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SF New Mexican:

Oil drilling fears erupt in Galisteo, Cerrillos.  Just over the ridge.  As oil prices rise, areas formerly not worth drilling become attractive again. Here’s the site with more info.

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SF New Mexican:

Report details history of LANL operations. This will be very interesting.

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SF New Mexican:

Not horsing around.  Click the second photo for a view of equine dentistry.  Ouch.

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Times Online.UK:

Are these the last days of the Oil Age?  “The world is coming to the end of the age of oil, which produced its own technology, its balance of power, its own economy, its pattern of society. It does not greatly matter whether the oil supply has peaked already or is going to peak in five or 12 years’ time. There is a huge adjustment to be made.”

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“Eating grapefruit every day could raise the risk of developing breast cancer by almost a third, US scientists say.”  Puts a whole, new macabre twist on “The Grapefuit Diet.”

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The genes that build America.  “Yet, as millions of Americans take DNA tests, they are discovering a surprising truth: America’s strict racial lines are, in fact, blurred. One-third of white Americans, according to some tests, will possess between two and 20 per cent African genes. The majority of black Americans have some European ancestors.”

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SF Gate:

Coyotes attack dogs in Golden Gate Park.  Er, well ... breeding pair, possibly.  But c’mon folks.  Coyotes keep the roaming pet populations down in rural NM.  No food is an easier kill than a leashed pet.

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Happy 7,


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Powell’s Books:

Review: “Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why.”  Should be standard reading in schools, really. “In many respects, the Bible was the world’s first Wikipedia article. So many hands have altered and edited the now lost originals that we will never know for sure what those originals said. I find it amusing that the Christian Right in America spends its energy attacking evolution, arguing that teaching evolution is teaching atheism.”

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Washington Post:

A plucky gathering of guitarists.

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NY Times:

The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age.  Yet the old Gilded Age philanthropists did more.  Carnegie built Carnegie Lake in Princeton (when built, it was lined on both shores with flowering cherry trees ... few survive, sadly). The Duponts built spectacular gardens. I see few such long-lasting aesthetic endeavors today.  None seem to like to get their hands dirty, except with ink.

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Chicago Tribune:

What’s in a book? Take a whiff.

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Times Online.UK:

Knowledge is nothing to be scared of. “There is a highly sophisticated grasp of all kinds of technical know-how and the science that estab-lishes it, but little sense of how the human being finds fulfilment in those things, or where to look for it.”

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Washington Post:

“So we’re experiencing the literary equivalent of a loss of biodiversity ...”

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Net Radio Wins Partial Reprieve as Royalties Loom.

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Art experts dispute authenticity of Caravaggio work.

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NY Times Week in Review:

“To his dog, every man is Napoleon. Hence the constant popularity of dogs.

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NY Times:

Racing bulky lobster boats?

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NY Times Asia/Pacific:

The NK Yongbon nuclear reactor is shut down.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Advocates urge generations to learn from World War II veterans while they can.  Even better, record the personal histories either on video or audio.

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SF New Mexican:

Off-limits after dark?  This will just move the violence to other areas.

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NY Times:

Fears Over Power Lines in National Parks.  Seems like Santa Fe isn’t the only one getting the gift of ugly power.

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SF New Mexican:

Art that helps a village.  Don’t forget that the International Folk Art market isn’t just about sales ... the music’s great too.

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SF New Mexican:

Peace, love, freedom: The summer of ‘67.  A slice of northern NM history.

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Fer yer rugrats ...

FunSlides.  Via Gear Diary.

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