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We actually did end up getting a decent amount of precip, in very large drops.  The roses have been pummeled, my flagstones are peppered in rose petals.  Harsh perhaps ... but everything looks very happy to have had the water.

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Washington Post:

“AOL is blurring the lines of news with a makeover that gives its traditional news sites the look and feel of blogs ...”

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Weather ...

this evening, we’re getting some kind of lightshow.  Lightning.  Mega.  Not much precip.  The clouds were underlit as the storm approached, looking like sheet cotton (like you used to buy in bulk for first aid in the old days).  It’s so electrically active, virtually something going off every other second, halfway across the sky in huge lacy bolts.  We have underground utilities here, so I can keep working without concern.  Otherwise I’d be out playing with long exposures.

Later, Thursday morning: The New Mexican has a photo.

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ajax rain:

Ajax, DHTML and Javascript inspiration.

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Washington Post:

Buffett Slams Tax System Disparities.  “Last year, Buffett said, he was taxed at 17.7 percent on his taxable income of more than $46 million. His receptionist was taxed at about 30 percent.”

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Still awaiting content,


I purchased the Behringer Podcasting Studio [Firewire] to record a narration for one of these projects (a Flash intro).  It’s great, for the price.  ~$180 bucks.  The only thing I’d change is to include a truly ‘useful’ quickstart guide (read each piece of equipment’s manual first, before plugging everything in. Your ears will thank me, as well as your pocketbook), and hard-copy manuals for the sample software. 

I don’t have time to guess at unfamiliar GUIs, so I’m using Audacity (included but download the current iteration from the ‘net instead; don’t forget to download the LAME encoder to do MP3’s). 

The C-1 mic is OK, but if I ever chose to regularly podcast, I would look to another mic that better matches the timbre of my voice.  The headphones are a little midrangy for my taste, a smidge muddy.  The little mixer’s impressive, overkill for solo podcasting, and the tiny firewire interface works as advertised.  No troubles on install of drivers and software on XP.  If you’re careful with the packing box, you can re-use it for regular transport to remote gigs - it has suitcase-type cardboard handles. 

Overall, in spite of the niggles, I’m damned impressed given the price point.  And that’s coming from a well-travelled A/V tech dude. Perhaps I’ll dip my toe in podcasting, if I survive the next few days of work ...

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If you haven’t noticed,

someone’s updated the webcams for downtown Santa Fe.  Multiple views, each taking multiple shots to show pedestrian movement.  Of course, in this current heat, not many people are moving.  Still, it gives a better overview of SF than the previous single low-tech model.

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Supercomputer steps up the pace.  “The computer will contain 16,000 standard processors working alongside 16,000 ‘cell’ processors, designed for the PlayStation 3 (PS3).”

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The Economist:

Two on the subject of biofuels.  Quote from the first article: “Instead, the price of biofuels has risen to that of petrol, and the price of corn and crude oil, the main feedstocks for the two, have converged ...”

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The Economist:

Fatal errors in Afghanistan.  Lest you think the coalition is ‘in control’ of the country, look at this chart (scroll down).

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Crater Could Solve 1908 Tunguska Meteor Mystery.

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Depression tied to folate levels.

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“The Bank for International Settlements, the world’s most prestigious financial body, has warned that years of loose monetary policy has fuelled a dangerous credit bubble, leaving the global economy more vulnerable to another 1930s-style slump than generally understood.

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When armed citizens patrol the streets.

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Washington Post:

“Because of Cheney’s intervention, the government reversed itself and let the water flow in time to save the 2002 growing season, declaring that there was no threat to the fish. What followed was the largest fish kill the West had ever seen, with tens of thousands of salmon rotting on the banks of the Klamath River.  Characteristically, Cheney left no tracks.

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“There are so many other ways to lead a successful and meaningful life that are not denominated by money or fame. Adult life begins in a child’s imagination, and we’ve relinquished that imagination to the marketplace.”  Exactly how I feel.  Dana Gioia speaks to graduates.  Do read this one.

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Pearl Buck’s “Good Earth” manuscript has been found.

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The NY Times reviewers

seem to like the iPhone.  But somehow, in choosing a phone, I wonder if this isn’t the decision maker for purchasers: “Making a call, though, can take as many as six steps: wake the phone, unlock its buttons, summon the Home screen, open the Phone program, view the Recent Calls or speed-dial list, and select a name. Call quality is only average, and depends on the strength of your AT&T signal.”

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NY Times Books:

Grass’s Fact and Fiction, Fighting to a Draw.  Perhaps it is part of the process; after hiding facts for so many years, it takes time to elicit all the details.  Next book?

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Albuquerque Tribune:

U.S. loses lead in global energy.  Two other Tribune stories to mitigate that impact: Texas to test wind turbine facility, and Tyson Foods to use leftover fat to generate fuel.

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SF New Mexican:

City unveils plans to slow traffic near Railyard.  I would hope so!

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SF New Mexican:

Think of Jaws with ripply grass ...”  Two more movie productions will be filmed in NM.  Kevin Costner, in a comedy?

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SF New Mexican:

Senate spending bill restores LANL money.  “‘I think the decision about the future plutonium production or pit production is still to be made,’ Bingaman said. ‘And I’ve been clear that I don’t think we should build any new pit production facility at Los Alamos. I think that if the determination is made that we need any kind of new facility, it should be elsewhere.’”

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It doesn’t.  It does.  It doesn’t.  It does.  Problem was, the original study was too narrow in scope.  A good reason to read the abstracts (at least) before waxing eloquent about studies.

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DNA testing strikes gold again.  Mystery mummy is female pharaoh.  They’ve identified Hatshepsut.  More detail from the NY Times.

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