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New York Books:

“Iron bars on the windows ... [snip] ... and barbed wire on the fences, however bad for the residents or your own safety, are both good signs for the food.

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“They may be invisible and their art unsung. But in the age of blogging, editors are needed more than ever.”  Absolutely.  But that kind of superstructure requires income, ad-based or other.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

A War the Pentagon Can’t Win.  “While the C.I.A. doesn’t have an unblemished record, its counterterrorism operations have shown more promise than the Pentagon’s. The agency has already had some successes operating in ungoverned spaces.”  Again, I would have to agree.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Too Much Information. “While the absence of policy detail in the Republican presidential campaign is remarkable, Democrats go too far in the other direction.”  I have to agree.  How often does one see such campaign policy papers realized in a subsequent Presidency?  Not often.

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NY Times Business:

Indian Tribe Becomes Force in West’s Energy Boom.  Just over our border in Colorado.  “In a normal world, if you have reserves 50 percent of operations you’re looking pretty strong. The tribe’s reserves in its general fund in 2006 were 21.6 times expenditures.”

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NY Times Science:

At Fermilab, the Race Is on for the ‘God Particle’.  Great quote: “These blogs put a powerful loudspeaker in the mouths of a few people.”

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SF New Mexican:

County seeks to ease oil-drilling fears.  Yeah, yeah.  Whenever I hear this: “Think about the amount of tax revenue it could bring to the county ...” I realize we’re going to lose, big.  This is what I ran into back in Princeton, NJ, and why I left.  I couldn’t bear to see my beloved hometown destroyed over the pursuit of increased tax revenues by allowing in big-box retailers.  This is, no doubt, similar.  I can only hope our landscape is dry of oil or other energy-bearing strata.

SF New Mexican:

Man lives up to his name in purse-snatching incident.  Never oppose an auto with your body.  Smash the windshield with something that comes to hand easily, like a rock.  Leave identifiable marks.  Playing the ‘running the bulls at Pamplona’ routine with a car is usually a losing situation.

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SF New Mexican:

Kids stranded after getting kicked off train.  In these post 9/11 days, one can’t go monkeying around on mass transit.  You lose something, you let the conductor know first, before rummaging around the train.

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SF New Mexican:

Clamor to keep parks open.  Fall and winter, with the early dark, would be the times this would be most annoying.  I love this comment: “If you are just there kicking the ball around, reading a book, why would the police come talk to you? I know the police will not be doing that.”  Of course they will.  Who reads books after dark?  Temporary curfew on the problem parks, with increased patrols ... leave the rest. One would hope parents would enforce their own ‘curfew’ on their kids during the school year.

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World’s Sexiest Beaches.

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Times Online.UK:

“The most-read weblogger in the world.”  And, here’s why you may not have known about it.

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London Review of Books:

Zeus Be Nice Now.

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“Two hundred twenty-two years and two weeks ago today, the United States made the peso its official currency ...”

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hans meine:

Python tricks.

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85 AJAX Solutions For Professional Coding.

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Turn your Windows Mobile device into an iPhone.

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The Economist:

The threat from outer space.

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Stay high and dry, readers in Britain.

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‘WWI spirits’ dug up in Macedonia.  But not ghosts.

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“I don’t think bloggers read.”  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t know of this article.

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NY Times Editorial Observer:

Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War.

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NY Times Books:

Harry Potter’s Popularity Holds Up in Early Sales.  Craig, you’ll be happy to hear I bought my copy from the local independent bookseller, Collected Works.  I finished reading it last night.

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NY Times Week in Review:

Just a Bike Race, You Say? Think Again.  “Cyclists use nearly all their energy to propel themselves forward. Runners, he said, ‘spend a lot of energy bouncing up and down.’”

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SF New Mexican:

DOE considers N.M. for nuclear waste disposal.  When WIPP was being proposed, we all suspected future ‘mission creep.’

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