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NY Times:

The last year of the CD?

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National Post.CA:

Scholars are increasingly using the analytical techniques of the social sciences to examine the meaning of pop culture.  I think we’ve all had that moment, seeing something new and supposedly cool ... when inside our heads, we hear our brains screaming, “but what does it mean?!!!

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Heavy TV viewing under 2 is found.  Not all toddlers are sensitized, but if you watch a gaggle of ‘em, you’ll see a couple who will stop stock still when commercials come on, rapt attention, unresponsive, until the commercial ends.  Increased volume? Flashing?  I never did figure it out.  I wonder what the long-term effects of never-understood graphic symbolism are.

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NY Times:

Design That Solves Problems for the World’s Poor.  Speaking from an American throwaway society is hardly innocent, but it seems like these ideas incorporate a lot of disposables.

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NY Times:

I suppose, over Bush’s moves against Sudan, we have to say better late than never.

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NY Times Health:

For the Tiniest Babies, the Closest Thing to a Cocoon.  Replicate the environment of the womb, preemies do better.  It would seem common sense.

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SF New Mexican:

That ain’t much time to lay track, kids.

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Researchers find big batch of breast cancer genes.  No mention of possible gene therapy.

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Senators who OK’d war didn’t read key report.  How much worse to have not read the report, and still voted for the war powers resolution.

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Washington Post:

If It Feels Good to Be Good, It Might Be Only Natural.

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Washington Post:

Fed Plans to Revise Credit Card Rules.  Hilarious that the photo is of charge cards, not credit cards.

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SF New Mexican:

Spring snow and rain tempers summer fire season.  No closures, that’s excellent.  Santa Fe Baldy’s melting fast, though.

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Now, I’m never going hiking in Georgia or Alabama ever again ... or at least, not without an 11-year old with Kentucky windage ...

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Very busy again today,

nothing here until early afternoon.  Play around elsewhere in the metacosm.

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Nothing quite like ...

mis-setting not only the time of your morning alarm, but the volume as well.  The crescendo of the “1812 Overture” wakes one up with a particular violence ...

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Green Cine Daily:

Cannes, “The Flight of the Red Balloon.

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Driving me nuts.

Over the last three days, charity and spam calls (“You’ve been accused of having a soft heart”, “The International Business Yellow Pages is updating your listing”, “The Policeman’s Benevolent Association”, ad nauseam) have quadrupled.  Every time the phone rings, it’s like Pavlov’s dog. Except I don’t slaver, I just get mad.  Especially when they speak a version of English I can’t freaking understand.

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The Economist:

Straying power.  “Of course, the survey may just as well be a measure of varying levels of honesty in the different countries.”

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US Army and armor-maker embroiled in debate over body-armor safety.  47 pounds of armor, in the heat of Iraq.  And that’s just one aspect of what our soldiers must wear and carry.

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“When evolution skeptics want to attack Darwin’s theory, they often point to the human eye.

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Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Hit by high prices and fees, some gas station owners stop selling fuel.  Hmmm, I better buy that Tennessee Walker I saw over the weekend ...

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And the best tourists in the world are ...

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Rob Galbraith:

Canon EOS-1D Mark III to ship.

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The SF New Mexican site

is back up, but dead slow from my neck of the woods.  Apparently a crow caused a major power outage in Santa Fe city this morning.  See Kahunaburger for more details.

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Guardian.UK: The Blog, Books.

The shocking truth about the slush pile  “Often, the most awful stuff was written by aspiring children’s authors. It appears to be a widely-held notion that anthropomorphising pavements, natural disasters or household appliances is the way to secure a place in the children’s canon.”

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