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I hope

Mr Obama does not let his internet network dissipate.  His email of last night implies that he will not.  It is a new age, and he needs direct contact with his constituency as this historic presidency moves forward.

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Washington Post:

McCain Asks His Backers to Get Behind Obama.  I found this sign-off completely sad.  The audience made it so.  In 2000, we webloggers were interested in McCain, the rumors that he might throw off the establishment and make an independent run.  He was moderate-right, not a Bush clone then.  If Gore was going to continue to garner bad press and little voter enthusiasm ... McCain in 2000 form would have been much better than Bush. 

Terrible to see this great man, never completely trusted or backed by his party, have to give a concession speech in front of a crowd of ill-tempered loudmouths.  He deserved much better than that.

That being said, the negative campaigning of the last month or two has been terribly negative, and that audience is a bellwether (they were invitation-only, supposedly the cream of the crop).  Mr McCain, won’t you and Governor Palin do more to defuse the dangerous fears you’ve instilled in your followers?  It’s not enough to concede with a nice speech and just step off the stage.  You’ve left a bleeding wound that must be healed ... a wound that cannot be staunched by Mr Obama alone.  Your supporters hate and fear him ... look at the message boards on right-leaning media sources. 

We get a flavor of the opposition to Lincoln.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some Southern states decide to float ‘secession’ legislation when their State houses meet next.

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I don’t know about you,

but I really wanted to believe FiveThirtyEight.com during this election cycle.  Yet I couldn’t, completely.  After two defeats, in ‘00 and ‘04, I hesitated to trust any poll-based analysis.  Their analysis of national polls has been proven, I think, sufficiently now.  Hope they’re around next time ... but I’m sure many want to snap those folks up.

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NY Times Start Ups:

Finding out you’ve been laid off, from the company weblog.

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NM election results

are in a table on the home page of the New Mexican.  Scroll down a bit.

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Change has come.

And, if I may say so, after weblogging through 2000 and 2004 ... it’s about damned time.

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Looks like

a clean sweep in NM for the Democrats.  Obama, and all the Congressional races go to the Dems.  Fan-damn-tastic.

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7:02, just after poll close.

AP is calling the Senate race here for Tom Udall (Dem).

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Barack Obama.

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5:50 Update.

Local polling spot is still doing a modest business.  Parking lot still 2/3 full.  Obama support crew still there, still no McCain presence.  See earlier 1:00 post as to why turnout is light.

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My post times are wrong since DST switchover.

Forgot to set the prefs properly.  Subtract an hour from the time of my posts today and yesterday, if time is critical.  EE automatically adjusts.  My bad.

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Albuquerque Journal:

McCain’s at Cutter Aviation in Albuquerque right now, apparently.  Sounds like Joe Lieberman (the “other” VP) and Lyndsey Graham are accompanying him.  Cutter Aviation is at the Albuquerque Sunport (airport), which shares runways with Kirtland Air Force Base.  Playing to his strongest audience, the military vote.  Kirtland is the largest stockpile of strategic nuclear weapons in the world, storing over 3,000 individual nuclear devices ... in case you didn’t know.

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Race in the race.  The NY Times is recommending folks watch “The Candidate”, from ‘72.  I say the hell with that ... watch “In the Heat of the Night.” 

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Local update, 1:00PM:

Just walked by the local polling location a couple of times, at the elementary school down the road, and the parking lot looks to be consistently about 2/3 full.  No lines outside of the school, and that’s good, because there’s a brisk cold wind blowing that would make outside waiting a penance.  We’re a small community here, 2000-2500 homes in the immediate surrounding area, and the early voting turnout was significant (over 3000 at the middle of last week), so I’m surprised there are that many people still voting.

A group of Obama supporters have drinks and folding chairs in the far NE edge of the parking lot.  No McCain presence, that I can detect.

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Local voting update, 12 noon TV news:

Two items of note.

One: McCain may be making appearances in Colorado and New Mexico today; his pollsters seem to think the race has tightened enough that he could take those states. Given the early voting percentages in New Mexico, I think it’s unlikely another appearance will do anything.  His last appearance didn’t get impressive numbers (less than 2,000, I understand).

