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I had a very productive day today.  I got to revisit images I’d used three years ago for a website.  Advances in Photoshop and associated filters allowed me to make better chicken salad from the chicken scratch.  That, and my color balancing/retouching skills have increased.  Nice to be able to see concrete evidence of advancement.  Do the web programming/Photoshop work every day, the incremental increases in editing power go by without recognition.  Today was a sledgehammer to the side of the head, helping me recognize how far we’re coming along.  Bizarre, perhaps, to say it gave me the warm fuzzies.  But it did.

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Stephen Hawking

flies in physicality, as he has been doing in physics.

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diet blog:

This is what 300 calorie meals look like. I need to get in shape for late spring & summer hiking.  This looks like hell.  Can’t excel unless one trains.  Bite the bullet (and hopefully, saltpetre’s filling) ... Via Lifehacker.

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Text reveals more ancient secrets.

“For as ‘foot’ is ambiguous when applied to an animal and to a bed, so are ‘with feet’ and ‘without feet’. So by ‘in species’ here [Aristotle] is saying ‘in formula’.

For if it ever happens that the same name indicates the differentiae of genera that are different and not subordinate one to the other, they are at any rate not the same in formula.”

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A List Apart/Borkweb:

CSS sprites, image concatenation.  You say tomato, I say tomatoe ...

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Hacking Your Body’s Bacteria for Better Health.

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Giant fossil rainforest unearthed.  “The exquisitely preserved remains were unearthed in a US coalmine in Illinois, and date back to 300 million years ago.”

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National Geographic:

1,000 Black Holes Revealed in New Sky Survey.  Bah, not as many holes as in Blackburn, Lancashire ...

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Times Online.UK:

“In 2003, when General Colin Powell came to the UN to make the case for war, the image was discreetly swathed in a blue shroud. How could the general make the case for bombing Baghdad with the most powerful indictment of aerial bombing openly accusing him a few yards away?”

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Times Online.UK:

Hackers hijack Google AdWords.

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Happy B-day,

Woody and Mark.

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NY Times, Books:

“He’s the only poet I ever seen what was fed on raw meat.”

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NY Times Travel:

36 Hours in Key West, Fla.  Hard as they try, it doesn’t sound like Hemingway would waste his time.

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The FCC wants to kill your TV in the name of saving your children.  “Dirty Harry” was the archetype of movie violence, because you wanted to kill the SOB even more than Harry did by the end of the film.  Everyone feels the catharsis at the end of that film, on first viewing ... no matter if they’re progressive, conservative, religious, or atheist.  All felt that urge to kill.  That’s media violence. Few movies or television programs have even the modicum of filmmaker skill to elicit that sort of response.  Yet the modern-day trivialization of weapons and their effects brings other problems.  Youths believe walking away from bullet wounds is reality.  One can’t forget that kids, in the absence of any other evidence, will believe what they see.  Think of the “Jackass” series.  It would be nice if the industry restrained itself, policed itself ... but as with any corporation, they’re focused on profit alone.  FCC will try oversight, and probably fail.  Education is the best inoculation.  Has been in the past, always will be.

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WSJ Opinion Journal:

Keep moving.  I’ve talked about the earnest Santa Fe art-tourist ... brand-new walking sneakers, socks pulled up to the knees, khaki walking shorts, short sleeve button shirt ... briskly striding from gallery to gallery, in order to “do” Canyon Road.  A glance at each piece is the experience of art.  Our short-attention-span society extends to all ages nowadays, it is not just a stereotype for ‘youngsters.’

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NY Times:

... and ranks of stringed instruments sing thee to thy rest.

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SF New Mexican:

Post pictures on MySpace, get in trouble with school authorities.  Now that’s a meta link.  How many times is this scenario being played out across the country?

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Quake brings WWII PT boat up from ocean floor.  Play with Google Earth over the South Pacific atolls, you’ll see plenty of war materiel underwater.

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NY Times:

George Washington Letter Found in Scrapbook.  “I don’t think you have to read between the lines to see that his position was sympathetic to the strong, nationalist implications of Alexander Hamilton and James Madison.”  Hardly a stunning revelation.  Hamilton was a favorite, Madison was a fellow Virginian.

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most could give a monkeys.  Precious few even remember the event ... nor do I expect reference to be made every time there’s a ‘day in the life’ project. I smile, though.  None of the current photo communities have learned all the lessons BTC taught.  Perhaps someday I’ll leverage them.

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SF New Mexican:

Group gets new look at state’s uninsured.  Health insurance.  Not what I expected, certainly.  “Many New Mexicans have only part-year health coverage; they “churn” in and out of the system, which creates high administrative costs. More importantly, this population tends to be less healthy than the full-year insured population.”

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SF New Mexican:

National debate: Richardson makes points, but fails debate challenge.  “The only reason I’m not (calling for his [Gonzales’] resignation) is because he’s Hispanic, and I know him and like him.”  Surely competence at the job should rate higher than race or friendship.

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SF New Mexican:

Forest service aims to wipe out weed, plant by plant.  Come and pull weeds in the Santa Fe National Forest.

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Smashing Magazine:

11 almost-perfect business layouts.”  Subjective territory is always dangerous territory to tread.

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Plug in your Moleskine via USB.  Well, not really.  Keep a fire extinguisher around, if you use a 10k drive.

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