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Steve Vai, For the Love of God, with the Holland Metropole Orchestra.  Closeups of his fingering.  Good God.  Impressive enough on the album, you have to see it to believe it.

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Nature Photographers Online:

Real-world review of the Canon G10 point-n-shoot.  Output compared to 5D, printed too.

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CNN Europe:

German battlefield yields Roman surprises.  Surprised anyone had cash in Commodus’ day.

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Getting into space by broomstick. Not the broomstick from Clarke’s “2010”, but still a cool concept.

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NY Times Media & Advertising:

Prominent Magazines Lose Weight, Shedding Nearly Half Their Ads.  Magazines that offer valuable content never need fear loss of sales, at least from me.  Those that are purely frameworks for ads ... well, if they die off, our landfills will be all the better.  And there’ll be more room for comfy chairs in libraries and bookstores.

01/05/09 • 11:38 AM • ArtsBooksConsumption(2) Comments

Boston Globe:

Twilight of the color photo.  “Today, you get some glossies sent out as holiday cards, and some lucky ones get matted and framed, but the vast majority of color photographs now taken - and there are countless millions of them - pass before us, just briefly, on a screen.”  Guilty as charged.

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SF New Mexican:

Richardson withdraws bid to be commerce secretary.  Obama and Richardson statements.

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Photo.Net’s Editors

post their favorite picks of 2008.  Lots of galleries to kill time with here.

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ars technica:

Contemplating the Consumerist sale and the adpocalypse.  Ad-driven sites are going to be thinning over the next year.  Read it.

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Boston Globe:

Rare ‘37 Bugatti found in Britain.  Unlike most links, there’s a photo here.  Yeah, I’ll take one.  Got a spare few mill?

01/03/09 • 08:44 PM • ConsumptionHistory1 Comment

Time to kill Blogtree, I think.

An underwear-sales SEO-bait weblog has listed my weblog as ‘blogparent.’  First I’ve heard out of BlogTree in years.

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This pic ...

makes me miss Cardinals.  We don’t get ‘em here in Santa Fe. I remember helping band them back East ... they bite hard.

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LA Times:

Getty’s antiquities policy gets kudos vs. the Met.  And where did you come by that lovely Greek krater?  Stumbled over it in Central Park?

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SF New Mexican:

Mining, drilling possible at 2 parks.  They want to further ruin Aztec Ruins here in NM.

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If you’re wondering why you might not be hearing from some folks in NM,

the Qwest/SkyWi dustup could be the reason. The PRC’s on it, because the outage is endangering essential community services ... but TV news was saying it may take a week to get things cleared up.

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Happy New Year, folks!

Here’s hoping 2009 ends up being much brighter than the current predictions indicate.  Thanks for reading here over the last year (or more).  I’ll leave 2008 with this link: a history of Auld Lang Syne.  Here’s to breathing new life into the dry bones of our country.

12/31/08 • 11:24 PM • HistoryMusicPersonalWeblogs1 Comment


“Hundreds of Neapolitan women have pledged to go without sex unless their men promise to refrain from setting off dangerous illegal fireworks.”  Bang ≠ bang.

12/31/08 • 11:40 AM • Travel(2) Comments

NY Times Homes:

What you get for $150,000.  This is a whole lot more interesting than, say, a mill.  In Santa Fe, you’d likely get an original old adobe, falling apart, patched with car parts and featuring a welded coffee-can septic system.

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NY Times Business:

Airline Flies a 747 on Fuel From a Plant.  Just make sure it is microfiltered really well.  Last thing I’d want to see is little bits in my fuel drain tube.

12/31/08 • 11:18 AM • EnvironmentalScienceTravel1 Comment

NY Times NY Region:

For Kennedy, Self-Promotion Is Unfamiliar.  You know, it does seem like she’s not ready.  The McCain choice of Palin put the spotlight on experience, you know, and Obama’s erudition put an emphasis on off-the-cuff wordsmithing. 

If she’s serious, she should use this as a learning experience for future political endeavors.  There has to be substance in addition to the name.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

If you’re partying tonight, designate a driver.  Santa Fe County’s law enforcement will be looking for weavers.

12/31/08 • 10:26 AM • HealthLawSanta Fe Local1 Comment

Santa Fe New Mexican:

Retailers reap benefits from Rail Runner.  It seems the restaurants are giddy.  Let’s hope it sustains after the free ride period is over.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Galisteo Inn to close its doors.  Sad news!  I remember a certain weblogger wedding celebration at the Inn.  Very, very sorry to see it go. 

12/31/08 • 10:19 AM • Santa Fe LocalWeblogs(4) Comments


Satellites unearthing ancient Egyptian ruins.  The time has come for satellite archaeology, it seems.

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If you’ve got nothing better to do ...

why not eBird

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