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SF New Mexican:

Now there’s a coincidence.  Cougar sightings on the rise.  I’m sure my sighting was a bobcat.  I have seen two mountain lions near the junction of 285 and Old Las Vegas Highway in the last few months.  I would imagine they may wander over into the Eldorado Wilderness.  If you’re walking near dusk, or early in the morning, you might want to exercise a bit more vigilance, and keep your pooch on a leash.

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You won’t see

any Anna Nicole Smith linkage here, except to wonder if she suffered from untreated postpartum depression.

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so I’m standing there at my new back sliding glass door, the eight foot glass door I just had installed, contemplating whether to open it for a little air as I have the oven on cooking some chicken ... when a face appears in the glass.  Furry, pointed ears.

A bobcat.

I’ve got a freaking bobcat in my courtyard. 

I grabbed a flashlight and saw him jump over the wall, but this is a rude wake-up call.  Now I’ll have to be more circumspect when going outside to toss the garbage.  Don’t want to corner the animal by mistake. I suppose its because I give the local birds a regular source of water.  We’ve already noticed an increase in hawks in the area.  Predators know a sitting duck (flicker, robin, towhee, or finch) when they see one.

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Bad news.  Autism rate about 1 in 150, higher than previous estimates.

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Mac calculator is bad at math.

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The Trouble with Rudy’s Temper.  As I mentioned, Guiliani is only a teflon-seeming candidate for as long as his record remains unexplored.  He’s a stereotypical law-and-order type with an iron will ... and that will is what worries some.  Myself included.

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NY Times Travel:

36 hours in Buenos Aires.  Oh, yes.  Almost 3 Argentine pesos to the US dollar.

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NY Times:

Searching, and Finding, in Costly London.  ‘Costly London’, maybe.  But look at those NY prices!  I had a friend who rented a space the size of a walk-in closet, just enough room for a single bed with sideways-shuffling access to a cube refrigerator and tiny bathroom, for $1,200 in the 80’s.

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NY Times:

8-Year Lapse in Safety Procedures Adds to Debate on New Jersey Power Plant.  Are there any nuke plants that are well-run, not challenged by lowest-bidder construction ... ?

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NY Times Tech:

If Leonardo had made toys.  Can I get a miniature helicopter to control from my computer, that’ll retrieve refills of coffee?

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SF New Mexican:

As the remaining snows melt, the city begins to patch potholes, and we in the county are up to our eyeballs in sticky, gooey mud.

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SF New Mexican:

The owner of the La Fonda, Samuel B. Ballen, has passed away.  Rest in peace.

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SF New Mexican:

Lake-effect snow buries upstate New York.  And here I complained vociferously about our three feet.  I’ll keep my big trap shut for the rest of the season.

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For you folks in the South ...

I heard a mention today that dogwoods suffered a fungus in the late 90’s, and the populations have dwindled?  Is this true?

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Older than the sun, the meteorite scientists call ‘the real time machine’.  Made me curious, if earth gets impacted by this kind of galactic dross, what of dark matter?

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Eleven philosophical quotations.  Most important?  Hmmm.  For America, I’d certainly include Socrates’ “Thou shouldst eat to live, not live to eat.”

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Washington Post:

A new book, from one of my favorite authors, Milan Kundera.  “Against our real world, which, by its very nature, is fleeting and worthy of forgetting, works of art stand as a different world, a world that is ideal, solid, where every detail has its importance, its meaning, where everything in it—every word, every phrase—deserves to be unforgettable and was conceived to be such.”  I shall make haste to ye olde bookstore, as soon as I can.

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School’s books are racist, says sacked teacher.  And in Britain, too.  Nice.

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Daily Princetonian:

I’m speechless.  The internet’s about to become a much, much deeper place.  University Library joins Google Book Search.  Do you folks know how big Firestone Library is?  The main building goes underground for floors.  The card catalogs have directions to the nearest light switches, because it would cost too much to light it all.  It used to be open to the public when I was in high school, and it was rated the thirteenth largest library in the world, then.  It was my favorite place to go research book reports.  It’s inadequate to just say “WOW.” 

Google, you’d better be careful with those volumes.  Some are very old, beautiful and fragile.  Here’s a local Princeton author I used to know personally, who lived just around the corner from where I grew up.  He spent years studying Jefferson, eventually building a modest brick house on Prospect Avenue [center one in the group of three, exact center of view] from one of Jefferson’s plans:  Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker.  Given his name, it may not seem surprising, but how many today follow up on the provenance of their monikers?  The reason I brought him up (you were wondering, weren’t you?) was that Firestone Library carries all of his books.  I can’t wait.  I can finally read the rest of his canon.

I’m writing incoherently, I’m so excited.  Sorry.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Ready for Obama already.  Which, come to think of it, would place Guiliani (or McCain) and their party in the position of having to deal with the stigma of “The Great White Hope.”  The need to be extra careful with rhetoric would throw them back on their heels.

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NY Times:

Jobs Calls for End to Music Copy Protection.  Many predicted this result, during the original Napster controversy, years ago.

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NY Times Autos:

Ford Will Resurrect the Taurus Brand.  Personally, I think “Five Hundred” is a cooler name.  I associate Taurus with the smell of anti-freeze, electrical gremlins, transmission problems and plain old ugly vehicles.

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NY Times Dining & Wine:

In a bottle, the scent of a mouse.  Stuart Little, gone tippling.

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NY Times:

The Army goes ‘velcro fly.’

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SF New Mexican:

North Dakota begins hemping and hawing.

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