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E-read all about it.  Sorry, I don’t want my books with rechargeable batteries.  I don’t want them with video enhancements.  I don’t want them with audio.  I want texture, warmth, relaxation.  Not another video game.

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Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

Is the big lie no big deal?  Oprah believes the ends justify the means.

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The Nation:

Splitting ethical hairs.  Good read to spur thought. 

Later: Perhaps tangentially, Wilson Quarterly, Spirituality in America.

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NY Times:

“Love is now the stardust of yesterday
The music of the years gone by”

Congrats to NASA.

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NY Times:

I’m sick of the unrelenting cold without snow.  This looks great.

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NY Times:

Steve Jobs shares a laugh at Michael Dell’s expense.

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SF New Mexican?AFP:

Top Republican raises impeachment over warrantless surveillance inside the U.S. If you read the story, you’ll see the interviewer brought up ‘violation of the law’, of which there is only a short list of remedies, impeachment being one option.  I’m sure Senator Specter was just being his usual thorough self.  Nevertheless, the Republicans now get to reap the low standard they intentionally sowed for impeachment in the Clinton years.

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Economic Policy Institute:

What’s wrong with the economy?  When the media trumpets positive economic news, I keep wondering what planet they’re from ... now I know I’m not alone in being ungrateful for an unegalitarian recovery.  Via Metafilter.

How’s that for a horrendous verbal Monday-morning hack-job?

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Nice sunset.

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Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

Patience pays off in book about the tango.

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Mozart’s music diary goes online.

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NY Times:

At Princeton, the Hearings Cause Unease.  As one who grew up in Princeton during this period, what I can add is that the old boy bluenose network opposed virtually any and all change, and would always find a portion of the student body to accede to their opinions.  After all, part of the function of the alumni is to aid students and recent grads in stepping up the ladders of commerce, law, science and politics, to name just a few.  A little strategic alumni-appeasement for career advancement is certainly not unheard-of.

Princeton had been largely male-only for 200+ years.  This was considered at the time foundational to the culture by many, seemingly as immovable as any of the historical Gothic buildings on campus.  As one alumnus wrote (and I’m working from memory on this):

“So to the nutty notions
Which feed the campus squirrels
Here’s one more which takes the prize
Let’s let in all the girls”

Can’t remember where I read it, but it stuck in my head.  That’s simply to give you a flavor of the atmosphere of the time.  The 70’s and 80’s were a huge adjustment for Princeton; the growing pains were at times severe.  Eventually the obvious was accepted ... that Princeton could not remain a school that truly generates the best and brightest if it left out women and other minorities.  Everyone wears the seersucker now, all races, all genders.

Bottom line is, there were many who thought as Alito allegedly did, nearly forty years ago now.  Many.  Whether they admit it or not.  Given my political slant, I’m not wild about Alito.  But fair’s fair.  Judge him on his jurisprudence and judicial philosophy.  On statements like this:  “I think we should look to the text of the Constitution, and we should look to the meaning that someone would have taken from the text of the Constitution at the time of its adoption.”

Which means, I assume, the Second Amendment applies to flintlocks only. 

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APC Mag:

Intel Macs may boot XP after all.  Via Broomeman.

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NY Times:

U.S. Reverses Accord and Opens 389,000 Acres in Alaska to Explore for Oil.  Nice of us to abrogate, seemingly without warning.

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NY Times Travel:

36 hours in Silver City.  I get the idea the NY Times finds NM fashionably déshabillé.

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SF New Mexican:

Pablita Verarde, 1918-2006: Painter ‘blazed a trail’ for Indian, female artists.  Rest in peace, good lady.  More on Pablita, with a sample piece of art.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe median home price hits $470,000.  “Both figures more than double the median home prices from 2000. And the city median price jumped from $379,500 a year ago and $364,000 from just last quarter.”  Ain’t no middle-class homes in SF.

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SF New Mexican:

Domenici: LANL can’t become ‘endangered species’.  Security needs some fresh thought; it needs to be out-of-the-way for the pure scientist, yet comprehensive enough for our paranoid age.

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Digital Outback Photo:

Raw Converters: the setting file dilemma.  Sidecar files seem the best bet, according to this.

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The Luminous Landscape:

Adobe Lightroom Tips and Tricks.  Windows version ... soon, please.

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Washington Post:

Army’s Iraq Work Assailed by Briton.  Ask a serviceperson whether ‘gook’ mentality is holding back progress in Iraq; yet the few I’ve met in person seem to have little knowledge of Iraqi history, culture or language.  Soldiers, not diplomats.  The implication in this article is that defeating an insurgency needs both qualities.  Institutional ossification isn’t anything new; read Bill Mauldin.

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The Independent.UK:

Dynamite a threat to Michaelangelo’s parish church.  An interesting side ... “learning to carve”, courtesy of the Digital Michaelangelo Project.

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Seattle PI.com:

Tuba in a wind tunnel.

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The NY Sun:

Light in the Darkness.  When they’d fire up the Tokamak out in Forrestal Center, Princeton’s lights would dim.

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NY Times Technology:

Nikon Plans to Stop Making Most Cameras That Use Film.

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