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SF New Mexican:

Search for missing horse brings community together.

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I don’t suppose

any of the right-wing weblogs will be thanking the NY Times for increasing our security.  No, I’m afraid the childish concept of opposition being ‘always evil’, will predominate.

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SF New Mexican:

Whooping cough reported in Santa Fe.

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The rocket racing league.  In southern NM?  Now that sounds mighty interestin’ ...

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Times Online.UK:

The mullahs are probably praying in gratitude to Diana’s knees, after the ankle viewing.

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New Scientist:

Why the Loch Ness Monster is no plesiosaur.  Why not?  It couldn’t lift its head as high as in the famous photos.

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New Scientist:

“The first global assessment of cluster weapons, released today, estimates they have killed or wounded about 100,000 people worldwide since they entered widespread use in the 1960s – 98% of them civilians.”  My italics.

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LA Times/CalendarLive:

Survey finds a decline in attendance for the arts.  “... Americans 18 to 34 increasingly tuned out from the arts and the broader community.”

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Art thieves turn to looting Italy’s churches.

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Does Iraq’s archaeological heritage matter amid the daily bloodshed?

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Looking out the front window of my office, I was thinking about my impending dental cleaning today (something I always hate), bemoaning my fate ... when a white car caught my eye, driving slowly out of the development. The entire back seat was filled to the brim with personal belongings.  I believe that I saw tears on the face of the driver.  Someone leaving home, moving out, ending a relationship?  I’ll never know.  A reminder that any individual life is surrounded by others experiencing both triumphs and tragedies. 

I raised my arm to wave as they passed, though I knew they didn’t see me. Akin to the salute at a military funeral; the gesture of respect was too late, futile really, but I’d like to think the little bit of regard I sent their way might mean something, somehow.

Off to my cleaning, with a more positive outlook than previous.

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NY Times:

The “spadominium.”  The various descriptions sound frightfully boring, alternately like brain-washing.  Give me a life of exertion ...

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NY Times:

Yes, Red Wine Holds Answer. Check Dosage.  Yes, I don’t think saying “I’m on a [*hic*] health regimen” will cut much ice with a NM State Trooper ...

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at Timesink sent over a great Halloween card, then I saw a birthday card on the same website, and fell over laughing.  Use it on someone you know ...

Rubber chicken’s got some good stuff, too.

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Just an offhand hint.

If you use a 20D on a tripod for any sort of timed shots, use self-timer and mirror lock-up.  The difference in sharpness is stark.  I’d been spoiled by the quiet and wonderful mirror shock-absorbing in my F-series film Nikons, and never thought it would be such an issue in any modern camera.

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The New Yorker:

“This election season, in several races, campaign staffs have been accused of, and even caught, tweaking the Wikipedia entries of opposing candidates.

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Just wait until PETA gets a hold of this ... munching on guinea pigs in America.  I can hear it now ... “Have a McFluffy and fries.”  Still, one could do a reasonably self-sustaining healthy protein operation from a suburban garage.

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You can see,

my initial take from morning reports on John Kerry’s comment was wrong.  Apologies for any misdirection I may have caused in analyzing what seemed a bizarre exhortation.  A recommendation to Mr Kerry ... if you can’t deliver the punch line, don’t tell the joke.

Later: This pales in comparison to the “dunk in the water” discussion with our VP last week.  But who remembers that far back?

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Cosmos Magazine:

Lost Moon landing tapes discovered.

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The effects of “religious fertility.”  Hmmm ... sort of explains all the attacks on public school curriculi.  Any secularization of future generations would mitigate religion’s power.

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NY Times Opinion:

College Aid Cutbacks.  As I’ve mentioned before, when I went to college I dove for the Pell Grant, but didn’t count on it to last all four years ... the Republicans have hated this program and have wanted to kill it since before I entered the hallowed ivy halls of learning.  It didn’t look like it would survive my four years of college when I entered in ‘78.  It’s been squeezed and dried and left for dead ... much like your average loan-paying student.  Higher education should never cost a premium.  It benefits all of us, to increase the overall level of education in our nation.  It’s our future, for heaven’s sake ...

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NY Times Education:

For Hispanic Parents, Lessons on Helping With the Homework.  Hmmm.  I could be wrong, but I think there are many of us who would trade a better grasp of colloquial Spanish language for mentoring schoolchildren.  All it takes is a little structure.

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NY Times:

Town Looks to the Future, Again, for an Identity.  “It has been more than half a century since this onetime roughneck boomtown, formerly known as Hot Springs, hitched itself to the futuristic technology of television and renamed itself after the popular show.”  On Truth or Consquences, and their spaceport.

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NY Times:

Viggo Mortensen’s Unusual Role: Indie Publishing Mogul.

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updates Camera Raw to 3.6 (choose appropriate “download” area in the right nav section).

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