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Who else remembers playing with Wham-O Air Blasters?!  Check eBay, you oldsters.  We shoulda kept ‘em ... we’d be rich!

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Recollection Books:

Remembering Reagan.  [Cartoon]  Truths versus revisionist history.  I suppose schoolchildren are told Reagan is one of our greatest Presidents.  In very few places do you hear what was common during the ‘80’s ... “Hold on to your seatbelts ... he’s winging it again.”

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“It was like having a lot of pearls and no string to attach them to ...”  For those of you who are also friends of tortured creative types, that statement will be familiar.  New Frida Kahlo biography. 

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SF New Mexican:

Panel gives green light to drilling ordinance.  Hooray!  We now have one of the most comprehensive [and, might I say, commonsensical] drilling ordinances in the country ... and one that puts limits on fracking chemicals.

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As if you couldn’t tell ...

I’m flippin’ busy today.  Links later on.

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GMail redux.

I turned off special themes, https, all kinds of stuff.  No difference.  I sent Google a service request (after going through their Help suggestions; you apparently have to do all the browser cache and cookie clearings before you get an email form), and about six hours after I sent that service ticket, GMail’s working at normal speed again.  I think the service request did the trick.  I’ll post another link if service degrades again.

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NY Times Automobiles:

Fast-Tracking Some Good Cars.  Get ‘em over here already.  Like this one.  [I’ve been stupidly grinning as I watch that movie.]

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Right next door ...

to a black hole.  I’d call that the feel-good link of the day, putting perspective on the financial crisis ...

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Ah, dinosaurs were airheads ...

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NY Times NY Region:

Where Stars Go for a Wax and Peel.

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CNet News:

Black spots afflict Canon’s new SLR.  The new 5D Mark II, apparently has some rollout glitches.  There’s a temporary fix mentioned here.

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BBC Newsbeat:

Inside a US sex addiction clinic.  And the one the BBC chose to profile is here in Santa Fe.  The Life Healing Center does a lot more than just sex addiction.  Check their site.

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NY Times Health:

“The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine is reporting that children born in the fall have a 30 percent higher risk for asthma than those born in other seasons.

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Digital Journalist,

December issue is up.  Extra-great articles this month.

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The Office Blog:

Insane home office setups.  That much blue light, I doubt the owners of these setups sleep.

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“More than half of mortgages modified in a bid to avoid foreclosure fell delinquent within six months ...”  What do you do when refinance assistance doesn’t help?  Rent, I suppose.  Unfortunately, by my brief research, rents are only coming down in price at the top end of the scale ... middle and lower class rentals are staying steady, relatively unaffected by this foreclosure crunch.

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Tribune files for bankruptcy protection. Hit the pulldowns on the right side of their website to see who they own.

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ars technica:

Online journalists now jailed more often than other media.  As the world gets more wired, perhaps we travelling webloggers will encounter unfriendly security services who will escort us to small dark prisons for comments we made about (name of controversial country/dictator/etc.).

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How Freddie Mac halted regulatory drive.  “Power brokers such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich were recruited with six-figure contracts. Freddie Mac paid the following amounts to the firms of former Republican lawmakers or ex-GOP staffers in 2006:  Sen. Alfonse D’Amato of New York, at Park Strategies, $240,000, Rep. Vin Weber of Minnesota, at Clark & Weinstock, $360,297, Rep. Susan Molinari of New York, at Washington Group, $300,062, Susan Hirschmann at Williams & Jensen, former chief of staff to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, $240,790.”  Read Fox’s interview with Gingrich, for grins.

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The Economist:

When town halls turn to Mecca.

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The Economist:

A cyber-attack alarms the Pentagon.  War is costly, worms and viruses are cheap?

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The Blackbird Fly TLR camera.  $120.  Will take 35mm as well as 120/220.  Comes in colors, too.  Better to save for a used Rolleiflex, but in this economy ...

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“... that’s like buying a new BMW every year and driving it off a cliff.”

Pleading Poverty: Colleges Want Parents to Foot the Bill for Their Largess.  Wall Street Journal link, so you know what to expect ... still worth the read.

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New tools to help with information overload.

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GMail seems terribly slow these days.

Anyone else notice?  Or is it just me?

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