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Seen on a car in SF today:


“Iraq ... $196,000 per minute.”

“WMDs ... Iraq: 0.  Albuquerque: 2,500.”

Albuquerque is rumored to be one of the three ‘secret’ repositories of tactical nukes in America.

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NY Times:

End of the Line for Ford Taurus.  I know I shouldn’t gloat.  But I really feel like celebrating the fact I won’t have to look at these ugly beasts ever again.

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[A] Few CSS tricks you may not know.

Oh, and 14 tips to speed up your web pages.

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NY Times:

A rock makes an impact in Brooklyn.

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SF New Mexican:

The continued saga of the LANL security issue.  Lab confirms classified material found.

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SF New Mexican:

“The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, generally called by its acronym UNESCO, designated nine municipalities worldwide as Creative Cities for excellence in a particular field. Santa Fe—the only American Creative City—was designated in 2005 as a City of Folk Art and Design.

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SF New Mexican:

Albuquerque firm helps Richardson slim down.  Trying to avoid the ‘fat cat’ impression.  I hope it becomes a lifestyle choice for him, but ‘shakes’ usually end up being a short-term fix.  Time was, when I was a youth in NJ, I’d see our varied Governors out pounding the pavement ... jogging.  No security details.  Different era.

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New Scientist:

Ozone hole reaches record proportions.

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London Review of Books:

Even Now.  A review of Günter Grass’s controversial latest book.  Long and fascinating.

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Client calls.

“Hey, I’m having my brochures printed at Office——.  They’re reproducing sort of blurry. The operators here tell me that when a CD is used too many times, it gets a film over it, and it causes blurry reproduction.  Is that right?”

[We’ve gagged the proprietor of this site in order that sensitive ears will not be blistered ...]

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The Complete List of Ajax Tools.

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An aside:


“I will not stand for anything that’s crooked or unfair
I’m strictly on the up and up
So everyone beware
If anyone’s caught taking graft
And I don’t get my share
We stand ‘em up against the wall
And pop goes the weasel.”

Before election day, rent Duck Soup.

“And remember while you’re out there risking life and limb through shot and shell, we’ll be in here thinking what a sucker you are.”

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“Stuff I depend on as webmaster and developer (all in one page).”

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Washington Post:

The point I made yesterday, echoed by WaPo ... From China to Berlin, Fences Have Failed to Exclude or Contain.  More here disturbs, however. The author needs to bone up on history, rather than quote Wikipedia verbatim. Compare the Maginot Line section in this article, then look at Wikipedia specifically for “well into France in five days.”  Also, it was not technology that beat the Maginot Line ― it was an assumption.  A simple assumption.  Believing the Ardennes Forest was impenetrable was the fatal mistake.

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Rob Galbraith:

Quantum introduces Canon and Nikon wireless-compatible strobe system.  I’ve been looking hard at Quantum, because the Canon 580EX just doesn’t have the oomph for most situations I find myself in.  Pricey, though.  They can certainly use a much better website; one that completely and simply explains their products and systems.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Can Wikipedia Ever Make the Grade?  Perhaps the best philosophy would be wait and see.  The longer it runs, the better it gets?

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SF New Mexican:

LANL ready to test giant magnet.  God help me, I keep envisioning Roadrunner-and-Coyote applications for this.

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SF New Mexican:

Horse dies, rider hurt in movie mishap.  Keep your eyes open for Russell Crowe and Christian Bale around town for the next couple of weeks.

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CNN Money:

No wonder the President is refocusing on Iraq.  The GDP is down.  “The housing market in particular has cut into economic growth.”

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with the new windows in the house, today was the first day that the inside temps fell below 65.  Outside thermo says it’s less than 30, and the winds are brisk. So just now I turned on the radiant heat.  Kicker is, I haven’t finished insulating and plastering yet.  Very impressed with insulative and weather-sealing performance.

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“New federal rules let US public schools split up boys and girls. Research on the practice is inconclusive.”

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Yahoo News/Editor & Publisher:

Merrill Lynch: Could Be Decades Before Online Sustains Newspapers.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Fate knocks: Beethoven’s Fifth is still up for interpretation.

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NY Times:

Home Price Drop Is Largest in 35 Years.  New homes.  Builders are also dropping prices to move homes.  I’ve noticed the rate of move-ups (going for more square footage) has slowed, too.  This effect may disappear if gas prices stay low.

Which, BTW, watch gas prices.  $2.38 for high octane just down the road; very cheap.  I want to see if the “NM Legislative Session” effect is being used nationally.  If gas prices raise the week after election, there’s a rat in the refinery ...

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NY Times:

Bush Signs Mexico Border Fence Bill.  This whole fence idea is so typically old-school conservative, gilded-age almost.  Hundreds of thousands living in poverty just over our border, and instead of decisively helping that government alleviate the situation, we turn America into the largest exclusive ‘gated’ community in the world.  Except, as in most gated communities, the residents never will spend the capital to complete the fence.  The masses simply walk around the fence, enjoying the misperceptions of safety held by residents within.  And, may I point out, walls haved historically never stopped a determined invader.  Build an English Channel, you might have some success.  A wall, no.

Start today to fix the poverty over the border.  Rehabilitate border security with modern surveillance technology.  Legislate the vacuum created by the depression of wages by illegals, smack employers hard who misbehave.

Later: And this would be funny, if the Iraq situation weren’t so tragic.  Those who used to walk in such tight lockstep, are now operating like an engine that’s lost its timing belt.

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