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Wi-fi health fears are ‘unproven’.  If you panic over wifi, be sure to dump your cellphone and microwave first.

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Rob Galbraith:

American Journal requesting photography submissions.

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Divine comedy.  And yet, as with all areas of culture, there’s comedy, and then there’s comedy.  No headlong descent for the gutters is necessary to be truly humorous.

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Brain Reaches Adult Levels by Age 12.  The brain may get there first, but I don’t think I truly became an adult until my mid-20’s.  In retrospect, of course.  I thought I knew everything at 16.

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Chicago Tribune:

When everybody is an artist, what happens to the art?  “Years of paying your dues and trusting in the system are so yesterday. In many cases, so are countless hours of school and professional training. Everything seems to be a lot more democratic these days, and that’s good, right?”  See the LA Times link, below.

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Times Online.UK:

Speaking of Western Civ ...

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NY Times Arts:

Tick-Tock and Other Pulses of the West.  On the book list.

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LA Times:

“Sure, anyone with a blog can express an opinion about a book, but true criticism is more than just an opinion.”  An important point, one that’s ignored frequently.  I see talking heads on TV, scholars who have rafts of CV highlights, who end up with their name and the title of “weblogger” under their face, instead.  Still, some are more ‘equal’ than others.  Why do media outlets point mainly to ex-journalists, professors, and leading lights in their particular vertical markets?  Same reason employers look for college grads.  Hope for a ‘guarantee’ of at least a modicum of knowledge ... and perhaps a bit of common sense.  It’s a shame, because there are some spectacular amateurs who far outshine the pros, in weblogs.  Problem is, finding those diamonds in the middle of the wilderness - and finding them before they disappear from lack of attention.

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NY Times Home & Garden:

Danger: Plant Sales Ahead.  We did some damage over the weekend ... I think half our pots are filled.  I threaded soaker hoses around the inside courtyard (finally), but neglected to read that the maximum length is 100’.  I have to re-route the last four sets of hoses next weekend.

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NY Times Editorial:

A Lifeline for the Parks.  Let’s hope the Dems enlarge the budget ... the parks need it, badly.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Death by Veganism.  Hear, hear.  Experiment on yourself, but feed children properly.  And for God’s sake, leave off the soy.

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NY Times Autos:

How’s My Driving? Dial My License Plate.  I can see both advantages and disadvantages.  I imagine someone calling an individual who’s driving badly ... but how does having them pick up a cellphone, in addition to driving badly, add to safety?

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NY Times Magazine:

Gore is a gifted, and remorseless, explainer.

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NY Times Art & Design:

A Splash of Photo History Comes to Light.  A trove of Steichen autochromes is found.  This may, perhaps, give legitimacy to use of the ‘watercolor’ PS filter (with a little gaussian blur added) ...

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SF New Mexican:

Democrats’ Web savvy sends GOP scrambling.  Short discussion of weblogs.

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SF New Mexican:

Richardson highlights Hispanic and Western roots in formal campaign launch scheduled for today.  There he goes ...

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Historic clipper ship, “Cutty Sark,” burns.

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Planet of Promise: Small, Rocky World Could Harbor Life. 20 lightyears away.  Daedalus, anyone?

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Bicycles beat subway as fastest mode of travel in New York City.  Just keep a full-size bike pump in reach, in order to crack ill-behaved taxi windshields.  I’ve been scooped more than once onto a hood, or forcibly ‘nudged’, by that particular species of urban predator ...

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NY Times:

Data on the Elderly, Marketed to Thieves.  “Telemarketing fraud, once limited to small-time thieves, has become a global criminal enterprise preying upon millions of elderly and other Americans every year, authorities say. Vast databases of names and personal information, sold to thieves by large publicly traded companies, have put almost anyone within reach of fraudulent telemarketers.”

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SF New Mexican:

Study reveals Los Alamos National Lab still leaking plutonium.  Some of the responses remind me of Bishop Love chewing carnotite (another Ed Abbey reference).  I’m not pleased that LANL is still unable to manage the poor materials dumping of the past.

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SF New Mexican:

The kid who was injured graffiti-tagging a substation, has died.  This was not ‘justice’, as some seem to think. This was tragedy.

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Smashing Magazine:

30 scripts for galleries, slideshows and lightboxes.

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Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 Terabyte Hard Drive Review.

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Birds breed again after 400 years.

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