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The military’s influence in Hollywood.  [Audio, of course.]

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New Scientist:

Archaeologists to refuse help over possible Iran strike.  Good for them.

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Dance Magazine:

Is it sexist to be sexy?  Good question, the sexism of sexiness. I’ll have more to say to this later. It’s been on my mind lately, esp. where photography is concerned.

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Yahoo News/AP:

Music lovers rediscover the timbre of turntable.  I think I’ve mentioned before, whenever I hear Bad Company’s “The Sky is Burning”, I always visualize the particular bump my album had in it, seeing the needle bounce up during the intro riff, hoping it wouldn’t pop.

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NY Times:

Small Business Is Latest Focus in Health Fight. “Others, including New Mexico and Montana, are exploring ways to let small businesses band together to amass the purchasing power of big employers.”  I can tell you the rates are not that much better, and the benefits are usually significantly less than mainstream choices.

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NY Times Education:

High Cost of Driving Ignites Online Classes Boom.

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NY Times, Other Sports:

With Luck, a Rocky Landing.  “Jumping requires fearlessness, a fair amount of agility, and a high threshold for pain. [snip] Broken ribs and damaged spines are fairly common.”  No thanks.

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NY Times:

“You know, America already has one Dr. Phil. [snip] When it comes to the economy, we don’t need another.”  Good one, Mr Obama.  It seems a Gramm of ‘economic wisdom’ isn’t worth a pound of political potency.  Thank goodness.

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SF New Mexican:

City sees lower gas prices. Go fill up your car ... it certainly won’t last for long, as oil is climbing over the new record $147 a barrel.

You folks on the East Coast who use heating oil ... are you searching for alternatives?

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe National Forest is about to get quieter.

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SF New Mexican:

Perhaps the salmonella scare hasn’t affected you in your part of the country, but to eliminate jalapenos, tomatoes and cilantro in New Mexico ... well, that’s a serious problem.

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Gene discoveries yield autism clues.  “The findings also may help explain why intense education programs do help some autistic children—because certain genes that respond to experience weren’t missing, they were just stuck in the ‘off’ position.”

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And there are some strange ones ...

Bizarre Aircrafts.

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Check out MadOrange’s

marmot encounter on Santa Fe Baldy.

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The stars mitigate against me.

Or perhaps they just want my company for an extended period.  Has anyone else run into DNS issues at their hosting services in the last 24 hours?  Outages aren’t a problem if you’re not working on CMSs all day.  For my workstyle ... well, there goes some shuteye.

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You see all through the news, ‘America to defend allies from Iran.’

Keep in mind there’s a bottom line behind those defenses.  It is not just oil money that fattens wallets.  Would that the next President works to make war unprofitable.

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Jerusalem Post:

New law in Iran: Death penalty for ‘online crimes’.  “In accordance with the new law, bloggers and website editors can be sentenced to death for crimes such as promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy, the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) reported.”

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Washington Post:

“Shares of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac plummeted for the third day this week, following comments by a former Federal Reserve governor that the two companies are nearing insolvency and reports of White House discussion about the need for a possible bailout.

Also, should we give more regulatory power to the body that encouraged the proliferation of variable rate financial instruments?  Re-read this, from 2005, before climbing on the ‘increasing Fed powers’ bandwagon.

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The American:

Who could possibly believe in the old hero stereotype anymore? 

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Washington Post:

Baby Boomers Got the Blues.  The dates of the boom continue to flex; used to be ‘57 or ‘58 was the end.  I suppose I must accept being included in this group.  We were the first generation of spoiled American kids who escaped adolescence with the ‘me first’ philosophy branded on our foreheads.  I was born in ‘59, at the tail end of the boom ... in school, my high school class of ‘77 had the worn-out textbooks, the broken-down desks, the consolidation of schools in the wake of the crushing weight of huge boomer school populations.  Everything about the students of previous boomer years became enshrined, worshipped by instructors and administrators; our smaller classes could never quite match up to the myths.  Oh, we watched some of those supposed demigod ‘oldsters’ over at Princeton University, doing their drugs, protesting, driving like they owned the roads. “My Generation” - not “Our Generation.”  Couldn’t help but notice that you never heard a peep after graduation from college.  Few great societal changes were wrought by boomers other than the well-known demographic ones.

These same energetic, idealistic students had no compunctions about ‘working for the man’ if the salaries were good. For every college longhair protesting the war and supporting civil rights, there emerged another ‘suit.’  Fix the ‘70’s Robert Plant in your mind’s eye - only to have him get a butch cut, don a three-piece, and sip Canadian Club in the evenings while discussing the vicissitudes of politics and the naivete of youth. The extended adolescence that is American higher education still dumps overgrown children in the workplace, who then deal with the shock by pulling inwards. “Me first.”  Not really so strange or shocking, when you think about it.  You can see the influence in our common history of the last few decades.

If boomers have the blues, they should simply grow up and get over themselves.  If health care and social security get cleaned up, relieving the aging-parent issues mentioned in the above article, the boomers who have shuffled their offspring out of the home may now have the time, money and opportunity to attack those issues they felt so passionately about in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.

[I include myself in this condemnation, because how could I not be affected by the same attitudes of the era in which I was raised?  It would be foolish to believe I alone escaped.]

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Music as torture may incur royalty fees.  Obviously, as stock photography houses have a sliding scale for the ‘weight’ and distribution of a publication, certainly torture music should be on a sliding scale too. If “Barney’s Song” was more effective at breaking high value detainees, it should certainly be compensated for at a higher rate ...

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NY Times Editorial:

Cholesterol Drugs for 8-Year-Olds.  Oh, god no.  Read up on long term use of statins, for heaven’s sake.  Turn off the boob tube, buy the kid a bike, kick ‘em out the front door, feed ‘em apples and oatmeal instead of Coke and microwave pizza.

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NY Times:

The ‘Fake’ Steve Jobs Is Giving Up Parody Blog.  Seems to be the in-thing these days, parlay a weblog into a book and/or screenplay, a springboard for wider success.

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NY Times, The Lede:

Damn the missiles, forget the nuclear issue ... Iran is misusing Photoshop!  No war over digital alterations!

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Twitter saga ends in jailed translator going free.  “Maree said he was beaten and electrically shocked throughout his detention by Egyptian authorities.” 

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