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NY Times:

Low on spending money, eh, Mr Simpson?

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Going for a blast into the real past.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Putting faith before politics.  “Why might such an idea get traction among evangelicals? [snip] Evangelicals are beginning to see the effect of their political involvement on those with whom they hope to share Jesus’ eternal message: non-evangelicals. Tellingly, Beliefnet’s poll showed that nearly 60 percent of non-evangelicals have a more negative view of Jesus because of Christian political involvement; almost 40 percent believe that George W. Bush’s faith has had a negative impact on his presidency.”  My italics.

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The NY Times Editorial Page

should have come out stronger against this bankrupt status-quo behavior within the Beltway.  Oh, what’s this?  Hoyer wins. Good sign. Looks like the Congress is appreciating who put them in majority.

Later: WaPo, Novak, Pelosi’s first mistake.

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NY Times:

Fascinating research behind personal space.  “The man’s overtures of friendship toward his co-workers were always rejected and he wanted to know why. So when business was slow he observed how the Americans interacted. And eventually he arrived at this conclusion: Americans hate to be touched.”

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NY Times Arts:

YouTube, for classics?

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NY Times Politics:

After Win, Democrats Revert to Finger-Pointing.  Beware national media making local judgments.  Last paragraph, make no mistake.  It was Madrid’s debate performance against Wilson, not Kerry’s comment.  Wilson cleverly responded immediately after the debate by using Madrid’s performance in ads shortly before the election, and Madrid made no ad counter-campaign. Overconfidence?  Lack of money?  We’ll probably never know.  In my view, Madrid simply was not fast enough with counter-ads in the brutal and negative campaign.  Albuquerque’s a military town (Kirtland AFB shares the Sunport’s runways), but from everyone I’ve talked to, the widely-broadcast ads of Madrid’s hesitancy and dour presence at the podium rebuffed support.  Wilson filled the vacuum.  Barely.

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RIP, VHS.  I won’t miss dealing with the vagaries of your tape mechanisms.

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SF New Mexican:

A light into the function of our local historical design review board, the folks who keep Santa Fe looking ‘authentic.’  Never mind that many of our ‘pueblo’ buildings were originally Victorians ... mudded over in the ‘20’s.

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SF New Mexican:

‘Divine Strake’ will explode in Nevada, not in NM.

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SF New Mexican:

Wilson’s lead narrows, county still counts provisional ballots.  Water-drop torture, this.

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Tobias videos one of our Santa Fe sunsets (or, specifically, a Tesuque sunset) for your enjoyment.

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Oh jeez, you knew this idea was coming.  Straight out of unlamented “Highlander II: The Quickening.”

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If you must Powerpoint,

this will help.

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Rob Galbraith:

Velvia is back.

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Times Online.UK:

Invasion of the giant Russian crabs.

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The New Yorker:

“What Descartes is saying is ‘I think, therefore I am.’ ’’
“Am what?” someone asks.
“Just am.”
“Can’t just be am. You gotta be am something.”

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... but why not just learn to play the instrument?

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SF New Mexican:

The local Whole Foods bakery dropped a battery in their bread dough.  A couple got a surprise.  The battery likely exploded as the dough was being heated ... I’d imagine that would make for some mighty unpalatable bread.

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SF New Mexican:

Residents question checkpoint project.  Los Alamos gets more secure.  And, incidentally, seems to echo my analysis of the other day ... a truck bomb is the real threat, a car can’t hold enough explosive to be truly effective at building destruction.

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NY Times Movies:

One Feisty Woman Takes On the Art World.  One wonders how many missing masterpieces there may be in trailers and huts across the world.

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NY Times Military Analysis:

Get Out of Iraq Now? Not So Fast, Experts Say. If we withdraw from Iraq on the Democratic Congress’ recommend and violence flares or ‘democracy’ fails ... more than just 2008 is lost.  Some facts and figures from the BBC. 

Does the presence of occupying troops inflame rather than pacify? Hussein was a military dictator, after all, and ruled in this fashion.  How much democracy can you have, with armored vehicles still tooling about?  Democracy has to be embraced, desired by the populace.  But not at the end of a gun.  That is all too familiar to the Iraqis ... isn’t it?

One hell of a gamble to have to contemplate.

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Steam-powered cider mill offers a feast for the senses.  They need one of these over at that apple farm near Cochiti.

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Worst states for auto-deer crashes.  I’ll renew my proposal of reintroducing wolves ...

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Times Online.UK:

A record on the side.  How to balance your car on two wheels, without the help of NM’s winds.  And some Bond film stunt records, in for the bargain.

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