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Rob Galbraith:

The Nikon D3 is shipping.

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Joseph Conrad had a great face.  Among other greatnesses.

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Why book tours are passé.

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The Art Newspaper:

Gauguin’s teeth found in well.  He liked sweets.

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NY Times Opinion:

Krugman, Innovating Our Way to Financial Crisis.  A slap at Rand-ian business philosophy.

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NY Times US:

Official Leaves Post as Texas Prepares to Debate Science Education Standards.  Whichever side you sit upon, primary and secondary schools are no place to ‘teach the controversy.’  You teach what current science deems best, until a new theory overthrows it in scientific circles.  I do not feel that children should be used as innocent pawns to push a particular agenda, religious or political, to their (and our) detriment.

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NY Times:

Putting a Price on a Wrongful Conviction.

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NY Times:

Imus returns to the airwaves, at WABC-AM.  The supplied photo on the Times website, there’s a resemblance to Donald Trump that I never noticed before.

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SF New Mexican:

Rio Grande Voices: Revering old man river.

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‘Mummy’ yields rock-solid info on dinosaurs.  Not really a mummy, this specimen displays fossilized muscle and skin.

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Times Online.UK:

“A senior lawyer for the American government has told the Court of Appeal in London that kidnapping foreign citizens is permissible under American law because the US Supreme Court has sanctioned it.”

12/02/07 • 12:06 PM • LawPolitics • No Comments

NY Times:

Business Lobby Presses Agenda Before ’08 Vote.  Does anyone have faith that unregulated business will make rational long-term decisions that are moral and benefit mankind?  Does anyone believe the market encourages good business behavior?  Does anyone believe bad business behavior is levied appropriate disincentive and punishment?  History, as I read it, resounds with a loud “no”.

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NY Times US:

Effort to Limit Junk Food in Schools Faces Hurdles.  “This pits ideals about what children should eat at school against the political reality of large food corporations insisting their foods be available to children at all times.”  Sugar and caffeine mitigate against young students sitting and learning.  Certainly, at a minimum, they do not belong in primary school.  The thought of a first-grade class hyped on high fructose corn syrup ‘fruit’ drinks, sugary snacks (and perhaps caffeine) seems like a recipe for hell on earth.

12/02/07 • 10:03 AM • ChildhoodFoodHealthScholarly1 Comment

SF New Mexican:

Winds blast rodeo grounds.  Those winds are still evident today ... be careful driving around. You never know what’ll end up on the road in front of you, or what might dislodge from the tops of buildings.

12/02/07 • 09:47 AM • Santa Fe Local • No Comments

NY Times:

“Over the past 20 years, the World Bank and some rich nations Malawi depends on for aid have periodically pressed this small, landlocked country to adhere to free market policies and cut back or eliminate fertilizer subsidies, even as the United States and Europe extensively subsidized their own farmers. But after the 2005 harvest, the worst in a decade, Bingu wa Mutharika, Malawi’s newly elected president, decided to follow what the West practiced, not what it preached.

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Poll finds more Americans believe in devil than Darwin.

They who trade logos for muthos kill the angels of reason - who are no threat to any Omnipotent.  Nightwish, “Amaranth.”

12/01/07 • 10:05 AM • ReligionScience • No Comments


Evel Knievel, legendary daredevil, dies.  He’d been overpromoted in the ‘70’s, but you couldn’t help being morbidly curious about whether he’d finally splatter himself all over something or somewhere.  Reading about him recently, he seemed in a great deal of physical pain from all his injuries.  This goodbye is, therefore, bittersweet.  I rev my motorcycle in remembrance.  Rest in peace.

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Algae is where you want to be.  Told you so.

11/30/07 • 09:05 AM • Science • No Comments


What can’t be named Muhammad?

11/30/07 • 08:55 AM • ChildhoodHuman RightsReligion • No Comments


First Americans All from Siberia, Study Confirms.  And in one migration, rather than many.  Via Blivet 2.0.

11/30/07 • 08:47 AM • HistoryScience1 Comment

Yahoo News:

“A federal appeals court on Thursday set aside a settlement between freelance writers and a group of publishers, including New York Times Co and Thomson Corp, in a copyright case involving work posted online or in databases.”  Keep your eyes on this one.

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Times Online.UK:

Leaf from Amadeus Mozart’s masterpiece for sale to the tune of £100,000.

11/30/07 • 08:38 AM • ArtsHistoryMusic • No Comments

NY Times Editorial:

The Capitol’s Rich Afterlife.  When they work with their kids, one suspects they’re flush with green.  You can see why politicians are loath to corral lobbying ... it’s their retirement plan.

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NY Times:

Oil Prices Drop Below $90 a Barrel.

11/30/07 • 08:31 AM • ConsumptionEconomics • No Comments

NY Times Movie Review:

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.  Reminiscent of Nortier in “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

11/30/07 • 08:20 AM • ArtsBooksEntertainment • No Comments
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