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Cave is an Ice Age time capsule.

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NY Times:

Circulation Plunges at Major Newspapers.

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When to use tables for layout.

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The Economist:

Our economy slows, climate change will affect it, and “The US population has officially hit 300m people. In a poll, all but six of them agreed we need a new strategy in Iraq.”

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The truth behind women ‘opting out’.  “They are pushed out by workplace inflexibility, the lack of supports, and a workplace bias against mothers.”  I hear more stories of women being relegated due to pregnancy (in some convenient, ‘legal’ form), some soft-discriminated against because they are recently married and of child-bearing age (a ‘risk’), or singles having to work overtime because others in the firm are taking time off for kids.  “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” is the sentiment I hear expressed most. 

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Luminous Landscape:

Leica M8, hands-on review.  Ah, to have unlimited funds ...

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Spiegel Online.DE:

How Globalization Is Creating a New European Underclass.  The rise of Onslow [“Keeping Up Appearances”].

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NY Times:

New culprit in climate change: Airlines.  Not so very new, it’s just that noone ever thinks to notice that airplanes don’t have pollution controls.  No catalytic convertors.  No mufflers.  Most people just assume what is developed for automobile engines gets ‘automatically’ applied to airplanes.  Pollution controls are weighty and cut into profit margins. Airlines fight and lobby against such strictures as if their lives depend upon it.  Fact is, airliners are putting pollution in the high atmosphere, right in the best possible spot to realize the worst effects.

A decade or so ago, I saw a special after a particularly fiery and deadly plane crash, about new technologies to make airliners safer.  One was a Canadian individual who came up with a light metal mesh that is installed in airliner gas tanks.  The mesh prevents the expansion of gas, preventing explosions ... limiting the flames to localized fire around the tanks.  Very light, might have reduced carrying capacity by about 12 passengers (if my memory is correct) in a large airliner.  I haven’t heard a peep about it since.

Bring back dirigibles.

Related: Stop global warming! Lose weight.

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NY Times:

Liberal Republican Suburb Turns Furious With G.O.P.  I find you don’t have to be a ‘liberal Republican’ to be furious at the abandonment of fiscal conservative and personal liberty principles.  “Normal” Republicans of my acquaintance are furious, also.  Whether that fury will remain, when they’re standing in a voting booth, remains to be seen.  As some have intimated, it’s so very difficult to pull that lever, the lever that counters your historical philosophy.

Related: The elephant in the room.

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NY Times:

Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit.

Ahem.  After eight years of Latin in school, I can jokingly ask ... Mene incepto desistere victam?

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NY Times Politics:

In Key House Races, Democrats Run to the Right.  Hmmm, and here right-wing news sources and weblogs seem to believe that the Democratic Party only has room for like-minded liberal clones.

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NY Times Middle East:

U.S. Is Said to Fail in Tracking Arms for Iraqis.  Can we screw up this endeavor in Iraq any more thoroughly?  I’d like to see the report, to find out what ‘other weapons’ are. 

Later: As I feared, grenade launchers, and possibly worse.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Army monitors soldiers’ blogs, web sites.  Would Willy and Joe be censored today?  I fear so.

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SF New Mexican:

Rich but thrifty interment.

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Block automatic print dialogs in Firefox.  Ah, blissful relief.

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‘Tis the season ...


sunset this eve.

... for great sunsets.  Wear your long snuggies, though.  Gets mighty chilly standing around watching.

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NY Times Music:

The Who is back.

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you’re bored this morning.

Continue here.

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Seen on a car in SF today:


“Iraq ... $196,000 per minute.”

“WMDs ... Iraq: 0.  Albuquerque: 2,500.”

Albuquerque is rumored to be one of the three ‘secret’ repositories of tactical nukes in America.

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NY Times:

End of the Line for Ford Taurus.  I know I shouldn’t gloat.  But I really feel like celebrating the fact I won’t have to look at these ugly beasts ever again.

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[A] Few CSS tricks you may not know.

Oh, and 14 tips to speed up your web pages.

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NY Times:

A rock makes an impact in Brooklyn.

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SF New Mexican:

The continued saga of the LANL security issue.  Lab confirms classified material found.

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SF New Mexican:

“The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, generally called by its acronym UNESCO, designated nine municipalities worldwide as Creative Cities for excellence in a particular field. Santa Fe—the only American Creative City—was designated in 2005 as a City of Folk Art and Design.

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SF New Mexican:

Albuquerque firm helps Richardson slim down.  Trying to avoid the ‘fat cat’ impression.  I hope it becomes a lifestyle choice for him, but ‘shakes’ usually end up being a short-term fix.  Time was, when I was a youth in NJ, I’d see our varied Governors out pounding the pavement ... jogging.  No security details.  Different era.

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