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Blogging ‘set to peak next year.’

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The Independent.UK:

Thorium continues to garner headlines.

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Leaded gas may return, thanks to the Bush Administration.  I have a friend who, when a teenager, pumped gas when it was still leaded.  She became amenorrheic after just a few weeks, and had to find other employment.  “The elimination of lead from gas is one of the great environmental achievements of all time.” 

Oh, how the times have changed.

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Night Owls Are More Creative.

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NY Times Tech:

Skype’s Free Phone Call Plan Will Soon Have Annual Fee.  $30/year for SkypeOut.

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SF New Mexican:

Governor vows more funding for DWI fight.  Our Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano got an early Xmas present.

Related: Officials voice worries about red-light cams.  Nobody in the news has mentioned the timing of the lights, only the incidence of red-light-runners.  Oftentimes, it is in finessing the timing of the lights and altering the physical layout of the intersections, that works better than for-profit surveillance. 

I think all Santa Feans can attest, we have some really bizarre timing on some lights.  For instance, the one on Old Pecos and Rodeo, heading southbound on Old Pecos, sometimes the light will turn yellow, red and then immediately (like, within a second) go back to green, with a green left turn signal ... without signalling for any of the crossing lanes.  You end up pumping your brakes and clutch like you’re playing an old pump organ, when taken by this ‘surprise’ green.

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I wonder.

How much does your outfit bear on what kind of haircut you get?  Anyone ever done any research?  I have to go in to get my ‘ears lowered’, and I decided to dress a little more hip. The last time I got a cut, they gave me a *part*.  I haven’t had a part in my hair since I was, like, 13.  I was coming back from a meeting, in a button-down shirt and a wool coat.  Needless to say, I’m trying a new place today ...

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Next few nights

are great for the Geminid meteor shower.  Wear your snuggies when you stand out in the cold ...

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often a good source for info, once a thread wends its way to conclusion.  Not this time.  A knee-jerk reaction to the nature of the source, without dealing with current research. 

Don’t pay attention to the MeFi thread ... go talk to a fertility specialist to find out what unfermented soy phytoestrogens do to your hormone levels.  In those of the feminine persuasion, soy often increases the length of menstrual cycle, retards follicle stimulating hormone, and other effects ... perhaps retarding ovulation in some women. 

I don’t mean to imply the effects of soy are all negative; they’re certainly not. You probably already have heard, umpteen times, the touted benefits of soy, without a word spared for the potential negative effects.  There seems to be wide variance in soy’s effect on a per individual basis.  For kids especially, there needs to be a whole lot more research done (I’ll let you all do the Googling on soy and premature puberty, soy and fertility effects in teens).  The food industry is using soy as filler because it’s cheap, easy to grow and supposedly healthy; there’s no conspiracy there.  If they could get away with recycled kleenex filler, they would.

I beg you, don’t feed it to your babies until more research is done.

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The Register:

iTunes sales ‘collapsing’.  Perhaps downloadable music was a luxury that was sacrificed to the high fuel costs over most of this past year.

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is running a Jeannie Moos clip about “Obama, not Osama.”  It’s no joke, however.  I overheard an older man the other day, wondering to a similarly deaf older friend, “Isn’t what’s-his-name, Makuna Hatata, running?”  All propriety aside, I fell out.  Reminds me of an argument I had with a friend in high school, “No, it’s not ‘Benny and the Jess’.”

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NY Times:

In Tuition Game, Popularity Rises With Price.  The myth that expensive is always better, has never been absent from education.

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NY Times Health:

The Energy-Drink Buzz Is Unmistakable. The Health Impact Is Unknown.  “By masking the depressant effects of alcohol, the scientists concluded, energy drinks may have made it more likely that the users drank to excess.”  Wide-awake drunk.  Lovely.

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NY Times Magazine:

The Ambient Walkman.  Sign me up! I’ll take a pair.

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NY Times:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents Raid Processing Plants.  “The investigation indicated that large numbers of illegal immigrants may have used the Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens or residents to get jobs with Swift & Co.” 

