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Democrats vow to block pay raises until minimum wage increased.  *Now* yer talkin’.  Whoever breaks ranks is a wimp, a wuss, and deserves to be flayed by the left-wing press.

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Yahoo, Traveling Light:

McDonalds as postmodern sanctum for world travelers.

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Single-sex schools ‘no benefit for girls.’  It is more complicated than just statistically analyzing single-sex education.  Teaching style, culture, everything must impact the results.  Interesting, but not groundbreaking.

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Boston Globe:

Ready for a pill that turbocharges your memory?

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NY Times:

Bush Ignores Laws He Inks, Vexing Congress.  The separation of powers has disappeared into a monopower, and Congress is just waking up to the fact.

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NY Times Art & Design:

For a New Paris Museum, Jean Nouvel Creates His Own Rules.  “... Mr. Nouvel did not want to impose Western technological values on a building devoted to non-Western art.”

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SF New Mexican:

US to deploy PAC-3 interceptor missiles in southern Japan for the first time.  I didn’t catch this in other media sources.

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NY Times Environment:

How to Cool a Planet (Maybe).

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SF New Mexican:

LANL wants to beef up stock of nuke triggers.  “The plan is laid out in a draft environmental plan posted on the lab’s Web site. The public has 60 days to comment on the proposal.”  Let ‘em know what we all think, here in NM.  Rocky Flats was no picnic, and we don’t want that here ... especially once we start tapping the Rio, downstream of Los Alamos.

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NY Times Opinion:

Subway Groping: Women Speak Out.  The next-to-last; ‘travel with Tolstoy.’

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NY Times:

Historic Literary Couple Are Reunited After 142-Year Separation.  Nathaniel Hawthorne is ‘reunited’ with his wife and daughter.

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Surgeon general: No safe level of secondhand smoke.

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Keep your brain challenged.

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Gay pride on the Plaza,

Saturday.  Click the image to open a popup window (600k Flash file; too many folks stealing bandwidth of late):


A good time was had by all.  Particularly myself, shooting with the 100-400 IS L lens, as you can see.  Thanks to the Santa Fe Camera Center for the rental!

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Debut Images,

unpolished images for your artwork.”  All taken with ‘old fashion’ (sic) cameras.  Can’t wait to see a Yves Saint Laurent camera, can you?

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Cubicle Cooties.

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Washington Post:

Rowling to Kill Two in Final ‘Potter’ Book.  Premeditated murder?

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Study suggests link between Parkinson’s disease and pesticides.  And more detail.  If you have small children, do err on the side of safety.  I think of those with pets who routinely have their homes sprayed.  Oh, and this initial linkage includes even small amounts of DDT.

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Embattled buns.  “Of the 280-plus species under consideration for listing, the average wait so far is 17 years, the CBD found. Among those, 79 percent have been waiting to get on the list for at least 10 years, 38 percent have waited for 20 years, and 28 percent have waited since 1975.”

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DP Review:

Adobe buys RawShooter technology.  As long as they reign in the default level of sharpening ...

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The New Criterion:

The forgotten founder: John Witherspoon.  Forgotten, unless you lived in Princeton and went to John Witherspoon School.  Witherspoon ended the “Princeton Curse”; all his predecessors died of tragic illnesses in the Presidency of the college, some within weeks of taking office.  He was the last in Princeton’s history to die in office, after having served for longer that the sum total of the previous five officeholders.  This review seems bent on emphasizing the religious aspects of Witherspoon, when in Princeton he’s best known for the fact he saw no conflict between faith and reason.  He broadened the Calvinist philosophy of the College of New Jersey to include humanities, chemistry, mathematics, physics, astronomy, etc., even using today’s “scientific method” of testing theory.

If he stands forgotten, it is a shame. He is interred in the “President’s Plot” in Princeton Cemetery, where many other famous Revolutionary era individuals lie.

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“The average worker spends two hours a day answering phonecalls, emails and pointless questions about who ate the last Hobnob.”  Oh, I like this: “Cutting 2cm off the front legs of a chair makes it just uncomfortable enough to keep visits short.”  No time-release gags for those who have an overabundance of blather?

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SF New Mexican:

Forest Service workers report growing dangers on the job.  The National Parks have had to deal with the necessity of more police-trained ‘rangers.’  Now the Forest Service also.

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Busy today.

Links later.

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Sunset this evening:


sunset this evening.

Screwing around with a rented 100-400 IS L.  Heavy, but absolutely hand-holdable.  Bang off lots of frames, however.  Birds *hate* white lenses, I’ve found out ...

06/25/06 • 08:09 PM • General(3) Comments
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