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Amazon.com: Book - The Rolling Stones.

Coming December 15. An amazing list of photographers’ work in here.

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TechCrunch: W3C Declares HTML5 Standard Complete.

On to 5.1.

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Mashable: British etiquette manual tells you how to behave in the 21st century.

The rule is that you should always give the other person more attention than technology.

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Metafilter curiousity.

When I visit Metafilter via RSS, I’m seeing a very modern redesign. Anyone else?  Looks nice.

[Later: Ah, new design when I’m logged out, old design when I’m logged in. DNS percolating changes, I assume.]

10/28/14 • 12:25 PM • DesignInternetProgrammingWeblogs1 Comment

Archaeology News Network: Remains of French ship being reassembled in Texas.

Ill-fated La Salle.

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Photo Attorney: Texas Statute Limiting Photos of People Found To Be Unconstititional.

Of note.

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MessyNessyChic: Vintage Supercars rotting away in a forest (and that’s how the owner wants it)

Painful and beautiful at the same time.

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TechCrunch: Microsoft Gives Developers More Ways To Integrate With Office 365.

One of the companies that is implementing these features soon is IFTTT, which will allow its users to create recipes based on incoming emails to their Outlook accounts, for example.

10/28/14 • 11:54 AM • InternetMicrosoftSoftware • No Comments

FWx: A Private Tour of the Eerie Abandoned Terminal at JFK.

Hey, I passed through there many a time on A/V shows. I still have, somewhere in the slightly-tame black hole of my closet, my TWA frequent flyer miles. Thanks to PapaScott on FB for finding it.

10/28/14 • 11:49 AM • DesignHistoryPersonalTravel(2) Comments

DeSmogBlog: When the Shale Runs Dry - A Look at the Future of Fracking.

... the cement plugs have a life expectancy of roughly 20 years. This means that every two decades, it is necessary to drill through the old plugs and install new ones. Some wells are even costlier and more complicated to seal because they are now underwater, requiring the deployment of barges and scuba divers.” Fracking is a ‘gift’ that keeps on giving to taxpayers, long after the oil and gas folks are gone with their profits.

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Photoshelter Blog: 8 Legal Cases Every Photographer Should Know.


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Youtube: Paddington – Official International Trailer #3.

Looks delightful. I didn’t even know it was in production. First I’ve heard of it.

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Atlas Obscura: America’s Abandoned Insane Asylum Cemeteries.


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Paris Review: Happy Halloween from Thackeray.

... with Halloween around the corner, it seems as good a time as any to present a portfolio of Thackeray at his most imaginatively unhinged.” Delightfully grotesque.

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Civil War Memory: What Passes For Civil War History at Liberty University.

One historian to us: “This is just all around really bad.”  There is annoying mood-setting background music behind the speakers in the video - so annoying, one can’t really grok what they’re saying.

10/28/14 • 10:51 AM • History • No Comments


I picture Hulk sitting by the fireside, with half-glasses and a smoking jacket.

10/28/14 • 10:45 AM • EntertainmentGeneralHuman RightsInternetSocial Media1 Comment

LA Times: Marcia Strassman dies at 66; actress starred in ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’.

‘We didn’t think anybody would believe her with Gabe Kaplan.’ I said: ‘You believe me with Gabe Kaplan? Thank you very much.’”” Indeed. My heart lost a few beats over her, way back when. Beautiful eyes and a lovely smile. I note the Grim Reaper of breast cancer took her; he is too active these days. RIP.

10/28/14 • 10:44 AM • EntertainmentHistory • No Comments

Telegraph.UK: Did Bach’s wife write his finest works?

Many of her papers are said to have been destroyed after her death, leaving little trace of her legacy.”  Somewhat suspicious in itself. None of us create in a true vacuum.

10/28/14 • 10:40 AM • HistoryMusic1 Comment

Merc in Cerrillos.

365/2: 299 outtake.

10/27/14 • 08:48 PM • PersonalPhotographySanta Fe Local • No Comments

365/2: 299. Past it.

365/2: 299.

10/27/14 • 05:00 PM • PersonalPhotographySanta Fe Local • No Comments

Pacific Standard: We Are All Confident Idiots.

The trouble with ignorance is that it feels so much like expertise.” Sticking people in front of a camera requires folks to multi-task - even those who know better can begin babbling in order to portray themselves in a way they feel is ‘good’. I don’t think it’s a fair test of ‘ignorance’.  Certainly not a scholarly study of the phenom.

10/27/14 • 12:49 PM • EntertainmentPsychology(2) Comments

CNet: Pope says evolution doesn’t mean there’s no God.

Been this way for a long time; as long as you don’t touch God as ‘prime mover.’

10/27/14 • 12:46 PM • ReligionScience(4) Comments

OneDrive Blog: OneDrive delivers unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 subscribers.

Well, now. That’s going to hurt the other drive vendors. Many of us have to get an Office365 account just to have a current copy of MS Word to open client docs with. Smart.

10/27/14 • 12:10 PM • MicrosoftSoftware • No Comments

Mashable: Photos of Veterans of the Napoleonic Wars.

Dapper. Obviously Napoleon supported a clandestine ‘army’ larger than his actual army ... the army of tailors and seamstresses to clothe all these soldiers.

10/27/14 • 11:59 AM • HistoryPhotography1 Comment

Bare Bones Software: BBEdit 11.

Automatic purchase! BBEdit still does things noone else does; I use it daily, and have for over a decade - no exaggeration. Note that I also use mine as a way to store text docs with client server specs, serial #‘s, etc. I don’t trust the modern password progs by themselves.  I like having plain text backups in multiple secure spots.

10/27/14 • 11:28 AM • AppleInternetProgrammingSoftware • No Comments
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