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Rob Galbraith:

Photokina photo gallery.

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The Economist:

Epigenetics, Learning without learning.  Again, this is not new.  I point to Harlow in the ‘50’s, and subsequent events that show stress effects last a lifetime.

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The Economist:

Oil slides down.  “But OPEC needs to be careful not to get addicted to expensive oil. Demand tends to be relatively unresponsive to price changes over the short term, but in the longer run consumers adopt more fuel-efficient lifestyles, which can cause prices to collapse. This is what happened in the 1980s, leaving big holes in OPEC members’ budgets.”  And it’s true, though I would amend that to ‘early ‘80’s’ ... Reagan eased things up, and the V6 and V8 made a comeback later in that decade.  The small-car ethic seems to have taken hold, even though gas prices have eased.  Noone believes in cheap oil anymore ... at least, not for the near future.  And there’s now a pride in driving something smaller; poo-poo it if you will, I see some rich and affluent driving Chevy Aveos with self-satisfied smirks, commenting, “I save my Hummer for the weekends. This is easier to park.”

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Even with miracles,

one must take the good with the bad.

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Moving beyond string theory.

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The text of the NIE assessment

disturbs for lack of depth.  I hope the entire document is better than this; you could come up with an assessment like this from reading public news.  It is certainly bad for the Administration, but worse news for us if this is the best our government can do.  What is the description of a “jihadist”?  From my basic understanding, these are mostly very young men, uneducated, unemployed, poor and rootless, who are cherries for the picking.  Iraq’s population, if I recall the stat correctly, nearly half is under the age of 25?  Work with our Middle Eastern allies, do something constructive about the Muslim youth issue, give them education and employment, you’ll largely cure ‘jihadism.’  In Iraq, restore infrastructure, and it will stabilize.  Both of those are huge projects, no longer simple at this juncture.  But if the only answer we have is bigger guns, we’ve lost.

Related: Economist, Iraq Forecast, “The coalition presence is increasingly irrelevant, as the struggle between these forces for control on the ground takes centre stage.”

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NY Times Science:

Sounds like the Ivory Bill has become the UFO of ornithology.

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NY Times:

Health Care Costs Rise Twice as Much as Inflation.  And, a letter to the Editor from the President of the AMA, on Health Insurer Profits.

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NY Times Asia Pacific:

One of the many “Tokyo Roses” passes away.  Unfortunately, Mrs D’Aquino was made a lone scapegoat.  Rest in peace.

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NY Times Business:

Housing Industry Gets Unexpected Reprieve.

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SF New Mexican:

Peace activists storm downtown post office building.  “Nine people protesting the war in Iraq commandeered an elevator in a downtown federal building Tuesday in an effort to persuade Republican U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico to sign a peace pledge.”  My italics.  The Post Office then called the Department of Home Security, who convinced the protestors to leave the building peacefully.

I make fun, but there is something quaint about it, something small-townish, something vaguely Bloom Countyish.  Perhaps the minority of right-wingers in SF will attempt to go on a duck hunt in reprisal.

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SF New Mexican:

Groups challenge state engineer’s authority.  Water wars, continued.

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SF New Mexican:

New alias fails man who claimed Skynyrd ties.  He was a member of REO Speedwagon, too.

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SF New Mexican:

Smart.  Los Alamos police are reading local MySpace journals.

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sunset this eve.

Haven’t posted one in a while. Not much, but I figured I’d better keep my hand in.  You can’t see the dumpster in the foreground, luckily, filled with my construction crap.

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A List Apart:

12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards.  And yet, I find Web 2.0 sites using tables (perfectly legit XHTML, of course).  Best answer.  I use CSS/XHTML exclusively, and have for a long time, but there are times when you simply cannot profitably do anything other than slam a table in the bling-blasted thing.  Or, you’re not willing to sacrifice style for standards.  Flash ‘em.  That what tech is for ... breaking the rules.

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Seed Magazine:

Scent of family guides girls’ maturation.  Perhaps it’s not rBGH after all ...

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“Fermilab’s CDF scientists make it official: They have discovered the quick-change behavior of the B-sub-s meson, which switches between matter and antimatter 3 trillion times a second.

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photography site Strobist has a Flickr group.

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Mixed Tape 14 is available for listening or download.  Via vowe.

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DP Review:

The new Sigma SD14, with larger Foveon processor:  2,652x1,768, non-interpolated.  Great detail for its size, but not a contender.

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Art Smuggler Offers Italy Mystery Masterpiece `X’ to End Trial.  It would be a terrible legal precedent, but I’d do it in a heartbeat.  Smugglers often find the best stuff, unfortunately.

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Is this a pint I see before me?  “Apart from Macbeth’s soliloquies, the porter’s half-pissed prose and Lady Macbeth’s mad musings, the play is, to borrow a mixed metaphor, a veritable sea of crap.”  Someone will receive some brandish’d steel, methinks, for this opinion.

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NY Times Art & Design:

Glimpses of a Genius Who Blazed His Paper Trail.

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NY Times:

Europe Panel Faults Sifting of Bank Data. “The European Union panel will not call for the program to be stopped, officials said. But it is expected to recommend that additional safeguards be put in place to check how financial records are shared with American intelligence officials.”  I would credit this, more than any other program, for keeping the US clear of terrorist threats since 9/11.  No resources, no big ops.  And Al Qaeda has to perform another big op, if it ever does another in the US, to retain essential authority with its ‘fan boys.’  Let the EU monitor, but please, find a way to do this legally.

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