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If you’re in Northern New Mexico,

keep an eye out for the Espanola Valley Humane Society’s new van.  Or should I say, new van wrap?  Done by my company.  Rarely do I brag about such things here, but we’re pretty happy with the result.  You’ll forgive me for crowing a bit, I’m sure.

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‘Pipe organ’ plays above the Sun.

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Canada joins anti-Kyoto bloc.  Quiet but important-to-note piece in the midst of all the other news.

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PHP + Apache + MySQL perfect setup.

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Information Week:

Half Of U.S. Workers Don’t Use Vacation Time, Study Shows.  And those of us who work for ourselves, use even less.  A crime, really.

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Rob Galbraith:

VisibleDust now taking pre-orders for Sensor Loupe.  Now I can stop rushing from bathroom to outside, taking endless f32 photos of bright sky ...

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Psychology Today:

The math on Miss Motor Mouth.  Put that myth to bed.  Apparently the tendency to yap incessantly falls slightly to the male side of the aisle.  “Sexism is behind much of the willingness to believe that women talk too much, according to Deborah Cameron, a professor of language and communication at Oxford University, who points to ‘the belief that women really should be silent, as recommended by ancient authorities ranging from Sophocles to St. Paul.’”

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Someone on Reddit

points to the “Cousin Tree.”  The light bulb glows.

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Apparently McCain wasn’t the first to ‘bomb Iran’.  Interesting trivia within.

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Philosophy Now:

Don Quixote and the narrative self.  To be a weblogger, is to tilt at windmills.

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NY Times Tech:

Is the pen still mighty in the computer age?

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London Free Press:

WKRP DVD is not for diehards.  Same reason why it’s taking so long for “La Femme Nikita, the TV Series” to make it to DVD.  Copyrights on popular songs.  It may not always be an issue, though.

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NY Times Travel:

36 hours in Dublin. Omigod, look at that library.  36 hours?  One could spend a lifetime in there.

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NY Times Politics:

A procedural chess match.  Enquirer headlines appeal to an Enquirer citizenry awash in an Enquirer culture.

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SF New Mexican:

Committees punt on short-term rental proposals.  Short term rentals tend to diminish the quiet enjoyment of life in older neighborhoods downtown.  New car(s), new people next door every few days?  I wouldn’t like it much either.

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‘Ghost ship’ puzzles rescuers.

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“Responding to customer demand Dell has restarted selling new PCs with Windows XP installed on them.

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Venezuelan Big Brother Blimps.

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Washington Post, Reliable Source:

One of the last New Dealers in Washington is retiring, and Sanjaya Malakar is going to the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.  Makes for an interesting juxtaposition; I suppose FDR would have told Sanjaya, “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

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New salt limits for heart health. It’ll be different in another five years, but what the hey.  It’s worth knowing about.

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NY Times Business:

Profits Up 69% at Google, Exceeding Expectations.  I kick myself, and kick myself, because I didn’t buy Google stock when it went public.  To hell with text ads, get-rich-quick weblog schemes.  That one move would have paid for many decades of weblogging, giving direct and honest financial reward for the years of prognosticating online.

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NY Times:

Gonzales, cannon fodder.

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Spraypainting London with biohazard signs and the wrong URL.  I’ll say.

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SF New Mexican:

NM International Auto Show: Hybrids, concept cars generate buzz.  Damned little information.  Ah, the Albuquerque Tribune gives useful info.  Worth 8 bucks?  Maybe I’ll take a peek, camera in hand, over the weekend.

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DP Review:

Adobe updates Camera Raw and DNG Converter plug-ins.

Later: Careful.  “The Camera Raw 4.0 plug-in is not compatible with versions of Photoshop earlier than Photoshop CS3 or versions of Photoshop Elements earlier than Photoshop Elements 4.01 for Macintosh or Photoshop Elements 5.0 for Windows.”

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