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NY Times:

Uranium Ignites ‘Gold Rush’ in the West.  Oh, great.  Let’s hope our government enforces a no-discharge policy for water, reburial of radioactive tailings, and recovery of the mine sites.

Later: Reuters India, Lack of fuel may limit U.S. nuclear renaissance.  Sounds like wishful thinking, to me.  Sorry kiddies, there’s still lots of it in the Western US.  A particularly large deposit just west of Albuquerque, which I’ve written about previously.

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SF New Mexican:

Sons born to women who ate a lot of beef during their pregnancy have a 25 percent below-normal sperm count and three times the normal risk of fertility problems, researchers reported Tuesday.”  So, cattle supplements finally show an effect.  Go for organic, don’t switch for the complications of phytoestrogens in soy.

Tangential: NY Times Op-Ed Contributor, Who Killed Fido? We All Did.

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SF New Mexican:

Federal government appeals dismissal of Wyoming eagle case.

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SF New Mexican:

The Flying Star Diner chain is coming to Santa Fe.

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SF New Mexican:

Ruling clears way for Lusitania dive.  An individual in Santa Fe apparently owns the Lusitania.

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Breast MRI’s urged for high-risk women.

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10,000 kW Electrical Power Generation in Your Backyard.  Now, there’s an awful lot of wind sculptures in downtown Santa Fe that resemble this.  Upgrade the bearings, hook ‘em up to a generator ...

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15 Javascript snippets you can’t live without.

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Now, how did that get there?

Check it out.  The website.

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British wreck could yield $1bn in treasure.  When Castro passes, perhaps Cuba’s waters will open. The number of untouched Spanish galleons there boggles the mind.

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NY Times World:

Engineers to Help Find Homer’s Ithaca. “Because no one has ever been able to find Ithaca, people felt the Odyssey was like a Lord of the Rings story ... [snip] ... This would say Ithaca was a real place—it doesn’t say Odysseus was a real person, that’s another jump.”

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Very busy today ...

links later, when possible.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe River gets a spring boost.  Having full reservoirs is a good start to the summer.

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SF New Mexican:

KBAC will remain local.

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SF New Mexican:

One World Coffee and Trade Closed for Business. Even in closure, it’s a learning experience.  Offhand, I’d say location worked against them.

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Space Navigator. Since I use form•z, this interests me quite a bit.  I remember the old TDI interface, an external plug-in panel with six dials.  One could loft a 3D model much faster than with Alias’ mouse-based interface of the time.  Can’t wait to order one, next 3D job that comes my way. Thanks, Volker.

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Mac Life:

First look inside Adobe Photoshop CS3.  Holy cow.  Lemme at it.

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Toddlers learn by ‘eavesdropping’ on others.

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The global arms race is back.  “...  US defense spending is at its highest inflation-adjusted level since 1946.”  Just FYI, the Soviets wouldn’t detonate their first nuclear bomb until 1949.

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A convocation of eagles.  As I’ve mentioned before, I strongly recommend an “anarchy of webloggers.”

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The Economist:

Cracks in America’s Housing Market.

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Zimbra Desktop to launch.

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Washington Post:

Online ugliness.  “If people’s full names were required—even though some might resort to aliases—it would go a long way toward cleaning up the neighborhood.”  This is what happens when new-to-weblogging journalists make recommendations.  One must register with a full name and valid email address.  Just a name isn’t enough.

Later: WaPo, George Will, Anger is all the rage.

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Dipstick ‘finds food poison bugs’.  Excellent idea.  I’ll buy ‘em, that’s for sure.

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Iraqi deaths survey ‘was robust’.  “... the survey methodology used here cannot be rubbished, it is a tried and tested way of measuring mortality in conflict zones.”

Later, related: Economist, Huge numbers of Iraqis have fled their homes.

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