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NY Times Business:

Fed ‘stays the course’ one more time.  “There have been signs that the economy might be stabilizing, but the latest data suggested that the economy was still unwinding.”  Now that’s decisive.

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SF New Mexican:

Officers kill mountain lion that might have attacked man.  125 pounds, that’s a big cat for the desert, though small the for species.  I used to see them frequently in Big Bend; the desert dwellers tend to be more compact. Must be livestock or pronghorn over Pinos Altos way. These cats have very large ranges, especially in food-scarce environments.  I’d be careful hiking with kids in the Eldorado Wilderness on those trails with overhanging rock and trees - this was less than 70 miles away as the crow flies. Cats dearly love that jump/neck-break routine.

Correction: I’m thinking of the wrong Pinos Altos.  Thanks, Eric.

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SF Gate:

How to sing like a planet.  Om sweet om, we hear a lot about that hereabouts.

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National Geographic:

“Arab” Found in Danish Iron-Age Grave.  “An ancient Dane with Arabian genes is part of a DNA study that suggests Scandinavians of 2,000 years ago were more genetically diverse than today.”

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Calmly taking a drink from one of the front birdbaths,

I encounter a four-foot Red Racer (or Coachwhip) snake.  Beautiful.  Startled me, of course.  I was walking back from the mailbox.  What is it with the Yellow Pages folks? I’ve received like six identical phone books in the last week and a half. What a waste of paper.

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Physics Today:

Lawmakers fret over health, safety impacts of nanotechnology.  “Silver particles are used in a wide range of consumer products, mostly to impart an antimicrobial surface. But two recent studies have found that socks impregnated with nanoparticles of silver leach the particles when laundered. Silver is toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms, and researchers have found the nanoparticles in streambeds. What isn’t known is the extent to which the nanoscale form increases silver’s toxicity.”

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Mother Jones:

“In the summer showdown between lawn-care lobbyists and parents against toxic sprays, whose grass is greener? Connecticut’s finding out.”  Look into spinosad.  You can find it at most garden centers that support organic farming.

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Dubai plans ‘moving’ skyscraper.  Neat idea, but ... urp ... not for the motion-sick.

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I love

Reef sandals. I miss the striped-sole ones from the 90’s.  My Fannings are delightful, though conservative in black.  They’ve got a new design out.  Cool.

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The Register:

Heavyweight physics prof weighs into climate/energy scrap.  One of the better links of the day ... read it.

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Looted artifacts returned to Iraq.  One hopes religious fundamentalism within Iraq won’t further damage them.

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NY Times Art & Design:

A Monet Sets a Record: $80.4 Million. 

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NY Times Tech:

BlogTalkRadio Chats About New Funding and New Plans.

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NY Times Business/Reuters:

Exxon Valdez $2.5 Billion Oil Spill Ruling Overturned.  Two informational links for you ... contrast the Amoco Cadiz, and the amount of punitive damages cast against perceived corporate income.  The Valdez was the largest spill in US history; it should receive the largest punitive damage award in US case law. Just FYI, it was only around 33rd on the list of largest worldwide oil spills.

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SF New Mexican:

La Cienega residents parched and furious after water-pump bust. 

An aside: You know, there’s no ‘shortage of water.’  The Earth’s a closed system.  The problem of water supply is driven primarily by population ... followed by transport of water and desalinization costs.

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SF New Mexican:

City hearing on ‘Robin Hood’ home-sales tax tonight.  There’s an informational section on the bottom of the article that explains the situation.

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CNN Money:

Illinois to sue Countrywide.  This opens the can of worms about Federal and State oversight of business practices. Illinois may regret this.

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SF New Mexican:

“A laboratory says plutonium that may have spilled into Boulder’s sanitary sewer system was below federal and state limits.”  After Cerro Grande and 9/11, does anyone believe an ‘all clear’ declaration at face value?

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ars technica:

Safety report: latest collider at CERN won’t end the world.  Just so’s we find out if parallel universes exist.  I need to know I’m making smarter choices (without all the hard knocks) in another plane of existence.

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Obama Leads McCain by 15 Points as Voters Reject Republicans. Good news, good news. Barr and Nader are cancelling each other out!

Extra: PDN Pulse, “The Fist Bump Cover.

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Big Brown photo reveals loose shoe early in Belmont Stakes.  High rez digital photography, on the case. A loose shoe is a major deal during a race ... but it points also to pre-race prep, also.  I believe race fans handicap even the shoes on their favorites, and I can’t imagine an owner allowing a valuable animal to be raced with worn shoes.  A random shoe nail bust I might buy, but in a potential Triple Crown winner? 

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Washington Post, Security Fix:

New Trojan Leverages Unpatched Mac Flaw.  They mention a fix.

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Chile Declares Permanent Ban on Whaling, Japan Pressured to Follow Suit.

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Foreclosure Phil Gets Fingered.  The original Mother Jones piece. Vote McCain, get a Gramm’s worth of financial advice.  Ugh.

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Earth Works.  “By sitting on the toilet facing the fountain, the viewer completes the circuit, demonstrating, in a jarring and droll visual shorthand, the essential paradox of waste ‘disposal’— waste never really goes away; it just comes back in different forms. We’re always, in effect, drinking our own pee.”  What is dirt, but worm excrement?

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