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Researcher Announced Cure for Hepatitis C.

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9/11 conspiracy theorists are at it again.

Supposedly, aluminum doesn’t glow when heated.  Next?

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Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Friday, the “Star Wars” franchise turns 30.  I remember seeing a chance preview of the movie, months, perhaps a year before its release.  A short clip of the Han Solo/Luke shootout with TIE fighters in the Millenium Falcon in some documentary about movie effects.  The sophistication was so far in advance of anything else seen, I couldn’t wait for that nameless film to reach theaters.  When it did, I sat all night through countless showings.  Hard to believe 30 years have passed already.

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Light Crafts unveils LightZone 3.0.  Now where oh where have I seen that interface before?  Let me take my laptop into a Light Room to think about it some more ...

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Josiah Cole:

19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website.  Via Vowe.

05/22/07 • 09:39 AM • InternetSoftware • No Comments

Scientific American:

The Traveler’s Dilemma.  A little math for your Tuesday.

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“I bore it better than I expected, not having been wet all over at once for 28 years past.”  All washed up, it seems.

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NY Times Travel:

Where the Rebel Meets the Road in Joshua Tree.  Many come to visit the desert, but few have the psyche to stay.

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NY Times Books:

I wonder, do books always herald a Presidential run?

05/22/07 • 09:29 AM • BooksPolitics1 Comment

NY Times Collectible Cars:

Fifty, Finned and Fabulous.  One of these fine years, I’ll acquire one of these to celebrate my birth year.  Non-synchro first and reverse (straight cut gears).  They growl and whine in a sort of song, and atrocious bump-steer makes travelling potholed roads and topping rail crossings a crapshoot as to which way you’ll be going once those front wheels land.  You need a strong single-malt to calm your nerves after driving one ...

05/22/07 • 09:26 AM • ArtsConsumptionDesignHistory(2) Comments

NY Times Opinion:

Macho Mistakes at Ground Zero. Kick Mr Guiliani while his poll numbers are heading down?  I think better of the NYT than this kind of editorial.  On collapse, air quality was the *first* thing I thought of, after sudden and tragic death of innocents.  The thousands of CRT monitors containing heavy metal elements, batteries being pulverized, asbestos, fiberglass, concrete dust and more.  Each rescue worker made their own choice, regardless of personal safety, to try to find survivors.  To load all those choices on Guiliani’s back, for narrow political purposes, is a little beyond the pale for this Democrat’s philosophy.  The EPA is directly responsible, if the last paragraph here is to be taken at face value, more than Mr Guiliani.  Who would you listen to about air quality in a crisis - your mayor, or a representative of the EPA?

05/22/07 • 09:20 AM • EnvironmentalPolitics(2) Comments

NY Times Mental Health & Behavior:

“... in the past decade or so a handful of psychologists have argued that the quicksilver elements of personal narrative belong in any three-dimensional picture of personality.”  Very interesting read.

05/22/07 • 09:07 AM • PsychologyScience • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

Reservoir levels up all over state.  With the unexpectedly wet spring, I’m not surprised.  More kayaking is on my personal recreational menu, as a result.

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Design site:

Design by grid.

05/21/07 • 08:12 PM • ComputingDesignInternet • No Comments


Top 50 logo design tutorials.

05/21/07 • 08:12 PM • ComputingDesign • No Comments

Smashing Magazine:

60 elegant and visually appealing web designs.

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“The dollar has fallen 5 percent against the euro and the pound so far this year, the equivalent of a 20 percent annual decline.

05/21/07 • 11:06 AM • ConsumptionEconomicsPolitics • No Comments

Freehand ...

when you need a different place to put that annoying cellphone.

05/21/07 • 11:00 AM • ConsumptionGeneral • No Comments

The Economist:

Practise what you preach; The uneven advice of green-living guides.

05/21/07 • 10:54 AM • ConsumptionEnvironmental • No Comments


Tea ‘healthier’ drink than water.  Then again, pulling this item from a British source might fight against objectivity.

05/21/07 • 10:09 AM • General • No Comments


Wi-fi health fears are ‘unproven’.  If you panic over wifi, be sure to dump your cellphone and microwave first.

05/21/07 • 10:02 AM • ComputingHardwareInternet • No Comments

Rob Galbraith:

American Journal requesting photography submissions.

05/21/07 • 09:45 AM • Photography • No Comments


Divine comedy.  And yet, as with all areas of culture, there’s comedy, and then there’s comedy.  No headlong descent for the gutters is necessary to be truly humorous.

05/21/07 • 09:43 AM • ArtsBooksEntertainment • No Comments


Brain Reaches Adult Levels by Age 12.  The brain may get there first, but I don’t think I truly became an adult until my mid-20’s.  In retrospect, of course.  I thought I knew everything at 16.

05/21/07 • 09:40 AM • ChildhoodHealthScience • No Comments

Chicago Tribune:

When everybody is an artist, what happens to the art?  “Years of paying your dues and trusting in the system are so yesterday. In many cases, so are countless hours of school and professional training. Everything seems to be a lot more democratic these days, and that’s good, right?”  See the LA Times link, below.

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