How often do you run across a “Robert Jones” who can’t speak anything but Spanish?  The stolen license, purchased green card or whatever shows he’s 55, when he looks about 22.  Photo smudged.  When I worked on the border in Texas in ‘78, you would see sillier and more obvious things than this be ‘overlooked’ by employers ... and local legal authorities.  That laxity has rewarded us with today’s situation: wholesale illegal hiring going on.  Slippery slope.

We, the consumers, pay for skilled labor, and then suffer the bait-and-switch to unskilled illegals.  We see it here in NM most often in the building and service industries.  Quality is awful, but noone makes a peep.  Employers know this, illegals know this.  We consumers turn a blind eye, as long as the wares and services are affordable.  As I heard from an ‘illegal’ co-worker back in ‘78: “America has more money than brains.”

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NY Times Health:

Grand Rounds are now the Grand Snooze, sounds like.

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The Santa Fe New Mexican

has dedicated a whole section to “The Richardson File”, all things Bill.  If you wish to follow the political trail of our Governor as recorded by our local paper, bookmark it or add it to your RSS reader.

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SF New Mexican:

Las Cruces site contains 7.2 billion gallons of contaminated water.  “The contamination plume 400 to 600 feet below ground has been contained ...” Sure, sure.  And I’ve got cheap land in Manhattan to sell for a couple of trinkets.

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SF New Mexican:

Tribes await president’s approval of veterans cemetery bill.  “American Indians have the highest record of service in the armed forces per capita of any group, yet they lack the opportunity to be buried close to home in a veterans’ cemetery because tribes are not eligible to apply for state cemetery grant funds.”  Long overdue.

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SF New Mexican:

Outed spy, ex-ambassador to settle in S.F.

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Two fun ones.

Turn an RC car into a floor sweeper, and Extreme Machines [pedal choppers].  Via Gordon Coale, via Neatorama.

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I installed

a widget to monitor system events on my desktop.  Adobe Lightroom was throwing a slew of adverse system events such as “Resolve Partial Assembly failed for Microsoft.VC80.MFCLOC”, ID’s 32 and 59, and similar.  Traced it down to an online discussion on the MSDN forums, and installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package.  End of errors.  If it’s not a one-off problem, I’d say someone at Adobe Labs didn’t compile the Beta 4.1 properly.  Anyone else with XP SP2 care to try it, to see if you notice a diff?  Lightroom starts at least 4x faster, and the interface is much faster, too.  Remember that if you’re running at 1024x768, the program’s not optimized for those sizes yet.  Leave one of the side panels open, and you won’t have to sit through that endless ‘loading’ graphic.

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NY Times:

Stronger Rules on Produce Likely After Outbreaks of E.Coli.  Giving more money to the FDA may or may not help.  Bagged produce and mass production may have run up against a circumstance where convenience cannot be safely offered.  All it takes is one contaminated leaf to dirty a processing machine, and to chemically wash it to make it safe may make it unpalatable or even unhealthy.  ‘Bagging’ of salads and other greenery has taken the food industry by storm, and even fine restaurants are happy to retire their fresh salad stations for bags.  You can’t escape dried-out salad (or, conversely, slimey salad) anywhere these days.

Well, read this.  So that’s how they do it.  Chlorine wash.  “Because of the high levels of microbial agents found on fresh-cut produce, salads are often not recommended for the young, old, pregnant, or immuno-compromised.”  Who knew?  Why isn’t this information more prominently in the public view?  This recent Taco Bell incident is going to put irradiation’s foot far forward.  Irradiation will bring its own complications, probably in taste.

Speaking of which, we received a present of mail-order steaks.  The meat tasted so bizarre, I had to look the gift horse in the mouth ... and looking in the fine print, I found the filets were irradiated.  A slightly rotten, burned smell before cooking, and in aftertaste.  If you like fine meats, don’t waste your cash.

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NY Times:

The Lord Giveth, and Now He Takes Visa.  “It’s an evolution. And this will take root.”  My entertained italics.

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NY Times Travel:

Tibet, now.

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