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Vertical Garden: The art of organic architecture.  Now there’s a sustainable dress ... beautiful, too.  Probably easier to water when you’re wearing it.

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St Paul’s tomb unearthed in Rome.  That’s St Paul of St Paul’s Basilica, not St Peter of St Peter’s Basilica ... for those of you who confuse your apostles and martyrs as I do.

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You know you’re a New Mexican when ...

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NY Times Education:

2 Fatal Blazes Renew Focus on Fraternities’ Lack of Sprinklers.  An admirable goal, but probably with dubious efficacy.  In college, a frat member of my acquaintance sat in chemistry lab, using the bunson burner to torch holes in the emergency fire blanket by the exit.  Asked why he was doing it, he responded: “But look ... it burns!  It doesn’t work!”  When they need their house cleaned, they’ll probably just hold a match to the sprinkler heads.  I’m all for safety, but I’m even more for personal responsibility.  You can make frat anarchy neither safe nor predictable.

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NY Times Travel:

36 hours in Berlin.

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NY Times:

Final Hawaii Reunion for Pearl Harbor Veterans.  Adversity didn’t get them down, but age harvests us all.

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NY Times Movie Review:

Everything you wanted to know about “Apocalypto”; disembowelled, entrails read, and fortune told.

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SF New Mexican:

“Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have successfully tested a major project designed to study how nuclear-weapon parts work without actually setting off a bomb in the desert.

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SF New Mexican:

Fox airs Richardson talk of running; Governor’s spokesman says it was only hypothetical.  I saw the newscast on the local Fox affiliate ... they also showed a poll of purported ‘Democratic front runners’, in which Ms Clinton leads the list (33%), and Wes Clark and Governor Richardson bring up the rear (at 1% each).  I did not take note of the provenance of those poll numbers, however.

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Heavy woodsmoke inversion over Albuquerque.  The sun just set, and you clearly see the thick brown layer just over the city, then gradually tapering vertically to clear.

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programming fonts.  I feel like the Goldilocks and the Three Bears ... ‘too small’ ‘too big’ ... ‘just right’ eludes me.  Trying out “Proggy” fonts ...

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NY Times Travel, Real Estate:


The Seine, the Seine, when will I again
meet her there, greet her there
on the moonlit banks of the Seine?

Perhaps when she’s cruising the Rhine ...

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SF New Mexican:

Many question need for new [plutonium] trigger factory.  Plus, we don’t want the damned place upstream from us on the Rio Grande.  Bad enough there’s plutonium traces in Cochiti Lake ...

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A great Pearl Harbor link, for December 7.  Two ships still sit in the harbor, rather than the one mentioned in the original post.  The Arizona, and the Utah.  The Utah holds the remains of many sailors still ... and the ashes of a baby girl, an interesting bit of trivia for your Thursday [Be prepared for music on that link!  Top left, click ‘pause’ fast.].

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I’m trying to

accomplish A, B and C ... and D, E and F keep relentlessly pushing themselves in my way, taking up normal business hours.  Sigh.  Contemplating pulling a couple of all-nighters to get my necessary coding done.  Blogging will be variable, unpredictable, and probably somewhat bizarre.

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Nothing serious, just needed to get it out.  Nothing’s working right today.  OK, now I feel better.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Just Like Us? Not Likely.  “Although people around the world may wear, eat, and listen to American products, they continue to maintain their deeply ingrained values, beliefs, and underlying assumptions. They may embrace the material products of modernity, but they cling tenaciously to their underlying cultural cores — which remain vibrant and resiliently distinct.”  Good.  Don’t copy America exactly.  No earthly need to do so.  Here we have leaders who loudly proclaim the rights of the individual, decentralizing government ... while assisting in creating huge monopolies in business, encouraging ‘economies of scale’ with mass production, and express their individuality by wearing suits, stockings, ties and high-heels that a few thousand other individuals are wearing at that same moment.  No, preserve your diversity, at all costs.

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Yahoo News/Reuters:

San Francisco says no to cookie aroma at bus stops.  I wonder how well such smells ... ‘degrade’ ... over time.

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NY Times Editorial:

You’d better believe the 109th Congress hopes Gates turns out to be a ‘winner’, so all subsequent histories can focus on that one success, instead of their many failures.

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Know about

“orphaned radioactive sources”?  Now you do.  Apparently radioactive metals were recycled into “braces, zippers, toys and other consumer products” before this practice was outlawed in 2000.  Nice to let us have the choice ...

Tangential: Did you know, the remnants of the scuttled WWI German Imperial High Seas Fleet are being slowly salvaged, because they are a good source of ‘radioactive free’ metals for fine scientific measuring instruments?  They were sunk prior to Hiroshima, and therefore immune to the atmospheric radiation effects of that bomb.  Hiroshima and subsequent nuclear explosions have apparently tainted most terrestrial metals with radioactivity.

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NY Times:

Ducati’s GT Brings Back a Saucy Spirit of the ’70s.  You could always have purchased a Moto Guzzi for that retro-feel (try the Griso, for wigged-out styling).  Still, being able to say your Ducati is ‘desmodromic’, has a certain panache ...

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NY Times:

The Intrepid gets under way ... backwards.  Even if it cost more, I would have turned her around, just as a matter of simple respect.  Read again of her long history.

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NY Times:

From Ruins of Afghan Buddhas, a History Grows.  How do you restore from dust?  I suppose concrete, and then face with what detail stones you can find.

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NY Times:

Excerpts of the Iraq Study Group Report.  Nothing you haven’t heard before, but it does make you wish this Administration had listened to the Bush I hawks before committing to this course of action.  We likely wouldn’t be entrenched in Iraq, free to succeed in Afghanistan, free to deal with NK and Iran in more comprehensive manner.

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SF New Mexican:

N.M. drops to 40th in nationwide health report.  The dubious honor of being one of those who ‘regressed most.’

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