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If you’ve ever purchased an item from T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s, beware.  Peruse your charge card statements carefully.

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The mysterious hexagon on Saturn.

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The Application Delivery Network

covers a bit of the blogger/journalist conundrum.  Something I’ve said for a very long time ... unless we abide by a code of ethics similar to the ethics of journalism, we’ll be anathema.

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US ‘no longer technology king.’

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Jimi Hendrix, Star Spangled Banner. Younger folks don’t necessarily recognize what Jimi was illustrating with those waves of distortion.  He acts them out here.

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Complete logo design guide.  300 links for logo design.

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Ask The CSS Guy:

Form field hints with CSS and JavaScript.

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Jeremy Clarkson interviews Simon Cowell. “That’s the first step to Thunderbird.”  Oof.  Rolls-Royce gets hit by Simon.

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Google’s New PPA Program Opens Up New Opportunities for Bloggers.

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Ineeka tea bag design.  I’m partial to the British workmen’s PG Tips pyramidal teabag, m’self.  But Ineeka’s is very cool.  I’ll have to find some.

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MSN Health and Fitness:

The best exercise you’re not doing.

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Times Online.UK:

Speaking of ‘worship’, on the same page as below, we find out about the most popular Frenchwoman.

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Times Online.UK:

The fires of Hell are real and eternal, Pope warns.  “The problem is not only that our sense of sin has declined, but also that the world wars and totalitarianisms of the 20th century created a Hell on Earth as bad as anything we can imagine in the afterlife.”  In addition, many people look at the extended suffering their elderly family members are experiencing, in spite of Mr Gibson’s passionate depiction of the crucifixion, and find religion’s depictions of martyrdom wanting.

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What use is an online aggregator

if this kind of Xerox behavior is allowed to raise links to popularity?  Many people hit Tailrank and never look at the links boostering popularity.  This is not tracking memes.  I’m removing Tailrank from my list of online aggs.

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Pick a little,

talk a little, pick a little, talk a little ... pick pick pick ... pick a lot, pick a little more ... (repeat).

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The Weekly Standard

looks at the Sony Reader.  My allegiance will remain with paper and ink.  I’ll never need a battery, plug or solar power to read.

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“New research by Gartner, the US technology analyst, suggests the number of new blogs peaked in October and that an estimated 200m have been abandoned and left to rot in cyberspace.

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Boston Review:

Knowing Right and Wrong - Is morality a natural phenomenon?   “If there aren’t any moral facts—if boiling babies for fun isn’t wrong—then the problem of finding room for them doesn’t arise.”

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NY Times:

Uranium Ignites ‘Gold Rush’ in the West.  Oh, great.  Let’s hope our government enforces a no-discharge policy for water, reburial of radioactive tailings, and recovery of the mine sites.

Later: Reuters India, Lack of fuel may limit U.S. nuclear renaissance.  Sounds like wishful thinking, to me.  Sorry kiddies, there’s still lots of it in the Western US.  A particularly large deposit just west of Albuquerque, which I’ve written about previously.

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SF New Mexican:

Sons born to women who ate a lot of beef during their pregnancy have a 25 percent below-normal sperm count and three times the normal risk of fertility problems, researchers reported Tuesday.”  So, cattle supplements finally show an effect.  Go for organic, don’t switch for the complications of phytoestrogens in soy.

Tangential: NY Times Op-Ed Contributor, Who Killed Fido? We All Did.

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SF New Mexican:

Federal government appeals dismissal of Wyoming eagle case.

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SF New Mexican:

The Flying Star Diner chain is coming to Santa Fe.

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SF New Mexican:

Ruling clears way for Lusitania dive.  An individual in Santa Fe apparently owns the Lusitania.

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Breast MRI’s urged for high-risk women.

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10,000 kW Electrical Power Generation in Your Backyard.  Now, there’s an awful lot of wind sculptures in downtown Santa Fe that resemble this.  Upgrade the bearings, hook ‘em up to a generator ...

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