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New Yorker: Bernie Sanders and the New Populism.

Clinton, although she retains a great deal of support in the Democratic Party, has so far failed to inspire the young. As I noted following the Iowa caucus, her response to the Sanders phenomenon sometimes seems to be ‘No, we can’t.’

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JAMA: Association of Seafood Consumption, Brain Mercury Level With Brain Neuropathology in Older Adu

In cross-sectional analyses, moderate seafood consumption was correlated with lesser Alzheimer disease neuropathology. Although seafood consumption was also correlated with higher brain levels of mercury, these levels were not correlated with brain neuropathology.

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Town and Country: New Study Finds Scented Candles and Air Fresheners Pose Dangerous Health Risks.

Some types of incense, such as agarwood and sandalwood, are even more toxic to our DNA than tobacco smoke.” I suspect this is a niche where the use of natural fragrance is proving to be more toxic than artificial fragrance.

Tangential - because of strong smells [the wife complained], I went out and replaced our commercial household cleaners with ‘natural’ ingredient brands. I’ll cut to the chase. They took a layer of skin off my hands, they were so caustic. And the smells may be ‘natural’, but my eyes were weeping. I’m now using gloves to do rudimentary cleaning, thanks to ‘all natural.’

I wanna go back to “Scrubbing Bubbles.” But I’ve got to use up this huge investment in ‘nature’. Damned stuff is pricey, in addition to being lethal.

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Thrillist: $90K working Burning Man.

They can joke, but the experience list is pretty hefty, seems to me.

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ScienceDaily: Discovery of ‘Jurassic butterflies’.

Not to rain on the parade, but can I express that I was hoping for five foot wingspans? (wink)

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Harvard Gazette O’Neal, MacGraw revisit youthful ‘Love’.

As for Jenny’s famous line — ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’ — MacGraw said, ‘I never questioned that — except for the next 45 years.’” Ms MacGraw lives here in Santa Fe, and volunteers for many good causes.

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Bicycling: Cycling Sees First Confirmed Case of Mechanical Doping.

Yeah, but how clever. Make it a competition on its own.

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naked cap: Clinton Campaign Goes on Tilt as a Result of Dead Heat With Sanders in Iowa.

Clinton’s favorability ratings have kept falling the more she has campaigned. [snip] Indeed, as of about two weeks ago, Clinton’s approval ratings among black voters in South Carolina had fallen from 79% to 54%. As of then, Sanders had not turned this decline into conversions to his campaign, but small focus groups suggest those voters are receptive to his message. So South Carolina could be more in play than it appears on the surface.” Must-read, esp. for resistant Hillary supporters. If Hillary wants to win, she has to recognize and deal with what Sanders is saying, what his supporters are energized by, rather than just deal with him as an annoying insect. Problem is, of course, we fully expect her to run Center-Left and move further Right than Obama has. Promises and piecrusts. There’s a screed going around on Facebook, the ALLCAPS rant. You’ve probably seen it. I’ve seen it about 12 times in my feed now (‘yay’, he says, with no enthusiasm). It sets up a very convenient straw-woman. If you run across it, give it a few minutes. We’re apparently supposed to give ol’ Hill our support because she’s being unfairly beaten on because she’s a woman. Not quite. I wonder what ISIS and Putin will do, send her a set of fluffy slippers? She sat on the board of Walmart, for Christ’s sake, and didn’t stand up for unions. She’s actively promoted fracking (and her policy site skims over the issue, conveniently) both here and abroad. She was just feted by fracking financiers, just before the caucus. Looking at all the issues she’s been against/for and vice-versa, she makes my head spin. I have not been able to predict what her platform would be from year to year.

My opposition is based on her [temporary] stances and flip-flops on important issues to my local area. If you want me to comment on her pantsuits and hair, I will. I gave Gore hell for not getting into better physical shape for his run, nothing sexist about it. One shouldn’t look like an oiled sea lion when running for office. And, I still have a bad taste in my mouth over Hillary’s run for the Senate. She was a clear carpetbagger in the NY Senate race. She announced her intent to run for the position four days after the impeachment ruling for her husband, and seven months before she ever had a domicile in the state. This whole concept of entitlement smacks of the Bob Dole run. Well-respected, “owed”. That was a huge success, right?

