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NATO warms to plan for defence shield.  Big profits for American military industrial complex; but perhaps that isn’t surprising ...

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Study links wildfires to global warming.  “We’re showing warming and earlier springs tying in with large forest fire frequencies. Lots of people think climate change and the ecological responses are 50 to 100 years away. But it’s not 50 to 100 years away - it’s happening now in forest ecosystems through fire.”

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As oil prices soar, what are the most economical vehicles on our roads?  If you don’t want to spend premium bucks for a hybrid, the Honda Fit has come recommended by friends who’ve shopped the others in that small-gas price range.

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Brine lake at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  Complete with waves and a sandy shore.  Watch the video.

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has video highlights of the Tour de France online.

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Times Online.UK:

‘Star shade’ that casts light on space.

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London Review of Books

reviews a tome that looks at Michael Jackson then, and now.

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Washington Post:

“I am hard-pressed to think of any other moment in modern times where there have been so many challenges facing this country simultaneously ...”

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The Economist:

“Let Freedom Reign.”  Not yet, thanks.  “The Islamist surge has frightened not only the region’s governments, but also foreign promoters of democracy. In particular, the quandary posed by Hamas has chilled American enthusiasm for change.”

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The Economist:

Positing Paradise.  Eden, is easy hunting, plentiful water, and ‘white raisins.’

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The Economist:

Ants find their way home using pedometers.

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Chicago Tribune:

Exploring artists’ image as loners and bohemians.  Just a personal observation: Intellectuals tend to be loners, and non-bohemian.  Ever see a grey-haired theorist propped up in a pine tree, pondering the cosmos?  I have.  And some stranger situations, too.

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Weekly Standard:

Little big books.  On the Loeb Classical Library.

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Philadelphia Inquirer:

Wyeth works are a gift to museum.  A poster reproduction of “Groundhog Day.

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Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Rude wake-up call for cable executives.  Less niche, more dreck.

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Washington Monthly:

“A conservative president and an even more conservative Congress must be repudiated to enable genuine conservatism to survive.

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NY Times World:

New AIDS Pill to Treat People in Poor Countries.  A three-in-one pill, to make compliance easier.

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NY Times:

Christie’s will be auctioning off Star Trek props and costumes.  October.

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NY Times Space:

The fascination with the Shuttle doing a ‘backflip’ escapes me. It’s a maneuvre just like any other.

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SF New Mexican:

Speaking of which, Santa Fe National Forest is now removing all fire restrictions.  The monsoon season has been more prolific at altitude than down below.

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SF New Mexican:

Check the Plaza webcam, you can see it’s been raining.  There are even puddles.

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Sunset tonight:


sunset tonight,
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Washington Post:

‘Videophilia’ Keeps Americans Indoors.

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Two interesting opinion pieces from the Monitor: “How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico”, and “Press disclosures help more than hurt.

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People power.  “Blogs, user reviews, photo-sharing – the peer production era has arrived.”  Folks are willing to spend hours of their time to upload self-authored content, yet the operators of these sites are making a bundle off others’ hard work.  The users get ease of upload and broadcast.  Fair?  I suspect, as with weblogging, once value is attached to that content, time spent vs. real cash value, the desire for monetization will follow.  Users swiftly find out centralized services are not as advantageous as they seem; as with weblogs, ‘veterans’ move from the larger services to running their own sites.  At that point, some will be happy to reap the economies of scale that web advertising brings.  Others will want to charge for their creations, taking control of their own content (and copyright).  IMHO, it’s still early in the life cycle for ‘user generated content’ ... articles like this aren’t looking longer-term, or basing on previous technologies. 

The smart entrepreneur would find a way to share the profits, to discourage subscriber loss.  Perhaps a dividend system, based on popularity and number of uploads of original content.

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