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I have officially changed political sides.

I’ve gone Canon SLR system, over my beloved Nikons.  I will all but abandon 35mm.  I am now shooting a Canon EOS 20D, as of a couple of days ago.  My prime reasons are:  Nikon *still* has no full-frame hardware, Nikon’s image quality is consistently lower than Canon’s, the Fuji S3 Pro does not meet my particular requirements.  It’s a huge step, and not one taken lightly.  I have to sell or trade all my Nikon gear, relens myself, and then purchase a backup.

I’ve spent the last week, nearly sleeplessly, arguing with myself.  I have projects in-house that cannot wait for the Nikon D100 replacement (and probable 20D competitor), nor could I argue myself into accepting the lightweight build quality, the moiré and other issues of the D70.  The moiré risk alone would become a post-production nightmare; New Mexico is all patterns and lines.  Likewise, I wanted more comprehensive white balance adjustment capabilities, and the 20D fulfilled my requirements.

The 20D is, so far, glass-smooth in image quality.  The operation is pretty intuitive, especially coming from the Canon Powershot G5.  The 18-55 lens is a piece of junk, soon to be replaced, but I seem to have lucked onto a really well-built one.  I doubt it will hold up over time.  Some folks complain that the 20D is noisier than the 10D; silly.  They should hear my F4S or F3/MD4 at full shred during Indian Market.  This is perfectly fine, though surreptitious street photography a la Powershot will take a little more finesse.  5FPS is plenty for me; I tap short bursts of 3 normally.  The camera’s a bit small for my big paws, however.  There are reports of problems with the grip extender/battery pack, so I’ll put that on the the shelf for future consideration.

My workflow should stay largely similar to what I used for the Powershot G5.  Canon Digital Photo Professional is interesting, but some report better results with the EOS Viewer Utility.  I’ve been using BreezeBrowser on Reid’s recommend, and I believe I’ll probably continue in that fashion once they complete their 20D support.

I’ll keep y’all updated.

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Digital “fill-flash.”  Otherwise known as making something resembling chicken salad out of chicken scratch ...

11/26/04 • 09:05 AM • Photography1 Comment

NY Times:

Young girl is first to survive rabies without a shot.

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Today is

Black Friday.  Not to be confused with this one, or this.

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Boston Herald:

Economic “armageddon” predicted.  Via MeFi.

11/24/04 • 06:58 AM • Economics1 Comment

Reason Online:

De Omnibus Disputandum.  The government should count on webloggers for fact-checking?

11/23/04 • 06:31 PM • Politics1 Comment

American Press Institute:

The Journalists Toolbox.

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London Review of Books:

Dedicated to Democracy.  Ah, leads off with one of my favorite “Bonzo” quotes.

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The Economist:

Buttonwood, The Dollar’s Demise.  “It is hard to imagine its hegemony remaining unchallenged when so many will have lost so much. And doubly so given that America has abused the dollar’s reserve-currency role so egregiously that its finances now look more like those of a banana republic than an economic superpower.”  My italics.

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I have to clear a space for a cord of wood to be delivered.  Back later.

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As you will probably hear elsewhere,

multiple times, the blogslinger is back.

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pounded in snow here.  About eight to ten inches, here east of Santa Fe.  Heavy, and wet.  Many of my trees have been cracked and broken from the weight.  I’m outside shoveling ... just yell real loud, and I might get back to the computer ...

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CJR Daily

posts its flag firmly in reality.

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Photographs tell the story of “improving” Stonehenge.

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NY Times:

Giving the Law a Religious Perspective.  “The prevailing orthodoxy at the elite law schools is an extreme rationalism that draws a strong distinction between faith and reason ...”  My italics.  Sounds like narrow-focus fideism.  See ‘faith and reason.’

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NY Times:

Old-Car Itch? Here’s a Club to Scratch It.  I think my first choice is an old 30’s/40’s/50’s pickup, restored ... for a daily driver.  Second choice would be a Chevy Cheetah.  Much further down on my dream list, would be the frogeye Sprite, pictured in this article.  Non-synchro first and reverse ... straight-cut gears.  Make sure you’re completely stopped before engaging.  And horrendous bump-steer.  But they look so cool ...

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NY Times:

Buy a diner, $33,500.  Nonreturnable.

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NY Times:

Big Hamilton Show Fails to Draw Crowds.  Overhead, somewhere, Aaron is rubbing his hands together, giddy with glee.

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SF New Mexican:

This art really bites.

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The Franklin Institute’s heart remains healthy.  Amazed to see it’s still around.  I walked through it in 3rd grade ... that would be 1966.  Not many attractions stick around that long, and remain popular.  I’ve got my Institute coin squirreled away somewhere ...

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*Sigh* ...

what Rafe said.

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S3 Pro samples, sample 2 looks to have jaggies and moire issues in hair texture, similar to my old Kodak DC-4800.

11/20/04 • 07:14 AM • Photography(5) Comments


On Derrida and relativism.  Misrepresentational polarisation is in fashion in all disciplines ... not just politics.

11/20/04 • 07:09 AM • Scholarly(2) Comments

NY Times Fashion:

Dark thoughts on the season’s bright palette.  “Sadly, fashionable women who happen to despise the color of the moment (which is set years in advance by trend forecasting companies paid by design houses) can’t banish it from the streets. Instead they cope, using a range of tactics eerily similar to the five stages of grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, for the intrepid, acceptance (in small doses).”  There’s always black.

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NY Times:

Devastation, now salvage, page-by-page.  Echoes of “The Name of the Rose.”

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