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National Review:

Charles Krauthammer has an interesting take on the Clinton/Obama dustup. I’m curious as to why noone mentions Robert Kennedy in all this civil rights meshugaas. I haven’t heard such lauding of Johnson since his own campaign ads from the ‘60’s.

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The Economist:

The militarisation of space.  “In a nuclear-proof air force command centre, built on giant shock-absorbing springs within Cheyenne Mountain, outside Colorado Springs, officers tracked a missile fired from a mobile launcher deep inside China. It followed what one American official said was a ‘strange’ trajectory, designed neither to land a warhead nor to put a payload into orbit. Instead it intercepted one of China’s ageing weather satellites. The impact about 850km (530 miles) above Earth created a huge field of space debris, contributing about 28% of the junk now floating around in space (see chart).”

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“In Jamaica, seven-inch singles are completely extinct; DJs have ditched their turntables. Will the digital revolution mean the end of traditional reggae?

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Guardian.UK, Art & Architecture Blog:

David belongs in the heart of Florence.

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NY Times Opinion:

McCain Hunts a Second Chance, Wary of the Blade in the Back.  “My sense is McCain’s a known commodity, and people are just kind of settling on him.”

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NY Times Movie Review:

Cloverfield.  “Rarely have I rooted for a monster with such enthusiasm.”

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Medieval Mosque Shows Amazing Math Discovery.  “A study of patterns in 12th- to 17th-century mosaics suggests that Muslim scholars made a geometric breakthrough 500 years before mathematicians in the West.”

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London Review of Books, Short Cuts:

“Publishing an anthology of blogs in book form, then, would appear to make about as much sense as broadcasting Singin’ in the Rain on the wireless: you’d still get to hear Donald O’Connor singing ‘Make ’em Laugh’, but it’s not quite the same if you can’t see him walking along the piano keys, dancing with the headless dummy and running up the walls.”  I’d rather wait and see how she does.  I worry about context, because webloggers often build context through many posts, not just one.  Pull out a choice bit, it may be interesting on its own ... but you might miss the forest for the tree.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ rebuilds homes in Albuqerque’s Trumbull Village.

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Herald Sun.AU:

Johnny Depp says thanks a million to hospital.  As if you needed another reason to really like Johnny Depp.

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TdF comes to New Mexico ...

The Astana Cycling Team will be training in the Albuquerque area.  Don’t know if I’d have the guts to ride around in those colors.  Then again, maybe it’s camouflage; other body parts will be that color, too, given the temps.  Don’t run ‘em over!

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NY Times Fashion & Style:

Generation Me vs. You Revisited.  “‘“The children now love luxury,’ Plato wrote 2,400 years ago. ‘They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.’”

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From our legislative session here in NM:

Via the Santa Fe Not Oil maillist - check out House Bill #125.  Oho, but who appoints the members and why is this necessary?  Sounds like someone wishes to put reins on Fesmire and Prukop, perhaps to end-run existing strict regulations.  Being ‘clean’ employs more New Mexicans than being ‘dirty’ - remember that, when some idiot starts babbling about restrictive regulations being ‘anti-business.’ 

I raise the issue, that appointing legislators as oversight authority allows for the ‘B-1’ political strategy.  Not many recall, the B-1 Bomber received strong support because the pieces and parts were farmed out to just about every Congressperson’s district who had any say in the approval process.  Made assembly a nightmare, likely affected the quality of the aircraft. In the end, the B-1 ended up going much farther than it should have.  So in this same vein, choosing legislators whose local areas benefit (or stand to benefit) from oil and gas revenues will have the obvious effect.  So I ask again, who appoints the members, and why is this necessary?

I dedicate this song to our legislators, and I remind you that we expect you to do what is right for New Mexico in the long term, not what is merely profitable in the short term.  We will be left holding a very dirty bag, a decade on.  You’d think we would know better as a State, seeing mining tailing piles and other detritus all over the landscape ... we have a history of mineral exploitation ... unfortunately, humanity’s ability to turn a blind eye is legendary.

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Mortgage rates fall to mid-2005 level.  Just curious; mortgage rates weren’t responding to the Fed’s drops so far.  Apparently the “R” word is waking up banks.

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Times Online.UK:

Governments are going to have to bail out the banks; in return they must change their ways.  I thought this next link might be of interest, from The Federal Reserve Bank of NY: “Regulation and Supervision of Islamic Banking in the United States.

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Times Online.UK:

Just as I was doing some private thinkerin’ about another Clinton/Gore ticket, the Brits come up with ... “10 reasons for Obama to pick Al Gore as his running mate.

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GridIron Software:

GridIron Flow looks interesting.

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Google Books:

The Elements of Greek.  I am, you are, he/she/it is, we are, you (pl) are, they are ...

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Washington Post:

Lyrics in Campaign Theme Songs Can Be Hilariously Off-Key.  “It’s the work that we avoid/And we’re all self-employed/We love to work at nothing all day.”  Isn’t that the universal view of politicians?

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Bernanke Says Fiscal Stimulus `Could Be Helpful’. Interest rates will only do so much.  Making tax cuts permanent won’t do anything in the short term.  A $250 tax rebate check won’t even touch the problem.  Bernanke needs help, and is asking for it the only way he knows how. 

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Merrill Posts Record Loss on $16.7 Billion Writedown.  This has to be the quote of the month: “Chief Executive Officer John Thain called the results ‘unacceptable’ and said on a conference call that Merrill should stop taking risks that have the potential to wipe out profit.”  My italics.  Ya think?  Financial outfits have done it before, they’ll do it again.  The question is, how to prevent financial institutions’ bad choices from impacting our pocketbooks.

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NY Times Opinion:

“There’s no doubt that the one Republican candidate that leaves most Democrats quaking is McCain. They’re uneasy about the breadth of his appeal.”  I agree.

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NY Times Travel:

Seasonal Blahs? Places to Chill.  Hey, look on the bright side.  You folks have green grass.  We’re looking at brown and yellow right now.  It looks incredibly lush, that photo, to my desert eyes.

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NY Times Fashion & Style:

Do My Breast Implants Have a Warranty?  I happened to read one of those Natrelle ads (the obverse, warning information) and was surprised at the high incidence of re-operation. 

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NY Times Europe:

Crash Landing Temporarily Paralyzes Heathrow.  From what is described, the landing sounds like one familiar to everyone who has used MS Flight Simulator.  Aircraft just don’t suddenly do things like this ... the tower had to have known this was a non-standard approach.  Other information will be forthcoming.

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