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Chicago Tribune:

Okay, who on earth can study and watch TV at the same time?  Don’t start telling me kids are great multi-taskers, when I haven’t met one yet who can spell consistently.

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City Journal:

Desperate Grandmas. A bit derisive, but I understand the sentiment.  With the increase in retirees in SF, there are a lot of manic older women dashing about.  Older men, divorced or widowed, are petering out (tongue firmly in cheek) and looking for someone to assuage their declining years.  I see a lot of manipulation going on to get ladies to be satisfied with less. I respect the hell out of the fact that droves of older women aren’t buying the male dominance crap, finding dynamic lifestyles for themselves.  Go for it.  You’ve only got one life.

One comment,though. Lycra has a ‘sell-by’ date ... if ya catch my drift.

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NY Times Opinion:

Drain America First.  Congress has wigged out.  We need great statesmen more than ever.

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NY Times Health:

Review Sees No Advantage in 12-Step Programs.  But ... “None of the studies compared A.A. with no treatment at all, and the researchers said that made it more difficult to draw conclusions about effectiveness.”  My italics.  Huh?

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NY Times, NY Region:

Study of Songbirds Finds High Levels of Mercury.  “Much of the mercury that is causing problems in New York comes from coal-burning power plants, including those in Ohio and other states in the Midwest. Smokestack emissions from those plants tend to drift eastward. The airborne mercury eventually falls to earth, settling in lakes and streams where it is transformed into methyl mercury, which is toxic.”  Read this article, and reinforce your support of the Clean Air Act by opposing Bush’s Clear Skies [pdf].

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NY Times Science:

A few new books try to walk the recent societal tightrope between science and religion.  “‘I have been struck,’ Dr. Roughgarden writes, ‘by how the ‘debate’ over teaching evolution is not about plants and animals but about God and whether science somehow threatens one’s belief in God.’”  Historically, religion has always accommodated new scientific advances, albeit slowly ... even when they contradict the standing dogma of the era.  The only thing required is a reinterpretation. 

Related: NY Times, Stem Cell Work Gets States’ Aid After Bush Veto.

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NY Times Asia Pacific:

China’s Nomads Trade Up for an Easier Ride on the Range.  I’ll put in a plug for ‘Mongolian Ping-Pong.’  One of the boys drives a stinky, polluting scooter throughout the film.  Normally I would applaud the introduction of modern transport to a horse-drawn area (and all the safety and convenience it brings), but since I’ve been contemplating ‘going horse’ myself (for both gas cost and environmental reasons), I find myself in a moral conundrum.

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SF New Mexican:

Valle Vidal battle moves to Senate.  Read further down; the Senate has its eyes on drilling close in to Florida.  Disney and diesel.  It’ll be fab.

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SF New Mexican:

Due to high fuel costs, ‘buying local’ is becoming much more expensive.

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SF New Mexican:

Woman found dead in desert identified.

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The New Yorker:

American abstract, the real Jackson Pollock.  “If we want to be precise about what Pollock did—drawing in the air above a canvas with a paint-loaded stick—the mot juste is ‘dribble.’”

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Reuters Health:

Australia scientists work on anti-Alzheimer’s pill.  “A 15-month trial on mice showed the drug called PBT2 reduced the amyloid protein, which many scientists believe causes Alzheimer’s, by 60 percent within 24 hours ...”  Holy cow.  I hope it’s as positive as it sounds.

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NY Times Escapes:

Chasing the Perfect Taco Up the California Coast.  Many places in Santa Fe do a decent fish taco, but it is just that ... decent.  We have no access to real fresh fish; for that, California. 

[Never, I repeat, never order soft-shelled crabs in NM.  Common sense, y’know?  It’s all about proximity, and freezer burn.]

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NY Times:

Spain’s Ageless Beauties.  The paradores of Spain.

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NY Times:

Lost Hikers Found in N.C. Mountains.  When hiking in unfamiliar parts, I have the habit of looking back at ‘crux points’, particularly recognizable places, so I can find my way out if necessary.  A recommended practice.

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ABA: Bush violating Constitution.  From Monroe to Carter, there were 75 ‘signing statements’.  From Reagan to Clinton, 322.  Read how many Mr Bush has issued in a single term.  And some more interesting theoretical discussion.

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NY Times:

Hooray for Floyd.  Now he can get that hip fixed, with a little less concern for his career.

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SF New Mexican:

Department of Energy: Agency braces for nuke-site blazes.

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SF New Mexican:

The Money Chase.  Linked specifically for this stat: “In Santa Fe County, there’s a lot of competition. The area has a population of 140,855 and 1,381 nonprofits for a ratio of one nonprofit for every 102 people, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the state.”

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My brother has been

giving me a hard time about my bad taste in sunglasses.  I’m posting this so he can laugh at my kayaking outfit.  Ms Hilton should be so fashionable ...

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Wither the winds

down in Cochiti?  I plan to find out, paddle in hand ...

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Daily Mail.UK:

Full-time working parents are able to generously spare their children ... 19 minutes a day.

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Next time you’re out

for an exciting evening in Austin ... Chicken Shit Bingo.

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Business Week:

Do-It-Yourself Decaf.  “It has come up with a wand-like instrument that bears a resemblance to a tongue depressor and lets the holder literally “stir” the caffeine out of a drink. One spin around the cup for half-caf, and another to take out more—up to 70%, according to the company’s research.”

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PDN Online:

Biggest Photo Ever Is Unveiled In California.  “About 70 volunteers pumped 600 gallons of developer and 1,200 gallons of fixer onto the fabric through garden hoses.”  Makes my head spin just thinking about it.

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