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GitHub/hiddentao: Officer Involved Shootings incidents map for the US.

Of note.

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Guardian.UK: Stegosaurus back plates differed between genders, new study reveals.

Important for The Spotters Guide to Stegosaurs. Seriously, that’s pretty neat.

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PC World: Man fires 8 gunshots into his Dell PC after Blue Screens of Death push him over edge.

We’ve all felt like this, but this anecdote makes it even more hilarious, IMHO: “The deed went down behind Hinch’s home, where he and his girlfriend also run a homeopathic herb store.

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PS Blog: Will Google’s Mobile Friendly Changes Impact Your Photography Website?

Finally, someone admits it in plain English: “Google’s change will only affect the search results initiated from mobile devices (not including tablets). Desktop searches will remain unchanged. Further, it only applies to individual pages, not entire websites.”  Too many designers are being mealy-mouthed about the specifics, trying to generate ‘panic’ business.

Later: SEOBook, “The problem with going early is you eat the expense upfront, while the rewards are still unknown.”

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c|net: Eye-popping ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is almost too spectacular (spoiler-free review).

But the Vision is a pink android who can fly and wears a cape, marking the point the film makes the leap into out-and-out comic book nuttiness. It might just be a leap too far for the casual viewer.” I’m afraid in the first Avengers, when the [lacking a better description] giant armored fish-grubs come out of the sky-hole and fly/wriggle around downtown Manhattan with no visible means of support other than a couple of fins, I shared Iron Man’s lament: “I’m seeing. Still working on believing.” These films are starting to bow to complete silliness, and that’s a shame. Some things should stay on the pages of the comic books.

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Mashable: Drone carrying bottle of radioactive material lands on Japanese PM’s office.

And the drone paranoia will turn to ‘11’ ...

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Guardian.UK: Landscapes we don’t want to lose - New Mexico’s Jemez mountains.

Doesn’t tell you enough. I went up to visit the Jemez shortly after the Las Conchas fire cooled off, and put a gallery on Flickr.  Read the descriptions on the images, for the whole story.

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Archaeology News Network: Marble naturally illuminated the statue of Zeus at Olympia.

Neat bit of historical trivia.

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NY Times: James Spader Prepares for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

Color me surprised. They don’t even mention Sex, Lies and Videotape. Many young ladies wanted to cure his cinematic impotence in very personal ways.

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PS Mag: The Debate Over GMOs Is About to Change.

As GMO foods with benefits aimed at consumers rather than corporate farms, these apples and potatoes have the potential to change our conversation on genetically modified foods. This is because, unlike most GMO foods sold today, they don’t conceal what they are — they deliberately give the power to choose back to the consumer.” If this had been the way GMOs were originally introduced, I suspect nonacceptance/acceptance would have been much different. What happens to the conversation, if these potatoes prove to save lives (lower cancer rates among consumers)?

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Lightroom 6/CC update ... continued.

I just sent out five finals after post-processing, and a selection of ‘potential portrait backgrounds’ converted to B/W ... in about a quarter of the time it usually takes. I haven’t used any of the new features, just doing what I always do, faster.

Note that this update maintained access to all my third-party plugins, effects and presets.  The previous updates required manually adding them back.  A significant time-saver.

Some tricks from Adobe for the new LR, and some free presets (I have way more than enough; don’t need these. I’m finding less is more.).

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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Your Morning at a Glance.

I love that Fishbowl scans and posts leading NYC paper front pages.  So simple, so useful. In one scroll, you can decide what’s important (or more importantly, what’s NOT important). Big thanks, FishbowlNY.

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The New Yorker: Spalding Gray’s Catastrophe.

One of the special features of Spalding’s monologues was that, onstage at least, he rarely repeated himself; the stories always came out in slightly different ways, with different emphases. He was a gifted inventor of the truth, of whatever seemed true to him at the moment.” I consider myself privileged to have seen him perform live twice, at McCarter Theatre in Princeton. Riveting, both times. Both before his accident. RIP, Spalding. RIP.

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Just upgraded to Lightroom 6/CC ... fast.

Noticeably faster. GPU action there. So far, nice. The only glitch I hit was, I’d been using a purchased version of LR5.  When I installed LR/CC, it didn’t recognize my old catalog, so I had to ‘open’ and upgrade it manually. FYI. I’ll have more comments in coming days, once I use the new features.

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Google “Mobilegeddon.”

I suppose, because I’m more interested in a site’s information than its mobile-friendliness, I should think about using Bing or DuckDuckGo instead. If they’re going to deprecate a good source because of mobile-unfriendliness, I want nothing to do with them. I want the info, regardless of format.

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MessyNessy: 19th Century Escort Cards with Pick-Up Lines you definitely haven’t heard before.

Your coral lips were made to kiss, I stoutly will maintain; and dare you say my lovely miss, that aught was made in vain?” Don’t overlook the last card.

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JAMA: Autism Occurrence by MMR Vaccine Status Among US Children.

The MMR vaccine is guiltless.

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Adobe – Creative Cloud Photography and Lightroom 6.

Big additions. I’ve been converting to DNG for a while now, only because I’ve seen a speed improvement in the Develop module versus native Canon files. I’ve been retaining the old RAWs on an external, ultimately only archiving the ‘printable’ items ... you know, ‘just in case.’

My CC widget is still only showing LR5. I suppose I’ll have to restart to see the new CC version.

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The Atlantic: The Great Millennial Car Comeback.

Some media narratives treat this rarified group as synonymous with Millennials, perhaps because it describes the clientele of the bars frequented by the coastal journalists who write those stories. But step outside Brooklyn, D.C., or Oakland, and you’ll find that the broader story is completely different.” I’ve suspected the ‘urban vacuum’ effect. That makes me feel better about Santa Fe’s focus on Instagram + Twitter marketing - a little.  Millenials still are not the demographic to be purchasing $100k artworks ... the real demographic we need to keep Santa Fe an art capital.

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Monocle: Clipped wings.

On my very first A/V tour, I was privileged to sit upstairs in a 747, NY to LA. A scheduling screwup, a little pressure on the ticketing agent, won my entire crew a private party from coast to coast. An extra 2,000 pounds of baggage, accepted with a ~$150 tip at curbside. Those were the days.

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Italian Ways: The 275 Ferrari GTB/2 “nez long” - a nose for good looks.

Nice. But, oh look ... I happen to have a photo of the model Denise McCluggage raced, winning at SF Concorso. Fancy that.

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The morning has NOT gone as expected.

Links soon, for a bit.

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HuffPo: Samantha Cristoforetti, ISS Astronaut, Wears ‘Star Trek’ Uniform In Space.

Not trying to rain on the parade, but ... doesn’t it cost roughly $10,000 to put 1 pound of stuff into orbit? A pretty expensive selfie.

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BBC: Does a US child go missing every 90 seconds?

Of those missing, the ‘truly’ kidnapped are more like ~1:7000 (if I did my math correctly; doubtful after this day). I believe the likelihood of a 20-something dropping dead is 1:2000, last time I looked. We don’t wrap 20-year-olds in bubble wrap and store them in closets. Let kids walk to school, play in playgrounds.

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Variety: ‘The Little Prince’ Trailer Unveiled for Cannes.

I actually love that they linked it to ‘helicopter parenting’. With that one choice, it’s perfection. That will date the movie someday (I hope), but not eliminate its relevance.

Here’s to you, Saint-Ex.

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