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The interview: Robert Pirsig.  “Why, for example, should a group of simple, stable compounds of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen struggle for billions of years to organise themselves into a professor of chemistry? What’s the motive?”

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U.S. Acting ‘Needs Some Help,’ Says Burstyn.  I find pacing is the problem.  Words and action are jammed into a film like sardines in a can ... leaving me to process even major plot points after the film’s done with.  Very little ‘acting’ can take place, with such time constraints.

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NY Times Health:

Historians Resurrect ‘Cartoon Medicine’ for a New Generation.  At my former company, Aniforms, we regularly used a live-animation cartoon to convince audiences of management’s goals; placing the animation as a member of the salesforce, a skeptic, who is eventually brought around to seeing things as management would prefer.  Skillful scripting and biting, acerbic humor were the vehicles.  All of our former live animators went on to Hollywood, writing for “The Tracy Ullman Show”, “Huff”, etc.  In one instance of my recall, our animated character helped prevent a workforce from going union ... no, animation is a very powerful tool.  The public perception is the opposite, for very good reason: Disney and Pixar have mechanized animation into soullessness.

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NY Times:

The embedded Intrepid proves an uncontroversial way to show support for the military, for some politicos.  The last time I was on board, she was quite tatty.  The planes on deck had been stripped of engines, even gauges.  What’s the payoff to climbing up a ladder to look into a stripped cockpit?  Kids were walking off clearly disappointed ... the derelict state of everything on board didn’t serve to fire imagination.  The Brooklyn Navy Yard, in its advanced state of decomposition, is more interesting.

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NY Times Business:

Google Shares Top $500 for 1st Time.  I should have had faith and bought Google when they went public.  Kicking myself generously now.

Tangential: In web world, rich envy the super-rich.  Just an aside, I’ve been hearing from acquaintances who own Priuses (Prii?) that one should be sure to buy another gas-engine car at the same time to drive back and forth from the Toyota dealer when the Prius needs annoyingly frequent repairs.  True?  I get the idea there’s a strong undercurrent of disgruntlement going on among some owners.

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SF New Mexican:

Bernalillo County confirms Wilson’s win over Madrid.  Unless there were reported incidents of fraud (and I heard none), Madrid should concede.  The longer the wait, the more it appears sour grapes ... fitting into the stereotype Wilson broadcast in her ads over those last few days prior to election.  The local Democrats don’t need that kind of rep.

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SF New Mexican:

Police investigate 3 alleged sex crimes.  Be careful in SoCap after nightfall.

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SF New Mexican:

There’s been brown haze in the air, I wondered why: prescribed burns in the Watershed.

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Tests close in on 400-year-old Jamestown bones’ identity.

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Free Viagra spices up small town life.  “Some of the old men aren’t seeking out their wives. They’ve got romances on the side.”  Whoops.

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Times Online.UK:

Thallium seems to be the substance of choice to poison one’s enemies with ... whether ‘evil’ dictator, or ‘virtuous’ democracy.

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‘No proof’ of Iran nuclear arms.  “A current senior intelligence official confirmed the existence of the CIA analysis, and told me that the White House had been hostile to it.”

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Times Online.UK:

A posthumous artistic reconciliation.

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National Association of Realtors:

Check the real estate market sales trends.  Nevada, California ... woof.

Related: Bloomberg, Greenspan Legacy Submits to Its First Review. Mr G lost me when he supported the Bush income tax cuts of 2001; using SS surplus to finance tax cuts for the wealthy. Since then, he’s been persona non grata around here.

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Grandma’s Veggies May Have Been More Nutritious.  The issue is more serious than this, it relates to nutrients being diminished in our soils.

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America to regain lost paradise.  Getting all itchy and scratchy to restore Hetch Hetchy.

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Drug runners empowered with back issues of Popular Mechanics?  They’re trying to build submarines ...

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points to this image.  Do a simple search, and you find even more amazing ones.  All of a sudden, I feel quite happy living in the desert ...

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Times Online.UK:

Just their type.  I do wonder about the ‘sweet spot.’  That period of time, after a famous person dies, when the prejudices of her/his contemporaries disappear, and there’s a short window between when one can write a decent biography, and when the documentary information begins to evaporate.  It bothers me no end that the farther in time we get away from famous figures, the more ‘accurate’ biographies and analyses are supposed to be.  Codswallop.  When I can, I dig for much older scholarship than those who write through today’s modernity-colored glasses.

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NY Times:

A New Strategy to Discourage Driving Drunk.  Timely, but our Governor’s comments must be tempered by last week’s horrific crash not five miles from my house, where six people died as a result of a drunken driver going the wrong way on the Interstate at night. The incident has lit up local news, to an extent never seen before.  When so many lives are taken, there should be more to mark their passing than a black oil stain on the edge of a highway.  Another roadside shrine will go up, sooner than later, but it does nothing to deter. It says loudly, “Six people died here; isn’t that a sobering thought?”, but we have so many of them on our highways, the meaning is lost.  Government flails to find legislative solutions, the media wallows in maudlin newscasting.  You can see a list of articles about this incident on the SF New Mexican here.

Personal responsibility is where the rubber meets the road on this one. Breathalyzers, in New Mexico, show you care ― more than a fancy red iPod.  They should be freely available for use at any establishment associated with liquor, IMHO.

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SF New Mexican:

Fairgrounds evacuated after containers labeled radioactive found. I am surprised the national media hasn’t more prominently featured this incident.  The use of medical radioactives is exactly what many predict as a most plausible dirty bomb scenario.  A little more info.

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SF New Mexican:

Global Hawk to fly 1st mission over U.S.  “Never flown a mission”, maybe.  I have to assume they were developed and tested on our continent.

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Short BBC Interview

with Henry Kissinger.  “I think we have to separate ourselves from the civil war and we have to move at some early point to some international definition of what a legitimate outcome is. By legitimate I mean something that can be supported by the surrounding states and by ourselves and our allies.”  What a photo.  I find it interesting that almost all conservative thinkers are finally coming around to where they should have been a couple of years ago.  The choice is no longer the binary of ‘victory’ or ‘cut-and-run.’  It’s “what do we have to do to stabilize the area?”  We’re in the Cortes situation; he attempted to decapitate the leadership by taking and controlling Montezuma, without realizing the real power resided with the medicine men and tribal heads.

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NY Times Real Estate:

We have sign-twirlers in Santa Fe, too.  Saw one over by Lowe’s over the weekend.  I thought he was just bored spitless.

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Going on a cruise ship these days, I’m surprised people aren’t packing disposable gloves and n95 masks.  Decorated with tropical foliage patterns, of course.

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