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As you can see on the Plaza webcam,

we had rain last night.  Nice and cool for sleeping.

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The Ledger:

Going With Your Gut: Strengthening Your Sixth Sense.  A fascinating article about a subject most are afraid to admit they believe in.

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The eye speaks to me.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Cold, Hard Facts.  A scientist protests the misuse of his studies.  “The disappointing thing is that we are even debating the direction of climate change on this globally important continent. And it may not end until we have more weather stations on Antarctica and longer-term data that demonstrate a clear trend.” Via RC3:OI.

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A hard look at aerosols.  “Satellite data shows that aerosol pollution comes from many sources and travels quickly. China’s pollution reaches North America in five days. North American pollution reaches Europe in three days.”  Local pollution effects go global.

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The Economist:

August 12th will be the IBM PC’s 25th birthday.

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The Economist:

The ethics of war.  “Both sides in the argument presume that proportionality in war has some broadly accepted meaning which rational people can discuss, refine and apply to real situations. Are they right?”  Further explanatory site on bellum justum.

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beats the mainstream camera sites (at least, the ones I visit) by pointing to images of the new Nikon D80.

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Illusions of identity.  “... should a British citizen who happens to be Muslim have to rely on clerics and other leaders of the religious community to communicate with the prime minister?”

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NY Observer, off the record:

The YouTube Devolution.  “In The Life of Samuel Johnson, Boswell describes the hero having fled the room while someone was reading one of his old works aloud—“and somebody having asked him the reason of this, he replied, ‘Sir, I thought it had been better.’””  A window to the past brings only that ... a window.  The reference is there out of context.  Once upon a time, we *were* innocent enough to laugh at corny jokes, to drive “Killing Me Softly” to number one for endless weeks in the early ‘70’s, to gravitate to mindless disco like a moth to a flame, to do a myriad of other things that seem completely illogical today.

But then, we’re still wearing neckties today. Neckties. In a heat wave. Those torture devices designed to trap heat from escaping a shirt, during the mini-ice age in 1800’s Europe.  If the past could look at us, they’d say “these blokes are all crackers.”

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NY Times Books:

Guggenheim Study Suggests Arts Education Benefits Literacy Skills.  The only people to paint what they could not first describe, would probably be Neanderthals.

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NY Times Art & Design:

When Anguish Among Artists Became Both Respected and Expected.  “... turned from pleasing the world to indulging themselves: they rebelled against conventions, proclaimed their uniqueness, disdained the bourgeoisie as philistine, savored their own melancholy and formed cliques. Many also chose a bohemian lifestyle to exhibit their otherness.”  Sounds like weblogging to me.

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NY Times:

In Texas, Conditions Lead to a Rabble of Butterflies.  Hmmm.  I seem to remember swarms of ‘sex bugs’ ... small fly-like things attached in twos ... east of Houston, late summer.  Rice fields?  Can’t recall.  Your radiator would get packed with the things.

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NY Times Sports:

Breaking a Barrier 60 Years Before Robinson.  “Their presence was accepted if not widely acknowledged in the 1880’s, passed off with a wink and a nod, a dodge that labeled players like Grant as Spaniards, Portuguese or Arabs.”

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NY Times Fashion & Style:


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SF New Mexican:

“Fran Mainella, head of the National Park Service since 2001, said Wednesday she will resign from the agency that has often been at odds with environmentalists and Westerners.”  The Park Service isn’t necessarily the problem, but the change in philosophy in the last ... six years.

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SF New Mexican:

On trailer parks, and human rights, in Santa Fe.

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SF New Mexican:

Richardson scandal!  Teddygate!  Bark, bark, bark ...

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FAA clearing the way for “VLJ’s” ... Very Light Jets.  Not to be a downer, but this means more noise at smaller airports.

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Have your watermelon warm.

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Evidence of giant marine reptiles swimming around Australia.  115 million years ago, however.  That ‘34 photograph of Nessie always looks to me like someone doing an exaggerated side-stroke.

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Landis tests positive for raised testosterone levels.  “The team says it has suspended Landis, and if the second sample confirms the initial finding, he will be fired.  Landis failed to show up for one-day events today in Denmark and yesterday in the Netherlands, without explanation.”

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Concept Carz:

You can waste days in here.  I’m starting you in “A”.

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Washington Post, The Fix:

John McCain’s Blogger.  Oh, how short the memory.  Does noone remember the Editthispage site, McCain’s Navy?  Grassroots is always better for a politician, IMHO, but I suppose they’ll never listen.  Wayback archive, for those interested.

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NY Times Health:

Drug Maker Says New Bird Flu Vaccine Is Much Stronger.  Stronger means smaller doses, lower cost, greater coverage of the populace.

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