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SF New Mexican:

Cockfighters lose major battle.

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NY Times:

It’s Night. Shall We Snorkel, Cycle or Hike?  Now there’s a business opportunity ... Santa Fe mostly rolls up its sidewalks at 9PM.  Shall we start a night-vision wildlife spotting biz?

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NY Times:

Final Harry Potter Book Due Out in July.

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NY Times Fashion:

View the multimedia slide show (left side).  I can easily guarantee, you’ll never see these men’s fashions anywhere in NM ... excepting the buffalo-headed one.

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NY Times Home & Garden:

Nerves as Frayed as the Sofa? Call Your Own Dog Whisperer.  Rescue animals often have serious issues that rescue advocates, once they’ve cleared you (and your home) for adoption, will all too readily gloss over.  Anything to save the animal from the cremation oven.  In my brief experiences with attempting to adopt a rescue animal here in NM, many have issues with men specifically ― men having been the more violent of the behavior-enforcers.  If you’ve got the time to help one out, bless you.  If you don’t ... go to a reputable breeder.

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SF New Mexican:

Hunch delivers in mail-theft case.  Those charge-card checks you get in the mail are a huge risk to your financial health.  Many are turning to PO boxes, it seems, as a preventative.  You can get locking rural mailboxes; in fact, I think I may purchase one of these models, now that I’ve read this article.

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SF New Mexican:

Cockfighting no longer a laughing matter.  I wonder at the fact there’s not a peep about the risks of H5N1 bird flu in association with this issue.

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Here’s what we’ve got ... again:


more snow.

Leftovers from the pre-Xmas huge snow in the foreground.  Along with my dead century-plant-in-a-pot.

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Probably 6-8 inches, total.

So little linkage until I’m done shovelling.

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Disable Snap! previews on websites.

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SF New Mexican:

New Eagles album in the works.  Let’s hope the band of tequila sunrise doesn’t give us a Geritol sunset.

01/31/07 • 09:39 PM • Music1 Comment

Here we go again.

Another four inches already, and it’s not even nine o’clock yet.  Supposed to snow all night.

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First Native American woman to serve in NM State Senate.

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Washington Post:

“This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together ... Harry Potter posing naked with a horse ... mass hysteria.”

Apologies to Dr. Venkman.

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Washington Post:

NASA Is Stumped in Search For Videos of 1969 Moonwalk.

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CS Monitor

has two good Op-Ed pieces, one on avoiding another Iraq (Iran), and the other how keeping our eye on the Iraqi ball is losing us the rest of the world, even in our own hemisphere.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Bush Is Not Above the Law.  Exactly something I’ve wondered about ... where is the accountability for wrongdoing?

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Isaac Asimov:

The Last Question.

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Rebecca’s Pocket,

Bloggers on Blogging, Bruce Schneier.

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Mild, mild West:

RAV4 jousting.  Which is more painful, falling off a mini SUV after a bout of tilting, or falling off a towering Freisian galloping at breakneck speed?  Watch the video.

Later: Train to joust in Canada.

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NY Times:

Government May Scale Back Borrowing.  A good sign.

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SF New Mexican:

Scientist touts potential of geothermal.  Dig deep enough, you’ve got power just about anywhere.

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SF New Mexican:

The Navajo begin to go wireless.

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SF New Mexican:

Congressional committee scrutinizes LANL security.  “Fed-up lawmakers on a House oversight committee said Tuesday they want to strip a federal nuclear agency of its security responsibilities and threatened to shut down Los Alamos National Laboratory to correct a decade of security lapses there.”  This was the dominating item on the local news last evening, and it’s scared the bejesus out of northern NM. LANL is the major employer for the area, Los Alamos city would become a ghost town if it closed.  Our congresspersons will put up an incredible fight over this.

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SF New Mexican:

Airline disputes need for license.  There is serious responsibility, that is not being discussed here.

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