. called it a war crime; in 1968, it reportedly caused an investigation.”

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NY Times:

Singing the praises of the non-Nano.  “It’s not that I don’t like it; I just don’t like the whole cult mentality towards Apple. I don’t like how everyone gravitates toward it immediately.”  It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as it works for you.  Some wise person once said, advertising is not necessary until there is little difference between products.

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SF New Mexican:

Area code decision delayed by heavy response.  I don’t want a new area code, because I don’t want to have to re-print my expensive business cards, letterhead, envelopes ... all that business communication I have to eat the cost of.  In a design-related industry, your ID has to wow, and wow costs money.

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NY Times Business:

Oil Prices Rise on Reports of Possible OPEC Cuts.  Some of the more conservative sites have been crowing about lowering energy prices as a boon for the fall election.  OPEC made clear at least a couple of months ago, they will not allow the price per barrel to drop below $60.  Watch, as the high-gas-price blame game gets redirected from ill-conceived nation-building and foreign policy jitters to that ‘bad old OPEC’ once again.

Related: The Energy Diet.

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SF New Mexican:

Bomb scare forces school evacuation.  Perhaps this is linked as a copycat to current school violence, but perhaps not.  I understand from some locals that it is apparently a longtime ‘school tradition’ to pull fire alarms or phone in scares to get out of exams.  A local firefighter was on the news, calling this ‘an act of terrorism.’  Kids don’t understand the differentiation between ‘prank’ and ‘terrorism’, less still do they seem to understand the ramifications that are likely to descend upon such pranks.

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Clinton interview on Fox News leads to spitting match over which President did most to bring Bin Laden down.

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Times Online.UK:

Pope tries to win hearts and minds by saving souls of unbaptised babies.  One of my big gripes with the historical Catholic Church, allayed.  Imagine the millions of mothers over the last two thousand years who spend a lifetime praying for their dead infants’ limbo-lost souls.  It’s about time.

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Psychology Today:

Humor’s Sexual Side.  Klingons, I suppose, have a more healthy psychology when it comes to powerful women; love comes from strength, not weakness.  There’s something inherently creepy about the fact that modern relationship is greased by low self-esteem. Where better to give your best, than in relationship?

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

“There are two possibilities. Maybe we’re alone. Maybe we’re not. Both are equally frightening.”  And compelling.

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‘NewsHour’ faulted for lack of diversity.  Hmmm.  A news show should probably break down partisan sources by electorate (balance of political philosophy in the populace), rather than electee (percentages of the House and Senate).  One is liquid, one is cast in stone for a long period.  Shows how thoroughly the ‘left’ tag has been tarred and feathered, however.

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FCC gets earful blasting at media limits hearing.  End the monopolies.

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NY Times Art & Design:

Nothing Is Sacred, as Looters Rob Mexican Churches of Colonial Treasures.  Some of these items are turning up in the art market of Santa Fe here.  But then, various statues and sculptures are being stolen from Canyon Road ... perhaps, in good NAFTA fashion, bronze is being melted down and transported back ... ?

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Rob Galbraith:

Photokina 2006 wrap-up.  Discussion of adapters to fit new Zeiss lenses on Canon EOS DSLRs, etc.

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American Heritage:

America unabridged, a bibliography of American history.  Digging at used book stores, you can find anthologies that lead you to out-of-print books that give better flavor of certain eras [no revisionism], but still ... this isn’t bad at all.  Via NewMexiKen.

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NY Times Washington:

In Bill’s Fine Print, Millions to Celebrate Victory.  I sure wish they’d included a definition of what victory looked like.  I’m getting mighty sick of this little addendum, tacked onto so many news reports of late: “... Republicans are likely to portray as an effort to embarrass them five weeks before the midterm election.”  Any critique is a ‘planned attack’ or ‘orchestrated embarrassment’.  I would suggest it is the predictable defensiveness over the familiar corruptions of an embedded majority.  They protesteth too much, with too little action, in my opinion.

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NY Times:

A Secret Society, Spilling a Few Secrets.  In the interest of drumming up higher membership.

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SF New Mexican:

Clear Channel is selling local KBAC radio to a Christian broadcasting group.

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SF New Mexican:

The city’s lamenting running out of pot(s) ...

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