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SF New Mexican:

“Four in 10 of Santa Fe’s workers commute to the city, in part because housing opportunities here are scarce for middle and low wage earners. Further, more than half the people who commute to work here today once had homes in the city.”  What happens when a town’s real estate prices exclude everyone except the rich?  Few in the service industries can afford to live in town, and the price to commute becomes too high with current gas prices.

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The Economist

reviews two books on Communism.

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Times Online.UK:

A good reason to keep your company advertising light and airy.

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Sports Illustrated:

“Floyd Landis claims the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s lead attorney approached his lawyer offering ‘the shortest suspension they’d ever given an athlete’ if Landis provided information that implicated Lance Armstrong for doping.

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Times Online.UK:

“She provides hope for young people all over the U.S. and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives.”  I’ll refrain from commenting.  I doubt I could do justice to the situation, because I have a particular bias caused by a normal amount of grey matter.

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Aspirin ‘prevents bowel cancer’.

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SF New Mexican:

Police arrest man in connection to rapes.  The SF Police force continues to be challenged, also.

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readers rate the 40 best foreign films.  I would have rated ‘Red’ higher than ‘Blue’, but I suppose Juliette Binoche’s star power puts the thumb on Irene Jacob.

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Washington Post:

Bots on The Ground; In the Field of Battle (Or Even Above It), Robots Are a Soldier’s Best Friend.  Thanks, Dan.

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Those who use WP’s WYSIWYG editor will enjoy this tip.  I’ve never gotten along well with the WYSI widgets in WP.

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I attended a symposium in Albuquerque yesterday, and got to suffer ‘death by PowerPoint’ circa 2007.  I learned a great deal of information but ... OH MY FREAKING GOD.  One or two weren’t bad, but the rest ... the level of skill in speaker support and speaker talent has dropped to barely detectable levels, compared to what I was supporting at Aniforms in the late ‘80’s and ‘90’s.  Virtually no aesthetic sensibility or knowledge of color use in projection.  I feel there’s no choice here ... I’m going to have to try to author a book or force coaching upon those I encounter. 

I’d like to reiterate a few things in particular, for those who give presentations:

1.  Never put more information on an individual slide than you are going to talk upon.  Putting a paragraph up there, while you’re making your speech, divides attention, and nothing gets retained.  Use bullet points instead, and build them on the screen in logical manner ... but only if those are real points of emphasis.  Otherwise, put a generalization of the topic, short, so people get the gist immediately and then can concentrate on what you’re saying.  Perhaps a photo or graphic, but it has to be very specific to what you’re talking about.  Enough has been said about stock graphics, I don’t need to curse and jump up and down over them here (again).

2.  Visual effects are for Aunt Harriet doing family photo shows.  Use dissolves.  Nothing’s worse than a speaker who doesn’t know their material well enough, and pauses for each and every swoopy visual effect before continuing their presentation.

3.  If you’re using a front video projector, Y-out the feed from the laptop (you might need a video amp), and feed a large monitor propped up in front of the projector, so you can see your slides without having to look backwards like a chiropractic stork every few seconds.

4.  If you’re a bigwig, a honcho, an industry mover-and-shaker, pay for a professional to create your blasted presentation.  There’s just no excuse for spelling mistakes, poor color choice, etc. etc. ad nauseam.  It destroys your authority, better than a shredder to your CV.

5.  Check the range of your remote clicker.  Waving it around while looking at the screen, walking into things while trying to find the sweet spot, doesn’t add to your gravitas.

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Luminous Landscape:

Canon 1D MKIII, An Almost Perfect Ten by Ten.  Wow.

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Alan Gilbert Steps Down as Music Director of Santa Fe Opera.  A sad parting; everyone I talked to raved about “The Tempest” last year.

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Comparison and contrast:

CSM, For teens, too much TV can impair learning later, study says.  Backstage, Where Have All the TV Watchers Gone?

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NY Times:

“You’d be stupid if you came to Harvard for the teaching ...”  Yet research is largely no longer done in companies.  Remember when Apple funnelled 10% of their monies into research?  Stockholders and Wall Street no longer brook that kind of long-term expense.  Universities are the hotbeds of research.  I’m not saying it is right, I’m just saying it’s a situation, and needs to be considered.

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The Economist:

How fruit smuggles allergy-stimulating chemicals past the body’s defences.  “... they took a kiwi-fruit allergen called thaumatin-like protein—which they knew would degrade quickly in the stomach by itself—mixed it with pectin and exposed it to synthetic stomach conditions. It survived.”  Perhaps those who prefer pulpless fruit juice are healthier?

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I’ll be back.” Given the unreliable quality of sequels, and ‘second trilogies’, there may be even more to fear in that statement ...

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Dr Weil:

Antibiotics Before Dentist Visit?  Longtime readers know I have a benign heart arrythmia that scared the hell out of me a few years ago after a hiking weekend (benign, no need for medication, no restrictions, no health effects).  Dentists make me swallow a few capsules of Amoxicillin an hour before any oral procedure.  Now it seems, it may not be necessary.

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“I know it was a bad thing what I’ve done, but I done it because I was angry TJ was dead and I pissed on one Iraqi’s head.

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“Gravity wave.”  Sure it’s not atmospheric wind currents?  I see some pretty strange stuff happening with clouds here in New Mexico ...

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SF New Mexican:

Snowpack bodes well for reservoirs.  “Whitewater rafters have a shot at a good season through June.”

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SF New Mexican:

Rash of sexual assaults has women on edge.  Remember to use different routes at different times of day.

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SF New Mexican:

Rocky Flats, all cleaned up?

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SF New Mexican:

You heard, of course, of the LANL worker who took secure documents home.  It was in all the major news, print, radio, tv, online.  You probably haven’t heard the result.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

The Democrats’ Pledge.  I have to believe voters will reward the party that restores habeas corpus.  My morality will accept nothing less.

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