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NoVolume: All Websites Look The Same.

Yesindeedy. Starting to change, just a little. But viewers are now *expecting* these designs, which complicates matters. Present them with a ‘nonstandard’ site, they become confused.

08/26/15 • 01:35 PM • DesignInternetProgramming(3) Comments

Guardian.UK: North Dakota’s big oil boom in a man’s land - ‘It’s like capitalism on steroids’.

A bit light and fluffy. Is anyone preparing for when the money stops flowing? And no real mention of the environmental concerns. At least the author did hit the infrastructure issue.

08/26/15 • 01:27 PM • EconomicsEnvironmentalHome & LivingNaturePolitics1 Comment

WTKR: Roanoke reporter, photographer killed by shooter during live news interview.

Horrible. The perpetrator shot them down with no more consideration than a worker in an abbatoir. The frequency of shootings seems to be increasing.

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NY Times: As Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos Clash, Latino News Media Airs Its Offense.

‘El hombre del peluquín’ — the man of the toupee.” And the great Oreo debacle. Petty is the best word I can use. I’ll bet you could choose any computer in his business and pull out a Seagate (assembled in Mexico) drive.

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NY Times: Keith Richards on ‘Crosseyed Heart’ - It’s Solo Rock ’n’ Rol

When you’re a musician, you don’t retire. You play up until you can’t breathe.” Not a quote from Keith, but a good one nonetheless.

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naked cap/Wolf Richter: Americans’ Economic Outlook Plunges.

Many Americans don’t own stocks and don’t pay attention to stocks even if they do own them in their retirement accounts. They care about job prospects, promotions, and incomes, which aren’t really going anywhere; and health care expenses, college expenses, housing costs, and the like, which are soaring. For many Americans, this economy is tough.” My italic emphasis.

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So ... is ‘athleisure’ a thing now?

We’re already casual enough in Santa Fe. I had a business meeting two years ago with a CEO in a tracksuit. The new normal?

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Mischiefs of Faction: Reimagining the presidency - Jimmy Carter’s impact on the office.

Carter rode a populist wave into office, and in six months, America was sick of him. No matter his record, no matter that his record made him uniquely qualified for the post, the Carter years were a grey, depressing muddle. His fireside chat experiments were a huge failure, after which he started suit-at-the-desk addresses, depressing in character. There was a particular image of him, dressed casually, bare feet on a desk or table in the White House, that sort of broke America’s mind. The Presidency required a certain style, and Carter’s early attempts at humanizing the office failed spectacularly (remember, this was post-Nixon, restoring-the-faith-in-the-office experimentation. Ford started well, but his pardon of Nixon rankled all and did not salve the wound). Interesting that photo does not seem to exist on the internet. Reagan supporters used it, in their ‘Restoring the Dignity’ materials. How much different our history would be, if Operation Eagle Claw had been successful. Israel had been successful with their hostage recoveries. It was a period of daring, and Carter greatly dared. The failure further greyed his Administration.

08/26/15 • 12:30 PM • HistoryPolitics(4) Comments

Barn Finds: 1973 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon.

Very similar to the ‘72 Buick Estate Wagon I had to learn to drive. Near 21 feet long. Failed parallel parking.

08/26/15 • 12:14 PM • HistoryPersonalVehicles(3) Comments

Sarah Parmenter: Learning Flexbox.

Useful. Sarah, you might want to fix the titles on your blog. When I pull it in to use it, your name gets slammed next to the last word of your article name.

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Medium: The Evolution of Magazine Covers.

Genuinely entertaining article.

08/26/15 • 11:38 AM • ArtsBooksConsumptionDesignHistory • No Comments

The Strad: US Airways criticised for ‘passing the buck’ after losing eight violins.

At least 150 phone calls later, we have it!” Read through the entire odyssey, esp. the second-to-last paragraph. If I were a symphony, I’d book rows of seats for my valuable oversize instruments.

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New Republic: The Politics of the Curation Craze.

