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Intact Etruscan tomb discovered.  So rare, not to have been plundered.

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A surprise.

Walked out quietly to water some plants this morning, put my head under a piñon ... suddenly, I realized I was face-to-face with a coyote.  He bolted, I bolted.  Opposite directions.  He was one healthy specimen, none of the usual skulking boneyness ... this one was filled-out and had a full, glorious coat.  Never seen one so well-fed.  I’d heard we had a rodent overpopulation due to the wet winter ... I can see who’s reaping the benefits.  If the whole pack that howls around here is that healthy, I’d recommend keeping a close eye on pets.  Tobias had a similar situation a short while ago.

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NY Times:

The Rove Legacy.

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SF New Mexican:

You’ll love this.  A mountain lion decides to go shopping in the Santa Fe Plaza.  Do read the comments.

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London’s Big Ben stops chiming.

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U.S. Stocks Recover From Rout; S&P 500 Gains, Led by Oil Shares.  “The S&P 500 and Dow initially tumbled, following markets in Europe and Asia lower on concern widening losses for banks and hedge funds may hurt economic growth and earnings. The Fed made its biggest injection to the financial system since the 2001 terrorist attacks, joining central banks in Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada in attempting to avert a credit crunch.” 

More detail from The Economist.

This is getting quite unnerving.  Makes mattresses look like wonderful investment vehicles.

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NY Times Sports:

Tour de France Winner’s Team Will Disband.  Suspicion of doping over the entire sport has thinned sponsors to naught.

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Indian call center lands in Ohio.  “In-sourcing.” The quality of calls makes the accents impossible to understand. They’re getting paid for being unintelligible.  I’m not getting paid for trying to parse the undecipherable message.  I usually just hang up and try again, hoping to get a more understandable phone rep.  I often wonder why Native Americans don’t try the call center thing in addition to casinos; I think they’d clean up.  Thanks, TimeSink.

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Windows With Water Reduce the Need for Cooling by 70%.

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I’m sure women would prefer an MRI to a mammogram.  Who bears the cost, though?

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Five breast-feeding mistakes new moms make, and how to fix them. The other thing I’d mention from my years involved in foster parenting newborns ... don’t be dogmatic about breast milk. Many’s the colicky child I’ve held, who doubles up in pain after drinking breast milk.  Lactose intolerance.  Or should I say their little bodies haven’t had the opportunity to grow enough lactase.  There are many causes, some of which can be temporary.  But don’t keep forcing breast milk on a child who’s showing intense stomach pain after eating. One would think it’s kind of obvious, a child with all four limbs tight to their body, screaming their heads off, pooping out acidy greenish liquid.  Unfortunately, the ‘breast milk dogma’ overrides empirical observation. “But it’s natural!”  “It’s the best nutrition for a baby! It can’t be bad.”  Only if the child can handle the lactose.  Otherwise, you’re causing vitamin deficiencies from the child’s diarrhea, and other health problems. I call it torture.  So please, try a formula for a week or two if your child shows the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

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Sources: U.S. assessing Pakistan nukes if Musharraf falls.  This is something we’ve been worried about for a while ... a nuclear Taliban.

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Dinosaur mass grave discovered.  “The dinosaurs’ bones came to light during house-building in the village of Frick, near the German border.”  I wonder if our Andrea Frick has any connection to the town ... and if so, does she have dinosaur skeletons in her closet (*grin*) ... ?

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The Economist

eulogizes Tommy Makem.

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The Economist:

Tit for tat.  “They found that, over the course of the breeding season, deserting the nest once eggs had been laid boosted the number of descendants produced by the bird that fled. Whether male or female, the more often a bird deserted its clutches, the more mates it had and the more eggs were laid.”

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The Economist:

America’s economy is faltering, but rates are kept on hold.  “All of this is a reminder that growth outside America is strong. Emerging market economies are expanding rapidly and are self-insured against the vagaries of market favour by current-account surpluses and huge currency reserves. It is America that is most vulnerable to a drying up of global capital flows, which explains the dollar’s current weakness.”

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NWS: Tornadoes Slam Brooklyn, Staten Island.

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11 Super Awesome Photoshop Movie Effects.

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Washington Post:

Gluten-free adventuring.

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CSM Commentary:

The social responsibility revolution.

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Furniture puts on chameleon show.  Now, I ask you.  Would anyone go back to a friend’s home, who owned weight-sensitive color-changing furniture?

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What makes Southern sweet tea so special?

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Russian bomber jets resume Cold War sorties.  I don’t know how much ‘exchanging smiles’ does to give everyone else in the world the warm fuzzies over this.

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DP Review:

Nikon’s new full-color RGB sensor?

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“The ambiguous ending of the last Harry Potter book has forced bookie William Hill to pay out on thousands of bets on the fate of the boy wizard ...”

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