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Hiroshima bomb pilot dies aged 92.  “Gen Tibbets had asked for no funeral nor headstone as he feared opponents of the bombing may use it as a place of protest.”

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Rob Galbraith:

Canon updates Digital Photo Professional, EOS Utility and more.

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How to survive a hangover.  One problem: they don’t tell you the kind of ginseng to take.  Each has different properties.  Do so indiscriminately, you’ll find you’re a nervous wreck.  Find a good Chinese herbalist and ask.

11/01/07 • 08:57 AM • Health1 Comment

The New Yorker:

Future Reading, Digitization and its discontents.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

How Educated Must an Artist Be?  “... the first goal has yet to be achieved — can anyone name a great Ph.D. artist of our time ... ?”

11/01/07 • 08:27 AM • ArtsScholarly1 Comment

The Age.AU:

Interactive plots wooing young TV viewers.

11/01/07 • 08:25 AM • EntertainmentInternet • No Comments

NY Times Editorial:

Torture and the Attorneys General.  “Would Mr. Mukasey approve of a foreign jailer using waterboarding on an American soldier?” Surely that’s a question that should have been asked.

11/01/07 • 08:21 AM • Human RightsLawPolitics • No Comments

NY Times:

Rule Jostles Runners Who Race to Their Own Tune.  I can readily appreciate both sides of the argument ... but to me, a race is a ‘formal’ test of skill.  Leave the tunes behind.

11/01/07 • 08:07 AM • MusicSports • No Comments

Fallout from the housing crunch ...

Bombay Company is no more.  Pier 1 isn’t doing well either.  Seems Target has also been strong competition for comparable furnishings at lower price points.

11/01/07 • 07:56 AM • ConsumptionEconomics1 Comment

SF New Mexican:

Astronomers struggle to explain ‘mega-outburst’.  Perseus has a new bright spot.

11/01/07 • 07:46 AM • Science • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

Popularity of rock climbing continues to soar, but this hobby comes with a price.  Gym skills don’t directly transfer to outdoor rock.  Apprentice.

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“Singapore Airlines has taken the unusual step of publicly asking passengers on its new Airbus A380 plane not to engage in any sexual activities.”  Given the security concerns over fluids these days, I’m surprised it hasn’t been labelled ‘terrorism.’

10/31/07 • 03:10 PM • Travel • No Comments


Optical tweezers.  Just for my own edification.

10/31/07 • 12:48 PM • ScholarlyScience • No Comments


Interest rates down, oil up.  Mortage rates?  Here’re the trends.

10/31/07 • 12:40 PM • EconomicsHome & LivingPolitics • No Comments


Police: Boy playing with matches started 38,000-acre fire.  Sounds like we should do a job review of Smokey the Bear.

10/31/07 • 08:43 AM • ChildhoodLaw • No Comments

Philadelphia Inquirer:

Princeton, Italy strike deal to repatriate 8 antiquities.  I believe, in my visits to the Princeton University Art Museum, that I’ve seen those articles.  Spectacular.

10/31/07 • 08:24 AM • ArtsHistoryLaw • No Comments

NY Times Opinion:

Rural life, belated frost.

10/31/07 • 06:48 AM • EnvironmentalHome & LivingNature • No Comments

NY Times:

“Twenty-one states will run out of money for children’s health insurance in the coming year, and at least nine of those states will exhaust their allotments in March if Congress simply continues spending at current levels, a new federal study says.

10/31/07 • 06:46 AM • ChildhoodHealthPolitics • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

Pueblo seeks respect for zia symbol.

10/31/07 • 06:33 AM • HistoryReligionSanta Fe Local • No Comments

Washington Post:

Huge Black Holes May Hold Keys to Galaxy Formation.

10/30/07 • 09:45 PM • ScholarlyScience • No Comments

The Economist:

“America relays more spam to the world’s inbox than any other country ...”

10/30/07 • 09:09 PM • ComputingInternetLaw • No Comments

NY Times Research:

Low Buzz May Give Mice Better Bones and Less Fat.  I suppose one might forego balancing the tires on the family jalopy ...

10/30/07 • 08:54 PM • HealthScience • No Comments

Washington Post:

Artificial Illumination Can Affect More Than Your Mental Health. As Daylight Saving Time Comes to an End, What Happens to Our Internal Clocks?

10/30/07 • 03:38 PM • HealthPsychologyScience • No Comments

Globe and Mail.CA:

Spilling the beans on soy.  You tell ‘em.  Unless it’s fermented, or soy lecithin, I don’t eat it.  Try to find a protein bar these days without soy protein.  Active Greens and Pro Bar are about the only two.

10/30/07 • 02:49 PM • ConsumptionFoodHealth • No Comments

Scientific American:

How Tibetans Enjoy the High Life.

10/30/07 • 02:46 PM • HealthScience • No Comments
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