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SF New Mexican:

Our legislature ain’t happy to be back in session ... and if this is the ‘rebate’, please keep it and apply it to something useful, like alternative energy.

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NY Times Sunday Book Review:

A Not So Common Reader.  The last sentence is a swift kick to presumption.

08/16/08 • 06:13 PM • ArtsBooksScholarly • No Comments

LA Times:

Journalist drops iPhone and shatters the screen, laments. Commenters castigate, but also offer solutions.

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Teleportation? Very Possible. Next Up: Time Travel.

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Russell Beattie’s Weblog:

NBC has ruined the Olympics.  I resemble those sentiments.  What’s been tweaking my ears lately is the inane commentary.  Too often I’m left wondering if they’re watching the same video feed we are.  The jingoism is of such quality as requires anti-emetics to make it through an entire evening broadcast. 

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Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found in Mexico.

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NY Times Science:

The Genetic Map of Europe.

08/15/08 • 12:19 PM • HealthScience • No Comments

The Atlantic:

The enduring, untamable appeal of Saki’s short stories.  If you’ve never enjoyed these stories, try this one: Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger.

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The Independent, Books:

Ever thine. Ever mine: How romantic are today’s authors?  B4I4Q, UQT ...

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NY Times Op-Art:

50 years of filling in the blanks.  [PDF]

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NY Times Escapes:

Ancient Midwest.  Visiting the Hopewell mounds.

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SF New Mexican:

Sale of Colorado drilling rights sets onshore record.  Calculate it out ... rape of the land, at $2,000 an acre.  When was the last time you got access to pristine mountain property for that price, with carte blanche to trash it?

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CNN Politics:

McCain ad says Obama will cause ‘economic disaster’.  Why we get incremental reports on every McCain ad, but not Obama ads, baffles me.  Still, it gives me the opportunity to tell Mr Obama that he needs new video production people.  McCain’s are better produced, and the quality level hurts Obama more than the content.  At least among the ones I’ve seen in NM so far.  Time to dial it up, spend some of that cash.

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Strange weather we’re having this morning.

Dawn was pretty clear, but just after, rolling sheet clouds moved in.  Cold, even.  Harbinger of coming autumn, too soon.

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The Unemployed Philosophers Guild:

The “disappearing civil liberties mug.”  The entire Bill of Rights is on the mug; just add hot water to see what the Patriot Act takes away.

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Netflix suffers biggest outage ever. 

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NY Times Business:

Just try to sell an SUV, new or used ... even at 50% off the blue book, they ain’t movin’.

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NY Times Science:

In the Sahara, Stone Age Graves From Greener Days.  “Everywhere you turned, there were bones belonging to animals that don’t live in the desert ... [snip] ... I realized we were in the green Sahara.”

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NY Times Asia/Pacific:

Musharraf Is Expected to Resign in Next Few Days.  The Republicans never did well without a ‘big enemy’ after the Cold War; now they’ve mismanaged us into multiple international threats to keep their military-industrial complex masters happy.  International crises such as this will play to the McCain side of the aisle.

Later: Condi and Karl have been over in Georgia recently. The coincidence is pregnant with possibility, realizing that foreign policy is the only leg McCain has to stand on.

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On the way back from meetings in town,

drove into the shoulder avoiding what I assume was a lane-crossing drunk, only to nearly be t-boned by an elderly person in a huge SUV making a left turn without looking left.  Batting 1,000 so far.  Got more meetings to drive to ... cross your fingers.  Seems like it’s one of those days.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Murmurs arise of governor as VP.  I think the likelihood of a double-minority ticket is very low, personally.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

‘We know it’s broken’: Special legislative session to address health care reform.  But, how much chance does a citizen have against dozens of lobbyists?

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CNN Money:

Inflation surges by 5.6%.  Bernanke can’t keep rates low for longer.

Related: “The foreclosure juggernaut lurched forward in July as banks took back 77,295 homes - up 8% in a month and 183% in a year, a report issued Thursday shows.”

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Greenspan sees house price bottom in 2009.  Oooh, daring.  This is what everyone’s been saying since the springtime of this year.  Listen to “Mr Froth” again?  Not us.

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Blockquote: Then and Now.

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