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Not necessarily for podcasting, but I need to find a decent piece of equipment to tote around that will do good-quality audio recording.  Vocal interviews or speeches only.  No music.  One that will allow simple offloading to a PC for editing and uploading.  One that uses decent-quality microphones (purchased separately).  It’s been a while since I’ve been digging in audio hardware ... anyone got any favorites they can point me to?  Or websites that deal with this?

Later: Thinking of the M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96.  Takes professional mics.

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Cool down your MacBook or MacBook Pro.  If you manage to make one fly like an R/C helicopter, please post a photo.

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NY Times Politics:

Tables Turned for the G.O.P. Over Iraq Issue.  Republican Wilson here in NM is fielding an ad that shows a phone call from the Middle East to Denver, purportedly tipping off a sleeper cell ... leaving the outcome as a mystery.  The militaristic computer graphics make the call look like a “War Games” nuke arriving in Denver.  That same indomitable, unstoppable glowing line.  She faults Democrat Madrid for opposing legislation to monitor these phone calls ... but then, Wilson did herself.  Or am I misunderstanding something?  We shouldn’t vote for her competitor, because her competitor agrees with her?  So help me God, election politics has me completely bamboozled this time around.  If I’m reading this right, Madrid should jump on this ad, today.

Further: I think candidates should be required by the FEC to post all their commercials on their websites.  Don’t you?  I’d surely like to point you all to this one, render some accountability.

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NY Times Home & Garden:

Will Work for Friends.  Structure, to guarantee a equitable share of effort and time, is the key.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Mexico rejects biotech corn planting.

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Busy today.

I took the dive and installed IE7.  Haven’t had much time to use it yet, but I normally run ExpressionEngine’s control panels in IE (doesn’t display well in my FF, for some reason), so I’ll have a better feel later today after updating some client sites.  My initial impression is ... snappy performance, perhaps an overly minimal default interface.  More, perhaps, later.

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Where does one begin?  This is nothing like the trilogy of books, ‘My Friend Flicka’, ‘Thunderhead’, and ‘Green Grass of Wyoming.’  So much for poor Ken Mclaughlin ... he’s had a sex change, and a modern coming-of-age interpretation haphazardly stapled on.  Would you turn Frodo into a Frodette?  Are males not allowed to express deep emotion?  Try this with a Marguerite Henry novel (like ‘King of the Wind’ or ‘Misty of Chincoteague’), get lynched at the nearest horse farm by a stampede of youngsters.  Forget about the film, unless you’re too young to read the books. You will lose some of the finest lessons that childhood fiction can impart.

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Nice, bipartisan sentiment.  Please, don’t let the door hit your habeas corpus on the way out.

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Shopping cart art.

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Bubbles never forget.

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Washington Post:

What Democrats would do.  Bush may find his veto pen, after all.

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Washington Post, Ruth Marcus column:

Why I’m not under the Tuscan sun.

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NY Times Politics:

Ex-House Clerk May Be a Key in Foley’s Case.  When a case hinges around one witness, get ready for surprises.  No doubt individuals (and organizations) are working double-time to find character defamation revelations to mollify any accusations this young man may level.

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NY Times:

Oil Rises on Shrinking U.S. Fuel Supply.  Plenty of crude, but refined supplies are down.  They don’t answer the question that begs answer, after reading the second paragraph ... exactly why did refinery activity fall?  Our internal refining “OPEC”, at work to maintain a certain price level?

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Times Online.UK:

Man has throat slashed in ‘web rage’.  I have been expecting a crime like this for a very, very long time.  Every one of us can be all-too-easily traced to our domiciles.  Be judicious ... there is no such thing as ‘secret’ or ‘privacy’ on the ‘net.

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Japan’s Aso urges atomic debate.  The last two paragraphs of this article point out the foolishness of ignoring North Korea for this long.

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“US consumer prices fell 0.5% last month, their sharpest decline in nearly a year, in an apparent signal that inflationary pressures are easing.”  Let’s hope this allows the Fed to stop with the rate increases.

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SF New Mexican:

Southwest sets cities, fares for expanded service from home airport in wake of new law.

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SF New Mexican:

Condé Nast says Santa Fe is the #2 favorite travel destination of its readers.

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Times Online.UK:


“If it’s her you want
I don’t care about that
You can have my girl
But don’t touch my hat

Apologies to Lyle Lovett.

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Washington Post:

Lower Deficit Sparks Debate Over Tax Cuts’ Role.  Once again, voodoo economics is bankrupt economics.

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Ars Technica:

Please stand by.  I disdain the fact that some modern electronics don’t even bother with on-off switches these days, going for the permanent standby mode.

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The New Yorker:

The 40 million dollar elbow.  The painting, itself, for reference.

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Two for programming:

Create a simple liquid layout in CSS, and WYMstyle.

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Back to ‘regular’ milk.  Not pricey organic, not growth-hormone infused. Just plain old milk.

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