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Albuquerque Tribune:

Legislation targets credit cards.  “It also would limit so-called penalty increases in interest rates for payments made after the due date, to a maximum 7 percentage points above the current rate.”  It’s about time Congress addressed usury.

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SF New Mexican/LA Times:

West Nile Virus study: Bird species devastated by disease.  “Of the 20 species included in the study, American crows were the most affected, declining about 45 percent overall from 1998 to 2005. Populations of American robins, chickadees, eastern bluebirds, blue jays, tufted titmice and house wrens also dropped, according to the study.”

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SF New Mexican:

LANL offering tours of art-filled cave.  I may have to hike my camera up there this weekend ...

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SF New Mexican:

What a way to learn that spraypainting graffiti on electrical boxes is a bad idea.

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SF New Mexican:

Sony’s Imageworks to open 100-person shop in Albuquerque.  Excellent.

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Wounded mice offer hair loss hope.

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Malware ‘hijacks Windows Updates’.  Seems like time to turn off ‘Automatic Updates’ until this is sussed ...

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London Review of Books:

President Gore ... Vidal.

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Miami Beach lives or dies by the decidedly unfashionable dump truck.

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I note

WordPress 2.2 is available for download.

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Darwin’s letters archived on web.

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IBM MIT Media Lab:

Using humans to generate power.  Break out your slide rule, and your carb gel.

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A Two-Time Universe? Physicist Explores How Second Dimension of Time Could Unify Physics Laws.

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Rediscovering the <button> element.

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The middle of nowhere.  A different opinion, rarely heard these days.  Sort of a “prime directive” take; let the Middle East grow by itself, and look elsewhere for progress.  The more we meddle, the worse it gets.

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New Statesman:

Future sound.  “Classical music turned into a club, and then found it had a dwindling membership.”

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NY Times Great Homes:

In Normandy, Buying and Restoring.  For about a million (plus the cost of renovation), this far surpasses buying new in the US, IMHO.

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NY Times World:

This seems the day for bizarre news items.  Greenpeace Builds Replica of Noah’s Ark.  What happened to all this jazz about “we can’t fully explore Ararat to look for remnants of the original Ark because the Turkish government prevents exploration”?

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SF New Mexican:

“The Santa Fe Police Department is looking at the possibility of recruiting Mexican nationals to fill vacancies on the city police force, say sergeants in charge of training and recruiting.”  A really bad idea, just waiting for some talking head to point us out as wingnuts.

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SF New Mexican:

LANL: Ex-archivist pleads guilty in security breach.  Just following the story to its end.

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Washington Post:

Housing Slump Continues in April.

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This photo, in addition to the story, will sell one heck of a lot of Giro helmets.

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Earthshattering news.

Bigger than anything you can think of, if you live in Santa Fe.  Bobcat Bite is paving its parking lot.  What are they thinking?  It’ll ruin the hardscrabble character of the place, and make the porch unbearably hot.  Bobcat Bite is, unofficially, the finest burger joint in Northern New Mexico.  People wait outside for extended periods, because it doesn’t hold many.  This changes the character completely.  I have hopes it’ll get buried in dust and dirt ...

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Got the itch to program,

some recommend Scratch.

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CSS menu with a slider.

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