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Tahoe Daily Tribune:

Spectators, officers and advocates save bear from fatal fall.  “The bear was crossing the bridge as cars were coming from the east and west ... [snip] ... (The cars) pinched the bear up and over the guard rail.”

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ars technica:

Support the Arbitration Fairness Act.

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Caslon Analytics:

On ghostwriting. Somewhat frightening, when it comes to medicine: “A 1998 JAMA paper by Flanagin et al on Prevalence of articles with honorary authors and ghost authors in peer-reviewed medical journals indicated that 11% of 809 articles in six major medical journals involved ghost writers, with a further 19% appearing to have ‘honorary authors’.”

Given the stats quoted here, I wonder how many prominent webloggers are ‘ghosted’?

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Bunny dumping mystery has animal lovers hopping.  They knew they should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque ...

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Scientist reworks star distances.

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Luminous Landscape:

The Landscape Photographer’s Watch.”  It’s multiple alarms that help most for me.  An alarm to say “time to drive to location to capture specific light”, or an alarm to say “time to hike your butt up to the top of that ridge, if you want that sunset shot.”  My watches don’t usually survive the sudden impact after the “time to wake up” alarm.  Still, this watch hits my gadget bone.

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Rock Your Presentation with the Right Tools and Apps.  Omigod.  I need to write that book on presentations.  If you’re front of house, fiddling with your laptop or looking at the screen ... you’ve failed.  Period.  Much better to have a wireless clicker to change graphics with, and wire a monitor at the foot of the stage (or back of house, or wherever convenient) so you can see your presentation without turning your back on the audience.  As I watch modern presenters loading their presentations, I find more audience interest in presenters’ desktops (and the family-pet wallpapers), than in their graphics.

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New weblog to bookmark:

A Photo Editor.  Via wood s lot.

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We need creative critics and critical creators.  We also need creatives who endeavor to create something more than shock or revulsion ... there are many other emotions to play with.  Tired of ‘great new artists’ being ones who continue to plumb the depths of depravity.  Has beauty been so totally explored?  I don’t believe so.  Everyone knows by now you can find beauty in a junkyard. Ugliness in paradise. There are other aspects to creatively investigate.

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NY Times Opinion:

A Step Away From the Imperial Presidency.  The defeat of habeas corpus leaves me with a very sour taste in my mouth.  What we do now, matters to future generations.  What if the next President intends to build upon these decisions, to collect even more power into the Executive branch?  You would think today’s “new” Republicans would be worried about an imperial Democratic president ...

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SF New Mexican:

Nature bigger than energy in Rockies’ economy.  “The report released by The Wilderness Society on Thursday says the oil and gas industry accounts for less than 2 percent of the region’s total personal income. Parts of the economy dependent on the quality of natural surroundings — recreation, tourism, influx of retirees — have become more important, it says.”  Of course it is.

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Daily Mail.AU:

Orphaned hedgehogs adopt cleaning brush as their mother.  It’s astonishing how, with a foster parent, one can see a family resemblance ...

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Probably up for only a brief moment ... the grey bar under the headlines of The Times, UK has “Luxury and how to afford it” correlated with the wrong image ... in this case, Keanu Reeves shooting things up in “The Matrix.”  Sure that’s not an American news site?

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Discovery supports theory of Alzheimer’s disease as form of diabetes.  Alzheimer’s as a ‘type 3 diabetes.’  Interesting.

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NY Times:

Bigger Is Better, Except When It’s Not.  Body style matters in sports excellence.

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NY Times Home & Garden:

Living in Dust: Gut Renovation on the Cheap.  I know this feeling ... during renovation, you get accustomed to open studs and insulation showing.  The blinders of habit kick in swiftly.

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In the studio today, we needed to choose between ‘guaranty’ or ‘guarantee’ in a borderline financial situation.  This helped.

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SF New Mexican:

A BASE jumper hops off the Rio Grande Gorge bridge, and his parachute doesn’t open all the way.  There’s something about that bridge ... when visiting, I believe I feel a sense of human desolation and hopelessness, an echo of the many lonely souls who have taken their lives there.  Anyway, it gives me a case of the willies.

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Busy this morning.

Linkage later.

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Rare van Gogh letters offer insight into artist.  “Art is long and life is short, and we must wait patiently while trying to sell our skin dearly.”

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CNN Money:

Subprime: Big talk, little help.  Pols should be anticipating this.

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Times Online.UK:

Chinese admit that Three Gorges Dam is an ecological disaster.

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Return of the Newton!  Still have my 120.  Do a trade-up program, Steve.

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Scientist Live:

Music improves verbal skills.  What’s within reach ... ah! My harmonica. Get ready to be deafened ...

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NY Times Opinion:

Maureen Dowd puts it well. The original cause of this controversy is debatable in some circles, but I go back to the fact that there is no nuclear technology at the present time that cannot be turned to military use. The UN and other nations should be using Iran to create an archetype, a model for when this situation happens again ... and it will, of course.  Whether ‘good’ state or ‘bad’ state, we’re swiftly getting to the point where nuclear power may be the only solution to perpetuating modern humanity at present and growing population numbers.  Very soon nuclear technology may not be able to be withheld, on moral grounds.  How do we keep the nuclear genie peacefully in its bottle?

Another: Huffington Post, Sam Sedaei, Smartest man in the room. The author is originally from Iran, and has a different perspective on the speech. 

Related: Chronicle of Higher Ed, The Two Faces of Al Qaeda.  What, you mean understanding our opponents?  How novel!

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