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Discovery Makes Black Holes More Puzzling. “A new survey revealing more than a thousand supermassive black holes in one region of the sky calls into question a popular model of how the gravity monsters behave.”

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8-Core Mac Pros are coming soon?

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The New Yorker:

A history of duelling.  “Somewhere in our molecular makeup a sword-bearing protein squalls to have its day.”  The opening paragraphs don’t fully illuminate the hypocrisy of Hamilton.  The 2004 reenactment.

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“A survey out today of the books Britons own but do not finish shows a surprising lack of appetite for many of the nation’s most popular titles.”

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Times Online.UK, Guardian.UK:

London’s star has risen?

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NY Times Science:

Philistines, but Less and Less Philistine.  “... the Philistines had fine pottery, handsome architecture and cosmopolitan tastes. If anything, they were more refined than the shepherds and farmers in the nearby hills, the Israelites, who slandered them in biblical chapter and verse and rendered their name a synonym for boorish, uncultured people.”

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NY Times Poll:

Who visits political blogs?

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NY Times Science:

From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype.  Mr Gore is getting ‘peer reviewed.’

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Albuquerque Tribune:

We’re a little short on neurosurgeons here in NM.

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SF New Mexican:

Cockfighting is no longer legal in New Mexico.

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SF New Mexican:

The new uranium enrichment plant in southern NM is making Eunice into a boom town.

SF New Mexican:

Carson National Forest: Open house series on off-road rules set for next week.  More information is here.

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SF New Mexican:

Los Alamos shows progress in wildfire mitigation but still needs work.  Hmph.  Many of the canyons sport signs, “No trespassing. Unexploded ordinance.” or something similar.

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SF New Mexican:

Buried batteries contaminate Bernalillo site.  “Bynum said the batteries were likely buried in the 1960s and 1970s. Before the 70s, she said it was not unusual for companies to dispose of materials by burying them.”  This was the gift that kept on giving in NJ.  Dig, you never know what you’ll find.

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CNN Money:

How expensive will gas be this summer?  Anyone care to bet?

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Washington Post:

Chemicals May Play Role in Rise in Obesity.  Plastics and pesticides may encourage fat.  Synthetic estrogens.  I’m not surprised.  I switched from Tupperware to glass a while ago now.

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The Art Newspaper:

Not the Burgomaster of Delft and his daughter. “The following year Steen painted Adolf and Catharina on the steps of their home. It is a summer scene, so it may have been linked to the girl’s 13th birthday. Grijzenhout and Van Sas speculate that the bouquet of flowers on the window sill may represent her deceased mother, Ariaentge, in which case she is standing between her two parents.”

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Study shows why exercise boosts brainpower.

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Beatles download rumor quashed.

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Washington Post:

Disagree About Iraq? You’re Not Just Wrong—You’re Evil.  “If you believe that you are a patriot but that those who disagree with you about the Iraq war are self-interested zealots intent on destroying America, what can you possibly have to discuss with them?”

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Times Online.UK:

59 things that would have stayed secret in Britain, but for the Freedom of Information act.  Here’s one: “The Thatcher Government concocted a plan to search for the Loch Ness monster using a team of dolphins.”

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Rather than invest in another email client,

I discovered Google Mail turned on my ‘POP account access’ features.  I filled it up with my other accounts, and I’m finding a couple of distinct benefits:

1. Responses to comments on the weblog are stored as threads.  Handy.
2. Spam filtering is much superior to any other email solution I’ve used.

This spam filtering is in addition to having SpamAssassin tag and Google’s filters delete the gross excess.  Spam has gotten rather aggressive since the holidays.  I am surprised, actually, how much time I’m saving over dealing with spam overall, since trying this switchover.  It’s like a gift of time.  Priceless.

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A web developers cheat sheet list.  A sheet for just about every aspect of web development.

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Razvan’s Nerve:

71 CSS menus.

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US News & World Report:

An Event in the Blogosphere.  A handful of us checked our sources.  Hallelujah.

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