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Oh, damn ...

just look at DP Review today.  A plethora of goodies.  Leica, and Olympus.  Wow.  At least, I’ll send you directly to the digital Leica M8 hands-on preview.  Roughly $4,750 + tax.  In spite of the premium price, one can still hope that used prices in a couple of years, when they upgrade, will be more reasonable (not).

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Death of a Farmer.  Poignant.  Reminds me of my time in Knoxville, Tennessee during college.  I was not just the ‘town kid’, but the ‘Yankee cousin.’  You can probably imagine the jokes that got pulled.

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NY Times:

The art of espresso.  I’ve noticed a greater tendency to emphasize the artistry in the froth-pour lately, where previously it was unceremoniously dumped in the cup and shoved your way.  Time-of-day dependent, also; rush hours, forget it.

Off on a tangent, mentioned in this article: Tattoos, ok.  But I draw the line on baristas with multiple or fresh piercings. Call me a killjoy if you will, but swollen pinkness and thickened skin wrapped around shiny surgical steel, resembling a still-living fetal pig in the process of dissection, ruins my thirst and appetite.  Coffee’s supposed to suppress hepatitis, but it’s better to just not go there.

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NY Times Europe:

In the Netherlands, Life Runs on 2 Wheels (Sometimes 3).  Hooray for my ancestors.

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NY Times Business:

End of the road for the Town Car?  Ah, memories.  Being limo’d home from Manhattan, from Wall Street.  Coincidentally, often by the twin towers.  Or, we’d rent a TC if we couldn’t get a minivan, because you could stuff so much gear in it.  Our entire crew once fit in a TC; 12 people.  Vegas.  When the four people came out of the trunk, you should have seen the look on the valet’s face.  But it’s a gas hog, and it has had a long heyday.  Time to retire.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe High: Rock-hurling students put teacher in hospital.  Read the comments.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Acreage burned by wildfires in 2006 sets 45-year-high.

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SF New Mexican:

Study finds immigrants quick to adopt English.

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Current trends in web design.  Not earth-shattering, but good reference material nonetheless.

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I didn’t know they were putting Capitan Alatriste on the big screen.  Cool.

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Rest in peace,

Ann Richards.  You raised hell, you’ve gone to heaven.  We will miss you.

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You know you’re far from the ‘60’s,

when you hear a DJ exclaim, “That was Robin Trower, Bridge of Sighs ... she was one of the great guitarists ...”

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The Pope Tackles Faith and Terrorism.

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budget deficit, 1961 to present.  Seems legit, the revenue creeps up after the Bush I tax hike, and keeps on under Clinton.  I’d like to see it plotted against GDP and trade deficit, too.

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Explore banned books.

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DP Review:

Pentax comes out fighting with the new K10D.

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American Buddhism on the rise.  It is now the fourth-largest religion.

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Two from Commentary:

As Goes Harvard, and Why Michaelangelo Matters.

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The top 10 classical music downloads on iTunes.  The reviewer misses the link between the 1812 Overture, and ‘V for Vendetta.’

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NY Times Science:

Neanderthals’ Last Stand Is Traced.

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SF New Mexican:

Food for thought.  A GMO advocate is giving a lecture series at SFI.

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Some server problems

this morning.  Bear with me.

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CNN Money:

Why oil won’t go below $60.

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CNN Money:

Rising payments on adjustable-rate mortgages contribute to 53% jump in foreclosures.  Putting Greenspan in a stockade might not do much good, but he would deserve it.

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Spiegel Online:

Made in Italy at Chinese Prices.

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