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‘Super-scope’ to see hidden texts.

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Washington Post:

Rare Hemingway Proof to Be Auctioned.  “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”  I wouldn’t necessarily want to own it, but I’d love to flip through it to see how it was corrected.

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“The award-winning producers of TV shows Thirtysomething and My So-Called Life are taking their latest project online, citing “frustration” at US TV networks.”  The decentralization of entertainment continues.

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NY Times Op-Ed Page:

Two of the young men who wrote the recent op-ed on Iraq in the Times, have died.  “Engaging in the banalities of life has become a death-defying act.”  Rest in peace.

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NY Times:

Child Mortality at Record Low; Further Drop Seen.  Multifarious reasons, but very good news.

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SF New Mexican:

“A stockpile of plutonium and other nuclear weapons materials stored at Los Alamos National Laboratory hasn’t been fully accounted for in at least 13 years, a government audit has found.”  Likely a clerical error, but some will blow the ‘omigod’ tubas over this.

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How should text be presented within a website?  10 point Tahoma, and Arial seem winners.

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It’s not enough to have a portfolio; a style is needed too.

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Oil Rises to Record $80 on Larger-Than-Expected Supply Decline.  “Prices also rose after OPEC said yesterday it would increase production by 500,000 barrels a day, less than is needed to meet a seasonal rise in demand.”  US oil inventories apparently dropped precipitously, but there’s no mention of why.  Between hurricane fears, supply issues and the old refining canard, I predict a very expensive autumn driving season.  Tune up your bikes.

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ars technica:

Looking at homeopathy, ‘the memory of water.’ One fervently hopes that nearly out-of-date dilutions don’t betray a wet Alzheimer’s.

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First known planet to survive red-giant phase found.

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Rugged, remote southwest France.

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Oops, left one out little detail.

One that separates informing the public, and breeding fear.  The NY Times states, “Western officials had been warned last week that a shakeup of the Russian leadership was imminent ...”  My italics.  Rather ho-hum, no-surprises here, seemingly not worth reporting on in the runup to the announcement. Compare/contrast with headlines from the Post [”In Surprise Move, Putin Dissolves Government”], and CNN/AP [”Putin, in a surprise, dissolves Russian government”]. 

In the meantime, I’ll get another coffee.  *Yawn.* And consider whether totalitarians broadcast their political machinations ahead of time.

[One of these years, I’ll figure out why WordPress screws up smart quotes in this weblog.]

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Cancer doubt remains over mobiles.  “Researchers are now expanding the programme to look at phone use over 10 years, and the specific impact on children, which has not been studied.”  My italics.

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Something I’ve been theorizing heavily for a long time now: Does Our Planet Have Too Many People?  In creating sustainability, no aspect should be off the table.

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CNN Money:

Big jobs that pay badly.

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History of the Haka.

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Moral psychology and the misunderstanding of religion.  If a particular belief system maintains a consistent morality, fine.  If not, what?

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After The Last Intellectual.  “Knowledge might be a valuable commodity, but criticism and radical skepticism, as such, were not. ‘The institutional world needs intellectuals because they are intellectuals,’ wrote Howe, ‘but it does not want them as intellectuals.’”

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NY Times Autos:

Frankfurt Auto Show.  What was Mercedes smoking, when they came up with the F700’s design?  Gag.

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NY Times Education:

Master’s Degrees Abound as Universities and Students See a Windfall.  It may also imply that a Bachelor’s degree only holds the ‘old-time’ gravitas of a high-school diploma ... if reading, writing and arithmetic of recent grads are any indication.

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NY Times Movie Review:

Helvetica.”  I’ll wait for the DVD.

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SF New Mexican:

Council deal likely to double passenger flights.  I hate to get all NIMBY about this, but the airport’s been putting airplanes in holding patterns over Eldorado and the State lands between Eldorado and 14.  A really noisy plane did endless circles the other night, so loud I could not hear the television no matter how I turned up the volume.  Winter will disguise some of this noise, but come spring and open windows, there’ll be hell to pay if the airport doubles flights with the current traffic pattern.

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SF New Mexican:

County sees shift in burglary patterns. If I see really suspicious activity near the one or two neighbor’s homes I have visual access to, out comes the digital camera.  Take a few discrete snaps, then I make a load of noise to let the individual know they’re being observed (usually with my pickaxe or shovel in hand, pretending to be gardening).  You can tell immediately if it’s legit or not ... upon hearing the racket I make, the illicit ones jump like a startled grasshopper and take off as fast as ‘casing the joint propriety’ allows.  You get used to the patterns of your neighbors, and it becomes pretty obvious when there’s something unusual.  Unfamiliar sounds do it for me, pricking up my ears.  An email to the local Neighborhood Watch follows such incidents.

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SF New Mexican:

LANL: Rally for recognition.  They do a great deal more than just ‘build bombs.’

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