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NY Times:

History Comes Alive for Students Tracing World War II Dead.  There are so many who deserve remembrance.  Alas, who remembers the torpedo squadrons who won the Battle of Midway at the cost of their own lives, and turned the tide of the war against Japan? The names of those fliers deserve wider remembrance in America, here are some of them. Here is information on the handsful of survivors.  If not for these young men, Japanese would be the language of California today.

It was a coincidence that a rerun of “Friends” was running last night, and the cast couldn’t remember who we opposed in WWI.  “Mexicans?” says Rachel.  “YES!” says Phoebe. 

As if historical conflict, and the successful resolution thereof, doesn’t keep their precious butts in designer clothes.  Great that these kids in the article learn a valuable lesson.  History is part of the present, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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NY Times Middle East:

Marines Get the News From an Iraqi Host: Rumsfeld’s Out. ‘Who’s Rumsfeld?’ 

Focused on the job, not on politics.  What better way to say “Happy 231st Birthday” to the Marine Corps, than to dump an stiffnecked Secretary of Defense?  The Continental Congress created them on November 10, 1775.  If you’re up there listening, Dad, “Semper Fi.”

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NY Times:

Removal of Rumsfeld Dates Back to Summer. One can hope that in spite of hysterical webloggers, history writes truthfully that it was the Bush Administration, and not Democrats, who disposed of Rumsfeld.  The choice of Gates seemed long premeditated.  Nice that Mr Gates says he’s talk to ‘moderate Republicans’, but what about the other 9/10 of the country’s leaders?

Addendum: Thought about it, changed that fraction above from 2/3 to 9/10.  I mean, how many moderate Republicans could there be in the 109th?

Related: Bipartisanship on hold.  Remember who laid the first shot over the bow of the new Democratic Congress.

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SF New Mexican:

Wilson declares victory in tight House race.  If you read the comments, it gets rather ugly.  Clear that Madrid’s debate performance hurt her, and her subsequent inability to counter that swiftly in any effective manner with PR.  Net-net, we get the short female version of Jimmy Stewart for two more years [her manner of speech brought this to mind].  With a Democratic majority, she’ll be of less use to us than a Dem would have been ... no matter how brashly optimistic she pretends to be.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe keeps 505 area code.  That saves me at least $1k on business id.  I can take a vacation now ...

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2nd generation Smart car.  A convertible!

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Times Online.UK:

Just like old times: realists from the first Bush era return to power.  Shoulda listened to Daddy, Junior.

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Abq Trib:

FedEx cancels Airbus order to buy Boeing.  One sort of gets the idea that FedEx hasn’t prospered by waiting on others ...

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Aw, damn.

And here I don’t have the pocket change to spare.

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Washington Post:

Heart Benefits Found in Low Carbs, Some Fats.  Sometimes, just sometimes, nutritional guidelines seem like a searchlight in a grocery.  Whatever the wandering light hits, is “best” for you.  Until they move the searchlight again.

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London Review of Books:

The Least Accountable Regime in the Middle East.  Not a book review, more of a historical comment.

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Times Online.UK:

Meet the Blue Dogs: pro-gun, anti-abortion - and Democrat.  Democrats have enlarged their ‘tent’ more than the Republicans have, and ‘ideological block votes’ don’t come naturally to this party.  Passing legislation may not be the breeze we all believe.  The two independent senators will find themselves wooed and pursued like Scarlett O’Hara at her daddy’s plantation. 

Thinking further, the Republicans have to change their spots now, too.  Not being mentioned in election coverage is the large number of Republicans who crossed party to vote Democrat, in addition to the wide numbers of independents who ignored the GOP.  The GOP has to encourage the moderates back into their tent, or they will stay out of power indefinitely.  Historically, all elections are won by capturing the center.  This election was no different.  No more ‘moonbats’ or ‘idiotarians’ ... the ‘94 Gingrich ideological lockstep trick worked once, never again.  Talk radio characterizes the Democratic Party as being unrecoverably extreme ... but America knows the blue tent has more moderates.  The election proves it.

