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NY Times:

Spain’s Ageless Beauties.  The paradores of Spain.

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NY Times:

Lost Hikers Found in N.C. Mountains.  When hiking in unfamiliar parts, I have the habit of looking back at ‘crux points’, particularly recognizable places, so I can find my way out if necessary.  A recommended practice.

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ABA: Bush violating Constitution.  From Monroe to Carter, there were 75 ‘signing statements’.  From Reagan to Clinton, 322.  Read how many Mr Bush has issued in a single term.  And some more interesting theoretical discussion.

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NY Times:

Hooray for Floyd.  Now he can get that hip fixed, with a little less concern for his career.

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SF New Mexican:

Department of Energy: Agency braces for nuke-site blazes.

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SF New Mexican:

The Money Chase.  Linked specifically for this stat: “In Santa Fe County, there’s a lot of competition. The area has a population of 140,855 and 1,381 nonprofits for a ratio of one nonprofit for every 102 people, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the state.”

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My brother has been

giving me a hard time about my bad taste in sunglasses.  I’m posting this so he can laugh at my kayaking outfit.  Ms Hilton should be so fashionable ...

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Wither the winds

down in Cochiti?  I plan to find out, paddle in hand ...

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Daily Mail.UK:

Full-time working parents are able to generously spare their children ... 19 minutes a day.

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Next time you’re out

for an exciting evening in Austin ... Chicken Shit Bingo.

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Business Week:

Do-It-Yourself Decaf.  “It has come up with a wand-like instrument that bears a resemblance to a tongue depressor and lets the holder literally “stir” the caffeine out of a drink. One spin around the cup for half-caf, and another to take out more—up to 70%, according to the company’s research.”

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PDN Online:

Biggest Photo Ever Is Unveiled In California.  “About 70 volunteers pumped 600 gallons of developer and 1,200 gallons of fixer onto the fabric through garden hoses.”  Makes my head spin just thinking about it.

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Weightlifting Death Risk.  Some youths have undiagnosed enlarged aortas, prone to tearing when lifting heavy weights.

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Washington Post:

Cowboys Are Her Weakness.  Making a general observation, I’d say she may be wasting her time ...

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Anecdote from the weekend.

Stopping at a small town stop-n-shop for a fillup, deep in the heart of Texas, I notice that the supplied washer basin smells terrible. 

I: Excuse me, but your washer fluid smells like something’s died in there.  It may need to be cleaned out.

Clerk: Nope, it’s fresh. Windex and cow piss. Cuts through bugs like nuthin’.

I: Aaauuuhmmmwhat? [pause, double-take] Sure that won’t eat into the paint?

Clerk: [glances at my vehicle] You’s one of them New Mexcans?

Given the current state of immigrant reform, I made a precipitate but polite exit.  It did “cut through bugs like nuthin’”, however.  Double ammonia, I’d say, given the funk.

Addition: A little further down the road, about a hundred miles (pocket change, in Texas distances).

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The common dust of the Potter’s Field.

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Outlandish theories: Kings of the (hollow) world.  “One of the first Hollow Earth theories was proposed in 1692 by English astronomer Edmund Halley (he who discovered the comet), who suggested that the Earth was composed of four spheres, each embedded in the other like so many matrioshka dolls, illuminated by a luminous atmosphere and perhaps inhabitable.”

Er, I can predate that by quite a bit.  Plato, Phaedo:

“So our living in her hollows is unnoticed, and we think we are living up on the earth, just as if someone who lived at the bottom of mid-ocean should think one lived on the sea, and through the water seeing the sun and the other stars should believe the sea to be heaven, and because of slowness and weakness never reached the surface of the sea nor ever seen, getting out and popping up out of the sea into this place, which happens to be more pure and beautiful than theirs, nor having heard from another who had seen.

And this is the same thing we have experienced; for living in some of the hollows of the earth is to think one is living above her, and to call the air heaven, since because of this heaven the stars really move; but the fact is, by weakness and slowness we are not able to go through to the utmost air; since, if anyone should go to the top of it or becoming winged should reach it, popping up to look down, just as the fish popping up out of the sea see things here, so someone there also could look down on things, and if by nature were capable to hold up to the looking, would recognize that that is truly heaven and truly the light and so truly the earth.”

Yes, indeed.

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Scientific American:

Stem Cells: The Real Culprits in Cancer?  We tend to only hear the positives, not the darker sides of stem cells.

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New Scientist Blog:

Bees and flowers die out together.

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Why F1 dusts

supercars and econoboxes. [Google Video] Forget speeding between stoplights or exits. Find a place where you can climb into a Formula Ford, and do the real thing.

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New York Sun:

Gardening as spirituality.

“But a weed is simply a plant that wants to grow where people want something else. In blaming nature, people mistake the culprit. Weeds are people’s idea, not nature’s.”
- Anonymous.

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It’s Art Squad vs. Tomb Raiders as Greece reclaims its pillaged past.

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Life after the 30-second advertising spot.  Too much to hope that they’d be dropped entirely.  I really like this quote, however: “We’re living in a prechewed world.”  Now that resonates with an almost visual, textural meaning.

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NY Times Washington:

By a Vote of 98-0, Senate Approves 25-Year Extension of Voting Rights Act.  “‘So far, the Department of Justice has favored states’ rights over federal enforcement,’ Mr. [Jesse] Jackson said. ‘We see a pattern.’”  In other words, you know what “states’ rights” stereotypically means.

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NY Times Travel:

36 hours in Boise, Idaho.  Potatoes in lycra.

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