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Rob Galbraith:

Public beta of Photo Mechanic 4.5. I always try out new things.  Here’s the direct download link.

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Ian McKellen as “King Lear.”

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The Chronicle of Higher Ed

is also urging us to be less tyrannical over reading.

Related: Yahoo News, “About one-third of the people living in the national’s capital are functionally illiterate, compared with about one-fifth nationally, according to a report on the District of Columbia.”

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Hemlock Available in the Faculty Lounge. “I think it is the only class I ever took which made me feel like a different person afterward. I would highly recommend this class to students who want to try a different way of learning.”

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NY Times Editorial:

Students’ Right to Free Speech.  Give me strength. Who else remembers the days of students carrying placards with “Nixon” written on them, the “x” transmuted into a Nazi swastika?

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NY Times Science:

Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior.  “Chimpanzees, who cannot swim, have drowned in zoo moats trying to save others.”

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NY Times Health:

“Do you inhale?”  Tobacco, from sexy to deadly.

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NY Times Europe:

Russia Gives Iran Ultimatum on Enrichment.  “Recently, however, Moscow and Tehran have been engaged in a public argument about whether Iran has paid its bills, which may explain Russia’s apparent shift.”  Russia is the only entity who can peacefully shift Iran’s nuclear intentions.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

I can’t imagine trying to stick pins in an angry cat.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

“You wouldn’t expect to find a World War II battleship hiding under the dusty West Mesa soil, but it’s there ...”

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SF New Mexican:

N.M. lakes in better shape this year. Good news for canoeists and kayakers.

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SF New Mexican:

Sadly, I must mention the fifth wrong-way DWI crash since November.

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SF New Mexican:

Fisk weighs offers for O’Keeffe. For those used to the stereotypical skull-and-flowers O’Keeffe work, this may seem a little unusual.  It’s simply representative of her extensive body of work.  This is from her “NY” period, in the 20’s.  You can purchase a print, I see, too.

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SF New Mexican:

Tab from winter blast continues to accrue. If you factor in the number of roads that need repaving, this number will easily double ... and more.

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Ever wonder what happens if you hit the wrong button?  Twice?  This poor individual found out, reformatting both primary and backup hard drives.

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Controversial skywalk in place over Grand Canyon.  For the environmentalists who complain, I’d keep my trap shut.  This idea beats casinos, power plants, etc.

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CNN Money:

Housing starts rebound but permits fall. “The February starts, while a big jump from January, were still 28 percent below February 2006 numbers and were the fifth weakest reading since the beginning of 1998.”

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American Inventor Spot:

The “Gotta Go” Briefcase.

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Smoking ages all skin, not just face.  The visuals this headline dredges up ...

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Ah, folks are wising up to a fact I’ve been harping upon of late.  The elephant in the room, for climate change, is population.

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Times Online.UK:

Firemen douse Rudy’s image as 9/11 hero.  Here it starts.

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Psychology Today:

The orgasm wars.

Tangential: The world’s oldest condom.  Reusable. With instructions.

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Times Online.UK Travel:

Art and intrigue in Tuscany.  I could so use a vacation.

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Washington Post:

Behavior May Suggest We’re Not Only Human.  “We may be human, but we’re still animals.”

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An “electrifying” (rather than gassy) 1978 Triumph Spitfire. One of two parts in the series.

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