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Lexar Weblog:

Airport security and travelling with cameras, part II.

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NY Review of Books:

Review of “Seeing Red: A Study in Consciousness.”  Timely, given that comment I made about Alzheimer’s the other day, and our pile of synapses.

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Washington Post:

Sending Out Good Vibrations: XM Re-Creates Top 40 Stations of Old.  Here’s forty minutes of Cousin Brucie for you.

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Boston Globe:

An economic historian argues that affluence does not a happy society make.

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SF New Mexican:

Chronic wasting disease found in animals.  Elk and white tailed deer.  If you’re a hunter, don’t eat heart tissue.

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SF New Mexican:

Wilson leads Madrid in campaign fundraising.  But Madrid is hitting the Wilson connection to the page program.  It will be interesting to see if money can trump morality in the electorate.  To say one has no knowledge of a coworker’s behavior, even in the halls of Congress, defies logic.  Even in the largest companies, the gossip mills resound with egos, affairs, closet queens ... the soap operas of ‘normal’ life.  Perhaps noone voices complaint ... but everyone knows.

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The personal odometer ticks over

to 47.  Someone once said, “Live out of your imagination instead of out of your memory.”  I prefer to use both to best effect.

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National Geographic:

Orionid Meteor Shower to Peak Wednesday Night.  There goes some more z’s.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

“The Oct. 1 start of the U.S. government’s 2007 fiscal year signaled an end to U.S. aid for new Iraq reconstruction.”  Hmmm.  Next WH press conference, my first question would be, “Is this what ‘stay the course’ means?”

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The Maui News:

Earthquake rattles the big island of Hawaii.  I point you direct to a Hawaiian source, because some mainstream sources indicate all the Hawaiian islands have succumbed to this earthquake.  Most don’t mention earthquakes are rather frequent in our favorite volcanic islands.  [Sow that fear and panic, guys; the for-profit nature of your business is showing.]

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SF New Mexican:

Freddy Fender has died of lung cancer.  The guest book on his site is getting overwhelmed with condolences.  Rest in peace, good sir.  I heard a great deal of your music while working on the Texas border, in Big Bend ...

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All the early mornings this past week,

getting up to photograph Balloon Fiesta before the crack of dawn, took their toll.  All I’ve been doing since yesterday afternoon is sleeping.  Perhaps I can break out of my Rip Van Winkle mode to accomplish something worthwhile today.

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It’s 3:30 AM.

And why am I posting?  I’m off to Balloon Fiesta ... again.  I wasn’t satisfied with the variety of shots I took the other day.  Takes one mass ascension to get ideas for the next ...

Later: A big wash.  Dawn patrol only inflated and glowed, never took to the skies.  Mass ascension was more of a wimp ascension.  Ah well, there’s always next year.

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Opinion Journal:

“I feel so much, therefore my views are correct and must prevail.”  I guess Peggy Noonan never listened to right-wing talk radio during the Clinton years.  This entire article sounds strangely liberal-early-90’s, just switch the polarity of the personalities.

10/13/06 • 07:02 PM • HistoryPolitics(2) Comments

If you visit this page on CNN,

for a brief time you’ll see that NK both did and did not fire off a nuclear blast.  The article says no, the breaking news banner says yes.

Later: They’ve changed the above article to reflect the new reality.  Just like new webloggers, they’ve chosen to overwrite the ‘wrong’ post with the ‘right’ one, giving the perception of infallibility.  Can’t anyone be virtually honest?

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The Economist:

The wrong kind of voting machine could bring chaos to the mid-term elections.  Find out now which type of machine your local polling place will be using, and if it is a touchscreen, get an absentee ballot immediately.  Absentee ballot deadlines differ, so make sure to find out sooner than later.

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The Economist:

Western Europe, like other rich places, attracts huge numbers of migrants but fails to manage them. A new migration agency might help to smooth such flows.

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33 Rockers:

13 great Firefox extensions for web pros. I’m installing IETab right now; that’ll save some time.  Some CMS interfaces just don’t render well in FF.  Thanks, Hal, this may save me some grief.  Via Blivet 2.

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Apple butter!  Damn, I grew up with apple butter.  I’d almost forgotten.  Made my mouth water the minute I read it.  Hey, Maw, if you’re reading this, still have your recipe?

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New combatant against global warming: insurance industry. Risk-averse insurance hedges its bets.

10/13/06 • 10:23 AM • EconomicsEnvironmental1 Comment

Washington Post:

Pope Poised To Revive Latin Mass, Official Says.  Latin is beautiful and evocative of spirituality when spoken.

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GOP mantra this fall: Keep politics local.  I can say that the local Wilson/Madrid race, Wilson is doing a good job at this strategy.  Madrid needs to come out stronger, faster, and pick out local issues where Wilson has fallen down in addition to the big international issues.  The Republican Party ads are personal and pervasive over Madrid’s previous career(s) in the local area.  Madrid’s are generally aimed at tying Wilson to Bush and Iraq.

On the Governor’s race, a couple of weeks ago we were pestered with repeated recorded phone calls.  That seems to have stopped, thank goodness.  I’m expecting a Republican version of the same tactic imminently.

10/13/06 • 10:02 AM • Politics(6) Comments


The rise of ‘newsbooks.’  Perhaps ‘dollar dreadfuls’ will be a better term, once they’re viewed in hindsight.

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Tower Records is no more.  Fond memories of digging through the stacks of vinyl on Broadway.

Later: Ack, CBGB is closing too!  End of an era.  Via MeFi.

10/13/06 • 09:43 AM • ConsumptionEntertainmentHistoryMusic1 Comment

NY Times Escapes:

A bit of hairy rogaining.

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