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Reading labels ...

Spaghetti sauce.  “... recipe handed down for over two generations ...”  Ingredient list contains high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil.  Grandma and great-grandma must’ve been Italian chemists.

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Red, Green and Blue:

McCain’s Colorado River Gaff Might Cost Him Key Western States.  Oh, boy.  What did the campaign do, swap him out for Ricky Gervais?  First, he can’t remember how many houses.  Now he rams his oblivious opinion into the West’s water wars. In one fell swoop, he’s likely lost the entire agricultural vote in NM.  The problem for us here in NM is that the compact was set up in 1922, when our neighboring states had far fewer representatives.  Now we’re dreadfully outnumbered.  Renegotiate the compact, we lose - big time.  See why this was a major gaffe?

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The Atlantic:

Of Olympic pistol-shooting and ... beta blockers.

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Physics Today:

Will desperate climates call for desperate geoengineering measures?  I can’t help but believe that human interference only causes more complications - complications that noone can completely predict.  Better to stop poisoning the world, than try to alter the world so it can artificially (and only temporarily) handle our burgeoning emissions.

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Poets & Writers:

Writer’s block?  Try a stand-up desk.

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The New Yorker:

The Code Of The West: What Barack Obama can learn from Bill Ritter.

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Mother Jones:

“A beggar in the street I saw,
Who held a hand like withered claw,
As cold as clay;
But as I had no silver groat
To give, I buttoned up my coat
And turned away.
- Robert W. Service.

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London Review of Books:

Madame Matisse’s Hat.  You realize, of course, probably none of this went through Matisse’s head.  He just painted a picture.

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First particles injected into Large Hadron Collider atom smasher.

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the Dow took off like a rocket this morning.

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The Stranger:

No, Not Here, That’s Not Possible.  And the world gets a little poorer culturally, as a consequence.

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Times Online.UK:

Autumn TV looks to time-travelling costume dramas.  A time-travelling Eliza Bennett, of all things.

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NY Times Books:

Globe-Tripping Again With a Vagabond Scribbler.  “Mr. Theroux’s scribbling does yield some nice moments of dehumidified wit and snow-dusted nostalgic repose. But too often he displays little more than a hurried, irritable interest in the places he visits, especially if they have the nerve to have embraced ‘meretricious modernity.’”

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NY Times Space & Cosmos:

Hubble Images Solve Galactic Filament Mystery.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe Indian Market: Ready for the show.  Schedule of events at the bottom of the article.  The times on the Clothing Contest are very flexible.  When they say ‘get there early’, they mean it.  The best spots are gone by 7.

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SF New Mexican:

County might have violated state’s Open Meetings Act.  “When first contacted by The New Mexican, Ulibarri said the county did not have a legal obligation to post notices on the Web site. He said the county had complied with the law by posting a legal notice in the newspaper.  But upon closer examination of the county’s own resolution on the topic, Ulibarri acknowledged it requires agendas be posted online three days before meetings.”

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On the theory of avian appreciation of sunset aesthetics.

I only notice it around this time of year.  I’ll go out to water between 7 and 8 o’clock, and all the trees are populated with birds.  Not flitting about, as you might imagine, calling to each other and busily making baby birds.  No, they’re sitting perched on the tops of the highest trees.  Sitting still.  Every one of them facing west, watching the sunset.  I only see them doing this on days when there’s a middling to spectacular sunset.  They never sit there for the cloudy, dull ones.  Nor the completely clear ones. 

Every so often, they’re accompanied by a rabbit or three.  Facing the same direction.  Never chewing grass or leaves.  Just sitting, watching.

Now a scientist will probably tell me the birds are resting before nailing a few mouthfuls of insects after the sun sets (because nocturnal insects probably rise after sunset).  The rabbits are probably on the lookout for coyotes before they head for their dens.

I like to think the birds and rabbits simply enjoy a good sunset performance. 

You’re not going to convince me otherwise.

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Oil and gas exploration: Is “fracking” safe?  Finally, the national media is starting to sit up and pay attention to this issue.  The contamination of our underground resources cannot continue unchecked.  I’m going to contrast two quotations from the article for you:

One, “Despite its widespread use and somewhat mysterious mix, fracturing fluid was deemed in 2004 by the Environmental Protection Agency as safe for the environment and groundwater.”

Two: “In a copy of its Material Safety Data Sheet—which details ingredients, health warnings, fire hazards and more—ZetaFlow contains methanol and two undisclosed ‘proprietary’ compounds. The document also warned that ZetaFlow can be an ‘immediate’ and ‘chronic’ health hazard.”

The EPA, ever vigilant.  As useful as when they declared the air quality ‘safe’ after 9/11.

I’ll repeat myself for those who don’t know the story. The oil and gas industry wants to frack here in the Galisteo Basin. Through our precious aquifer - an aquifer that serves thousands.  Thousands who cannot be served by any method from Santa Fe City or other municipal water system if things go awry now or in the future. This is high desert. We desperately need more water resources, with more people moving to the area and the potential future consequences of global warming.  Some of us are paying some of the highest rates for water in the state already.  We need water more than we need the relatively puny amount of locally recoverable oil, an amount that would only drop global oil prices by a fraction of a dollar. 

What worries me most is the fact that drilling is beginning to be equated with a jingoistic patriotism in some circles. The Republican Party is trying to build a popular sense of ... should I call it ‘inevitability’? ... to promote and boost drilling initiatives as an ‘easy fix’ for high gas prices. The premise is clearly false, yet the Democrats are not standing against the disinformation.  We must redouble our efforts to remind our politicians of the grim realities - realities that oil profits to multinationals and revenue dollars to our local governments will not be sufficient to alleviate.

Here in the Galisteo Basin, we have one source of water. There should be an outright ban on any extraction processes that could potentially threaten a sole supply now or in the future. PERIOD. As I’ve said before, the State should be mediating a trade of mineral rights for a cut of surface solar and wind generation, in agreement and cooperation with the property owner in appropriate geographic areas.  I don’t mean to see anyone done out of their investments. 

Oil and gas are yesterday’s technologies, and some want to wallow in the past. It’s a new century. We need to be working for our future. 

Boy, this subject gets me all worked up.  Thanks for the heads-up, Linda.

Later, related: Orion, The Moral Climate.

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The Atlantic:

The Autumn of the Multitaskers.  Via MeFi.

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I have to decide

whether I’m going to photograph the Native Regalia Contest again this weekend.  Means getting up early and standing for almost six hours, without the opportunity for a bathroom break (you’ll lose your spot, never to get good placement again).  The low height of the new Plaza bandstand makes taking photos of complete outfits really difficult, not to mention those white canvas tents in the background throwing off exposure.  I took a swing by late in the morning last year, and the lighting situation was really difficult.  Add to that the increasing number of P&S camera owners who can’t figure out how to turn off their flashes, you have a recipe for few ‘keepers.’

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For Reddit:

Even Batman is preparing for a fuel-sipping future.

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Scientific American:

Planning to E-Vote? Read This First.

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DP Review:

Create 3D images with your camera.  Requires both an application and a specific web plug-in to use, so this isn’t something for general use.

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Got jewelry?

Elise over at Rancho de Perro has just opened her Etsy shop.  I particularly admire the creative necklaces.

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Two women, one young, one older, downtown near The Shed restaurant: “Sexy? Look at him, Lisa. Phelps is a goober. Gomer Pyle in swim trunks.”  Younger woman: “What’s a Gomer Pile?”

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