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MessyNessyChic: A Forbidden No Man’s Land Poisoned by War.

Before the President or Congress marches off to war again they should view — and contemplate — this.

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A great deal of chaotic energy aloft.

A great deal of chaotic energy aloft ...

This stuff will be heading towards TX shortly.

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Telegraph.UK: Mary Renault’s hardcore classicism.

It is the mark of little men to like only what they know; one step beyond and they feel the black cold of chaos.

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DesignYouTrust: Arizona Desert “Boneyard”.

You’ve seen links like this before. Except this one has background on each of the aircraft; they each have a story.

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I understand John Nash and wife have died in a car accident.

I wrote a piece a few years ago about my experience of John Nash during his ‘dark period’ in Princeton, over on Quora.

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Youtube: Jeff Beck & Jimmy Hall - Red House (4-25-15).

After 5. Crank it.

Extra points: Jeff does The Thrill is Gone as an encore the day after BB passed on.

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Solved by Flexbox — Cleaner, hack-free CSS.

Of interest.

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Meat! - Git for Web Developers.

Another Git service to take note of.

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Guardian.UK: Denton, Texas, banned fracking last year - then the frackers fought back.

Oil and gas is allowed in every zone [in Denton, yet] bakeries aren’t allowed in every zone because there’s a bit of morning truck traffic.” I suppose they could hire some biker toughs from Waco. The state isn’t going to lift a finger.

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient shipyard used by Admiral Zheng He may lie beneath construction sit

Wow. Noteworthy is the fact that ‘austerity’ destroyed Zheng He’s 3,500 ship fleet in 1525. So much for Confucianism. History repeats thusly [thinking of other voyages of discovery we need to commit to].

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SciAm: “Young Blood” Anti-Aging Mechanism Called into Question.

Whoopsie. Previously, here.

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Guardian.UK: King Henry I, like Richard III, could be buried in a car park, say archaeologists.

Who knew ‘car park monarch’ would be a thing?

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Pacific Standard: Creative Thinking Can Inspire Unethical Behavior.

According to a research team led by Ke Michael Mai, a creative frame of mind enables one to come up with compelling justifications for bad behavior.” Someone, somewhere is going to start using this as an excuse to further eliminate the liberal arts, just watch.

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Italian Ways: The Osca 750S, beauty times eighteen.


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A meeting this morning, then links.

Thanks for your patience.

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Medium/Cameron Barrett: I wish, more than anything else, for Medium to have an API.

Yes. Wholeheartedly agreed.

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Nice Marmot: The Growth of Oligarchy.

Yep. It’s been many years now since Princeton University made more money as a real estate holding company than as a university. They could drop the whole education side of things and be quite well off.

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Alaska Dispatch News: Alaska’s first full mammoth skeleton may be lurking under Arctic lake.

Great pic.

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Sorry for the vacuum.

The day picked me up by the neck and shook me a few times.  Better now. Links as I have time.

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Medium: The End of Global CSS.

Of interest.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Nightmare’ California oil spill damages rare coastal ecosystem.

Because it has not been urbanized, the Gaviota coast region, which stretches from Goleta to the northern boundary of the Vandenberg air force base, also has been viewed as the healthiest remaining coastal ecosystem in southern California – at least, until now.” *Crying*.

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Discover: Young Blood Heals Fractures in Older Bones.

OK. Then here, a soundtrack [appropriately performed by ... *ahem* ... older rockers].

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Guardian.UK: 1,000 weapons found in Waco restaurant – including one in a bag of tortilla chips

One could view this in a different light; the comedy scripts write themselves. One could see this in Blazing Saddles, for instance.

05/20/15 • 12:39 PM • Law1 Comment

BBC: Prince Charles visits Lord Mountbatten 1979 IRA murder site.

Shaking hands with Gerry Adams. Surprised he could do it. Trivia: the same man who embalmed Lord Mountbatten, also embalmed King George VI, Winston Churchill, Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix and Bon Scott, among others. Amazing where a hyperlink will take you.

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Vox: Health insurance plans are getting crummier, and these charts prove it.

Deductibles are getting insane for the amount of $ paid. And many don’t allow HSA backup.

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