Two, and most important: TV anchor said that “if you show up at a polling place wearing a T-shirt or button proclaiming your candidate, you will not be allowed to vote.”  Leave the political adornments at home before you go to cast your ballots.  I sincerely hope polling place personnel walk the lines to let people know this, if it is indeed true.

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You knew an ‘Antichrist’ comparison was coming,

but it is a sign of how far new Republican philosophy has declined, that National Review has actually posted an article implying it.  Today, of all days.  Desperation, I suppose.

Every major figure since Revelation was written has been tattooed at least once with the label of “Antichrist” by their opposition.  The Second Coming is always “just around the corner.”  The religious have lived in fear for two thousand years. If you’ve read even a smidge of Western Civ, you’d know this. Do a Google on every President of the last few decades, using their name + Antichrist, and you’ll find a plethora of supporting evidence ‘proving’ that individual is the Antichrist.  Including Republican icon Ronald Reagan.

As I said, I miss the Republican Party that scowled at this sort of nonsense.  Do not reward the current bearers of that party affiliation.

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Brain slows at 40, starts body decline.  Again, we hear the mantra: use it, or lose it.

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Ignore Exit Polls.  Sad part is, there is a certain part of the populace that will be either energized to go out and vote or depressed into staying home by the results of such polls.  Vote your preference, ignore today’s polls.

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Study Proves Blogs Influence Online Population Once Again.  “... the most important part of the study must be very reassuring for everyone trying (or hoping) to make money blogging: it is the fact that people actually tend to trust advertising on blogs more than advertising they see on other mediums, including social networks or mainstream media sites. Ads that appear alongside the content of trusted blogs receive readers’ trust as an additional: 25% of all blog readers trust ads they see on blogs.”  My italics. 

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Washington Post, On Faith:

An Election-Eve Call to Reconciliation.  “I’ve begun to realize that morality shouldn’t be legislated. However, that stance is unthinkable, as well, to an evangelical. Evangelicals feel that God should be on the throne in our country. But our government is not a theocracy; it’s a democracy—and people of different faiths must work together, side-by-side, on the assembly line and in the board room.”

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I wonder if

there’ll be a Steelers over Redskins effect in Western Pennsylvania today.  People often like to vote with a winner ...

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For you politics-hounds,

local news related that nearly half a million New Mexicans early voted.  Our total population in this state is just short of two million.

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Spiegel Online:

Archaeologists Unveil Secrets of Luther’s Life.  The evidence points to more affluence than Martin Luther affected.

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I know, I know. You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not know today is Election Day in America. This is your last chance to make your voice heard.  Find your polling place, get there early, take a book, an mp3 player, a folding chair (if need be), and be prepared to stay until your vote is tallied.  Don’t do the ‘straight party’ vote button, select your candidates individually.  Double-check everything’s correct before hitting the final vote button.  Some places offer paper alternatives.  You might want to consider them.

If I may, I’d like to make a personal plea.  Do what you can to help the Democrats get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  Republicans, conservatives and neocons need to get their backsides kicked for the behavior of the last eight years.  Greedy, big-spending buffoons who turned their backs on their own stated philosophies.  Send them to the wilderness, so they can get in touch with their fiscal conservative roots again, their historical disdain for wasteful foreign entanglements.  If we leave them a minority that can filibuster, they’ll simply continue as a mean, backbiting element in our daily lives and not learn anything from the [likely] electoral Titanic they’re about to suffer.  If there’s anything you learn in politics, it is that a good opponent makes you better.  I’d like to see the Republicans return with ideas, not innuendo and insults.

Always remember, good people can have many different reasons for disagreeing with your political philosophy.  Spirited discussion and disagreement is normal ... differing political views show the strength of our democracy.  BUT ... at this point in time, everyone’s made up their minds.  Let them register their votes without being accosted ideologically.

Later in the day: CBS News, Fox News Gets Angry As Election Nears.  Evidence for my second paragraph, above.

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Geologists say drilling caused Indonesian mud volcano.  Doing a little further digging, the Geological Society of America indicates that the drilling company was using poor fracturing techniques, almost guaranteeing a blowout.  I quote, “... well-bore pressures following drilling problems in Banjar Panji-1 reached magnitudes in excess of the fracture pressure and thus were sufficient to create fluid flow pathways in the subsurface.” 

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