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Shared code snippets ...

Snipplr.  Some EE and other weblog stuff in here.

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Not famous? So what! Hire your own paparazzi.

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Good-Bye, Cheap Oil. So Long, Suburbia?

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Putting faces to fiction.  “It seems to me that the more facts one can solicit in the search for truth, the better become one’s chances of finding something that resembles it.” 

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Yahoo News/AP:

Scanning world’s every book means turning many, many pages.

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NY Times Editorial:

That Book Costs How Much?  Mark my words, this is how the e-book will enter the mainstream.

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NY Times US:

FDA Takes Closer Look at Lasik Complaints. “Cutting the corneal flap severs nerves responsible for stimulating tear production, and how well those nerves heal in turn determines how much dry eye lingers long-term.”

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SF New Mexican:

College of Santa Fe: Merger could keep school afloat.  CSF is one of the best art schools in the area ... it would be a shame for it to close down.

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SF New Mexican:

Man riding scooter cross-country gets mugged in Santa Fe.  I assume he wasn’t wearing his helmet?  You’d have to crack someone *really* hard to knock them out, otherwise.

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Student ‘Twitters’ his way out of Egyptian jail.

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The Gathering of Nations

Powwow is this weekend.  If you’ve never ‘done’ it, it is an amazing experience.

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Sad ...

to see our collective reaction to news is one of consistent fear and panic.  Helped along by a willing media.  The rice ‘rationing’ issue at Costco hit the news media a day or two ago, now it’s headlining Reuters, with little background info.  From what I’ve read, the US exports 50% of its rice, and we’re the #12 producer of the grain.  Keep an even keel, we have large domestic supplies. 

In the bigger picture, global warming is making itself felt again.  But there are other factors.  Go back to April 17, NY Times, and learn of the Australian drought.  On top of untoward nature, “... Australia’s total rice capacity has declined by about a third because many farmers have permanently sold water rights, mostly for grape production. And production last year was far lower because of a severe shortage of water; rice farmers received one-eighth of the water they are usually promised by the government.”  Wine or rice?  Your choice. 

Don’t be fooled by the panics of the last 24 hours.  The issue’s complex, as most are.  I’m not trying to come off as the arbiter of fact ... just insisting on folks Googling modern muddled media misinformation.

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Times Online.UK:

Adopted children: sometimes you can’t mend them.  I’m surprised it’s only a third.  I think it’s more prevalent, in degrees of severity.

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Offhand, general observation.

I long for the days when weblogs weren’t spattered with corporate graffiti, and bloggers spent more time on actual weblogging than on self-promotion ...

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Crooks & Liars:

Too good to pass up.  Helen Thomas Confronts Perino On Torture; Perino Denies and Lies.  An interview with Ms Thomas, that folks mind find interesting.

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Lehman warns that oil boom will deflate.  And we’ll all go back to the way we were, ignoring the lessons learned.  For a few more years.

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Italy’s Padre Pio goes on display.  No stigmata ... and a ‘lifelike silicone mask.’

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Just got busy.

Links later on.

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Wall Street Journal:

Prompters are like gods.”  Yet we rarely receive kudos for our good work.  I used to teleprompt, when I started out in A/V ...

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NY Times Fashion & Style:

Long Live the Dress (for Now).  As long as their length is something other than the ‘at-the-knee’ versions I’ve seen hawked on television.  Even those with ‘perfect’ calves can’t quite pull those off. 

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NY Times Editorial:

Empty Talk on Taxes.  Yet the reality is, noone can win on a platform of tax increases.  Not in this era, anyway.  Bush won in ‘00 with nothing but vilification of Gore and ‘tax relief.’  With the economy hitting people’s wallets, a ‘tough love’ platform is sure to lose - even if it makes the most sense.

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NY Times Environment:

Levels of Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Increase.

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SF New Mexican:

A lighter footprint: The debate over buying carbon credits.  I remain skeptical, certainly.

What ‘marketing genius’

came up with this idea?  CNN T-shirts with latest headline ‘slogans.’  There’s a tiny shirt icon now next to the little video camera on their front page.

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The US Copyright Office

is experiencing delays.  But you can help beta-test their new electronic system in the meantime.

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