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NY Times Op-Ed:

Krugman, Inventing a Crisis.  Unfortunately, it is not the Republicans who raised this to ‘crisis.’  We Democrats have been complicit in raising this problem to ‘national crisis’ hysteria.  It’s been incoherently babbled about so long and loud, whose projections can one believe?  I think increasing the age of retirement, commensurate with our increase on longevity, is one part of the answer.  We’ve already got investment vehicles like 401(k)s and IRAs; do we need another?  The real elephant in the room is how to get Americans to increase their savings.  It’s never been answered by *any* Administration, nor will it be answered by this one, unfortunately.

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NY Times:

Yin/Yang.  Rumsfeld sees pullout in four years, CIA offers warnings on Iraq.

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SF New Mexican:

There’s a living wage mandate, and then there are those businesses who pay more than minimum wage for minimum wage jobs.  And succeed.

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I just have to make a comment over, “House ready to pass intelligence bill.”  If only it were so easy to impart intelligence to that branch of the government ...

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CNN Money:

Job-cutting worst in 2 1/2 years.  If the retail season plays out as Wal-Mart expects, this will likely get worse.

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Yes, indeed.

We are five.  Indomitable as the Borg Collective, our subset of the ‘historical’ ETP community tip the scales into our sixth year.  Sure enough, my old site is still up.  Happy blogday, one and all.

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DP Review:

Update 1.1 for the EOS 20D.  Saw this mentioned in various boards last night, but only released in Japan.  Thanks, Sam, for waking me up with this.  Adds languages, but fixes horizontal ‘banding’ problems in high ISO’s with flash.

Later: The message board conspiracy-mongers seem happy with this update.  I’ll wait a bit longer to make sure the firmware update is ‘solid’ (no beta-testing for me, thanks). Interestingly, 1Ds Mark II user posts his ‘banding’ issues.

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Still very busy here,

but the backlog should clear soon.

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New ...

BreezeBrowser Pro.

Later: Just upgraded.  For the 20D, EOS Viewer Utility and Digital Photo Professional were pretty slow; slow enough that I considered what I was going to do to upgrade my processor.  BreezeBrowser Pro cooks.  The thumbnail screen draws almost faster than I can see it, whereas the Canon utilities drag on for minutes.  Faster to process my big 20D files than the previous version processed my *smaller* Powershot G5 files.  And the “smart noise reduction” seems to remove any banding issues ... though I have yet to do a comparison with Noise Ninja.  Very welcome to have my ‘normal’ workflow back again.

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Bones Suggest Women Went to War in Ancient Iran.  Sounds heavier-duty than Xena or Sandahl Bergman.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe National Forest expands.  Not directly connected with this article, developers have been putting houses on top of the foothills just above 10,000 Waves Spa on the road to the Ski Basin, marring the views.  Not just houses; small hotels more like.  Big houses.

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wood s lot:

Celebrate Rilke’s birthday.

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Great site.

dg28.com, where every photo is a lesson.

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Fred Miranda’s

got a sharpening plugin specifically for the 20D.  PC, Mac.  Hot dog.  Any chance of a custom ISOX?

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Wal-Mart Launches Rare Newspaper Ad Blitz.  The Thanksgiving weekend figures must’ve been really, *really* bad.

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NJ.com/Trenton Times:

One of our favorite Princeton High School teachers, Mr Prezioso, passed away.  I’m doing the “Prezioso walk” in honor of this good man [in-joke].  Rest in peace, sir.

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Chilling effect:

I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the Sony vs. Kottke issue.  *Sigh.*  I guess I’m somewhat surprised that webloggers have enjoyed comparative freedom as long as we have.  Many of us expected something like this back in 2000.  For commercial ventures, controlling public opinion is a primary marketing thrust; can’t allow free speech outside of approved, influenceable or controllable channels.  In a wider view, I can’t help but think this is the tip of a coming iceberg, a litigious ‘chilling effect’ over webloggers and weblogging.  When you can’t be one person with a weblog, wielding your right to freedom of expression ... the medium’s dead.

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The Economist:

Buttonwood, What’s up with gold?

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The trend of switching from abstraction to representation.  So, when will the trend towards reductionism in modern photography return to more representational roots?  Matter of time ...

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Climb down out of your carriage, have a gourmet meal, sleep in a centrally heated hotel.  Victorian?  No, Roman.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

On dystopia.

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NY Times:

Alicia Markova passes away.  Rest in peace, good lady.

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SF New Mexican:

Talk prairie dog.  I can do the whistle, but I’m damned if I can fit in one of their holes.

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NY Times:

Perhaps the great pull-back is starting.  First Wal-Mart lowers expectations, now hiring is dropping.  It’s going to happen sometime.  As I’ve said, batten your personal financial hatches, quick.

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The abstinence course issue is pretty grotesque.  Bad enough in the so-called “liberal”  ‘70’s walking out of a sex ed course, and hearing guys trying to figure out just exactly what was supposed to happen in a vagina.  “Do you urinate, or what?”  The concept of keeping sex mysterious is an industrial-age ‘gift’ to religion; everyone else in history had domestic animals.  Children understood sex from a very, very early age.

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