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Washington Post:

I cross my legs as I post this: Embryonic Stem Cell Success.  Read, and you’ll understand why.

03/25/06 • 06:46 PM • HealthScience1 Comment


Buck Owens passes away.  Gone to a place where he can ‘act naturally.’  Rest in peace.

03/25/06 • 06:17 PM • HistoryMusic • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

Drought shouldn’t dampen outdoor recreation this summer ... unless you’re a backpacker.

03/25/06 • 10:38 AM • EnvironmentalSanta Fe Local • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

Black powder & hard bread: Civil War re-enactors in Glorieta.

03/25/06 • 10:36 AM • HistorySanta Fe Local • No Comments


The Dan Brown Code.  “For the first time in his life, you might say Dan Brown is trying to create literature.”  Heh.

03/24/06 • 09:44 AM • BooksConsumptionEntertainment • No Comments

Toronto Star:

Why we’re left bored of the Rings.  Instead, they should turn the lay of Aragorn and Arwen into opera.

03/24/06 • 09:35 AM • ArtsBooksMusic • No Comments


“The Princeton University Laptop Orchestra.”

03/24/06 • 09:32 AM • ComputingMusic • No Comments

NY Times Travel:

36 hours in Exuma, Bahamas.  That sounds perfect, right about now.  I haven’t seen an ocean in five years of living in Santa Fe; it’s getting past time for a water-fix.

03/24/06 • 09:31 AM • Travel • No Comments

NY Times Arts:

Ingres at the Louvre: His Pursuit of a Higher Reality.  Most will remember his Napoleon portrait, from school textbooks.  More on Ingres [be warned of pop-ups].

03/24/06 • 09:27 AM • ArtsHistory • No Comments

NY Times Health:

Tuberculosis Declines to Historic Low in the U.S.

03/24/06 • 09:16 AM • Health • No Comments

NY Times/AP:

Opponents of S.D. Abortion Ban Seek Vote.

03/24/06 • 09:16 AM • Human RightsPoliticsReligion • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

The northwest is challenged with pine beetles too, I see.  It’s been so dry here, I’m expecting a resurgence in the beetle population ... nailing what’s left of our piñons.

03/24/06 • 09:01 AM • EnvironmentalNatureSanta Fe Local • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

Environmental group sues over endangered Pecos bluntnose shiner.  They’re talking downstream in southern NM, I believe.  The northern part of the river has seen major challenges, due to historical mining.  Still, the remnants of leaching must be a factor, even that far downstream ... ?  Just thinking out loud.

03/24/06 • 08:56 AM • EnvironmentalSanta Fe Local • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

Post office recruiting part-time mail carriers.  A step in the right direction, at least.

03/24/06 • 08:50 AM • Santa Fe Local • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

At home with history.  “Anytime you are looking at a 200- to 300-year-old building, there is going to be a lot of history, a lot of stories.”

03/24/06 • 08:49 AM • HistorySanta Fe Local • No Comments

CNN Money:

At long last, a new home sale slump.  “At long last?”  Delighting in an economic downturn?

03/24/06 • 08:46 AM • Economics • No Comments


Outrage in Afghanistan.  Seems like a good time to point out the difficulties of cultural relativism.

03/23/06 • 08:08 PM • Human RightsScholarly1 Comment

Discovery Channel:

Study: Interior Western U.S. is Sinking. I’ll leave a virtual message-in-a-bottle, if it spreads this far east.

03/23/06 • 07:57 PM • Santa Fe LocalScience • No Comments

CNN Travel:

“This ain’t no foo foo ship.”  Check your weather first.  Some good friends of ours did one of these cruises as a honeymoon ... and were gifted with a full-blown tropical storm.  It was harrowing at the time, but something they’ll always remember ...

03/23/06 • 05:48 PM • Travel • No Comments

Sunset this evening:


another sunset.

03/23/06 • 05:33 PM • PersonalPhotography • No Comments

The University of North Carolina

has a nice little page on brainstorming ...

03/23/06 • 11:15 AM • Scholarly • No Comments


Rails for designers.

03/23/06 • 10:57 AM • DesignInternetSoftware • No Comments

Yahoo News:

1,889 days and no vetoes: Bush gaining on Jefferson.

03/23/06 • 10:55 AM • HistoryPolitics • No Comments


Carbon cloud over a green fuel.  Burning coal to manufacture ethanol.  “Should coal become a standard for 30 to 40 ethanol plants under construction - and 150 others on the drawing boards - it would undermine the environmental reasoning for switching to ethanol in the first place ...”

03/23/06 • 09:29 AM • ConsumptionEconomicsEnvironmental • No Comments

Luminous Landscape:

Image deconstruction.  This made me contemplate that I engage way too often in ‘image de-struction’ before I shoot anything, by overthinking, oversimplifying.

03/23/06 • 09:23 AM • Photography • No Comments
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