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SF New Mexican:

Next oil and gas lease sale to include Otero Mesa parcel.  “This is about protecting the environment through managed leasing.”  Protecting virginity by managed rape, you mean.  Notice they only mention ‘surface disturbance’.  What about under the surface?  The air?  Are the acres to be used contiguous (a small point learned from the ANWR brouhaha)?

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SF New Mexican:

River deaths prompt review of rafting policy.  “Among safety requirements are ensuring that customers wear personal flotation devices and that commercial guides have experience on the section of river they are guiding.”  Yes, but given different water levels and flows, the ‘experience’ may be for naught.  The river’s changing rapidly.

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SF New Mexican:

LANL whistle-blower beaten in Cheeks parking lot.

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PDN Online:

Hands-on with the Mamiya ZD 22 MP.

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Rob Galbraith:

Professional photographer points-and-shoots ... “When he gears up for a long assignment he’ll pack a couple of extra cameras—i.e. six total—so that he can weather any equipment failures. (Six C-5060 bodies have almost exactly the same weight as two Canon EOS-1D Mark II cameras.)”

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One state’s homeless crisis, in plain view.  A small state gentrifies, leaving the lower tiers without affordable shelter.

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Dolphins use tools.  “Deep Throat” has hogged the airwaves overmuch; I envisioned a couple of dolphins with black masks, dark lanterns, skeleton keys ...

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NY Times:

Apple Plans to Switch From I.B.M. to Intel Chips.  Have fun, read the nay-sayers of the recent past.  Watch as the existing dogma gets reinterpreted for the new Gospel.  Apple should’ve gone with AMD, IMHO.  Give the innovative underdog a hand up ... but Apple’s gone far beyond their roots.

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When Rimbaud meets Rambo. “For George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld words are blunt instruments, used to convey meaning, not feeling. Actions speak louder. The President of France, by contrast, rocked by the rejection of the EU constitution, has attempted to shore up his Government by appointing a poet as his Prime Minister, a patrician intellectual in the French romantic mould, a true believer in the transcendental and redemptive power of words.”

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The end of the M.E.?  “We are now at the dawn of the age of electrical engineering, not because we recently learned how to generate light-speed electrical power, but because we have now finally learned how to control it.”

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John W. Dean on ‘Deep Throat.’  Remember Dean’s history too, though.  As the Watergate hearings progressed, I remember deep ambivalence about any and all players in this political drama.  Everyone had a feeling that we were actually only uncovering a tip of a much larger iceberg.

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LA Times/CalendarLive:

All hail the bassoon.

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Globe and Mail.CA:

Innovators vs. Re-heaters.  Or, put another way (thinking of visual artists in Santa Fe), exploring the differences between true creatives and those who learn one technique and repeat it endlessly (calling it “their personal style”) ...

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NY Times:

Senator Biden says, “Close Gitmo.” I emphatically agree.

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NY Times:

New England suffers a Red Tide.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Bob Herbert, The Mobility Myth. True words.

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SF New Mexican:

Rio claims more rafting victims.  The woman who died couldn’t swim.  “While private trips, such as the one Hampson was on, are not required to have a professional guide, Harris said staff members on guided trips have to be trained in first aid and CPR. They also have to have one person certified in swift-water rescue procedures.”  The combination of unusually high and fast water (familiar rafting locale with different conditions than have been experienced in previous years), the beginning of the rafting season (everyone’s a bit rusty), and companies needing to make a profit adds up to a prime time for ‘consumer awareness.’ 

When I worked Big Bend, we had flooding on the Rio there ... 30’ over normal levels.  The rafting concessions were the *last* persons to pull their flotation devices from the water, after a hundred-mile rescue (trying to land an uncontrolled raft full of tourists).  That experience, and the aftermath, set my opinion on rafting companies.  If I don’t have the time to train in the sport to understand the risks fully, I ain’t a-gonna put my life in someone else’s dubiously-trained hands.

I passed by the Rio up around Taos over the weekend.  It is very swift; clocking a kayaker, I predicted 25-30mph.  I wondered how they could find a place to pull out; the flood levels are so high, eddys are few and far between.  High swells, brown angry water.  Rafts on shore seemed only partially filled with air ... I realized that rocks hitting an inflated tube would pop it unless reduced in air pressure ... the concessionaires clearly know the severity of the river.  A person who cannot swim, should not be on one of these tours.  I’m no water expert, but the waters are angry enough that I would not go ... and I know how to swim.

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Another sign Hollywood has run out of ideas:

A remake of “The Poseidon Adventure”?

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I’m back.

And commenting is reset to ‘normal status.’ 

[Note to trackback spammers: trackbacks are permanently turned off here.  Please stop wasting both your time and mine.]

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I will be offline for a couple of days.

Other things need attention.  No problems, just normal life.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I’m turning comments on to ‘moderation’, because some trackback spammers have cracked my site, and I don’t want to come back to porn/loan/poker hell.  I will turn it off when I return, and approve whatever “real”  folks have posted.

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Washington Post:

Iraq Puts Civilian Toll at 12,000; Insurgency Claiming About 20 People a Day. 

Broader view:  Is this ‘civil war’?  I wonder if the Left should be throwing this term around so lightly.  The casualty figures are nothing like the American Civil War (we had much higher casualties over a shorter period, for similar population size).  The English Civil Wars took an estimated 10% of their populations off to heaven (or hell, depending which side you were on).  The Lebanese Civil war took 100,000.

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SF New Mexican:

State’s collective conscience comes clean about Long Walk.

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Washington Post:

State of Hibernation Is Induced in Mice.  Lacing air with hydrogen sulfide does it, it seems.

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The trusty sword of Truth.  “That wriggle room allows climate change sceptics to argue that the human impact is either unproven or is negligible. It also produces a wide variation of results in models that seek to predict the outcomes of climate change.  So Fox has done what his team at NPL does best - come up with a device that can calibrate satellites.”

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CNN Money:

Student loans: Rates to rise in July.  “President Bush has proposed eliminating the fixed interest rate in consolidation, and replacing it with a variable rate.  That would mean your rates would change every year, although they couldn’t exceed 6.8 percent.”

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