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SF New Mexican:

Senate rejects limits on cluster bombs.  Shame, shame.  Unexploded cluster bombs end up killing kids.  And whose bright idea was it to paint them the same color as ‘food packets’?

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SF New Mexican:

The American city that does the most saving?  Los Alamos.

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SF New Mexican:

Chunk of car makes stop in court.  No information on why the car rolled over, but having a dog in your lap would seem to add an amount of uncertainty to the outcome of a rollover (loose projectile).  Read the comments, I don’t have anything to add. 

Just an aside, I see too many people driving around town with their ‘precious doggies’ in their laps while they drive ... and I know at least one person who has incurred major medical bills and lifelong debilitation because of being hit by one of these irresponsible individuals.  Misplaced priorities ― snuggling their dog is more important than a human life?  Of course, use of cell phones while driving is just as bad ... but cell phones don’t jump around and interfere with steering and pedal operation.

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SF New Mexican:

We burn “Old Man Gloom” tonight.  Just about everyone in town closes early to go get schnockered.

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The Economist:

“For now, Iraq is in a peculiar state: it has a national unity government under foreign military occupation that is trying to stop a low-level civil war from becoming all-out.

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sofa bunk bed.

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Pakistan signs peace deal with pro-Taliban militants.  Restrictions on military aid and arms transfers should revert back to pre-9/11 levels, immediately.  Democrats should jump on this today; too often the US tends to sloppily leave this kind of thing in place, and then later the alligator we’ve inadvertently raised comes along to bite us in the ... you know.

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A 24 inch iMac, Core Duo, a little earlier in the year, might have brought me back to Apple.  Then again, I haven’t been impressed with the performance of my Pentium D processor in my relatively new desktop Vaio; at times, my much older AMD Athlon system blows it away.

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NY Times Opinion:

The Other Victims of Sept. 11.  Looking through my archives, the first post about air quality shows up on September 14.  “smoke and dust may cause collateral deaths.

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NY Times:

9/11 Leaves Its Mark on History Classes.  Less inward, more outward.

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“Carbon dioxide levels are substantially higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years, the latest study of ice drilled out of Antarctica confirms.”

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As blame gets shifted

over to the Clinton Administration for 9/11 once again, old news reports are also resurfacing ... in this case, the one that was hacked onto the Drudge site in 2002. Found it on one of the aggregator sites, being treated as if it were a ‘new’ discovery; the universe of weblogs keeps giving and giving and giving ... repeating information in a mobius loop.  Aggregators, some days, seem like metametametablogs.  With all the new weblogs being started each day, even this might have value again (though it has lost its primitive charm due to massive PR).  But I digress.

Online weblog and media commentators don’t give you the flavor of the time, but see what the Cato Institute had to say before the US Senate in ‘95 (more than a year before the CNN article).  Early ‘90’s, Congress and the ACLU were freaking out over Federal and BATF authority, the Clipper chip and wiretapping, and that perennial paranoia ... gun control.

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Regular expression basics.

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iTunes FairPlay DRM is cracked.

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Ballet, by the foot.

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The shame and the glory.

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Baltimore Sun:

“Collective memory experienced at warp speed may leave little time for processing the enormity of what really happened.

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NY Times Environmental:

Landscape corridors work.  For plants, anyway.

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NY Times Science:

An Abolitionist Leads the Way in Unearthing of Slaves’ Past.

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of Blivet points me to a great little device to save necks. You’ve heard me complain of modern vehicles being sized for midgets ... I may never be able to have a sunroof in any car I drive, but now I’ll be able to see traffic lights without hunching into the ‘vulture’ position.  Thank you, Hal!

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Did you know

the Air Force nuked Albuquerque?  Well, sort of.  Not intentionally, anyway.  I’ll have to find the site and take a photo or two.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributors:

The toll of small arms.  Because gun sales are not definitely tracked (for dubious reasons), these numbers are suspect.  The AK-47 is still the most popular export military firearm, for instance, and Russia’s exports are likely underreported.  More info here.  Tracking’s all well and good, but the unrestrained capitalist pursuit of profit in this sector is resulting in too many deaths.  If the argument is that people kill, not guns, then having more guns just gives more people the opportunity to play god.  Better rocks and sticks, IMHO.

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NY Times Business:

New Oil Field in Gulf May Yield Billions of Barrels. Drilled almost as deep as Mt Everest is high.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

A Little Learning Is an Expensive Thing.

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Not that many have to worry

about heat now, but GoLite has the umbrella for sun walkers.

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