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NY Times Opinion:

I missed this the other day: The War as We Saw It.  Read it through.

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Harper Lee briefly breaks usual public silence at Alabama Academy of Honor ceremony.

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Time to shelve the idea of libraries’ decline.

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“A YouGov poll has found that almost 10% of Britons aspire to being an author, followed by sports personality, pilot, astronaut and event organiser on the list of most coveted jobs.”

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NY Times Opinion:

Stacking the Electoral Deck.  More states’ rights mayhem, really.

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SF New Mexican:

La Cienega: BLM expands area rich in ruins, habitat.  “The BLM might do guided tours of the area’s ancient ruins and rock art.”

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Fresno Bee:

Airman’s body stirs hope, tragic memories.  Thanks, Timesink!

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Deer hunting may put men’s hearts at risk.  Pretty much the same risk as shoveling snow.

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Unbelievably excellent image ...

Harrison Schmitt running back to the Lunar Rover, as a pano.  Great.

It’s also a rather comforting thought to know there’s duct tape on the moon ...

08/21/07 • 03:07 PM • HistoryPhotographyScience(2) Comments

Some days can be ...

like this.

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Princeton scientists confirm long-held theory about source of sunshine.  “The findings show that science’s understanding of the chain of nuclear processes that make the sun shine is essentially correct, as least as far as the part of the chain that involves beryllium is concerned ... [snip] ... The reaction does not generate a large percentage of the sun’s energy, but confirming that we understand it makes us more certain that we know how the other processes that create sunlight work.”

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Improve the Web:

Use the Three Lines of Code to Boost Your Search Engine Traffic.

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Site for Photoshop users ...


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Big names sign up to iTunes rival.  The site isn’t very impressive.

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Production Line Built From Legos Builds Lego Cars.

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The Sun.UK:

Eric, stick with the guitar, please ...

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Sea-shanty festival a porthole on Brittany’s mode de vie. 

“Louis was the king of France
Before the revolution
Away, haul away, we’ll haul away Joe
But then he got his head chopped off
Which spoiled his constitution ...”

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Times Online.UK:

Hackers attack world’s largest jobs site.  If you use Monster.com, you’d best read through this.

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The Economist:

Map of the undersea land-grab in the Arctic.  Russia wants a rather huge chunk.

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Luminous Landscape:

Comments on the new Canon camera releases.  “It is expected that Nikon will announce its almost-full frame D3 some time before the end of August. I won’t speculate on its features, but it is bound to be highly competitive – though lower resolution than the 1Ds MKIII; more of a 1D MKIII competitor.”  My italics. Still not full frame?  Bummer.

Later thought: Can a 5D Mark II be far behind these announcements?

Even later: SportsShooter has more information on a potential upcoming announcement of the Nikon D3, with more specs.

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Washington Post:

Endeavour landed safely.

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Rare dead star found near Earth.

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Aggregators bring reminiscence ...

highlighting the old Honda Civic CVCC for its stellar mileage, 30 years ago ... but it was also the first car I ever owned.  A ‘76 model, in yellow.

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The NY Sun:

Letters give a new view of Van Gogh.

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Shakespeare hovers over Bush’s administration.  V yrneH.

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