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SF New Mexican:

“When high school science teacher Ray Janke bought a home in Chicopee, Mass., he decided to see how much he could save on his electric bill.  He exchanged incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescents, put switches and surge protectors on his electronic equipment to reduce the “phantom load” — the trickle consumption even when electronic equipment is off —and bought energy-efficient appliances.  Two things happened: He saw a two-thirds reduction in his electric bill, and he found himself under audit by Mass Electric.

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SF New Mexican:

A horse was injured, and subsequently euthanized, on the set of the latest Russell Crowe film here in NM.  “Dual training” sounds more like a money-saving technique, not an animal-welfare technique.

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SF New Mexican:

Governor’s task force calls for axing eminent domain.

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SF New Mexican:

I disdain poinsettias.

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Just after daybreak.


early morning snowfall.


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about four inches.  Perhaps I’ll post a pic after I get my coffee.  Roads look very icy here.  Snowplows are roaring about at the moment.  Most schools are on a two hour delay, but it’s cold enough that the roads will still be treacherous then.

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First snow of 2006.


night snow.

Can’t see it here, but it’s still snowing.  Slowed a bit since sundown, but the winter storm watch is on until 4am.  Moonglow is growing, I don’t think this storm will make it until then if the cloud cover keeps thinning.  Not much of a snowstorm, but every bit of moisture helps.

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The New Yorker:

Killing Habeas Corpus.  Perhaps ‘bodily murdering’ would have been more clever.  Great quote, from Senator Leahy: “... every Tuesday since Bush has been President it’s been like a Mafia funeral around here. There are, like, fifteen cars with lights and sirens, and Cheney and Karl Rove come to the Republican caucus meetings and tell those guys what to do. It’s all ‘Yes, sir, yes, sir.’ I bet there is not a lot of dissent that goes on in that room. In thirty-two years in the Senate, I have never seen a Congress roll over and play dead like this one.”

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The New Yorker:

When did Lou Dobbs become a populist?

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Mountain biking unicycling.

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And, on a cheery note, we’re past our extinction date ...

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NY Times Science:

An Ancient Computer Surprises Scientists.  A sophisticated method for plotting lunar phases, planetary motion ... from 150 BC. Just too cool.

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SF New Mexican:

Panda poop paper yields profits for Thai keepers.  That title deserves a prize ...

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Wow, town wasn’t so bad.

But get over east past Bobcat Bite, the snow’s sticking.  If it keeps up like this out here, we’ll have some depth to the snow come morning.  We can certainly use the liquid.

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That’s all the links

for the moment.  Meetings in-town, in the snow.  From the waist-up, businesslike. From the waist-down, ready for slush.

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Rob Galbraith:

Samsung set to ship SyncMaster XL20, 20” wide-gamut LCD monitor with LED backlight.

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Voluntary code for blogs ‘needed.’  True, but who enforces?  Photo District News this month has some very derisive things to say about webloggers, after the recent conservative-weblog-led discovery of a couple of Photoshop image manipulations by media photographers.  The ‘pack’ behavior of weblogs is condemning the innocent before they have a chance to respond, and, worse, many of those who accuse don’t retract ― PDN says theyerase their posts.  PDN, not being weblog-savvy, doesn’t pick up on the problem that behavior creates ... erasing without acknowledgement of error allows the misperception to perpetuate.  Everyone should have a ‘corrections’ category, and use it.  We should also link the incorrect posts in a discursive fashion, so the real truth can be easily discerned by those who Google the subject.  The Times gets lambasted for bad behavior, but what of ourselves?  If we don’t stake out some high ground, we have no authority to judge.

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NY Times Great Homes:

From Medieval Relic to Roman Haven.  “the cost of property in the city’s oldest section had increased by 30 percent since late 2004. He estimated that a renovated space would sell for 2,000 euros to 2,500 euros, or $2,620 to $3,275, and a “fixer-upper” for 800 euros to 1,200 euros, or $1,050 to $1,570.”

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NY Times:

Frist Will Not Run for President in ‘08.  Spares us some boredom.

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SF New Mexican:

Base officials confirm F-16 was from Cannon; say pilot wasn’t.

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The making of a LEGO brick.  Via Mefi.

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It seems that

restoring a military dictatorship to Iraq is on the minds of some, even to the point of reinstalling Saddam.  Bush Sr.‘s ‘91 decision to leave Saddam in place, vindicated?  Priceless Dick Cheney quote, in that piece.

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NY Times Science:

Scientists continue to uncover more facts about Damascus steel.

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Busy airport.

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Discover Discoblog:

“We Need Smarter Breasts.”

Tangential: The porn myth.

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