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SF New Mexican:

Groups challenge state engineer’s authority.  Water wars, continued.

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SF New Mexican:

New alias fails man who claimed Skynyrd ties.  He was a member of REO Speedwagon, too.

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SF New Mexican:

Smart.  Los Alamos police are reading local MySpace journals.

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sunset this eve.

Haven’t posted one in a while. Not much, but I figured I’d better keep my hand in.  You can’t see the dumpster in the foreground, luckily, filled with my construction crap.

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A List Apart:

12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards.  And yet, I find Web 2.0 sites using tables (perfectly legit XHTML, of course).  Best answer.  I use CSS/XHTML exclusively, and have for a long time, but there are times when you simply cannot profitably do anything other than slam a table in the bling-blasted thing.  Or, you’re not willing to sacrifice style for standards.  Flash ‘em.  That what tech is for ... breaking the rules.

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Seed Magazine:

Scent of family guides girls’ maturation.  Perhaps it’s not rBGH after all ...

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“Fermilab’s CDF scientists make it official: They have discovered the quick-change behavior of the B-sub-s meson, which switches between matter and antimatter 3 trillion times a second.

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photography site Strobist has a Flickr group.

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Mixed Tape 14 is available for listening or download.  Via vowe.

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DP Review:

The new Sigma SD14, with larger Foveon processor:  2,652x1,768, non-interpolated.  Great detail for its size, but not a contender.

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Art Smuggler Offers Italy Mystery Masterpiece `X’ to End Trial.  It would be a terrible legal precedent, but I’d do it in a heartbeat.  Smugglers often find the best stuff, unfortunately.

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Is this a pint I see before me?  “Apart from Macbeth’s soliloquies, the porter’s half-pissed prose and Lady Macbeth’s mad musings, the play is, to borrow a mixed metaphor, a veritable sea of crap.”  Someone will receive some brandish’d steel, methinks, for this opinion.

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NY Times Art & Design:

Glimpses of a Genius Who Blazed His Paper Trail.

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NY Times:

Europe Panel Faults Sifting of Bank Data. “The European Union panel will not call for the program to be stopped, officials said. But it is expected to recommend that additional safeguards be put in place to check how financial records are shared with American intelligence officials.”  I would credit this, more than any other program, for keeping the US clear of terrorist threats since 9/11.  No resources, no big ops.  And Al Qaeda has to perform another big op, if it ever does another in the US, to retain essential authority with its ‘fan boys.’  Let the EU monitor, but please, find a way to do this legally.

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NY Times Science:

Subway Sleuth Clears Dinosaur of Cannibalism.  Perhaps in this particular case.  But dogs won’t turn up a dead dog meal out in the wilds, neither will a cat turn down a quick cat snack if hungry.  As I’ve mentioned before, during the plagues of Europe the family pets would nosh on their ‘beloved’ owners.  I would place a solid bet that any predator of the past would not turn up its nose at any source of protein.  “Nature red in tooth and claw.” 

You might be interested to learn what our domesticated animals are actually eating.  Never turn your back on a hungry domesticated pig, in other words.  It may be tired of reprocessed same-species dregs.

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NY Times Environment:

Emblem of the West Is Dying, and No One Can Figure Out Why.  The aspens here are absolutely, positively stressed by the long-term drought.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the piñon die-off, we’ve learned not to limit our view of causes.  Many people blamed the bark beetle and looked no further; however, it was the drought that prevented the trees from being able to generate the normal amount of sap to encase and kill the attacking beetles.  Woodpeckers and other predators had no time to respond, it all happened so fast.  Months, not years.  Sometimes it seemed a week would stand between a healthy tree and that sickly desaturated sage-green of one about to die.  No amount of watering would save it at that point. Some say the trees were overpopulated anyway, due to an unusual amount of rain in the 80’s and early 90’s.  Well, they’re almost all gone now, the hills are becoming bare like Arizona as the trees rot and roll down the mountainsides. Junipers are all that’s left.  Pine nuts have gone up in price, certainly.

They say the grasses will come back and fill in.  In the meantime, there’s an awful lot of dead wood about.  The loss of the piñons I could almost handle; the loss of our aspens would kill me.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Global temperature highest in millennia.  The National Academy of Sciences hasn’t put their latest Proceedings up on their website, but I’ll put the link up in case they do.  The above SFNM article is the usual fluff, I’d like to read more specifics.

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NY Times Science:

Beyond Black and White: Stalking the Skunks of Martha‚Äôs Vineyard.  A heavenly job, IMHO. I’m one of those rare (bizarre?) people who finds the smell of skunk delightful.  I cheerily volunteer to wash friends’ dogs with Skunk-Off.  There’s a particular story behind my adaptation to skunk, but it is so long as to require a separate part of the website.  Perhaps another time.

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SF New Mexican:

Lawsuit blames ‘Grand Theft Auto’ video game for teen shooting family at N.M. ranch.  Practice makes perfect.

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SF New Mexican:

Critics speak out against tree-trimming project.  I have no problem with reasonable studies.  But I would respectfully suggest the homeowners adjacent to these areas do a test for termites around their homes.  The massive piñon death of recent years has created an enormous spike in termite population.  Perhaps a clearing of dead wood for fire protection would be more palatable, once they realize their homes are being munched on with abandon.

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The recent space dud

points out stark differences in national versus local coverage.

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Vaccine aims to wipeout ear, sinus infections.  I am no physician, but if your kid is having a major problem with ear infections now, discuss gamma globulin injections with your doctor.  I know of at least one case where this broke the cycle of recurrent infections.

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“Ten years after the publication of The End of Science, John Horgan says the limits of scientific inquiry are more visible than ever.

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Get a free college education online.

Tangential: They also have an item on how to make a NYC pizza; my comment is, this must be gourmet pizza.  On the street, where’s the cupful of oil per slice?  I consumed a lot of it during my years in Manhattan.  Soaking a few dozen napkins before consumption was necessary to keep the coronary arteries clear.

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The Economist:

The uses of scare-talk. “The Republicans think talking about terrorism can save them from defeat in November. A new poll suggests they may be on to something.”

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