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SF New Mexican:

Neighbors fed up with shelter overflow.  “You are only two paychecks from being just like these people ... [snip] ... This is about our community. Why does it matter what neighborhood the shelter is in?”  This will suffer a huge opposition by the NIMBY folks, which will return the homeless to sheltering under the overpasses of I-25, and sleeping in the wooded verges of the interstate’s exits, as a few years ago.

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Busy this morning.

Links as I can.

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SF New Mexican:

State law: Employers must make space for nursing moms.  I envision LANL having Ehrlenmeyer flasks and bunson burners handy ...

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‘R’ is for rigor in US high schools.  “Only 18 percent of high school seniors performed at or above proficiency in science in 2005. Forty percent of college students have to take at least one remedial course – and only half of those who set out to earn a bachelor’s degree do so.”  Performance in high school is different from dropping out.  Cost of college is also a factor in dropout rates.

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Times Online.UK:

Culloden Ceòl Mór.

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Rob Galbraith

says the Canon EOS-1D Mark III production models have the same AF flaws as the development models.  Warm, sunny days, eh?  That eliminates most photo-taking opportunities in this neck of the woods.  Let’s hope Canon’s listening.

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Consumer Affairs:

The Ten Worst Used Cars and Trucks ... chosen by readers.

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Globe and Mail.CA:

Canadian jurist prompts international justice panel to debate TV drama 24’s use of torture.  “It turns out that the judges who struggle to square the Guantanamo Bay prison camp experiment with the British Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 are watching the show, too.”

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Self-portraitists, check this out:

Kimiko Yoshida.

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Never heard of the Olduvai Theory before.

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All dressed up, and no place to go.

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Where Do Hollywood Babies Come From?  Perhaps organic jellies would be safer.

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NY Times Editorial Observer:

Millions of Missing Birds, Vanishing in Plain Sight.  “We love to finally care when the death watch is on. It makes us feel so very human.”

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NY Times Environment:

At 90, an Environmentalist From the ’70s Still Has Hope. “I have never been an eco-freak. I think it’s just a business of trying to weigh what your aims are, what your life is about. To me, it’s more important to get my work done than to ride the subway.”

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NY Times World Business:

As More Toys Are Recalled, Trail Ends in China.  Y’know, I’m starting to avoid Chinese products, as a result of these recent revelations (melamine, kerosene, lead, etc.).  China’s business community better wise up, and fast.

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NY Times:

Scholars Race to Recover a Lost Kingdom on the Nile.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

“Starting soon, New Mexico will require every bike rider and skateboarder under 18 to wear a helmet.

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SF New Mexican:

9-year manhunt for fugitive may have ended in Utah’s high desert.

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Extreme Tech:

Build a content creation monster, or a bang for the buck ‘budget’ system.  12k for the first, $1900 for the second.

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HTML Email question.

I’m setting up a client to send HTML email out of Expression Engine’s Communicate module.  Long story short, no complex HTML page formatting is coming through, except for some wigged out table cells.  I dug through my various accounts, and saw some HTML emails (for advertisers) who put the hex code for the equals sign (‘3D’), after each equals sign.  As in, width=3D"150”.  Voila, it works.  The CSS still isn’t working (style block at the top) in Gmail, I assume I’ll have to inline it.  Any ideas why I have to do this sledgehammer fix?  I’m dry.  Been trying to chase this down between EE, PHP, email server ... you name it.  I was ready to start waving bloody severed chicken heads over it ...

Later: Bing.

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Ten CSS tricks you may not know.  Two classes together has come in handy for me, in the past.

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I figured some sort of power mismatch would be at the root of the ISS’s problems.

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Washington Post:

“The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that a passenger in a vehicle has the same right as a driver to challenge the constitutionality of a traffic stop. The court decided that when police stop a vehicle, passengers are ‘seized’ within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment and—like drivers—can dispute the legality of a search.”

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Washington Post:

Discount Dentistry, South of The Border.  “Mexican dentists often charge one-fifth to one-fourth of U.S. prices. Their operating costs are substantially lower than those in the United States, and because the Mexican legal system makes it almost impossible to sue them, they don’t have to worry about high malpractice insurance premiums.”

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“They are orange-robed, barefoot Buddhist monks. But instead of extolling peace and harmony, they are employing the uncompromising language of military strength.”  I give up on religion, I really do.

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