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Nice Marmot: Election Thoughts.

Depressing, but something you have to read. Dave’s comment: “Within ten years, I’m fairly certain it will be clear that things have become dramatically and unequivocally worse.” This reminds me of how we viewed the first Reagan Presidency, esp. when Kemp-Roth was passed. I was just getting out of college; a friend and I walked down along Nassau Street in Princeton, and as the deficit began to burgeon we discussed the fact that America was ‘over’. Given that experience, ten years may be too short; America is uniquely resistant to reality. We stutter and start, choke and hobble forward in this country. 20, 40 years on, the fetid breath of imminent extinction may generate effort, likely all too late. Humanity, nothing more than a might-have-been. Watch Nick Bostrom here.

Great piece, Dave.

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Every client had a question this morning.

Links as I have time, now that I get to catch my breath a bit.

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Guardian.UK: Trump may have lost in Iowa but it’s proved he’s a master of social media.

More about what’s wrong with media today, than about Mr Trump. Worth your time, not that you didn’t know it ...

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New Yorker/Comma Queen: The Strippers, J.F.K. and Stalin—or, the Importance of Serial Commas.

Very good.

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Colossal: Architectural Watercolors of a Dreamlike Warsaw by Tytus Brzozowski.

I’m a sucker for architecture in watercolor. Precision from an imprecise medium.

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Bicycling: First Look - Michelin Power Tires.

I love Michelins on a bike, but they don’t hold up well to goatheads in the SW. I’ll have to try some of their ‘more armored’ versions mentioned here.

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Quartz: The US bet big on American oil and now the whole global economy is paying the price.

... does Saudi Arabia seriously believe the oil age is coming to an end?Via Avelino Maestas on FB.

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Useless media today.

Yesterday, the future of the world was going to be decided by Iowa. Today, minimized. Clickbait, clickbait, clickbait. I might as well walk away from the NEWS section of my aggregator ...

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Macworld: Seagate slapped with a class action lawsuit over hard drive failure rates.

Seagate has always had higher fail rates, seemingly. But for speedy drives, we’ve suffered the extra backups required. SSDs sort of make it a moot point now.

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FishbowlNY: Reporter Double-Checks Story Ahead of Cindy Crawford Interview.

Um, she’s NOT retiring.

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Youtube: A Day in Pompeii.

Advice ... don’t watch while eating toast.

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ArtDaily: World’s oldest tea found in Chinese emperor’s tomb.

These data indicate that tea was part of trade of luxury products, alongside textiles, that moved along the Silk Road around 2,000 years ago and were traded up into Tibet.

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The big news is Sanders and Rubio.

Mark my words. Sit back and watch. Already Rubio’s scored another endorsement. The establishment GOP is going to move fast now. Jeb should pull out, IMHO. Sanders has some significant mountains to climb. If New Hampshire isn’t a cakewalk (and even if it’s not, but we’ll talk about that after Tuesday), he will fade very swiftly. The media is harsh when you lose in your home turf. Horseracing! Love it. And to you pundits, how can you be surprised that young people come out for Sanders? Young folk always come out for the farthest-left candidate, every election cycle. Whether they *vote*, is another story - only Obama’s inspired that sort of devotion.

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The polls lost tonight.

That’s the biggest takeaway. Trump led the polls, Clinton led the polls. Both by substantial margins. Bernie virtually ties. And Rubio comes out of nowhere.

Crazy days. More to come.

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Entrepreneur: Union Plumbers Donate Time, Supplies to Flint Residents.

Brita’s don’t filter lead effectively. I hope they researched options before doing this. I mean, I really appreciate the gesture. But it should help fix the problem.

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Hillary Clinton Flip Flopped On TPP Before, So Big Business Lobbyists Are Confident She’ll Really Fl

The Chamber president said he expected Hillary Clinton would ultimately support the TPP if she becomes the Democratic nominee for president and is elected. He argued that she has publicly opposed the deal chiefly because her main challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), has also done so.” Flipflopping as virtue? Sorry, we voted for a progressive and ended up with a center-rightist. Fool me twice? Nah.

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