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Gas 2.0:

GM Announces New Cellulosic Ethanol Partnership with Mascoma Corp.

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Enviro car camping ...

Westfalia VERDIER solar-powered/hybrid VW van. 

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FDA bans certain cattle parts from all animal feed.  Thank you, those who spy on prion(s) ...

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Carly Simon stays silent about who was so vain.  Jagger sang in the background, but the song sounds so Beatty.

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Ed Bilodeau

expands on some of my thoughts on social networking for small organizations.

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Site’s getting a lot of hits

from an outfit called “Proximic.”  If it widens the selection of contextual articles, it might assist me.  Take a look, see what you think.

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The Economist:

“The New York Times once epitomised all that was great about American newspapers; now it symbolises its industry’s deep malaise ...”

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The Economist:

Bernanke’s bind, and Too soon to relax.  “Oh Lord, let us stop cutting interest rates, but not yet.”

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The Art Newspaper:

Introducing the first identical twin painters in the history of art.

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“The last known survivor of a group of German army officers who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944 has died aged 90 ...”  I can’t help but think Cruise’s Valkyrie might have done for him later this year, if the rumors over the film are true.  The range of accents in the previews remind me of the crazy ethnic mix in “The Magnificent Seven.” Maybe I’m wrong, and Valkyrie will rise above the range of accents, as TM7 did with Brynner and Buchholst. I should have more faith in the ability to suspend disbelief.

But I digress.  Thank you for having the bravery to assist in the attempt.  Rest in peace.

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Washington Post:

Fed to Pursue Aggressive Checks on Credit Cards.  “... prohibiting practices such as arbitrarily raising interest rates on outstanding balances.”

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MeFi looks at ...

photobombing.  Strikes me as very “Amelie.”

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Ghost in the Machine:

Looking back five years after our ‘glorious victory.’

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The Atlantic.com:

Where Mother Saw Best.  “Alice Friedman’s Women and the Making of the Modern House and Colin Davies’s Key Houses of the Twentieth Century probe aspects of the complex relationship between modernism— the dominant architectural style of the 20th century—and domesticity.”

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Publisher’s Weekly:

New York Approves Libel Tourism Bill. 

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NPR Podcast:

Authors Debate Ethics of Writing Private for Public.  Annie Proulx, Uzodinma Iweala, and Michael Ondaatje.

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NY Times Opinion:

“The next president and Congress will have to work very hard to uncover all the ways Mr. Bush has twisted or evaded the law, and then set things right.

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NY Times Business:

Good news, though ... As Gas Costs Soar, Buyers Flock to Small Cars.  The Fit’s a particularly practical car (room + economy).

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NY Times Home & Garden:

In Wyoming, the Dark Side of America’s Thirst for Energy.  “Teton County has a huge carbon footprint with heated driveways, roofs and huge houses heated all winter long with no one in them. [snip] I don’t see this as something the roughnecks or the oil companies or the administration alone is doing. It’s something we’re all doing.”

This is a flavor of what awaits SF County.  The Grand Teton area is a place that has no equivalent for sheer beauty IMHO; even Kauai’s Na Pali coast - gorgeous as it was - couldn’t stir my heart like the Tetons.  To think of oil and gas drilling going on in proximity ... the media’s silence over the desecration of the Wind River range ...

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NY Times Business:

Fed Takes Steps to Add Liquidity.  Still, banks need to loosen the purse strings before anything recovers.

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NY Times Movie Review:

They admire Iron Man.  When the campiness of Batman peaked in the ‘60’s, many of us klunky kids found refuge in Tony Stark.  Spiderman and Superman never appealed the same way ... they were not self-made superheroes.

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SF New Mexican:

Governor appears in anti-DWI spots.  To go off on a tangent, does anyone else think it is totally bizarre for a state to *announce* when they’re doing DWI checks?  Even to the point of placing signs with flashing messages on major thoroughfares?  It amazes me that they catch anyone ... yet there’s always a few dozen. I suppose preannouncing has a certain deterrent effect ... but how many more habitual drink-and-drivers would be caught and taken off the roads if the blitzes weren’t announced? 

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Planes slow down to save fuel.  I wonder if there’s a comprehensive mpg list for aircraft?

Later: AskMeFi had a thread on efficiency of commercial airliners.

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Ah. Finally.

Our winds have calmed quite a bit.  The birds are venturing out from the center of the junipers and piñons ... the white-winged doves are about, the scaled quail are doing their morning constitutionals, curve-bill thrashers are fixing their violently red eyes on delicious bugs, the piñon jay is taking a long, dramatic drink ... and the spotted towhee is yelling at the entire crew, in his bob-head manner.

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has completely changed their “Ideas” section.  Very nice.

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