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The Luminous Landscape:

Adobe Lightroom Tips and Tricks.  Windows version ... soon, please.

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Washington Post:

Army’s Iraq Work Assailed by Briton.  Ask a serviceperson whether ‘gook’ mentality is holding back progress in Iraq; yet the few I’ve met in person seem to have little knowledge of Iraqi history, culture or language.  Soldiers, not diplomats.  The implication in this article is that defeating an insurgency needs both qualities.  Institutional ossification isn’t anything new; read Bill Mauldin.

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The Independent.UK:

Dynamite a threat to Michaelangelo’s parish church.  An interesting side ... “learning to carve”, courtesy of the Digital Michaelangelo Project.

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Seattle PI.com:

Tuba in a wind tunnel.

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The NY Sun:

Light in the Darkness.  When they’d fire up the Tokamak out in Forrestal Center, Princeton’s lights would dim.

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NY Times Technology:

Nikon Plans to Stop Making Most Cameras That Use Film.

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NY Times Fashion & Style:

A Better Body in 64 Payments.  Their little slide show history forgets the Soloflex, a machine I have been very happy with, when unable to visit a gym.  Keep in mind, and I’m probably saying this for the umpteenth time, when you use progressive-resistance devices (bungees, rubber straps, whatever), start light.  They crank up tension at the end of your stroke, and it can be very hard on the tendons and ligaments unless you thoroughly warm up the muscles.  Ten minutes swinging dumbells and/or walking ... some sort of full-body warmup ... is necessary before starting your workout ... I don’t give a damn what the manual says.

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SF New Mexican:

Studies say spaceport is worth the risks.  “The NMSU study says one of the biggest issues is safety. An accident could be fatal to the industry and a potential hazard to the people of New Mexico, according to the study.”  I can’t see, given the Rutan design, that this risk is any higher than the crash of a fat, fuel-laden 767 from one of our airports.

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SF New Mexican:

Environmentalists want alternatives for killing weeds.  Not in my watershed, you don’t use RoundUp ...

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SF New Mexican:

Five minutes with Bill.

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An interesting spam email.

“Hang yourself with Piano Wire!”.  No body to the message, sadly.

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New Scientist:

“The back seat of a taxi is one of the worst places to be for exposure to ultrafine particulate pollution, a new study has revealed.

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Ye olde fonts.

Archive Type.

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Waiting for the Rapture in Iran; President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad bolsters support with his end-times beliefs.

Oh, great. Another one.

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Fox News:

Israel: No More Business With Pat Robertson.

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photo => art software.

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Somehow, I missed this little item.  “Frida Tequila.”

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The Economist:

Bayes rules; A once-neglected statistical technique may help to explain how the mind works.

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Hold your breath for comet dust on Sunday.  Exciting!

01/11/06 • 12:00 PM • ScholarlyScience • No Comments


Britain plans total electronic surveillance of roads. I suppose it’s logical, George Orwell being British ...

01/11/06 • 11:00 AM • Human RightsPolitics • No Comments


Young dream-seekers strapped by debt.  Education should be free.

01/11/06 • 10:59 AM • ChildhoodEconomics • No Comments


Down with catastrophism.

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Physics Today:

Benjamin Franklin on lightning rods.

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National Post.CA:

Saving music, one MP3 at a time.

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NY Times Arts:

Eyes Open to Many Sides of Life, Not Just the Hilarious.  Elliott Erwitt; do view the slide show ... and chuckle.

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