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Rob Galbraith:

Alien Skin releases a film-simulation plugin.  Digital Outback Photo has some examples.  Just remember, SilverOxide’s been around longer.

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Washington Post:

More on political bias as a sort of psychosis.  “When the unpalatable information was rejected, furthermore, the brain scans showed that volunteers gave themselves feel-good pats—the scans showed that ‘reward centers’ in volunteers’ brains were activated. The psychologist observed that the way these subjects dealt with unwelcome information had curious parallels with drug addiction as addicts also reward themselves for wrong-headed behavior.”  This has to be more complex.  Most people I talk politics with, the first thing I ask is what party did their parents vote for.  Rarely do I ever find a person who deviates. Nature, nurture, what?

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London Review of Books:

Hollaback Houellebecq Girl Man.

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NY Times:

Behind Bush’s New Stress on Science, Lobbying by Republican Executives.  “If you look at the achievement of the average 12th-grade student in math and science, which is of interest to us here, that 12th-grader in the U.S. ranks in the bottom 10 percent among their international peers.”  I hear Rage Against the Machine’s lead singer scream, “wake up!”

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NY Times:

Public Misled on Air Quality After 9/11 Attack, Judge Says.  I didn’t believe it at the time, and I’m surprised that folks did.  I’m surprised the media didn’t conduct their own independent tests at the time, or individuals, for that matter.  Perhaps some did.  Asbestos and other tests are rather easy to obtain.  But there are many who still have blind faith in their government’s pronouncements, which makes this inexcusable.

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SF New Mexican:

N.M. postal problems headed to Congress.

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SF New Mexican:

Don’t eat catfish from the Rio Grande.

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SF New Mexican:

South Pacific: Shark attack kills Santa Fean.  Rest in peace, young lady.  My condolences to your family.

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Metafilter pointed

to Stanley Jordan, which got me curious.  Paco De Lucia/John McLaughlin.  Jeff Beck.  Jimmy Page, with his violin bow.  Jimi Hendrix.  Eric Johnson.  Steve Vai.  Eddie Van Halen. Stevie Ray Vaughan. 

And a 16 minute compilation film with some rare R&R footage.

Finally, just to make you crazy.

You’re welcome.

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If you’ve been wondering

about the Turin/Torino name ambivalence in the media of late, look here.  Quite an interesting history, this area of Italy.

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SF New Mexican:

First, no more WU telegrams.  Now Del Monte is no longer growing pineapples in Hawaii.

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The Economist:

The unbearable lightness of being overtaken.  France may take the back seat behind Germany.

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Washington Post Op-Ed:

Applebaum, Fashions in Falsehood.  “Every word she writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’  ...”

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The Economist:

State of the Union, running on empty.

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Luminous Landscape:

Changing a 20D to infrared.

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Important New Legislation Proposal.  “The Act [HR 683 - the Trademark Dilution Revision Act] would give companies considerable leverage in preventing artists and photographers from employing their marks in images by claiming the mark is being ‘diluted’.”

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Live Science:

No more Western Union telegrams.

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SF New Mexican:

Disturbing the Old West.  Please, put the railroad near the Interstate.

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SF New Mexican:

Wage battles continue.  Governor threatens to veto wage bill.

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NY Times:

Bush’s Goals on Energy Quickly Find Obstacles. “The president’s tone was so changed, in fact, that some analysts said he sounded like a Democrat.”  Hey, someone else noticed.

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NY Times:

Quake’s Homeless Battle Winter.

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NY Times NY Region:

How to Get to Princeton? Just Grab Onto Its Name.  Time was, all those outlying municipalities were bundled into the Princeton zip code.  They fought like hell when they lost it, that ‘prestige.’  The name “Princeton” stands for both town and gown ... as I understand from my friends who still reside in my old home town, it’s a pale shadow of what it used to be.

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NY Times:

Comcast’s Profit Fell 69 Percent.  Now this really surprises me.  My Comcast bills rarely stay static for more than two months. That monthly fee keeps creeping up, with no explanation.

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“Hoo-ah?”  As the weary Marines leaving the Pacific in WWII used to say to the arriving recruits: “Semper fi, mac.  Semper fi.”  I got mine, just wait’ll you get yours.

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Now, why shouldn’t they wear t-shirts, when Congress is popping up and down like an aerobics class?  I’ll vote for the Senator who remains seated, and claps occasionally, when someone from the mere Executive Branch [mistakenly] says something worthwhile ...

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