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Double Viking:

Real men love “The Rocketeer”.  We’d all like to jetpack our way out of inauspicious situations, sometimes.

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mentions the new all-in-one programming setup for Mac, Coda.  Looks nice.  I’ll offer a different perspective on the same situation.  I’ve found that since I switched to PC (to purposely miss out on all the System 9 - OS X changeover fun), I’ve never been as swiftly prolific as when I was a daily BBEdit user.  Gawd, how I loved that program.  After switching systems, I felt Homesite dulled my wits, never let creativity soar.  In general, the squared-off rigidity in the PC interface drove me nuts.  File management on PC was a nightmare until I found AutoDialogs and Avafind (don’t run those if you’re scraping by on 1gig of RAM, though).  I also ran across ExplorerXP a while ago, and the tabbed interface is becoming useful at times as I try to consolidate my photo archives.  When I’m in a ‘commanding’ mood, or in a rush, I use Nico’s Commander.  I got used to the Norton Commander interface in DOS and using DOS batch commands back in the late ‘80’s.  Treepad Plus for storing passwords, software registrations, other info.  Thanks to Lifehacker, I’m fooling with Keybreeze, too (I use the backslash, not the semicolon key. Less annoying, esp. when CSS programming.).

[Woof. Talk about off on a tangent.  Stream of consciousness.  Back to regular programming ...]

Thank goodness for Nick Bradbury’s TopStyle. It’s my one and only html/css editing environment now.  FireFTP for quick FTPs, Filezilla for the rest (CuteFTP started bugging out after I started working on hard drive tuning). 

I could wish NewsGator would continue development on TopStyle, but I tell myself that often ‘more development’ just means adding effluvia to a clean, efficient program.  It is an environment for ‘typers’ and not drag-and-droppers - therefore appeals to my style and taste.  I play with different CSS/HTML editors when they pass under my nose, but nothing’s ever attracted me away.  Doesn’t mean it is perfect.  I’d like to see collapsible branching in the Site Summary, for instance.  Picking through a dozen ‘index.html’ files, trying to figure out which one belongs to which subfolder, can be a real pain in the rear for a very large website.

Still, I’m watching Mac closely.  Thinking of acquiring a Mac system for myself towards the end of the year.  I want access to Final Cut Pro, if nothing else.

Oh ... if you are on PC, can’t afford Illustrator at the moment but need a vector drawing environment ... check out Inkscape.  Not perfect, but certainly very usable for spot illustrations.

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456 Berea St:

Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design (Book review).

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Crucial Webhost Blog:

Master Stylesheet: The Most Useful CSS Technique.  I admire the idea of specific preplanned classes to remove formatting, instead of building them later during the programming itself when an issue raises its head.  Nothing earth-shattering, just a new way to think about the daily programming shtick, and perhaps a new efficiency.

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it feels like the end of an era, now that weblogging has a print magazine.  For those like myself, who prefer the budding rose over the full established bloom ... where does one go from here?

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The media is still echoing

the Sheryl Crow ‘one square of toilet paper’ thing.  I didn’t think she could ever be that out of touch.  Of course, she isn’t.

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“It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. The abstinence-only sex-education programs on which the federal government has been spending around $176 million a year have been shown to have zero effect. That’s right: zero.”  They need to follow up this study with incidence of pregnancy and STD transmission in both abstinence-only and other programs before lauding one over the other, or deciding to keep throwing good money after bad.  If abstinence-only teaches nothing about contraception or safe sex, one can guess the results without scientific research. Still, the research needs to be done.  Thoroughly.

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Times Online.UK:

Dollar may get cheaper still as Fed cut looks likely.  More tourists.  Come to Santa Fe!  We need the tourist $$ ...

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Nail that siding tight! Metal thieves grow brash.  We’ve seen this effect in Santa Fe already.  It’s not your siding you need to worry about ... it’s those metal sculptures.  Chain ‘em down (though I hear blowtorches are a preferred method of theft).

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Chicago Tribune:

Study: No abortion, breast cancer link.

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5 Startup Sales Tips From Turkish Rug Dealers.  Serve good coffee?

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Restoration goes slowly for Bamiyan Buddhas.  “One plan put forward has suggested that the destroyed statues and frescoes be reassembled in the existing cavities using mortar. However, the project could cost an estimated $50 million — an amount the impoverished area cannot afford.”  With only 60% left, the best they could likely do is house the original fragments in a museum, and build a replica.  That way, the original pieces are shielded from climate wear and tear.

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NY Times Real Estate:

Rail Line Drives Utah Development.  Good reference to have, for when the rail line finally spans Albuquerque to Santa Fe.  Perhaps the affluent will end up with mansions on the crest of La Bajada hill.

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NY Times Travel:

With the current dollar/euro exchange rates, this article on budget travel in Europe becomes most important.

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NY Times Europe:

Modernity Drills Through Rock Toward an Alpine Hamlet.  “Young people struggle to find spouses willing to move here. Failed relationships are common. Loneliness hangs in the thin mountain air.  Yet there is also romance and idealism to living in this Alpine version of Walden Pond.”  I wonder how much snow they get in the winter, and how long it lasts.

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NY Times:

Sales of existing homes plunged in March by the largest amount in nearly two decades, reflecting bad weather and increasing problems in the subprime mortgage market, a real estate trade group reported Tuesday.”

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NY Times Business:

Toyota Overtakes G.M. in Sales for First Time.

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‘Kryptonite’ discovered in mine.

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SF New Mexican:

New head of tourism counts on baby boomers. If he’s going to count on spas, then he needs to have a talk with spa owners.  Our local ones have a great deal of flavor (I’m being nice), but hardly compare in total experience of luxury to the finest in the nation.

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Washington Post:

Landis Tests Positive on Follow-Up Tests.

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April, links for web designers.  I’ve already linked a few of these, but there is bounty for all within.

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National Geographic:

Ancient Mass Extinctions Caused by Cosmic Radiation, Scientists Say.  We’ve got ten million years to prepare.  Think we’ll make it that long?

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National Geographic:

Evolution Less Accepted in U.S. Than Other Western Countries.  Graphic.

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NY Times Magazine:

You Are What You Grow.  “The farm bill essentially treats our children as a human Disposall for all the unhealthful calories that the farm bill has encouraged American farmers to overproduce.”

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