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An assortment of book-related links:

Globe & Mail.CA: U.S. book sales expected to stay flat
Publisher’s Weekly: On-Demand Titles Drive Jump in Book Output
Guardian.UK: The rise of the virtual bookshelf

Plot interconnections where you will, you’ll do as well as I.

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‘Big Brother’, advertising department:

Converseon has been peeking in my weblog archives.  Shows up as “conversationminer” in refs.  Keep your eyes out for them.

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SF New Mexican:

Report: Jemez Mountains already feeling heat of climate change.  The ski area in the Jemez has been dry throughout some recent winters.

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Oh, for heaven’s sake.

Just read about the Rachael Ray Dunkin’ dustup.  Missed opportunity for further laughs here.  If the accusers did a basic Google and found Dunkin Brands was spun off by Pernod Ricard (“Omigod, the French ...?!!!”), it might have been somewhat entertaining ... but Dunkin Brands is apparently now part-owned by the Carlyle Group.  Surely those laddies are above right-wing suspicion of plotting sinister scarves of satanism

Put all that aside for a moment. There’s a bigger problem here. I’d think twice before messing with Rachael Ray, who has Sicilian ancestors. If mere symbols have such supposed meaning, imagine what influence heredity can call into play?  Con te partiro, indeed.

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NY Times Play Magazine:

How hard could it be to ride one stage of the Tour de France?  Just wait. You’ll find out.  Get those butt-hours in — you’ll need ‘em.

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Daily Mail.UK:

Incredible pictures of one of Earth’s last uncontacted tribes firing bows and arrows. 

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WSJ MarketWatch:

$8 a gallon gas.  Hmmm.  I’d posit that $8 a gallon gas, achieved by actual price, rather than high taxation, is not going to be quite the picnic imagined here.

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Washington Post:

World Food Prices Will Remain High, Report Says.  Once raised, producers are loathe to lower prices.  If demand diminishes, out rolls the excuse that with lower demand they have to hike prices further to maintain profitability.  Jaded? Me?  Oh, no.

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Washington Post:

In Britain, Rape Cases Seldom Result in a Conviction.  All we experience in the US are the stereotyped images of the British court system, usually through PBS period-pieces.  My mind warps to how difficult it must be to convince an aged judge (in powdered wig) about the process of rape.  Plum-in-the-mouth accent, “My learned colleague wishes us to believe ...” and all that rot.  The reality is, one hopes, much better than that.  If not, the courts need updating immediately.

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Classical Realism: Antidote to ‘Novelty Art’.  There had to be a return to classics and realism.  It surprised me, when a friend was choosing schools, to find out modern art institutions don’t teach perspective (“it limits creativity”).  Personally, I picked up one-point and two-point in high school, adding three-point and four-point during an elective ‘stage painting’ class in college.  Is it better to be ignorant of rules, or to know the rules and consciously break them?  Why did everyone love Picasso so?  Other than the occasional rare natural talent (not that ubiquitous kid, seemingly present in every art class, who can miraculously mimic the drawings of Michelangelo), I prefer the studied artist who purposely breaks rules to find new territory to illustrate.

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Publisher’s Weekly:

Penguin Sees Major e-Book Sales Spike.  Poor Jane.  Put the mass market trash in e-books, rather.

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NY Times Travel:

Frugal Traveler: Making Friends (and Dinner) in Paris.

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SF New Mexican:

Right now, motorcycle mileage numbers would be nice.  Larger the engine, the worse the mileage ... to the point of equality with the smaller cars.  If you’re just commuting, a 250cc would likely be plenty up to about 200 pounds of bodyweight amidst our hills.  Under 150lbs, you could do a 125cc.  Passengering people, a 500cc.  Highway, you want larger displacements for smoother driving ... but you certainly don’t need 1500ccs.  Honda’s ST1100 was overpowered back when I learned to ride in the early 90’s ... it’s now a 1300.  Given the fact road infrastructure has been falling apart across the country, a 650cc street/offroad cross might be wisest.

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SF New Mexican:

Taos man summits Everest for 10th time. 

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SF New Mexican:

Partnership in works for College of Santa Fe.  A partnership with for-profit Laureate (formerly Sylvan Learning).  “The college will become Laureate’s first campus-based institution in the United States.”  A for-profit partner is going to want significant changes, obviously ... question is, will it still be ‘our’ CSF?

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More than 100 nations have reached an agreement on a treaty which would ban current designs of cluster bombs.  However, and no surprise here: “... some of the world’s main producers and stockpilers - including the US, Russia and China - oppose the move.”  Another angle, see Protocol V, “explosive remnants of war” on the UN’s CCW.

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Bicarbonate ‘could detect cancer’.  Don’t go scarfing down your Arm & Hammer, though.

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Tornado Warning for parts of Santa Fe County.

Check the NOAA site, see the warning, read the watch, and then view the composite loop [Java applet animation] to see if you’re in the track.  I seem to be only edging it, at the moment, but it’s a long way from 9PM (when the watch cancels) yet.

Update: New Mexican says 4:30 PM is cutoff.  From where I’m sitting, I see two huge cumulonimbus formations, one southeast, one northwest, both heading northeast.  I’m in sun, with really crazy winds going every which way.

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Shakespeare gravesite in need of repair.

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Local color.

We’ve been having this funny rattle in the front left wheel of one our cars.  Pull off the hubcap, and mystery solved.  A dessicated lizard corpse.

Later: Spoke too soon.  Rattle still there.  Perhaps I’ll find more carcasses elsewhere ...

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

The Rich get Hungrier.  As the rich get more numerous, the poor get more numerous ... here’s another person finally talking about population growth. 

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NY Times:

DHL Talks With U.P.S. About Carrying U.S. Cargo.  I can’t help but think this is a mistake.  DHL’s been consistently on-time in the Santa Fe area, whereas Fedex and UPS are more ‘liberal’ with their delivery schedules.  Relying on UPS, DHL will fall back to merely “average”, no longer displaying a competitive advantage.  I fault their advertising; they cast no shadows among consumers because they’re overshadowed by the elephantine UPS and Fedex.

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SF New Mexican:

Real-estate tax heads for summer vote.  In a nutshell, local government wants to tax the highest-priced home sales to help pay for the creation of affordable housing for ‘essential services’ workers.  Read the comments.  Usually, for an expensive town, the surrounding communities supply more-affordable housing, with increasing mass transit options as more people move to those areas.  Here, even Pecos is becoming too expensive to consider ... I’d long theorized a developer should build affordables out that way, put money into infrastructure, buses, etc.  So much for my amateur developer planning.

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Pagan tomb under St. Peter’s Basilica reopened.  “Once freed, the family of slaves that built the mausoleum amassed a vast fortune.”  Forget the mass-market drivel — I’d like to read their ‘how we did it’ tell-all book.

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Ex-Bush spokesman: President used ‘propaganda’ to push war.  “Fox News contributor and former White House adviser Karl Rove said on that network Tuesday that the excerpts from the book he’s read sound more like they were written by a ‘left-wing blogger’ than his former colleague.”  Aw, it makes me so proud.  Unfortunately, the knowledge that a sitting President uses propaganda is about as revelatory as finding out a public lavatory is dirty.

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