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2007 has been one of the warmest years since 1850, despite the cooling influence of La Nina conditions.

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Study Says 63% of U.S. Housing Markets Are Overvalued.  “Areas that have experienced price corrections in the past 20 years have declined an average of 17 percent. The median duration of the correction is 17 quarters.”

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Today’s girls prefer to look sexy rather than be clever.  “Girls are being led to believe they’re in control when it comes to sexual relationships ...  [snip] ... But they’re actually living in a profoundly anti-feminist landscape where girls compete for attention on the basis of how much they are sexually willing to do for the boys.”

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Washington Post:

Analysts Late to the Alarm, Fallout From Subprime Crisis Casts Scrutiny on Ratings.

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How’s this for an office prank?  That’s just plain mean.  Heh, heh.

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NPPA President To Testify Before House On National Parks Photo Rule Changes.  “Under the Department of Interior’s proposal, the new rules would establish a permit system for some commercial filming and photography in National Parks and other federal lands. Some of these proposed revisions contradict a set of regulations put forth in Law 106-206 by Congress in 2000 that NPPA found to be very acceptable. Specifically the revisions call for fees on documentary films deemed ‘commercial’, permits for audio taping and the denial of permits for still photography when deemed “inappropriate” by the agency, which NPPA opposes.”

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Inside Higher Ed:

“Following its announcement last year, Yale University on Tuesday launched its free, online archive of popular undergraduate courses — including not only syllabi, problem sets and course materials, but videos and audio files of the lectures themselves.

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NY Times Opinion:

Secular Europe’s Merits.  The Bill of Rights is supposed to guarantee us that religion remains irrelevant in American politics.  Not very ‘Strict Constructionist’ of the Right to intimate otherwise.

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NY Times:

Homespun Electricity, From the Wind.  “One of the top 10 pleasures in life is watching your electrical meter go backward.”

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NY Times/Reuters:

Countrywide Loan Funding Tumbles 40 Percent In November.  “The bulk of the origination decline came from a near-evaporation of Countrywide’s subprime lending business and a sharp fall-off in adjustable-rate mortgages.”

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NY Times:

The Other ‘Atonement’ Love Story.

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A cold

has settled into my upper sinuses, making me feel like something you scrape off a bootheel.  Links will be thin today, as multitasking will tax me a little beyond my capabilities.

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SF New Mexican:

Meeting ‘first step’ in resolving drilling debate.  A closed meeting, by invitation only.  “Democracy in action”, I suppose.  There is no excuse that would prevent podcasting or videotaping the event for public dissemination.  I want to hear what was discussed.  Good news, though: “Santa Fe’s city councilors also are getting in on the discussion. At Wednesday night’s meeting, they approved a resolution supporting the temporary moratorium, noting oil and gas drilling may endanger the health, safety, general welfare and quality of life of county residents, including those who live within city limits. The measure also supports a delay in action on Tecton’s proposal to make time for study and evaluation.”

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Harvard to boost aid for middle- and upper-income families.  “... Mr. Pals also notes that the trend has been accelerating over a number of years, particularly since Princeton announced in 2001 that all undergraduates eligible for aid would be given grants or work-study jobs so they could earn their degree without taking out loans. Since then, the number of low-income students attending the university has more than doubled.”  Positive news.

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ReserveASpotInHeaven.com.  “It is now possible to enjoy your sin filled life and buy your way into Heaven, but how?”  Get thee to a nunnery.

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Product warning.

My little Giotto rocket air blaster for cleaning dust off my sensor, the black soft plastic is beginning to oxidize and leave black schmutz on hands (and anything else you touch).  A real pain if you’re cleaning your camera.  If you own one, clean the bulb with something appropriate before starting to clean your camera ...

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New Yorker:

What I.Q. doesn’t tell you about race.  “... the typical teen-ager of today, with an I.Q. of 100, would have had grandparents with average I.Q.s of 82—seemingly below the threshold necessary to graduate from high school. And, if we go back even farther, the Flynn effect puts the average I.Q.s of the schoolchildren of 1900 at around 70, which is to suggest, bizarrely, that a century ago the United States was populated largely by people who today would be considered mentally retarded.”  In my experience with orphans, black newborns pick up faster ... eye contact, eye-hand coordination, overall aspect ... a recognizable personality forms more swiftly.  Smarter, much earlier. I can only share the conclusion that it is our world, our culture, that lets them down.

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Yahoo News/Reuters:

Fossils of ancient tank-like mammal found in Andes.  Looks more like a giant turtle than a tank.

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This is the biggest act of global economic cooperation since September 11.”  Will covering their butts prevent them from losing their shirts?

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The Economist:

The Fed: From Santa to Scrooge. The last two paragraphs are the most important to read.

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Space tug offered for NASA’s orbital use.  A great idea, seemingly straight out of science fiction.

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Jessica Simpson ready to strip naked for Hollywood.  “The blonde beauty wants to be taken seriously as an actress and believes baring all is the best way to earn the respect of Tinseltown ...”  My italics.  I think I speak for all of us, when I say acting lessons would be a much, much better idea.  There’s enough skin around the airwaves to upholster couches into perpetuity.

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The Daily Green:

Arctic Sea Ice Re-Freezing at Record Pace.  She wants to live, Gaia does.

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Big Oil lets sun set on renewables.  “Shell has quietly shed most of its solar power, while BP is buying into dirty tar sands.”  As with most corporations, they go for the cheap and easy.

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The New Criterion:

Review of “The Death of the Grown-up.”  Remember the stink over Robert Bly’s “Sibling Society”?  Yet we are surrounded by his ‘half-adults.’

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