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Washington Post:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .....

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Veer Blog:

Prada Marfa.  The Marfa lights aren’t UFOs, they’re twinkletoes.

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On refinery capacity.  Point (article), counterpoint (pdf).

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Washington Post:

Report Warns Democrats Not to Tilt Too Far Left.  As I predicted in early ‘04, the party who captures the center, the greatest number of moderates, would win.  History shows this clearly.  The Democratic Party now needs to find, and promote, their politicians who embody the characteristics mentioned in this article ... rather than continue to reinvent the existing leading political lights with every change in ideological wind direction.

And, as I’ve said a million times, the Hispanic vote is not a one-party vote.  I swear I’ll kick the shins of the next Democrat who mouths this cliche.

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The Economist:

How should evolution be taught in schools? This being America, judges will decide.  “In the Dover case, intelligent design appears to have found unusually clueless champions. If the plaintiffs’ testimony is accurate, members of the school board made no effort until recently to hide their religious agenda. For years, they expressed pious horror at the idea of apes evolving into men and tried to make science teachers teach old-fashioned creationism.”

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Experience needed? The long history of nonjudge justices.

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The Economist:

An award for the struggling nuclear detectives.  “In all of human history, no civilisation has ever voluntarily laid down its most powerful weapons. It remains to be seen whether ours can be the first.”

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The Economist:

A worrying political outlook.  Sounds to me like the US should have ignored the anti-Kurd-homeland sentiments, and split Iraq into three separate entities.

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US Economy lost 35,000 jobs in September.  Both good and bad contained within, but the upshot is, the Fed will likely continue to raise interest rates.

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Knittin’ and bloggin’.

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NY Times Arts:

A Noble Family’s German Castle Empties Its Attic for Sotheby’s.  History, on the auction block.  Any bargain rapiers? I’ll take one.

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New York Sun:

Moral Luck & the Iraq War.  “Mr. Packer uncovers a document called ‘A Unified Mission Plan for Post-Hostilities Iraq,’ marked ‘Initial Working Draft’ and dated April 16, 2003 - a week after Baghdad fell. A young occupation official, Drew Erdmann, had to use a Lonely Planet guide to draw up a list of Baghdad sites to be protected from looting.”

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NY Times Op-Chart:

Closing the Hurricane Gap.

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NY Times:

G.E. Commits to Dredging 43 Miles of Hudson River.

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NY Times:

After Delay, U.S. Faces Line for Flu Drug.

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SF New Mexican:

Experts: No end in sight for New Mexico drought.  We had no significant ‘monsoon season’ this year; we’ve had a little precip as the seasons change, but nowhere near enough.

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SF New Mexican:

African “killer bees” have arrived in the Santa Fe area.

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Follow Me Here:

Some suggestions for surviving a flu pandemic.

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Second expert resigns over FDA delay.  Over the delaying tactics preventing “Plan B” contraceptives from being sold over-the-counter.  Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme ... pennyroyal and blue cohosh ...

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NY Times Breaking News:

New York Increases Subway Security After Notice of Threat.  Friends and family, walk for a bit.  Please.

Later: I caught it on first mention.  Now, “The intelligence community has concluded that this information is of doubtful credibility.”  Even so, local late news is headlining this story, without giving any clarifications, and some following up with interviews of Albuquerque’s “evacuation preparedness.”  This story seems planned to sow panic.

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Another Shakespeare theory.  The fact is, scholars know more about William S. than any other Elizabethan playwright.  It seems some wish his biography to be bigger and more significant than his canon.  They seek to sever the hand of the author from his works ... “Bear thou my hand ... between thy teeth.” [Titus Andronicus]

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Republicans Eye Killing NEA, CPB.  Oh, and US News & World Report is cutting science, health and culture [NYT].

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NYT, WaPo:

New Questions From the Right On Court Pick, Conservatives Confront Bush Aides.  As if to say: “No compromise!  We’re the majority, give us a hardened ideologue. Roosevelt had cojones.  Where are yours?”  In the meantime, I’m damned if I’m grateful for Miers ...

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Washington Post:

Frank Riper, portrait shooting By Any Light That’s Available.

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Washington Post:

Test shows vaccine blocks cervical cancer.  “The first large study of an experimental cervical cancer vaccine found it was 100 percent effective, in the short term, at blocking the most common forms of the disease ...”  Good news for the ladies.

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