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I’ve been running across political sites

discussing a ‘massive voter purge.’  Kos, Huffington, etc.  They specifically mention ‘half of the Democrats in Mora County have been purged’.  Looking at local news sources, I can’t find a single mention of it.  Not one.  True or not?  I think there’d be outright war up in Mora if this were true.  Point me if you find a NM source (not interested in meta-national sources).

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TMobile has just informed me

proper area codes for New Mexico are mandatory after October 5.  Know where the ‘new’ 575 areas begin.

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Paulson Aims to Do What Eluded Fed: Get Banks to Lend.  “Paulson’s gamble is that government control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two biggest purchasers of home loans, will foster a liquid market for mortgage securities that will encourage lower rates and induce banks to lend. The risk is banks will still balk because the fundamentals underlying housing have soured.”  I think everyone’s so hunkered down, this won’t make a dent until housing prices and foreclosure rates stabilize.

Later: The Economist has other information, too.  “Intriguingly, this will also be available to the 12 Federal Home Loan Banks. James Lockhart, the FHFA’s head, stressed that these bank-owned co-operatives, also designed to grease housing markets, are mostly in good shape. But they have a lot of short-term debt and the quality of their borrowers’ collateral is falling. Allowing them to tap the credit line may be a shrewd precautionary measure.”

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

On Stupidity, Part One, Part Two.

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Wall Street Journal:

The changing world of travel writers.  Another interview with Paul Theroux.  “The price of clothes has gone down in the world. Clothes are cheaper everywhere. No one’s naked any more.”

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All the financial rags are crowing,

saying the Fanny/Freddy buyout will lower rates.  I see .25 to a whole percentage point expected.  6% is already pretty low, I doubt there’ll be a full percent drop.

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NY Times Frugal Traveler:

Lessons from the Frugal Grand Tour.

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SF New Mexican:

If tourists continue to ‘graffitize’ the caves and kivas at Bandelier, soon we will no longer be able to enjoy them.  Find someone doing it, let them know it’s wrong (read: yell at them to knock it off), and tell a Ranger immediately.  These are sacred places, deserving of utmost respect. 

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SF New Mexican:

Cañoncito land deal puzzles neighbors.  A sweetheart deal for sure, but the Feds really do need to start preserving the Glorieta Battlefield.  I’m happy to see they’re starting to wake up and pay attention.

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NY Times:

U.S. Unveils Takeover of Two Mortgage Giants. Add: A History of Public Aid in Crises.  Oh my god, what this is going to cost us ... calculating in all the bank failures, foreclosures.

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Cleaning out stuff.

Flash 2 manuals?  Out.  Photoshop 5.5 WOW book? Out. Whoa. Lightspeed Pascal disks. And Connectix Speed Doubler. Blasts from the past.  Gotta go.

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SF New Mexican:

Mysterious firm’s water plan draws protests.  “Last year, Augustin Plains Ranch LLC filed an application with the state engineer to drill 37 deep wells and annually pump up to 54,000 acre-feet of water.”  I wonder how many other ‘mystery’ firms are setting themselves up to retail water from our precious aquifers.  There’s a secret assault going on. As available water sources become more scarce, for-profit companies are waking up to the fact they can make a mint.  Perhaps not a mint at the moment, but in the very near future.  Defend your water rights against exploitation.

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SF New Mexican:

Nice. The Santa Fe River will continue flowing for another month, as they release water from the upstream reservoirs.  I still maintain they should rebuild that reservoir west of town, to save this overflow.

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The funny building behind McCain ...

turns out instead of Walter Reed Medical Center, some campaign staffer found a pic of Walter Reed Middle School in California.  I was wondering, last evening, why they were showing that building. I theorized it was one of his houses ... (grin).  Of course, if some people knew how to use the Internet ... or simply checked their speech visuals (McCain has visited Walter Reed) ...

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When I heard “Barracuda” at the RNC last night,

I actually spoke aloud my wonder at how soon this would happen.

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If you can look away from the election long enough, our financial system is still crumbling:  “Foreclosures accelerated to the fastest pace in almost three decades during the second quarter as interest rates increased and home values fell, prompting more Americans to walk away from homes they couldn’t refinance or sell.”  Hello, Washington?  Anyone home?  They must have walked away, too.  I picture Mr Bernanke, like the Wizard of Oz, all alone, flipping switches and pulling levers like crazy, while the curtains come tumbling down.

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Washington Post:

Experts Helping Palin Brush Up on Foreign Policy.  As I mentioned in a previous post, this was to be expected.  I have a comment to make, but recall that in this election, experience is both the most important and least important aspect of becoming President. 

Heaven help us.

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Canon is teasing us ...

over the replacement for the 5D ... or so rumors have it.  The MP jump for the 50D was significant ... will this take the 5D to 16 megapixel territory (or higher)?  They need to one-up Nikon.  I can’t see them going over 20, but how exciting if they did, at the same price point.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Are the Russians really resurgent?  An intellectual forum.

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Discovery Channel:

Songbirds Duel With Duets. Next discovery.  Raven croaks as you leave your house.  Translation: “You humans are slow, ugly and your feet stink. Why don’t you leave your garbage can open, for once?”

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NY Times World Travel:

I’m sorry, you can’t go replacing the traditional London cab with an ... an overengineered minivan.

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NY Times Business:

Never did I believe we’d see $100/barrel oil again.  The oil folks are going to panic.  Time to start another war to keep profits and speculation high.

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NY TImes Science:

For the Brain, Remembering Is Like Reliving.  So, then, why is it that I recall my screwups like reliving, while my successes are merely remembrances?

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SF New Mexican:

BLM oil shale plan ready before technology.  “The BLM said in its draft plan and regulations that it doesn’t know what kind of technology will be used, the potential environmental effects or the economic impact of oil shale development ...” My italics.  Ex situ is a straight mining process, destroying the landscape.  In situ is still in the ‘commercial viability’ stage.  This is a bum rush so that oil and gas folks can get in cheaply, without regulation.

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SF New Mexican:

Retired general questions McCain’s mental care.  Given the General’s discussion of his personal history, it sounds like he was winging it and went way too far.  Expect this, through association, to be another way to tar and feather Ms Obama.

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