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FCC and Fox go to Supreme Court.  “The case, to be argued in the fall, involves a recent Federal Communications Commission policy that holds broadcasters liable for ‘fleeting expletives’—single instances of certain profanities, uttered usually in live settings. But the justices could also review constitutional issues raised by the commission’s overall indecency regime, which may no longer be tenable in the age of filtering technologies.”  Personally, I’d fine the individuals, not the networks.  Networks have little control over the habits of stars and starlets.

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NY Times Editorial:

Who Will Come to the Rescue?  “It’s clear that the Bush administration and Mr. Bernanke would welcome greater ownership of the nation’s financial institutions by foreign governments. That’s an effective short-term fix, and could conveniently avert a financial meltdown on their watch. But it also means a long-term transfer of a chunk of the future revenues of the American financial system to foreign governments.”  Dear old Ronnie started this in the ‘80’s, financing his deficit through the Japanese.  Problem is, the lower the Fed drops the interest rate, the less the dollar is worth, the harder it is to finance our burgeoning deficit.  Which will the Administration choose?  To bailout our financial systems and homeowners, or protect the deficit?  There are no ‘good’ answers left.  My question is ... who’ll bail out the Fed when this all goes awry?

Later: Washington Post, “Never do I want to hear again from my conservative friends about how brilliant capitalists are, how much they deserve their seven-figure salaries and how government should keep its hands off the private economy.

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NY Times Health:

The Unwanted Bounce of Exercise.  Many well-endowed women experience painful rebounding while taking part in active endeavors. The kinetics certainly fascinated me when I was a teenager, that’s for sure.  No excuse for such collisions today.  Some double up on bras, others recommend various specific brands.  Title Nine seems popular, but read through all the comments for the full spectrum of options.

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NY Times Art & Design:

“A Japanese university plans to return about 250 pieces of original animation art to the Walt Disney Company that were mislaid in storage after traveling to Japan nearly five decades ago.”  Cels hand-picked by Walt himself.  Do view the slideshow.

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NY Times Science:

In a Warmer Yellowstone Park, a Shifting Environmental Balance.  It would have to be a bloody blasted thistle that gets the environmental boost ...

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SF New Mexican:

The weak dollar is making your cup of morning coffee more expensive.

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‘English Patient’ director dead at 54.  Turning “The English Patient” into a workable film was a minor miracle.  Rest in peace, sir.

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CNN Technology:

Mummified dinosaur unearthed in North Dakota.  Rather than ‘mummified’, I think I’d explain it was fossilized before decomposition.  I’m no expert, however.

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ars technica:

Firefox 3 goes on a diet, eats less memory than IE and Opera.  That news will make everyone happy.  At present, whenever I open Photoshop, Firefox gets closed.

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“Igor Volodin believes vodka is no more harmful than chocolate. He is proud to be the first Russian to produce the spirit in a special women’s version, designed to be sipped with salad after a workout in the gym.”  I’ll be more careful in the gym parking lot from now on ...

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the iPod on the ISS.  I suppose personal technology is a given these days ... some had a hissy fit over the cost of Shepard’s two golf balls and a six iron being smuggled to the moon.  I recall a commentator beginning to calculate the cost, and being shushed up on-camera very quickly.

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The life of St Patrick ...

would make a decent sci-fi blockbuster.  Wear your green today.

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A major Fed rate cut now seems certain: Reduction of full percentage point would give markets a shot in the arm.

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The Economist:

Eyeing the wages of war: Two economists take an unflinching look at the costs of invading Iraq.  “Suppose that, five years ago, George Bush had asked every American household to stump up $25,000 to pay for an imminent war on Iraq. How would they have responded?”

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Rob Galbraith:

Adobe pulls Lightroom 1.4, recommends Camera Raw users revert to 4.3.1.  Ruh-roh. I already updated. Haven’t seen any problems here.  I’ll sit tight and wait.

Later: More info, including methods to run your versions back a notch.

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Boston Globe:

“Before Polaroid fades into history, let’s remember how influential—and cool—the art of the snapshot, and the cameras themselves, could be.

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NY Times Op-Ed Columnist:

Krugman, The B Word.  “Mr. Greenspan is still at it: accepting no blame, he continues to insist that ‘market flexibility and open competition’ are the ‘most reliable safeguards against cumulative economic failure.’ ”  In the meantime, Mr Bernanke (who merely inherited this crisis) and the embattled Fed are trying to keep the evils inside their Pandora’s box.  History will look at Mr Greenspan with a very jaundiced eye, and deservedly so.

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NY Times:

As the Economy Falters, So Do State Budgets.  This is bad news.  This means state legislatures will be welcoming seemingly ‘cheap and easy’ revenue ... like mineral extraction and drilling. 

Later: Souring Economy Spreads Its Tentacles, Causing Business Insolvencies to Rise.

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SF New Mexican:

Saturn exposed: Los Alamos gadgets reveal secrets that ‘cameras can’t show’. 

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In spite of ridiculously high winds,

I got our courtyard garden trimmed back and ready for spring.  I’ll have to work on the mulch ... the bark chips need to be refreshed, and I’m contemplating trading soaker hoses for a more efficient system (perhaps on a timer).  The winds were so high yesterday, it was hard to think.  Whenever our spring winds come screaming in for the season, I pity those who lived through the dust bowl years.  To sit in the dark, fine soil filtering in the openings of the house, wind howling for hours and hours ... I get the dusty, dessicated flavor now, and fully understand their desperation. 

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Times Online.UK:

“Too much choice doesn’t enrich us; it impoverishes us ...”  The quality of clothes construction has been ... in recession ... for the past decade or so.

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Times Online.UK:

The face of Mozart.

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Wall St. Journal:

Appropriate after that last link ... Why We’re Powerless To Resist Grazing On Endless Web Data.

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The Best Tools for Visualization.  Visualization/mapping tools for just about every interest.

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Hide those speaker wires and coax cables with FlatWire.  I was wondering when someone would get around to this kind of idea.

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