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Oh, it’s all our fault, is it?

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SF New Mexican:

Cormac McCarthy wins the Pulitzer.  Congratulations, sir.

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Final Cut Pro is now a format prostitute. How’s that for politically correct?  Anyway, avoiding transcoding is an excellent thing.  God, the nightmares I went through transcoding in the old days ... bleeding red horizontal lines, smudgy blues ... blech.

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Daytona Beach News-Journal:

Depleted uranium is raising its ugly head, once again. With more traction this time?

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Hacking Ubuntu to Improve Performance.

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Smashing Magazine:

Designing by the grid ... a rather comprehensive list of links.

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dhtml site:

20 free image gallery and slide show scripts.

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Here’s a trick that’ll come in very handy at some point: Build A Lightweight CMS Using .htaccess.

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Freelance Switch:

101 Essential Freelancing Resources.

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Globe and Mail.CA:

Michael Ondaatje, on writing.

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Denver Post:

Eyes on Gehry for Santa Fe.  Question is, can he design with adobe brick?

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Nefertiti Is Too Fragile to Visit Egypt, German Minister Says.

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Toledo Blade Discovers Dozens Of Doctored Detrich Photos.  We’ve reached that sweet spot, it seems, where experienced photographers have finally climbed the learning curve of Photoshop, and can’t resist the siren song of manipulation.

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Sports Shooter

is starting a column on ethics of photojournalism.  Via Rob Galbraith.

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Adobe shipping CS3.

And Creative Suite 3.  More info.

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NY Times Travel:

Ecolodges, Local Culture as Part of the Green Experience.

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NY Times Automobiles:

Airstream: The Concept Travels Well.  Check the slide show for Dick Cheney’s Airstream, and the Ford Airstream concept car.

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NY Times T Style Magazine:

Vision quest.  “Photography is all about manipulation, and as it’s evolved, it’s become more manipulative in every way. I’ve never seen photography as a truthful medium. It’s about individual perceptions of reality, and that’s what people want to see.”

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NY Times Other Sports:

Wind and Rain Slow Boston Marathon.  My sister’s running in this today ... say warm, Sis!

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Navajo Times:

“It’s safe to say the dirt road heading west from Pinon got more grading in the last three days than it’s had in 10 years.”  Extreme Makover, Home Edition hits Navajo country.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Blogging the war.  Many news organizations are following this story of a weblogger working from the Green Zone.  NPR on the phenom. Her weblog, direct.  The overall opinion of webloggers on this venture seems somewhat mixed, as one would expect.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Water pipe parlors have descended on the Duke City, offering hipsters a smoky repose.  “... a ‘South Beach-style club’ for people age 18 and over, with plush, secluded seating; deep red walls; a VIP room with a stripper pole; wireless Internet; shadow dancing; and a DJ on Tuesday nights.”

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Prolific this morning,

aren’t I?  Had a great weekend, hard to get any weblogging traction.

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Is anyone running an Apple flatscreen monitor

on a PC?  What graphics card do you use?

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Gear Diary:

Okay, I never do cat links. Ever. I’ll break that habit for this one link: Mystery cat with regular bus route.  That’s pretty cool.

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