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Italian Women Defy Berlusconi Appeals, Choose Jobs Over Babies.  “Households today need to be in twos to be able to meet costs and afford families. In Italy we still have the one- breadearner model.”  Cost of living, politicos. 

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Washington Post:

In the Gardens of Versailles, A Horticultural Revolution.  “Nowadays, we vary the species of trees—beech, hawthorn, poplar, chestnut—to prevent major losses in case of a disease affecting one type of tree.”  Not historically accurate, but smart from a long-term management standpoint.

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SF Gate:

Are books in danger?  No more so, I believe, than movies being threatened by “American Idol.”

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SF New Mexican:

It’s getting “more affordable” to purchase in Santa Fe city.  Luckily, the County is holding value better ...

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SF New Mexican:

A local blogger gets his ‘tools’ ripped off - while he was in the house.  “... he believes the thieves had cased his home before the break-in, perhaps gleaning clues to its layout from his online postings.” 

I’ve advised this for eons - when you weblog, be bloody careful what you reveal about your personal circumstances.  It’s too easy to find personal info - and it’s getting even easier in our new Twitter/Facebook/Flickr/whatever online world. Some things have to remain private. Never announce your vacation plans online. Might as well tack a giant target on your belongings. I recommend weblogging as normal, but postdating entries before and during your absence.

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NY Times:

Best looking lemon I’ve seen in a while ...

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NY Times Asia/Pacific:

Iran Reports Missile Test, Drawing Rebuke.  Might want to sip a bit of chaser, from the Federation of American Scientists, on the Shahab series of missiles.  Some of us recall how Soviet missile capabilities were inflated beyond reality.

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Once again,

meetings stand in the way of linkage.  Looks like I’m in a pattern of afternoon blogging, when all the good linkage is mostly taken ...

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Rob Galbraith:

Drobo with FireWire 800, faster USB 2.0 now available.

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The Economist

reminds us, by posting an article from 1967, that drugs have long been a familiar participant in the Tour de France.

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Fossil feathers reveal their hues.

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Bush sorry over Berlusconi insult.  Gee, wonder if the Administration were this sloppy over other things ... such as warmaking.  Hey, wait a minute ...

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NY Times:

Great Photo on Flickr? Getty Images Might Pay You For It.

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Beware today’s Microsoft Security Update.  KB951748, July 8, 2008.  Prevented all my PCs from accessing the internet (which is why I haven’t been posting).  If not for the Macs I have in-house, I would still be checking cables.

Removed it (via the CP), and all is fine. 

What a pain in the neck ...

A day later: My problem is likely contained somewhere within this bulletin.  Looks like ZoneAlarm (all versions, as well as some other brands of firewall) is conflicting with the update.  ZA’s recommends (which include deinstalling the update).

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Meetings, ganging trips.

Still haven’t yet had to pay $4 for gas, thank goodness. Perhaps time for a few links now.

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Got snake?

Aspen Vista trail, over the weekend.  Taken with my old Powershot G5 P&S.

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Derringer Cycles:

How does a retro 150 mpg gas-powered bicycle strike you?  Gorgeous.

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NY Times Politics:

McCain Shifts Emphasis to Cutting Deficit.  “Every time in history we have raised taxes, it has cut revenues.”  Truly a Reagan-esque statement, in its disconnection with reality.  The kind of whopper Ronnie would field almost daily, faithfully repeated by a fawning media ... without a shred of fact-checking.

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Talk of $200 oil casts shadow over G8 summit.  Everyone talks of Iran’s nuclear program, but what of China’s? It would benefit gas prices and give hawks a bogeyman to scare us with.

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Oil Falls $5 as Dollar Gains on Signs of Support by G-8 Leaders.  “Crude oil for August delivery fell $5.49, or 3.8 percent, to $139.80 a barrel at 12:03 p.m. on the New York Mercantile Exchange.”  And here I just finished reading another article (from another financial site) on how global speculation couldn’t be affecting the price more than 2%.  Right. 

Ah, while I’m here: U.S. Stocks Retreat, Led by Banks; Fannie, Freddie Shares Drop.  “The realization of the depth of the credit crunch and depth of the financial crisis is really starting to stick ... [snip] ... It’s not time to believe that the end is near.”

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A brief introduction to Richard Feynman.

Scroll down for “The Value of Science.

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Editor & Publisher:

5 Years Ago Today: Fateful ‘NYT’ Op-Ed Kicked off Plame Outing and ‘CIA Leak Case’ .  My, how time flies when you’ve not been having fun.

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The Economist:

Of sommeliers and stomachs.  How red wine benefits the human body ... and, when to eat fruit.

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Rob Galbraith:

PTLens now available for Lightroom, Aperture and more.  PTLens corrects distortion.

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LA Times:

Book review, ‘The Dumbest Generation’ by Mark Bauerlein.  And he’s right.  There’s a misperception between the value of scan, and the value of depth.  They are not equal.

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