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Tobias snapped a pic

of our Santa Fe “UFO.”  Whenever these balloons go up, the switchboards get jammed with UFO sightings ...

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DP Review:

Nikon D3 hands-on preview.  What I applaud Nikon for, is that your DX lenses will work on the full-frame camera.  No loss of lens investment when staying within the same brand.

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The New Atlantis:

Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism.  Much of this applies to weblogs, also.  Hundreds of entries in one’s blogroll doesn’t say anything if you don’t actually use them.  Going to seminars and listening to web-luminaries, do you judge their worth by perceived popularity, or by their performance for their clients or employers?  They are two separate gauges.

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NY Times Media & Advertising:

As the Fall Season Arrives, TV Screens Get More Cluttered.  If it’s a 24-hour news channel, I suppose it’s OK.  But laying these graphics over regular shows, the little badges in the corners of the screen, are endlessly annoying, IMHO.  Let us ‘opt-in.’

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Boston Globe:

“From the Internet to the iPod, technology is bringing rapid advances in memory. What society needs now are new ways to forget.” The time factor seems to be handling ‘forgetting’ in today’s world. Who recalls the Republican past desire to kill the filibuster?  A few of us; the remainder of America remains oblivious.  Only the latest opinion is retained.  Better to have accurate records - the human element will always be forgetful.

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Boston Globe:

“For years sociologists saw prisons - with their disproportionately poor, black, and uneducated populations - partly as mirrors of the social and economic disparities that cleave American life. Now, however, a new crop of books and articles are looking at the penal system not just as a reflection of society, but a force that shapes it.

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NY Times Opinion:

The New College Try.  Then again, our population has swelled significantly.  Not everyone can get into Harvard, even if it were affordable.

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SF New Mexican:

S.F. loses status as state’s 3rd largest city.

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Chinese find a dinosaur fossil with feathers on all four limbs.

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NY Times:

Marcel Marceau has passed away, in silence.





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NY Times Travel:

Forget the Vespa: Making Your 2 Wheels a Bike in Rome.  Sounds lovely.

09/22/07 • 09:26 AM • Travel(2) Comments

NY Times:

At State Dept., Blog Team Joins Muslim Debate.

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George Bush the Texan is ‘scared of horses’.  “Donald Rumsfeld, his defence secretary until last November, asked recently if he missed the president, said flatly: ‘No.’”

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House prices to drop much lower: Greenspan.  *Sputter* in outrage ... what about the ‘froth’, Mr Greenspan? ... what about ... oh just read this from 2005.

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Luminous Landscape:

Developing your vision.  “Over time this passion for the equipment may have overshadowed your initial reasons for choosing to do photography in the first place.  The passion you had for representing the world around you may have slowly given way to a passion for the tools rather than for the outcome that these tools can produce.  In turn, your inspiration may have shifted from being inspired by the subject to being inspired by the camera.”  The slippery slope!

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“A bootmaker to world leaders, including President Bush and Vicente Fox, is in a Colorado jail, charged with money laundering and conspiring to illegally smuggle the skins of protected animals into the United States to provide exotic footwear for high-end clients.”

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A tricked-out Escalade just drove by ...

hip-hop bass so loud, the joists in the walls of my office started making cracking noises on the beat.  At first, I thought LANL might be testing conventional weapons up in the Jemez again.  Jeez.

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3 easy ways to speed up CSS development while staying organized.

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Save the planet ...

by eating peanut butter.

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Washington Post:

Warning Issued on Baby Colic Remedy.  Cryptosporidium! Beware.

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Learning to hate literature.  “What is it about school that puts so many people off the books they read there?”  There is a very easy answer, so easy I’m surprised noone sees it anymore.  If a child has a rich reading lifestyle outside of school, the classics naturally fall to hand.  School is placed these days as being the only place where a child picks up a book.  In observation of modern childrearing, a child’s every other second is taken up with extracurricular activities rather than allowing them the free time and space to think for themselves.  The choruses of “I’m bored” on a rainy day used to be followed by a shuffling to the bookshelf, and a few hours of peace and quiet.

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Chicago Tribune:

Muti finds the time to conduct audience.  “Muti’s unspoken point was that their premature applause, though well-intentioned, broke the musical continuity and hidden program Tchaikovsky built into his final masterpiece.”

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NY Times Editorial:

In Search of a Congress.  “Remember, this is the same batch of Republican senators who denounced Democrats as obstructionist and even un-American and threatened to change the Senate’s rules when Democrats threatened filibusters in 2005 over a few badly chosen judicial nominees.”  Hear, hear.  Keep in mind, the Republicans and their media supporters were in full agreement that the majority should rule, and the minority’s obstructions be eliminated.  The reigning conservative interpretation, filling the metacosm and media, was that ‘filibusters are good, partisan filibusters are bad.’  As if there’s any other kind of filibuster other than oppositional.

I still support the filibuster, even if it causes delays and obstruction. I consider the Constitution’s intentional inefficiencies as a protection of our freedoms, worthy of their own protection from our modern hyper-GTD [“Getting Things Done”] mindset.

If nothing else, the Republicans should reflect on where they’d be today, if their rules had been passed. But I sincerely doubt you’ll see or hear such a thing.

09/21/07 • 10:06 AM • Politics • No Comments

NY Times Movies:

Into the Wild.  If you’ve spent much time in the wilderness, you’ll probably agree with the ranger’s quote at the end of the Wikipedia article on McCandless.

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NY Times

Will you marry me? Say “Cheese”!  Hiring your own paparazzi.

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