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NY Times Travel:

D.H. Lawrence’s New Mexico: The Ghosts That Grip the Soul of Bohemian Taos.  “You can’t argue with those desert mountains — and if you live among them enough — like the Indian does — you don’t want to. They have something for us much more real than some imported art style.”  Amen.

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SF New Mexican:

Crude comments clog our online forums.  Comments, for any larger organization, must be monitored; I would say, even directed and mentored by a dedicated employee.  It’s not a ‘set it and forget it’ function, something you can just turn on in the software and leave go.  Having someone ‘watching’, involved, discourages misbehavior and cheap shots.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

CBS: corrupt arms deals cost Iraq $800 million.  I do not doubt that many of us believe this will not be the only ‘wastage’ or ‘corruption’ found.

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SF New Mexican:

Birth of historic style.  Oh yeah, if only our style of dress was maintained as carefully!

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It’s going to be a busy week.

So be prepared for thin postings.

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The Canon 24-70 2.8’s sharpness is so much better than my Tamron (even though tests say they are similar), that I’ll never be satisfied with the Tamron again.  There’s a prime rule in digitals that I thought I wasn’t ignoring ... you can skimp on megapixels, perhaps, but never, never skimp on lens quality.  The output makes me unsatisfied with my Canon EF-S 10-22, driving me even faster to full-frame 5D territory (where I could use that lovely 17-40L and 28 TS).

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Renting the Canon 24-70 2.8.

My Tamron 28-75 XR Di began to grind the AF at low temperatures, so it has to go in for service.  The 24-70’s a much faster focuser.  I’ll do a sharpness test later. 

Oh, and the 24-70 weighs a frikkin’ ton ... I mean, holy Hannah, this thing’s a tank.

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Alias Blog:

Marriage and divorce rates, 1860-present.  In sum, it isn’t what you’re expected to believe.

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The Raw Story:

Congresswoman on page board buried file on husband’s child abuse allegation.  Caught this on Reddit, when I saw “Heather Wilson” mentioned.

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Adobe PS Lightroom Beta 4 update,

to 4.1.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

It’s Voter-Fooling Time in America.  Yes, indeedy.

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here’s a question.  I don’t know why I thought of this, but it crossed my mind.  What do you do if a spider kamikaze’s into your boiling pot of spaghetti?  If you fish it out quick, can you still eat it?  Will the venom release and sicken everyone who eats the spaghetti?  I can’t find a specific mention, other than a site that says some spider venom has heat resistant-properties.  Given that link is all I can find, I guess one throws out the food.

Strange, where the mind takes you sometimes ...

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IE7’s been running most of the day while I worked on a client’s ExpressionEngine site. It’s pretty damned snappy, faster than Firefox (and I run FasterFox).  For instance, CNN’s site seems to load almost twice as fast here.  FF/3ghz dual core pentium/12 seconds ... IE7/3ghz/dual core pentium/5-6 seconds ... Safari/early Mac G5/9 seconds.

The RAM footprint, with the identical number of tabs open, seems to be much smaller (in spite of various widgets installed on Firefox, attempting to reduce the memory overhead); but don’t take this one to the bank yet.  I’ll try it again tomorrow in more ‘fair’ circumstances after I deactivate some extensions. 

The remainder is pretty much normal IE; more of a ‘bringing it up to current snuff’ update.  The controls (stop, refresh, etc.) are in places I’m not used to, having used FF for so long.  I find myself fumbling.  I should note there is a web developer toolbar, similar to the one available for Firefox (you can find it in the Add-Ons site).  There seems to be a nifty RSS widget, which I have yet to fool with. 

I have to say, I’m thinking about trying a switchover for a while.  Speed and RAM size are big issues around my office.  As I always say, I don’t give a damn who makes it, as long as it gets my work done faster ...

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Not necessarily for podcasting, but I need to find a decent piece of equipment to tote around that will do good-quality audio recording.  Vocal interviews or speeches only.  No music.  One that will allow simple offloading to a PC for editing and uploading.  One that uses decent-quality microphones (purchased separately).  It’s been a while since I’ve been digging in audio hardware ... anyone got any favorites they can point me to?  Or websites that deal with this?

Later: Thinking of the M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96.  Takes professional mics.

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Cool down your MacBook or MacBook Pro.  If you manage to make one fly like an R/C helicopter, please post a photo.

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NY Times Politics:

Tables Turned for the G.O.P. Over Iraq Issue.  Republican Wilson here in NM is fielding an ad that shows a phone call from the Middle East to Denver, purportedly tipping off a sleeper cell ... leaving the outcome as a mystery.  The militaristic computer graphics make the call look like a “War Games” nuke arriving in Denver.  That same indomitable, unstoppable glowing line.  She faults Democrat Madrid for opposing legislation to monitor these phone calls ... but then, Wilson did herself.  Or am I misunderstanding something?  We shouldn’t vote for her competitor, because her competitor agrees with her?  So help me God, election politics has me completely bamboozled this time around.  If I’m reading this right, Madrid should jump on this ad, today.

Further: I think candidates should be required by the FEC to post all their commercials on their websites.  Don’t you?  I’d surely like to point you all to this one, render some accountability.

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NY Times Home & Garden:

Will Work for Friends.  Structure, to guarantee a equitable share of effort and time, is the key.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Mexico rejects biotech corn planting.

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Busy today.

I took the dive and installed IE7.  Haven’t had much time to use it yet, but I normally run ExpressionEngine’s control panels in IE (doesn’t display well in my FF, for some reason), so I’ll have a better feel later today after updating some client sites.  My initial impression is ... snappy performance, perhaps an overly minimal default interface.  More, perhaps, later.

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Where does one begin?  This is nothing like the trilogy of books, ‘My Friend Flicka’, ‘Thunderhead’, and ‘Green Grass of Wyoming.’  So much for poor Ken Mclaughlin ... he’s had a sex change, and a modern coming-of-age interpretation haphazardly stapled on.  Would you turn Frodo into a Frodette?  Are males not allowed to express deep emotion?  Try this with a Marguerite Henry novel (like ‘King of the Wind’ or ‘Misty of Chincoteague’), get lynched at the nearest horse farm by a stampede of youngsters.  Forget about the film, unless you’re too young to read the books. You will lose some of the finest lessons that childhood fiction can impart.

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Nice, bipartisan sentiment.  Please, don’t let the door hit your habeas corpus on the way out.

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Shopping cart art.

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Bubbles never forget.

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Washington Post:

What Democrats would do.  Bush may find his veto pen, after all.

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Washington Post, Ruth Marcus column:

Why I’m not under the Tuscan sun.

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