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Montana’s getting some heat.

Nope, climate change ain’t real ...

06/29/15 • 03:16 PM • Home & LivingScience(2) Comments

c|net: Professor warns robots could keep us in coffins on heroin drips.

Hmmm. This kind of result is exactly what Nick Bostrom was talking about here in SF the other week.  I’m current reading his book, “Superintelligence.

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Storify/LukeW: Drop Downs Should be the UI of Last Resort (with images, tweets).

Of note.

06/29/15 • 11:56 AM • InternetMobileProgramming1 Comment

FiveThirtyEight: We Tried — And Failed — To Identify The Most Banned Book In America.

Of particular note.

06/29/15 • 11:48 AM • ArtsBooksChildhood • No Comments

DP Review: The Zeiss 85 F1.4 Otus Comparison.

Oh, ouch. Set the Canon to the 85 1.8 wide open, you’ll see what I mean. The price? RENTAL.

06/29/15 • 11:43 AM • ConsumptionDesignPhotography • No Comments

DesignYouTrust: Dashi Namdakov Is Turning Heads With His Fantastic Bronze Sculpture.

Wild, man. If I were a little kid, I’d never visit the park in which that first sculpture resides. One view would serve for a lifetime.

06/29/15 • 10:59 AM • ArtsTravel(2) Comments

Re/Code: SpaceX Rocket Explodes Shortly After Takeoff on Elon Musk’s Birthday (Video).

Two things come to mind. One, in the case of an ‘anomaly’, it seems all audio goes dead (or is erased before publication). No soundbites for the media. Two, this points out how difficult it will be to determine when to initiate the manned Dragon capsule’s abort procedure ... will it get far enough away from the Falcon before such an explosion damages structural integrity? This seems an exciting system so far - these payload runs would be an excellent method to test this function.

06/29/15 • 10:38 AM • DesignScience • No Comments

Atlantic: Baby Boomers Are Changing Retirement.

I don’t expect to retire, though I’m at the tail end of the Boomers.

06/29/15 • 10:22 AM • EconomicsHome & LivingPersonal • No Comments

ArtDaily: Previously uncast Rodin sculpture fetches $1.1 million at Christie’s London sale.

Lordy, that’s wonderful. [Caveat: I do love Rodin’s works.]

06/29/15 • 09:44 AM • ArtsHistory • No Comments

NY Review of Books: Shakespeare’s Unfilmable Dream.

It allows endless opportunity, IMHO. The first time I saw it performed, the cast had but a platform and costumes. And it was wonderful. I suppose one has to have an imagination, something that may be endangered in the days of Pixar and CGI ...

06/29/15 • 09:42 AM • ArtsBooksEntertainmentHistory • No Comments

NPR: What Happened To The 9-Year-Old Smoking In Mary Ellen Mark’s Photo?

Just about what you’d expect. I suppose this is what bothers me about documentary photography; I’d want to help everyone.

06/29/15 • 09:35 AM • ChildhoodHistoryPhotography • No Comments

NY Times: ISIS and the Lonely Young American.

Exactly what I’ve been concerned about. I suppose ‘pen pals’ no longer exist? The last thing I want to see is a young, lonely, hormonal teen be used by these folks. We need to give them alternatives. Now.

06/27/15 • 03:22 PM • ChildhoodPsychologyReligion(2) Comments

c|net: Slumbering black hole in Milky Way roars back to life.

Someone turned on the galactic garbage-disposal?

06/26/15 • 06:16 PM • Science • No Comments

Vox: A day of global terror - horrifying attacks strike France, Tunisia, and Kuwait.

Well-expressed. Could have been much worse, yet ... without powerful and immediate international response, it likely will be.

06/26/15 • 10:29 AM • Human RightsLawPoliticsTravel(3) Comments

Luminous Landscape: A New Perspective On Landscape Photography.

So why would any photographer in their right mind choose to place Rufus the homeless rock below a background of inspirational light and land? The answer is simple: that photographer is addicted to a wide-angle lens.” Rufus the homeless rock! I love it. So very true. And Percy, the artful dead plant. Wally, the meaningless puddle of water. And so many others.

06/26/15 • 10:10 AM • ArtsPhotographyPsychology • No Comments

Slate: Clarence Thomas same-sex marriage dissent: “Slaves did not lose their dignity.”

... human dignity cannot be taken away by the government.” One can tell immediately he has never applied for welfare or unemployment. I propose a new rule - you can’t judge, legislate or litigate unless you’ve direct experience.

06/26/15 • 10:00 AM • Human RightsLawPolitics(6) Comments

Naked Cap: Who was Alexander Hamilton? Militarism, High Finance and Checking the Democracy.

Well, I’m a good Princetonian. Give me Aaron Burr Jr. any day.

06/26/15 • 09:54 AM • EconomicsHistoryHuman RightsPolitics • No Comments

MeFi: Titty, Cock, Intercourse and Ejaculation.

The article is SFW; my idiotic addition is NSFW. DO NOT play that on any office machine. You’ll get fired for sure. And major earworm warning. Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it.

06/26/15 • 09:52 AM • ArtsBooksEntertainmentMusic • No Comments

Civil War Memory: Removal of Confederate Flags Marks the End of the Civil War Sesquicentennial.

Hmmm.  As I mentioned yesterday, I wonder what rationalizations will come forward to excuse the use of slave-built structures in Washington, D.C. [in the addendum of that post] ... you know that shoe’s gonna drop soon.

06/26/15 • 09:39 AM • HistoryHuman RightsPolitics • No Comments

Italian Ways: The Gilera Rondine 500, unrivaled power.

Wonderful.  Even made me laugh out loud.

06/26/15 • 09:35 AM • DesignHistoryVehicles • No Comments

NPR: Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States.

And, I expect Roberts to hope this will mollify Conservatives over the previous ACA ruling: “But do not celebrate the Constitution. [snip] It had nothing to do with it.” Of course, he has a point. Marriage is not mentioned in the Constitution at all. His statement is perfectly ‘safe’ - too subtle for most to understand. Even most of our modern media.

06/26/15 • 09:20 AM • HistoryHuman RightsLawPoliticsReligion • No Comments

BBC: Avengers star Patrick Macnee dies.

Oh no! Note he also played a young Jacob Marley in my favorite version of A Christmas Carol; the one with Alistair Sim as Scrooge.  And The Avengers was a staple in our house. RIP, good sir; you will be greatly missed.

06/25/15 • 02:38 PM • EntertainmentHistoryPersonal • No Comments

Hemmings: After devastating fire, restoration begins on one of the world’s oldest Beetle.

Serial number 1-00003. Think of how many followed it ...

06/25/15 • 02:17 PM • HistoryVehicles • No Comments

SciAm: Researchers Study 3 Promising Anti-Aging Therapies.

Of interest.

06/25/15 • 02:15 PM • HealthScience • No Comments

Authority Nutrition: 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Whey Protein.

Been consuming it for years. I’ve graduated to the purest, lowest-cost form I can find: Now Foods Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Unflavored.  Two scoops, a small teaspoon of instant coffee to knock back the flavor, milk. Blend. Done.

06/25/15 • 02:12 PM • ConsumptionFoodHealthPersonal • No Comments
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