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NY Times Op-Ed Columnist:

Collins, The Energy Drill.  “Through constant repetition, he’s trying to fool the public into believing their gas prices will come down in the foreseeable future if more coastal areas are opened to drilling. And nobody really believes that, including John McCain. Bad candidate.”

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NY Times Editorial:

Guilty as Ordered.  “Stain”, at the least.

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NY Times Science:

Why Not Test the Phaistos Disc?  Like the Shroud of Turin, eventually tests will be done.  Just a matter of time.

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SF New Mexican:

Old St. Vincent Hospital: Preserving the ‘historic fabric’.  I just walked by and read the big yellow ‘public notice’ sign the other day.  Repairs should be starting soon.

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CNN Politics:

Gingrich challenges Democrats on oil drilling. Crawl back under your rock, oh amphibious one.  Your previous shutdowns didn’t give us a balanced budget, this stagecraft won’t give us cheap oil.  We know better, and we know who caused the current situation.  You Republicans think you’ve got traction, when all you’re really doing is fingernail-scrabbling for relevance.

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Weird Asia News:

The “most cost effective vehicle.”  Stylin’.

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Ghost in the Machine:

Berk makes me want a dog.  He’s the best-lookin’ Sheltie I’ve ever seen.

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Wired Gadgetlab:

A new camera standard promises to cram the quality of a digital SLR camera into a smaller, more portable package—and may even bring back the golden age of candid street photography.”  I’ve been wondering why the current camera manufacturers haven’t been moving more towards the old Leica bodyshape, with large LCD on the rear.  We carried cinderblock F4’s because we had to, not because we wanted to.  Fewer limitations with digital.  Let the designers have some fun, for goodness sake.

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Popular Mechanics:

Top 10 Fun, MPG-Friendly Cars You Can’t Buy In America—Yet.  I figure VW’s kicking themselves they upped the Golf from a 1.8 to a 2.5.

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Build Your Own NASA Apollo Landing Computer (no kidding).  “The Apollo AGC itself is a piece of computing history, it was developed by the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory and it was a quite amazing piece of hardware in the 1960s. It was the first computer to use integrated circuits (ICs), running at 1 Mhz it offered four 16-bit registers, 4K words of RAM and 32K words of ROM.”

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“As the LHC supposedly gears up, Harvard physicist Kevin Black, based at CERN, investigates rumors that the particle accelerator may, in fact, soon be shut down—by ripples from the future.

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NY Times Health:

A book on surgery and triage lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan, has escaped censorship by the Army. [The ‘tasteful’ small photos promise graphic illustration of the realities of modern war.]

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Orion Mag:

Three views of a Western Juniper.  I think I like the first one the best.

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Wall Street Journal, Book Review:

From Greenwich Village to Taos”, Flannery Burke.  “I think New Mexico was the greatest experience from the outside world that I have ever had. The moment I saw the brilliant, proud morning shine up high over the deserts of Santa Fe, something stood still in my soul, and I started to attend.”  First time you see it, it’s unforgettable.  It’s why I came here.  Mabel Dodge Luhan stands prominently in the back of so many stories in Santa Fe ... “Saint” O’Keeffe, DH Lawrence, others ... yet her story tends to get overshadowed.  You get the idea she was one hell of a character.  Find her gravestone in Kit Carson Cemetery, you’ll be surprised at the unprepossessing nature of the monument.

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Literary Review.UK:

The Shakespeare’d brain.  “... Shakespeare is stretching us, making us more alive, at a level of neural excitement never fully exorcised by later conceptualisation; he is opening up the possibility of further peaks, new potential pathways or developments.”

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Inside Higher Ed:

The Innumeracy of Intellectuals.  “If I admit an ignorance of art or music, I get sideways looks, but if I argue for taking a stronger line on math and science requirements, I’m being unreasonable.”

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The Stage.UK:

Theatre where Shakespeare’s work premiered uncovered.

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NY Times World Business:

Europe Tries to Handle Political Fallout of Pension Cuts.  Retirement isn’t all wine and roses across the pond.

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SF New Mexican:

Courthouse dig finds castoffs of women’s lives.

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Durango Herald:

S. Utes not told of frac spill; Tribe to investigate incident linked to Mercy nurse’s illness.

Can you see the irony here?  Congress exempted fracing chemicals from the Safe Drinking Water Act ... as part of the energy bill in 2005.  “Harmless.”  Harmless enough to send this poor nurse to intensive care.  If that’s any indication of harmlessness, I’d hate to see what they label ‘lethal.’

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Paris Hilton videos a response to the McCain “Celeb” ad.

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Ok, want to know how hot it was over the weekend?

After kayaking, I rinsed my Tevas in tap water and put them in the sun to dry off.  On a wooden table, too, for about two hours.  I just pulled ‘em out to wear ‘em ... they’re melted.  The insoles shrunk, curled, and peeled way from the sole.  What a bummer.  I liked those sandals a lot.  Don’t most rafters leave these things to dry on hot rocks by rivers? 

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Is Your ISP Fouling Your ‘Net Connection? Find Out.

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HPV Vaccine Could Come With Bad Side Effects.  As I’ve said before, if your family has any sort of history with autoimmune, do some research first.

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London Review of Books:

Jenny Diski, Diary.  On sleep, and the lack thereof ... and Fantastic Voyage.

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