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Washington Post:

Weapon Of Mass Destruction.  A short history of the AK-47; perhaps it should have been titled ‘bang for the buck.’

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10 Is the New 15 As Kids Grow Up Faster.  “Several published studies have found, for instance, that some tweens’ bodies are developing faster, with more girls starting menstruation in elementary school - a result doctors often attribute to improved nutrition and, in some cases, obesity. While boys are still being studied, the findings about girls have caused some endocrinologists to lower the limits of early breast development to first or second grade.”

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NY Times Editorial:

Learning from Iraq.  “I went there with the wrong attitude and I thought I understood Iraq and the history because I had seen PowerPoint slides, but I really didn’t.”  My dumbstruck italics.

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NY Times Europe:

A Rare Material and a Surprising Weapon.  Er, not so rare.  I bet many photographers are walking around with Static-Master brushes in their kit; no doubt this may send gongs off at airports.  They incorporate a strip of polonium 210 to eliminate static and dust.  I have one in my camera bag, right now.

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NY Times:

Divcos forever.  “They’re very slow and awkward, and as neat as they are, they’re just not very practical.”  Unless you’re doing door-to-door 1950’s milk deliveries.

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NY Times:

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo: When Irresistible Force Meets Unlimited Wallet.  “If you care about mileage, keep in mind that the government rating is 8 miles a gallon in town, 14 on the highway.”  If folks are paying $585,000, I doubt they’re concerned about gas prices.

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NY Times Middle East:

A Matter of Definition: What Makes a Civil War, and Who Declares It So?  This semantic argument is only extant because America (both Administration and citizenry) sees a declaration of civil war as tantamount to complete and utter failure.

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SF New Mexican:

At the bottom of this article, a schedule of upcoming Pueblo dances.  More on Matachines.

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SF New Mexican:

Another alcohol-inspired wrong-way crash, this time in Gallup.  You will notice significantly diminished outrage over this one.  Why?

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Daily Mail.UK:

Well, that didn’t take long.  Though I expected it to be available online first.

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correct yesterday’s analysis ... religious/military kleptocracy.

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Iraq, the Death Squads.  47 minutes running time.  Highly recommended, before commenting on further political actions in Iraq.  It seems that in training more Iraqi security forces, we are inadvertently creating the foot soldiers for a religious/military dictatorship.  If democracy is a failure, what is the alternative?  Has one even been considered?

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Armed cartoonist.”  What happened to the pen being mightier than the sword?

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links the uranium blight on Navajo native lands.  The LA Times (linked in this article), has an animated piece that gives a sense of the tragedy.

I have yet to see a mine reclaimed to safety or beauty.  The strip mines I used to see back East (Western PA), were broad unnatural avenues, crisscrossed with orangy acidic streams and creeks, rocks heated to strange blackened fragility.  Sure, deer would browse the verges ... as they also browse the verges of corporate office complexes.  Doesn’t mean it is a ‘habitat restored.’  A tailing pile is not a mountain, no matter how much greenery you try to hide it under.

There’s a recent local article in the Albuquerque Trib about mining at La Jara Mesa near Mt Taylor, west of Albuquerque and a bit north of Grants. Adjacent areas have been the richest uranium sources found in America, embedded in fossil-rich Jurassic Morrison layers (fossils that we’ll never see).  I understand they’ve completed their surveys now, and are awaiting final drilling approval before going into full production. 

I don’t understand how individuals, companies, State or the Feds can go ahead with something like this, knowing full well current mining practices will likely kill local residents from diseases related to radiation and extraction processes.  I’m no fan of private profit, brought at great public cost.  Even if hundreds of jobs are created, how does that stack up against even one child with leukemia?  Would you risk a life as precious as this?

As I’ve said before, if there’s money to mine, there’s money to clean.  If there isn’t, it shouldn’t be done.

Later: Yellowcake Blues, from the SF Reporter.

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Times Online.UK:

Of men and ‘status shoes.’

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In the Dutch town of Groningen, they’ve installed street microphones, listening for ‘aggressive voices.’  I wonder what happens when a ‘boom car’ goes by.

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The Harvard Crimson:

Less faith, more reason.

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The Economist:

It took a Frenchman.  “The rise of a populist demagogue, to use modern terms, confirmed his blackest fears about the tyrannous possibilities of democracy.”  On de Tocqueville.

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From Reuters, a photo of the day, of Russian fashion.

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NY Times:

The 109th slinks away, trying to look fierce, but with its tail unmistakably between its legs.  The Times aims a kick at it to send it on its way a little faster.

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NY Times:

Ray Kurzweil builds a neural-net stock picking machine.

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NY Times:

Cyber Monday is more about surveying the bargains than purchasing, it seems.

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NY Times:

Airline Opens a New Breach in the French Defenses.  Casino Barrière de Deauville is apparently the model upon which Ian Fleming created Casino Royale.  They have a great virtual tour [click ‘virtual visit’ under the photo] on their website.

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SF New Mexican:

Burglary, graffiti crimes way up in Santa Fe.  Lock your goods in the trunk this shopping season, and leave nothing in sight of the windows.

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Happy B-day, Sauda.  Smart fashion choice, horizontal stripe leggings.  They’re due to return to the fashion catwalks any day now.

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