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I think

the weather service has been smoking whacky weed.  I think the moisture is mostly heading East of SF.  It looked that way on satellite yesterday, but I trusted in the pros.

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Foreign Policy:

The Top Ten Stories You Missed in 2006.  Must-read.

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NY Times:

Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying.  Many of the young ladies I went out with pretty swiftly zeroed in on one of the more popular dating questions of the ‘80’s: “Can you cook?”  I suppose with modern microwave meals being more palatable, that’s not so important for most.

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Yogi Bear’s co-creator dies at 95.  Joe Barbera, half of Hanna-Barbera, passes away.  Yogi was only the tip of the iceberg.  Rest in peace, sir.

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Looks like,

from the NOAA radar, we’ll be getting snow squalls all day with little accumulation until later on.

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Open Culture,

University podcast collection.

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Luminous Landscape:

It’s not the camera, not the photographer ... it’s everything.

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Snow’s here.


snow arrives.

The foothills of the Sangres are disappearing and reappearing as the storm changes intensity.

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NY Times:

Heirloom whale barf”.

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NY Times Magazine:

Diagnosing Dickensian characters.

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It’s early.

The snow has begun.

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SF New Mexican:

Navajos work to preserve language handed down by ‘Holy People’.

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Well, the panic’s in full shred.

The news services are warning over the incoming storm.  I hear from friends the in-town supermarkets are jammed with jittery, pushy, ill-tempered people.  If you need bread or milk, you’d better move fast.

The last such big storm we had, it was dropping inches in minutes, at the heaviest point.  As soon as I’d shovel, it would fill back in behind me.  Coming from the East, it’s unbelievable how fast snow accumulates in these Western storms.

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NY Times:

Wood Boilers Cut Heating Bills. The Rub? Secondhand Smoke.  All the manufacturers, if you Google, claim to burn ‘clean.’  Scrupulous with the BTU figures, but no pollution measurements.

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this is about as empty as this weblog’s been in quite a while.  Expect it to be somewhat thin over the holiday period.  Things to do, people to see.

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Piled up the firewood,

I’m set.

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Big winter storm

rumored to be arriving Monday night.

Later: Bought m’self a new snow shovel.  I’d worn the blade off the other.

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Jeremiah’s Music Blog:

The Making of Steely Dan’s “Peg”.

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National Post:

Diabetes breakthrough.

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Well, we joked about it, but it’s true.  Some of the existing border fence might have been built by illegal immigrants.

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Work, eat, sleep, eat, work. Work, eat, sleep, eat, work.  Occasional blog.  The demands of clients, prior to the holidays, really kill the festive spirit.  Looking forward to sleeping through Xmas ...

Later: Of course I’d be more upset if I didn’t have work.  Just asking life, the universe and everything to move the dial off “11” ...

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Liberté, egalité, fraternité - but less so for women.  Sororité?

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Taking ‘Obama-mania’ in stride.  This early comet will probably burn itself out early, too.

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Rob Galbraith:

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta is available for download.  If you don’t have a CS2 serial #, it will expire in two days.  Digital Outback Photo posted a preview the other day.

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The Independent.UK:

The full transcript of evidence given to the Butler inquiry. 


“During my posting, at no time did HMG assess that Iraq’s WMD (or any other capability) posed a threat to the UK or its interests. On the contrary, it was the commonly-held view among the officials dealing with Iraq that any threat had been effectively contained.”

“Iraq’s ability to launch a WMD or any form of attack was very limited. There were approx 12 or so unaccounted-for Scud missiles; Iraq’s airforce was depleted to the point of total ineffectiveness; its army was but a pale shadow of its earlier might; there was no evidence of any connection between Iraq and any terrorist organisation that might have planned an attack using Iraqi WMD (I do not recall any occasion when the question of a terrorist connection was even raised in UK/US discussions or UK internal debates).”

“Coordinated, determined and sustained action to prevent illegal exports and target Saddam’s illegal monies would have consumed a tiny proportion of the effort and resources of the war (and fewer lives), but could have provided a real alternative. It was never attempted.”

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