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SF New Mexican:

Fairgrounds evacuated after containers labeled radioactive found. I am surprised the national media hasn’t more prominently featured this incident.  The use of medical radioactives is exactly what many predict as a most plausible dirty bomb scenario.  A little more info.

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SF New Mexican:

Global Hawk to fly 1st mission over U.S.  “Never flown a mission”, maybe.  I have to assume they were developed and tested on our continent.

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Short BBC Interview

with Henry Kissinger.  “I think we have to separate ourselves from the civil war and we have to move at some early point to some international definition of what a legitimate outcome is. By legitimate I mean something that can be supported by the surrounding states and by ourselves and our allies.”  What a photo.  I find it interesting that almost all conservative thinkers are finally coming around to where they should have been a couple of years ago.  The choice is no longer the binary of ‘victory’ or ‘cut-and-run.’  It’s “what do we have to do to stabilize the area?”  We’re in the Cortes situation; he attempted to decapitate the leadership by taking and controlling Montezuma, without realizing the real power resided with the medicine men and tribal heads.

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NY Times Real Estate:

We have sign-twirlers in Santa Fe, too.  Saw one over by Lowe’s over the weekend.  I thought he was just bored spitless.

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Going on a cruise ship these days, I’m surprised people aren’t packing disposable gloves and n95 masks.  Decorated with tropical foliage patterns, of course.

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Saw “Casino Royale”

this evening [Sunday; need to change weblog time]. I think, as Connery was ‘right’ for his era, Craig fits us just right in this one. I haven’t enjoyed a Bond film this much in eons. Dare I say I like Daniel Craig more than Connery himself, as Bond?  I do. He makes all the previous Bonds, going back to Lazenby, seem coifed poodles. More hairspray than acting ability, if you get my drift. Too bad the franchise can’t always stay this unpolished and ungimmicked.  Is it my imagination, or did I detect some ques from “24”, in the pacing here?  A “District B13”-ish chase scene?  Eva Green, as this film’s “Bond Girl,” is a delicacy who looks most stunning sans makeup.  The Aston Martin DBS isn’t particularly a delicacy, but very tasty.  Recommended.

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SF New Mexican:

“I would come home with pieces of flesh on my shoes. How do you explain that to people?

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NY Times:

On Bond’s Aston.

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NY Times:

No Grunting, They Said, and He Was at the Gym. “At Planet Fitness gyms, grunters and other rule-breakers are treated to an ear-rattling siren with flashing blue lights and a public scolding.”  There’s straining for a weight and then there’s grunting loud enough to knock the mirrors off the walls.  Many full-on ‘grunts’ are howls, purposeful mating calls, accompanied by roving side-to-side eye action.  I can see penalizing those; women have a hard enough time getting through a workout uninterrupted (unless they have the ubiquitous neon earbuds in and a sour look on their faces to broadcast to idiotically childish men, “leave me the f alone”).  I’ve often fantasized about spraying an upside-down can of Dust-Off down the offending maw.  But ‘breathing too hard’?  Get a gym full of geriatrics from the physical therapy joint next door to my gym, and you have a recipe for a rasping, wheezing good time.  Ridiculous, stupid, and unenforceable.

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NY Times:

For 2008 ... candidates, start your websites!

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NY Times:

My high school friend and I used to sit, in the late ‘70’s, and ponder the state of the world’s pollution when China finally had a car for every household.  The article doesn’t mention what I want to know ... catalytic converters, or no?

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe High: Shooting threat shuts school again.  Apparently some kids like being ‘sheltered in place.’  Second day in a row.  No doubt local crooks are noting that “we send every officer we have.”

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SF New Mexican:

Republican Heather Wilson takes the race.  For those of you who have been following along with me.  An 879 vote margin out of 211,000 votes cast.  If anyone mentions the word ‘mandate’, I’ll start chewing concrete.

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The local oriental take-out joint

has the most bizarre fortune cookies.  I often spend days trying to figure out what the author was thinking.  Tonight’s takes the cake:

“Alas! You are the apple of my eye.”

I’d like to send an answer back:

“Happy happy joy joy! You constipate my cerebrum.”

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The Economist,

Buttonwood, The Rich are Different.  “Ajay Kapur of Citigroup has described America as a “plutonomy” where the top 20% account for nearly 60% of all consumption while the bottom fifth spend just 3%. Accordingly, Mr Kapur says the rich matter far more than the “average” consumer; that may explain why American demand was so robust in the face of higher petrol prices.  And the rich are cushioned from the effects of a housing slump.”  In our consumer society, middle- and lower-class population simply don’t matter?  There’s a revelation for you.  The current rising tide only floats luxury yachts.  So I’m not crazy, looking at the price and focus of consumer goods these days.

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Seems we need to develop and fire into earth orbit a cosmic street-sweeper.

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ThinkTank Photo:

A photography pack/bag that rotates around your waist.  Neat, but I hesitate.  Sometimes, things are too gadgety to really work in the field. The more unique features, the more likely they’ll fail under hard use.  Still, it looks like a viable solution to certain shooting situations ...

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More vicious than rape.  Not for a weak stomach, unless television’s plethora of forensic fetishism has anaesthetized outrage.  And this deserves a level of outrage that I simply cannot humanly contain.

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Rob Galbraith:

Macworld says recent Mac OS update, 10.4.8, gives notable speed bump to Photoshop on Intel Macs.

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NY Times:

Talk to the Newsroom.  “I worked for one national newspaper with a conservative editorial page and another with a liberal one. Both are great newspapers, and at both the newsrooms operate independently from the editorial opinion-makers.”  My italics.

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NY Times Fashion & Style:

Loose lips enrage hips. Personal training isn’t all that far from any other medical function; confidentiality should be a given.

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NY Times:

The miracle of red wine resveratrol.  It’s been linked all over the place, but what the hey.  Maybe one of you hasn’t seen it yet.

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NY Times Escapes:

Hunting Wild Turkey in Wine Country, Calif.  A friend who hunts locally served up real wild turkey one Thanksgiving. The flavor is altogether different than domesticated turkey, making the store-bought horribly bland and dull.

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SF New Mexican:

Wilson’s lead shrinks slightly: Bernalillo County still counting in 1st District race.  There’s a part of me that says, “keep counting,” and another part that says, “just concede.”  At a certain point, hanging on becomes a negative for the candidate.

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SF New Mexican:

Score!  Senate OKs Valle Vidal protection.

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