The traditional right-wing outlets have lost their connection to the people, their power.  Even Rush admits, on his site, that he’s been gilding the lily (unrepentantly, of course) for the 109th.  They will regain power as opposition, their favored strategic position.  Many are gleeful at the new invigoration.  But broadcasting contrarianism day in, day out ... it doesn’t win you the center.

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Meetings this morn.

Links later.

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An amazing thing.

During a previous second-term Republican bloodbath (1958, Eisenhower), a young Democratic Congressman entered the Senate as a member for the first time with the new majority, after serving three terms in the House.  He’s still in the Senate, just reeelected.  Robert C. Byrd.  Congratulations, sir. A circle, unbroken.

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NY Times:

Elected Without a Party, Lieberman Will Remain a Democrat.

Further: Democrats win control of the Senate.

Okay, NOW I’ll celebrate.

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10 Ajax Tutorials for Beginners (1 of 3).

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Abq Journal:

We won’t know the results of Madrid/Wilson until Friday, earliest.

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Times Online.UK:

Iraq exit the No 1 priority for Rumsfeld successor.

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Holy ...

Rumsfeld resigns.  The beginning of the intra-GOP bloodletting, I guess.  The next weeks will be sanguinary.  Gates allegedly has a history of cooking intelligence and playing toadie [scroll down, or search in the page for ‘gates’, multiple times], in addition to Iran/Contra ties.  With the nuclear situation in Iran, I look very, very dimly on this appointment.

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Earth’s Before and After Pics.  Detecting climate change by old photographs.  Sort of like the monitoring of glaciers, but instead checking foliage in the background of photos.

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I’m surprised

someone hasn’t hit Britney Spears for the timing of her divorce.  Surely it might have had an adverse impact for someone in the election ... ?  [joking, just joking.]  It went right to the top of Tailrank and other aggregators, knocking all election news below.  Aggs clearly know what’s important.

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The New Criterion:

Don’t know much about history.  “Seniors scored 1.5 percent higher on average than freshmen. In other words, four years and a couple hundred grand doesn’t buy much knowledge of American history. If the survey had been administered as an examination, seniors would fail with an average score of 53.2 percent.”  As you can imagine, this horrifies me; I imagine all aspects of history, not just American, are languishing.  Knowing the past is vital to a bright future.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributors:

No Atheists in a Foxhole? No Idiots, Either.  Repudiating Mr Kerry’s blown joke, but something that needed to be done.  If you dig to find the education level of participants in the Abu Ghraib abuses, you’ll wonder if American college behavior contributed.  There are many parallels to unrestrained off-campus frat hazing.

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the widespread Democratic victory is more a whack to the side of the Administration’s head, than a real about-face in the Beltway.  If Dems get the last two Senate seats, it’ll be another story.  If they don’t, there will be the need for significant bipartisan cooperation now, much more so than just yesterday.  But to bring you my usual historical background, remember that Reagan had a Republican Senate and a Democratic House when he swept into the White House in ‘80, and still pushed through the first stages of ‘voodoo economics,’ military buildup, and other significantly partisan mayhem.  It took a lot to outspend Tip O’Neill, and Reagan did it handily. The Senate is a more powerful tool than the House.  In ‘80 the balance of Republican/Democrat was 53-46.  This time, it’ll be closer, likely requiring Mr Cheney to get some exercise to add his weight to ‘bipartisanship.’  If Dems take those last two seats ... hallelujah.

My happiness now is tempered by the unpredictability of the Democratic leadership.  Most have never known majority power, not having served before the 12 year Republican majority.

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The tide turns for Wilson.  Disappointed.  But the good news is, if she wins, she’s in the minority now.  According to other sources, the outstanding ballots are absentee and provisionals which traditionally have favored Wilson.

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