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NY Times:

There’s Simply No Excuse for Being Bored on a Trip.  It’s the get-off-the-hotel-grounds ethic, really.  Conversely, you could call it the don’t-eat-at-international-McDonald’s ethic.

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NY Times Books:

A Real-Life Wild West Show, With Kit Carson as Star.  Kit is buried in downtown Taos, and you can visit his residence just a block or two away.  I have a photo someplace.

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Photo shoot this morning.

Postings soon.

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‘Tis the season ...


sunset this eve.

... for detailed sunsets once again.

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Village Voice:

Rogue’s Gallery.

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New Scientist:

Inflammation ‘turned on’ to fight killer viruses.

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The Economist:

Fears of proliferation.  “By his own standard George Bush is failing in his pledge, set out in the state-of-the-union address in 2002, that ‘the United States of America will not permit the world’s most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world’s most destructive weapons’. Of the three countries he named at the time as part of the ‘axis of evil’, Mr Bush invaded Iraq but found no nuclear programme and he has been unable to stop Iran from rushing ahead with uranium enrichment that many fear is designed to make atomic bombs. This week, he proved powerless to stop North Korea from carrying out what it claimed was its first nuclear test.”

The article seems to stop short, short of any summation or conclusion.

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Hey, fellow ETP’ers ...

Jonas is moving to Wordpress.

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Washington Post:

Hastert Pledges to Fire Anyone Involved in Foley Coverup.  Nothing like making sure your staff falls on your sword.  The buck stops short.

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Times Online.UK:

“Guards are being employed in the French countryside to protect wild mushrooms amid pitched battles between pickers salivating over the best harvest in living memory.”

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Why not walk to Stonehenge?

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“It’s OK to die young if you make up for it by having more sex.

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busy today.  Don’t know when I’ll have time to weblog, at this point.

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SF New Mexican:

Critics key in on White House ambitions.  Nevertheless, I’d rather have Lt Gov Denish in charge, than Mr Dendahl.

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NY Times Science:

Aw, cool.  Jaguars are coming back to the American Southwest.  Unfortunately, the ‘border fence’ may stop the extension of territory.

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The Economist:

The same to you, with knobs on.  ‘Tis the season for negative campaigning.

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Web browser standards support.

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Times Online.UK:

I’m oppressed, you’re oppressed, we are all oppressed: the victim culture.  “The study calculates that 73 per cent of Britons are members of officially recognised ‘victim groups’, including the disabled, women, ethnic minorities and homosexuals.  Each group is given government support, including protective legislation.”  One of my pet peeves about modern culture.  Don’t forget the all-important blind left-handed dentists without tonsils.

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Times Online.UK:

Being poor can damage your brain.

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fires off an excellent post on the Foley matter.

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Achievements of Ancient High Civilizations.  “The climate was right, records were extensive, natural resources abundant - yet, for some reason, they too stopped short of advancing into Science.”

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The average of 15 female faces rated as ‘attractive.’  “Average” and ... “easy”?

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In global trade, wheels greased by greasing palms.  The ‘bribery index.’

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String theory: Is it science’s ultimate dead end?  Others are involved in ‘string theory’, of course ...

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SF New Mexican/AP:

NATO chief warns Afghans may switch allegiance to Taliban unless lives improve.  “We do not want the Taliban but then we would rather have that austere and unpleasant life that that might involve than another five years of fighting.”

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