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relates personal experience with a Hyundai Santa Fe.  Previously.

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Yahoo News/Reuters:

AIDS virus weakness detected.  “Having that site and knowing that you can make antibodies against it means that a vaccine is possible ... [snip] ... It doesn’t say we’ve gotten there. But it’s taken it off the list from an impossible dream and converted it to something that is a (mere) technical barrier.”

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Four days

‘till Adobe Lightroom 1.0 is available.  Can’t wait.

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Author, author! Ten times over ... Writers list their greatest reads.  “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below; Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”

Later: The Complete Review has another take on the book.

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Chicago Tribune:

A lost art: Romance in the age of irony.  We live in an instant-gratification world; flirtation and anticipation are not just unappreciated joys, they’ve been completely forgotten.  Much great romantic poetry would never have been written, without the longing of a desirous soul.

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Yahoo News/Reuters:

Newsroom spending raises profits.  This is a conclusion worth studying, for ‘group’ weblog sites.

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NY Times Washington:

For Liberal Bloggers, Libby Trial Is Fun and Fodder. “It seems they can provide legal analysis and a level of detail that might not be of interest to the general public but certainly has an audience.”  And, “They’re putting in a lot more opinion and a lot more color than the traditional reporters.”

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NY Times Politics:

Rudy throws his hat in the ring.  A lot of “I guesses.”

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NY Times Health:

Scientists Warn That Bird-Flu Virus Remains a Threat.  Now here’s a little fact I didn’t know: “... the 1918 virus had a 2 percent fatality rate and yet still killed 50 million to 100 million because it was so transmissible.”  2 percent is a great deal lower than the impression I’d formed from news reports.  This new one is a much different, more virulent threat: “It killed more people in 2006 than it did in 2005 or 2004, they point out, and its fatality rate is rising — 61 percent now, up from 43 percent in 2005.”  My italics, in both quotes.

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SF New Mexican:

Buried records at LANL may be needed for nuclear workers health study.  “In a memo released last week, the Energy Department told the federal Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health it would take six months and cost $1.5 to $3 million to exhume the Mound records and another year and up to $6 million to scan them to create uncontaminated copies.”  More background info.

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SF New Mexican:

Decisions loom as toilet retrofits wane. Petulant politicians ponder potty perils?

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SF New Mexican:

Local guitarist Ruben Romero has passed away.  Many’s the night we would stop and listen to him at the Eldorado.  I have an image of him, someplace, performing at Spanish Market.  I’ll see if I can find it.  A talented, kind and generous man.  Rest in peace, sir.

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SF New Mexican:

Final decision: The proposed Rail Runner train route between Santa Fe and Albuquerque will go down the I-25 median.  If they were *really* smart, they’d find a way to take it into town down Cerrillos Road, the big box mercantile strip, with a stop or two along the way.

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CNN Health:

Salmonella in peanut butter. Beware of Peter Pan and Great Value.

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CNN Money:

Dollar coins again.  Carrying six of ‘em, you’d lean hard to port (or starboard, whichever pocket you used).  The darned things were just too heavy, I don’t see why they’d succeed now.  More info, from the US Mint.

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“Thomas E. Starzl pioneered organ transplantation with antirejection drugs ― an approach he hopes to end through a phenomenon called microchimerism.

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color visualizer.

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Design Meltdown,

Design elements, trends & problems in web design.

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highlights the best of the best web design outfits.

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Dzone Snippets:

Load CSV data into a database (with Scriptella).

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Mining heat from the earth? New technology shows promise. Wind and solar are all very good, but geothermal needs to be kicked to a higher priority, IMHO.

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Reports on global warming lag behind the science.  “While some critics hold that the report and its summary are the work of faceless bureaucrats, the main science report – more than 1,600 pages in its draft form – was compiled by 150 scientists as main authors, another 400 scientists as contributing authors, a team of review editors, and some 600 reviewers. The document went through two rounds of reviews. And unlike past efforts, review editors required chapter authors to respond to each responsible review comment.”  Sounds like a wiki job to me.

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Ancient coin shows Cleopatra was no beauty.  Well, of course not.  Given that she was born in 69 BC, this would make her comparatively old at 35.  Cleopatra took the throne when she was 17.  Find a coin from then.

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Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Go here, pick something out, and drive your Valentine bananas [some NSFW].

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Large squid lights up for attack.  Fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

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