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Washington Post:

Blossoms, Inc. An interesting subject.  On BBC World News last night, there was some British government spokesperson saying the growing of Kenyan flowers generates one fifth the carbon emissions of comparable Dutch flowers, even including shipping (air transport) costs.  I’ve been trying to find verification for that figure, without success.  Carbon emission isn’t the only ethical issue.  If I find that BBC report on video, I’ll link it later on.

Related: The Economist, Roses are blue, violets are red.  Biotech flowers.  Can glowing roses be far behind?

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Don’t call your child “smart.”

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NY Times Travel:

The joys of ‘deprivation travel.’  “As a touch of comfort, the outhouse’s toilet seat hangs on a hook by the stove to keep it warm.”

A direct link to the Southwest Nordic Center, if you’ve got the snowshoes for it. More expensive models with heel lifters might be in order.

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Now here’s a quiet little news item ...

Kansas: Anti-Evolution Guidelines Are Repealed.

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New York Times:

The science of learning how to preserve painted artworks.

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NY Times Asia Pacific:

Outside Pressures Broke Korean Deadlock.  No doubt China got upset at the nuclear detonation, but it was a sea-change in policy in Washington that allowed this new ‘Agreed Framework’ to happen.  This time, plutonium-producing light water nuclear reactors should probably be shelved, at least until compliance over Yongbon and other nuclear sites is verified.

Related: National Review, Agreeing to the Same Framework. After hearing John Bolton’s comments last evening, I wondered where NRO would put their line in the sand.  I find myself agreeing; there needs to be a bit more ‘good faith’ in up-front dismantlement.

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SF New Mexican:

“A drunken-driving suspect found headed the wrong way Saturday on Interstate-25 could face charges as a first-time offender despite at least three prior driving-while-intoxicated arrests listed on court and law-enforcement records.

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SF New Mexican:

I think a botanical garden is a great idea for Santa Fe.  One would expect the NIMBY dissent no matter where the site was.

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San Francisco Chronicle:

Los Alamos scientist criticizes federal approach to arsenal.  “The time is right ... A confluence of events has now allowed the debate to progress, including the changes in Congress, the maturation of the stockpile stewardship program and the recognition by the military that RRW [“Reliable Replacement Warhead”] is feasible. A few years ago, we didn’t have that.”

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again.  I just had the novel experience of seeing my entire driveway clear for the first time over two months, and here comes another blanket of snow.

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Simple Round CSS Links ( Wii Buttons ).

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generously offers some glass buttons, in vector format, for free download.

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The man who most deserves a monument in Washington DC, will never get one.

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NY Times Real Estate:

Yep, every pixel counts. A couple of comments. 

A professional photographer will not alter a photo of a home to remove obvious flaws in that home.  There’s some legal liability here to ‘truthfully represent.’  You can’t be Photoshopping trees around, hiding plaster cracks, pasting sky over telephone lines and generators, or moving additions from one side of the house to the other.  Beware the amateur real estate photographer, or realtor/photographer.

In some homes, staging is the only way to communicate the potential of a quirky space.  Expectations must be fulfilled.

Words are a vital part ― words and visuals must harmonize to give a clear (‘optimistic’) representation of the property. 

Realtor websites are rife with CMS boilerplate dross, online services that offer the same forms, Flash, and other widgets for $600 and more a year.  Individuality?  Precious little in this sector. Better to craft your own individual ego-branding, and link to the company MLS.

Buyers tend to dislike virtual tours, preferring a slide show of quality photographs ... the larger, the better.  Every realtor I deal with tells me that virtual tours leave the buyers dissatisfied, because reality doesn’t match their perceptions of the space as rendered by virtual tour.

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Very busy today,

so postings will be thin and irregular, if at all.

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NY Times Travel:

Time-Traveling in Oxford, England.

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NY Times:

Sharing of Bison Range Management Breaks Down.

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SF New Mexican:

Navajos file petition against uranium mining in northwest New Mexico.  Here’s more from those who must live with the ‘fallout.’

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SF New Mexican:

And, as a result of all this snow, how’s our drought situation doing?  Fair to middling, but the long-term drought is relatively unaffected by this blip.  Do check out this photo to see how some of our residents have to cope with deep, sticky mud as the snow continues to melt.

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Edwards blogger bails after Catholic-bashing flap. Go to the source and read what Amanda says.

And check out the portrait she points to, while you’re there.  [I would use Pandagon’s permalinks, but they seem broken at the moment.]

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Keeping choice on the Gardasil vaccine.  “Among the 25,000 patients who took part in early tests, only 1,194 – less than 5 percent – were preteen girls. That is hardly a reason to turn girls into medical guinea pigs.”  CSM pretty well agrees with my previous take on the issue.

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Does ‘24’ encourage US interrogators to ‘torture’ detainees?  “In fact, Finnegan [US Army Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan] and the others had come to voice their concern that the show’s central political premise – that the letter of American law must be sacrificed for the country’s security – was having a toxic effect.”

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Washington Post:

Pincus Reveals Fleischer as CIA Leak Source.  “Novak took the stand this afternoon and testified that he learned about Plame’s CIA role from Armitage and confirmed the information with White House senior adviser Karl Rove.”  Excuse me, but isn’t this the real crux of the matter?

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If you recall,

Tobias found some mystery notes in his pocket, and I linked to his post.  A kind individual in Australia answered back.

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I don’t know ...

whether it was the County, or a private citizen, but someone’s filled some of the potholes on St. Michaels with ... dirt. 

It helps.

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