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the baseline’s a little wiggy.  Let me know if you see it too.  Which browser, etc.  Thnx.  Cleaned up the comments a little, but work presses.  Later today.

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Cutting down the classics.  The only argument that can be made here is that some is better than none.

Related: Same source.  Pride and Prejudice the most precious as modern readers turn over an old leaf.

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NY Times Books:

Authors Find Their Voice, and Audience, in Podcasts.  “Several times a week Mr. Sigler, 37, steps into a walk-in closet in his San Francisco home. He reads into a microphone that connects to his computer via a sound mixer. Hanging shirts envelop him, masking ambient sound.”  Mind if I move your shoe rack, dear?  It’s causing a bit of nasty reverb ... I tease, but I think it’s great.  Grassroots.

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NY Times Washington:

Arthur Schlesinger, Historian of Power, Dies at 89.  Rest in peace, sir.  Think about adding “The Vital Center” to your personal library:

“Conservatism in its crisis of despair turns to fascism: so progressivism in its crisis of despair turns to Communism. Each in a sober mood has a great contribution to make to free society: the conservative in his emphasis on law and liberty, the progressive in his emphasis on mass welfare. But neither is capable of saving free society. Both, faced by problems they cannot understand and fear to meet, tend to compound their own failure by delivering free society to its totalitarian foe.”

You will be missed, Mr Schlesinger.

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NY Times Art & Design:

If you’re going to Madrid, go see the Tintoretto exhibit.

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NY Times Fashion & Style:

Is Looking Your Age Now Taboo?  Hasn’t that been the reason little old ladies gunned their big old sedans in the ‘60’s to get another color and perm?  Or was it something else?  Just how much “Porcelana” has been sold over the years?

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SF New Mexican:

Roundhouse Roundup: Senators say online reports too hard.  ‘Sanchez argues his bill isn’t intended to thwart electronic reporting. “This isn’t trying to hide campaign-finance reports,’ he told me a couple of weeks ago. ‘It’s for people like me who aren’t very good at computers or access to the Internet.’”  Lame.

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SF New Mexican:

Research proposal gets public airing. Los Alamos is on the list of potential locations to try out new nuclear powerplant technologies.  “That program involves three new facilities—a research center, a nuclear fuel recycling center and an advanced nuclear reactor that would burn old nuclear fuel that’s been reprocessed into something usable.”

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SF New Mexican:

More on the Federal immigration sweep that’s going on in Santa Fe.  “We’re talking about individuals who have either chosen to disobey a judge’s orders and who remain in the country or who have failed to appear at an immigration hearing ... [snip] ... We are looking for these absconders.”

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Kinda tired of staring

at the same old design.  Changing things up a bit.  More change coming.

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If you’re sick of <p> tags

in WordPress’s the_content, try Otto42’s little plugin (at the bottom of the thread, or direct download ->), disableautop.  Means I can clean up a lot of my nasty CSS now.

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Spring winds, already?

You can feel the house shake, while it whistles through the trees.  When outside, Aeolus seems to enjoy shoving me off pathways into cactus.  Punishing, these winds.  We usually get a month straight of them, often March or April. It bodes not well; I’m already sick of ‘em after two days.

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Political weblogs

seem mighty quiet over the Bob Woodruff special.  Talk radio has touched on it, but I haven’t found much else.  There’s much positive, but I was looking for the negative, to see how those opposed to painting rosy scenarios over Iraq would mount an attack.  If you see any, drop a link.

Correction: Instead of ‘rosy’ above, I mean to say ‘dire.’  A clumsy bit of writing, either way. Sorry.  Confuses even me.

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Bye-bye, incandescent bulb?  Good time to plug Matt’s Ban the Bulb blog ... sporting a shiny new logo, I see.

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Scientific American:

Bored to Death: Chronically Bored People Exhibit Higher Risk-Taking Behavior.

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Guardian.UK, Comment:

The salvage of the ever-costlier 2012 Olympics should not come at the expense of British arts.

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NY Times Movies:

Films With Black Stars Seek to Break International Barriers.  As I’ve mentioned before, action/violence are easier to translate to other cultures than the nuances of romance.  So there’s a reason we get flying viscera rather than bedroom drama.

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NY Times:

Lesson One: The Price the Contractor Quotes Is an Estimate.  This makes me laugh: “The price of materials doesn’t drive the cost of the project so much as the price of qualified labor ... [snip] ... My highest-paid employee makes $90,000 per year.”  Look around any neighborhood in Santa Fe to construction crews, and you see unskilled immigrants, taught on the job to construct to code, lucky to be paid minimum wage in cash.  Instead look at how high materials costs have risen since the Afghan and Iraq wars began. Any builder should tell you.

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SF New Mexican:

Utah developer wants to build houses while preserving Anasazi ruins.  This heralds the new wave of assault on heritage sites ... “Oh, we’ll donate X amount of dollars for research if you let us build McMansions within spitting distance of the ruins.”  A triumph of capitalistic common sense, or bait and switch?  You bring houses, you bring crime and vandalism.  Everywhere else in the country, managers of ancient ruin sites have to figure out how to keep people away, in order to preserve the sites from being loved to death.  Look to the problems Petroglyph National Monument has with developments on its borders, or Bandelier’s overuse, or Mesa Verde dropping from a ‘roam at will’ model to a ‘guided tour’ model.

I might as well say it one more time, just because: Don’t pave the road to Chaco.

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SF New Mexican:

High-Speed internet: Local wireless group prepares for Qwest.  Skeptical.  US West multiplexed the lines heavily out here; the farther you are from 285, the less value DSL is going to provide. I’d imagine an immense infrastructure upgrade is going to be required to keep this promise to the PRC.  And we all know how eager Qwest is to spend money on such upgrades.  La Cañada is a pretty safe investment, I’d say.

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SF New Mexican:

Richardson wants a no-negative campaign pledge; rivals not on board so far.  Read it.  You can shave a cat, but it’s still a cat.  To encourage a moratorium on personal attacks, would have been more precise.

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SF New Mexican:

Feds launch area sweep; panic grips immigrants.  Trying to make up for years of neglect, I suppose, in order to seem righteous when bringing up the immigration issue again nationally. I wonder if they’re hitting restaurants and construction sites, too?

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Study finds 750,000 living on U.S. streets.  24% are disabled.

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Another diversion for your day.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology.  Dig around.

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Music industry takes aim at free online sheet music.  Grab your tab before it goes bye-bye.

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