One simple explanation is prestige appropriation.” I had to look that one up on Google ... prestige appropriation ... nope, not a thing. I think you’ve just witnessed the birth of a new online buzzphrase. I visualize a young, secretly-destitute toy-boy dating the rich older widow ...

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Romanesko: ‘The rapacious Ms. Huffington seems to believe that journalism skills are worth not

If Ms. Huffington would like to know how I uncovered that particular statistic, she is free to hire me and pay me for my time and expertise.

08/26/15 • 10:52 AM • ArtsEconomicsHuman RightsInternetNews • No Comments

Arc: Publishers Urge Advertisers To Kill Flash In Favor Of HTML5.

The letter was signed by some of the largest publishers in the world, including The New York Times, Conde Nast, Forbes, AOL, The Weather Company, The Wall Street Journal and Google.” If you navigate to the page, and can’t figure out where the text is, scroll down. One of those ‘you gotta know the trick’ pages, that programmers deem is ‘patently obvious’ without ever asking users.

08/26/15 • 10:50 AM • AdobeInternetProgramming1 Comment

Guardian.UK: Jeb Bush joins conservatives in call to defund Planned Parenthood.

Yes, this is predictable, given his past. Fan of Crisis Pregnancy Centers. About those. What tends to happen, way too often, is after a young pregnant woman says ‘no’ to abortion, the organization disappears. If women make this choice, it’s support they need, not here-today, gone-tomorrow ideology. These organizations helped women *make* the choice - they have a responsibility to follow through. IMHO.

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Sparkbox: Why You Need to Refactor Your CSS.

That’s helpful.

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Bicycling: Netherlands Princess Rides Her Bike Back to School.

Eleven-year-old Princess Catharina-Amalia recently posed for a back-to-school photo on her bike. No limo rides for the princess of this bike-loving country!” You show ‘em, Princess.

08/25/15 • 06:19 PM • ChildhoodPhysical FitnessTravelVehicles • No Comments

Telegraph.UK: Dead teenager ‘wakes up in grave in Honduras’ – only to then ‘die in hospital’.

Nightmare of the day. If you don’t want to be totally bummed out, don’t read this.

08/25/15 • 06:12 PM • HealthHome & LivingTravel(2) Comments

Reuters: Fox News says Trump should apologize after latest Twitter outburst.

Donald Trump rarely apologizes, although in this case, he should. We have never been deterred by politicians or anyone else attacking us for doing our job, much less allowed ourselves to be bullied by anyone, and we’re certainly not going to start now.” I think he’s an overgrown schoolboy. He actually digs Megyn, and is going to bug her until she gives him what he deems as appropriate attention. Of course, to everyone else, this is harrassment.

Later: Or perhaps both Fox and Trump are playing for audience.

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BBC: US stocks fall again as rally runs out of steam.

As I said earlier [below], it ain’t over until the bell rings. As long as China remains unstable, it’s going to play hell with Wall Street. Have a drink, or take a walk ... try to forget about it.

08/25/15 • 03:10 PM • EconomicsHome & LivingPolitics(7) Comments

Studio360: When Forgery Isn’t a Crime.

Landis makes his copies in just a couple of hours, often in front of the television, using cheap materials from stores like Hobby Lobby and Walmart.Whoopsie. So much for museum “experts”.

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Yahoo: Less-lethal weapons get new interest amid police shootings.

Of note.

08/25/15 • 01:25 PM • Human RightsLaw • No Comments

Re/code: Many Drivers Ignoring New Tech Features in Cars, Survey Finds.

... car makers are spending more and drivers are paying more for potentially unwanted technology bundled into cars. Drivers, especially those ages 21-38 from Generation Y, are still relying on their smartphones rather than their cars to connect to their favorite apps or search for nearby services.” Reinventing the wheel.

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The Nation: Civilian Toll From the War Against ISIS Is Huge. Why Isn’t the Press Covering It?

... we have demonstrably shown that there is a major volume of material in the public domain alleging significant civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria. We found that material. We published that material. The material was always there. I guess the question is, why haven’t news organizations gone looking for that?

08/25/15 • 12:52 PM • Human RightsNewsPolitics • No Comments
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