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“don’t you know that you can count me out ... (in) ...”

I must’ve heard “Revolution” played a half-dozen times driving in to town today on different stations.  I assume that’s the prevailing mood among DJ’s ... ?

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“He is like a thief, but he’s not injuring anyone.”  Will ‘thievery’ be the postmodern opinion of street photography?  A look back at Cartier-Bresson.

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Obama: Wall St. bailout may delay spending programs.  Of course it will.  Kudos that he had the honesty to admit it.  It’ll cost him some poll numbers, telling the truth. 

No doubt McCain will try the supply-side, “we can tax-cut our way out of debt” idiocy.  And fools will believe him.

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Study: Facebook profiles can be used to detect narcissism.  “Narcissists might initially be seen as charming, but they end up using people for their own advantage”  If you’ve been weblogging as long as some of us have, you know this basic tenet.  I’m sure psychologists are having a field day in the social media. 

That being said, the preponderance of businesspeople posting sticky, gooey ‘optimistic’ messages to further their careers in weblogs and social media drive me nuts.  There’s no value-add.  Psychologists agree that cynics have a better grasp of reality, but optimists live happily ever after.  Those of you who weblog or tweet or Facebook or MySpace, please know that some of your sugar coating is so strong as to engage the gag reflex.  We’re not interested in what you want to advertise - that’s not what the social media is for.  If we admire your personality, we’d be interested in your career. Only after we know you. But don’t shove your business in our face every day via updates.  Guaranteed way to have your feed dropped like a hot rock.

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Vincent Laforet has a preproduction Canon 5D Mark II,

and has done a video in hi-def with the camera.  Impressive.

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Rob Galbraith:

Adobe Photoshop CS4 officially unveiled.  A faster version of Bridge would be extremely welcome.

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DP Review:

The Leica S2.  A larger processor than full-frame 35mm.  The Pentax 67 of digitals?

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Palin for President.

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Literary Review.UK:

Books maketh the man.  The libraries of Oscar Wilde.

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NY Times Education:

Conservatives Try New Tack on Campuses.  “Their goal is to restore what conservative and other critics see as leading casualties of the campus culture wars of the 1980s and ’90s: the teaching of Western culture and a triumphal interpretation of American history.”  These same conservatives have just cut off the ‘triumphal’ American economy at the knees, by pushing deregulation.  Good luck boostering those ideas.

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NY Times:

Experts See a Need for Punitive Action in Bailout.  I’d like to see a good old-fashioned tar-and-feathering, I would.

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Oil’s dropped again,

after the Monday panic.  Weekends breed paranoia.

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Gee, I sure wish I had the time to watch

the bailout hearing on Capitol Hill.  Sounds like fine entertainment.

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SF New Mexican:

County to unveil draft of oil rules Sept. 30.  Get your pencils sharpened ... we need to respond to this pronto.

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SF New Mexican:

PNM pitches rate increase of 18 percent.  Could you plan it for any worse time, PNM?  I suppose we should thank our lucky stars we don’t use fuel oil for heating in NM as they do back east ... then again, propane’s gone way high, too.

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Has the digital era killed Kodakchrome? [Their spelling, btw.]  “Only one commercial lab in the world, Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas, still develops Kodachrome, a once ubiquitous brand that has freeze-framed the world in rich but authentic hues since it was introduced in the Great Depression.”

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Why buy new, and suffer all that depreciation?


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After months of nothingness, there’s a sunspot. 

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650 Million Year-Old Reef Discovered in Australia’s Outback.  “The discovery is of tremendous scientific value in understanding the origins of modern life. Little is known about life before around 542 million years ago–the end of the Precambrian age–since discoveries of fossils this old are rare. To put the reef’s age in perspective, it predates the first known fish by about 150 million years and the first mammals by about 450 million years.”  Excellent.

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NY Times Business:

More to Fear in World of Retirees.  Aren’t you glad they haven’t privatized Social Security?  I don’t know a single retiree who hasn’t had to alter lifestyle due to one of the many recent stock market slides.

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I’m sorry, but if the EPA doesn’t want to regulate perchlorate, they need their butts kicked around the block a couple of times ... politically speaking.

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The New Atlantis:

Is stupid making us Google? Start the library habit early.

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Boston Globe:

Fear of fairy tales.  Oh, come on.  They’re essential, mythical, archetypal.  One good fairy tale did more to keep me in line (as a rambunctious youngster) than a million scoldings.  Why filter something because a child won’t understand it?  Plenty of seeds were sewn in my youthful brain, to bear fruit later.  I would have no appreciation of classical music, for instance, without “Looney Tunes” (recall Bugs, Elmer and “The Barber of Seville”?).  That’s not to say a subset of kids may be especially sensitive and need filtration. I know of adults who can’t watch depressing evening news before bed, without suffering lost sleep.

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Plea to save vanishing art of the pub sign.  I’ll drink to that!

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Washington Post:

Gettysburg Cyclorama Is Painstakingly Restored To Its Original Pageantry. Still, it’s a snapshot in time, a window into the tastes and opinions of earlier America.

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