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NY Times Fashion & Style:

Flush Those Toxins! Eh, Not So Fast.  Just the simple choice of fasting causes a temporary increase in energy ... regardless of the other junk one imbibes to feel part of the ‘fitness tribe.’  In many cases, the only thing ‘detoxed,’ may be your wallet ...

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NY Times:

Home Construction Ends Worst Year Since 1959. Building’s still going on here in SF, but the pace has dropped significantly and the margins are razor-thin.

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NY Times NY Region:

Kennedy Drops Bid for Clinton’s Senate Seat, Citing Personal Reasons.  The right thing to do.  The same mind that ushered Richardson out of Commerce, may have had a hand here.  The Cuomos are highly regarded in the tri-state area.

Later:  Bittersweet thought.  Oh, if John-John had not died in that plane crash, what would this election have been like?

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SF New Mexican:

Taos saved by the snowboard.  The worries over the mountain’s technical nature seem to be proved incorrect.

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Wired Gadget Lab:

President Obama Wears Bullet-Resistant Suit at Inaugural.  If so, it was much better than that oversize stovepipe Mr Bush wore in 2001.  He looked like the turret from the “Monitor.”

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NY Times Environment:

Warming in Antarctica Looks Certain. “From 1957 through 2006, temperatures across Antarctica rose an average of 0.18 degrees Fahrenheit per decade, comparable to the warming that has been measured globally.  In West Antarctica, where the base of some large ice sheets lies below sea level, the warming was even more pronounced, at 0.3 degrees per Fahrenheit.”

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Commercializing social media: Yes or no?  I’m getting fed up with the self-pimpers on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Ego-as-brand.  Blech.  It’ll soon be time to prune the friends and contacts.

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NY Times, NY Region:

A 1916 Bird Strike, the First Captured on Film?  If it were not taken in France, I’d have said it must be Pale Male’s great-great-great-great (ad nauseam) grand-uncle.

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Wall Street

seems to be imitating a see-saw today.

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U.S. Stocks Slide in Dow Average’s Worst Inauguration Day Drop.  Ah, I figured this would happen.  Here comes accountability.

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President Obama.  Chief Justice Roberts needs to brush up on the oath.

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ars technica:

Tag your iPhoto photos, Mail messages, and more with Tags.

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Windows worm numbers ‘skyrocket’.  “In its security blog, F-Secure said that the number of infections based on its calculations was ‘skyrocketing’ and that the situation was ‘getting worse’.”  If you’re running Windows, you’d best read this, and update your virus software.

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Ancient Persians ‘gassed Romans’.

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Wall Street Journal:

Weighing Andrew Wyeth.  “On the one hand, Hilton Kramer dismissed Wyeth, who died yesterday at the venerable age of 91, as the purveyor of ‘an image of American life—pastoral, innocent, and homespun—which bears about as much relation to reality as a Neiman-Marcus boutique bears to the life of the old frontier.’”  Obviously, Mr Kramer has not driven around the backroads of Chadds Ford, PA.  I suggest putting the map away, and getting lost on the roads behind Longwood Gardens.

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The New Atlantis:

“The paper book, the tool that built modernity, is to be phased out in favor of fractured, unfixed information.”  The problem as I see it, is that the ‘screen youth’ of today are becoming factured, unfixed conversationalists.  They come across as schizophrenic to me, and I suppose I come across as dull and single-minded.  What of concentration on a single subject? Is it not a good thing?

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cnet news:

Getting lost with a GPS? Unfortunately, yes. I’ve seen it time and time again ... a slavish devotion to technology, while paying no attention to the surrounding reality, gets one into deep trouble.  Since when did a compass and a map become impossibly difficult? 

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NY Times:

Carbon fiber string instruments at the inauguration.

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NY Times:

Sharper Image Stores Are Dead, but the Brand Goes On.  When the stores originally opened all those years ago, I gave them six months.  That they’ve survived this long, selling funny expensive gadgets in chic storefronts, is a testament to the American Consumer’s willingness to waste money.

01/19/09 • 11:09 AM • Consumption1 Comment

The Economist:

Few people will mourn the departure of the 43rd president.  I missed this article on the 15th.

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T Magazine:

Edward Steichen.

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Global Nerdy:

Apparently the iPhone’s camera works like a scanner.  See this photo of a spinning prop.

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Harvard Magazine:

From Daguerreotype to Photoshop: Robin Kelsey dissects the “hybrid medium” of photography.  Thnkx, Jeremiah.

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How one book ignited a culture war.  Backstory on Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses.”

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NY Times Artsbeat:

Morgan Library to Digitize Gutenberg Bible.

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