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“The offspring of expensive stallions owe their success more to how they are reared, trained and ridden than good genes, a study has found.”

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‘Active glacier found’ on Mars.  Hmmm.

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Put global warming aside for a moment ... time may run out.

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The New Yorker:

Twilight of the Books.  “Perhaps reading is a prototype of independence. No matter how much one worships an author, Proust wrote, ‘all he can do is give us desires.’ Reading somehow gives us the boldness to act on them.”

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NY Times Science:

Laws of Nature, Source Unknown.  “But the idea of rationality in the cosmos has long existed without monotheism. As far back as the fifth century B.C. the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras and his followers proclaimed that nature was numbers. Plato envisioned a higher realm of ideal forms, of perfect chairs, circles or galaxies, of which the phenomena of the sensible world were just flawed reflections ...”

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David Byrne’s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars.

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New Scientist:

ET too bored by Earth’s transmissions to respond.  With all the crappy TV and radio reflecting out into the cosmos, who would be surprised if we get in return a neutron bomb with a little sign taped to the nose, “SHUT UP!”

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Photography Bay:

28 great Adobe Photoshop Lightroom resources.

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NY Times Opinion:

A Crisis Long Foretold.  Another good one.  You will remember Greenspan recommending variable rates, back a couple of years ago ... in the midst of all this.  With all the money flowing out of coffers to try to deal with this crisis, why is there no accountability for the situation?  Do I hear Jacob Marley at the door [the Alistair Sim version, in original B&W, is the *only* version to watch]?

12/19/07 • 09:59 AM • EconomicsPolitics1 Comment

NY Times:

Master of ‘Rings’ to Tackle ‘Hobbit’.  Wow, Peter Jackson’s lost a lot of weight.  I didn’t recognize his photo!

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NY Times Education:

At 71, Physics Professor Is a Web Star.  You need the RealPlayer to watch the videos the Times has linked.

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NY Times, The Lede:

Fire in a White House Office Building.  Near VP Cheney’s Chief of Staff’s office, who’s been featured more prominently in news of late.  Interesting.

12/19/07 • 09:06 AM • Politics1 Comment

SF New Mexican:

Editorial: Políticos, put on brakes and open oil-law process.  Hear, hear.  Not to mention the use of the old political strategy, “shove it through during a holiday season.”

12/19/07 • 09:00 AM • EnvironmentalSanta Fe Local • No Comments

SF New Mexican/AP:

Bush orders major cut in nuke stockpile. “And the National Nuclear Security Administration, the agency that oversees nuclear weapons for the government, has designated Los Alamos National Laboratory as its “preferred alternative” for the nation’s permanent plutonium pit production site. NNSA intends to raise the currently sanctioned level of production at LANL from 20 pits per year to up to 80.”  Another situation that will help us keep our healthy southwestern ... glow.

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I’m having ...

one of those days.  No, not that kind of day.  It’s definitely a those day.

12/18/07 • 03:30 PM • Personal(2) Comments

SF New Mexican:

Forest proposal: Pay to play.  No two ways about it ... it costs money to pick up all that dog poop and the mountains of beer bottles.

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Do all old Fords

smell like hot radiator fluid?  Every time I smell that smell, turn around ... there’s a Ford.  Including my own.

12/18/07 • 09:37 AM • General • No Comments

The New Yorker:

Visual Trophies, The art of snapshots.  “From our own experiences, we instinctively know when viewing snapshots like these that they, unlike many carefully crafted works of art or fully articulated documents, possess a kind of truth that is both profound and unassailable. But what that truth is precisely remains forever unknown.”

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Santa Fe ‘Courthouse Ghost’ Mystery Solved.  You’ll remember I thought it was a seed.

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Post-Its as pixels.  You’re so square, baby I don’t care.

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Cnet News.com:

FireWire speeds set to quadruple.  As megapixels consume more megabytes, this is a very good thing.

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January 24th, new Canon DSLR?  Given the strong challenge Nikon as just fielded, it better be a 5D upgrade (coupled with a price reduction).

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NY Times Tech:

Faster Chips Are Leaving Programmers in Their Dust.

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Adobe profit up 21 percent on sales of design software. I’m extremely happy with my purchase of the CS3 Creative Suite.  Early next year, I should be able to show you some dramatic before/afters in my personal portfolio.

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Obviously, they’ve seen “Shawshank.”  C’mon CNN, put two and two together.

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