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Student unearths 5,000 year old ‘gum.’  Complete with toothmarks.

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Big news from Canon.

21 MP Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III, 10MP Canon 40D, 12MP P&S G9, and a selection of lenses.  All links DP Review, but check Rob Galbraith too.

I’ll be interested to see the reviews of the 14mm, for interior work.  And the 40D ... I wonder how p-o’ed those who purchased the 30D will be?  But the 40D looks like a worthy replacement to the 20D, finally.  It’s clear Canon has listened to users.

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On the bourgeois coffee shop. “One drinks coffee in a space abstracted from all contexts that predetermine relationships. For the duration of the coffee break, the conditions that normally circumscribe an existence marked by conflict and inequality are suspended, and in the resulting state one can identify a principle of a sound public sphere or an apolitical and therefore fatal utopia.”

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The Colonization of Silence.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Hamlet.doc? Literature in a Digital Age.  Perhaps it is the computer that is making modern novels so dull.

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NY Times Week in Review:

The Unforgivingness of Forgetfulness.  Value of real estate can be as ephemeral as the potential of a tech stock.

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SF New Mexican:

Time-honored.  Austin Box always comes up with an outfit that has fascinating historical detail.  Thank you for your longtime efforts, Mr Box.

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NY Times:

For Sale: ’84 Model. Runs Great.  Check the pic before you pass this one by.

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Screw Wall Street, Screw Politics ...

what’s up with the green chile crop in New Mexico?

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Exercise ‘must be tough to work’. I’ve been thinking about America’s fitness lately.  I recall farmers working their land across wide swaths of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee back in the ‘60’s ... out working into a real good sweat, biceps like heavy ropes, physiques lanky and powerful.  No obesity.  If any of them was under 60, I’d be surprised.  How many 70 year olds do you see working that hard these days?  How many younger people, even?  Good, honest physical work used to be the norm.  While yer movin’, you ain’t dyin’.  Keep moving ... enough to break a sweat.

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Extreme Tech:

Jim Lynch reverses opinion, and posts 10 reasons why you should buy an iPhone.

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10 Things You Don’t Know About Women: Téa Leoni.

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Physicists Discover Inorganic Dust With Lifelike Qualities.

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All may not be iron at the Earth’s core.

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Poynter Online:

Blurring Boundaries: What Print Journalists Can Learn from Video Editors. Nice piece.  I’d add “rhythm.”  Via Rob Galbraith.

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Washington Post:

Nonpartisan Group Calls for Three-State Split in Iraq.  It makes sense, but what do the Iraqis on the street want?

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Video: How UPS Delivers When You’re Not Watching.  Actually, Fedex does this too.  I’ve found packages chucked over my 6’ adobe courtyard wall (in the back of the house).  My favorite experience with overnight delivery ... an expensive Mac accelerator card in a Fedex envelope, sitting in the rain, plastered against a fence at the edge of my property by high winds.  Luckily the bag was well-sealed and PowerLogix packed their boards well.

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NY Times:

Parents Warned Cough Medicines Imperil Infants.  “Some of the injuries and deaths associated with these products have resulted when parents gave two different products to their child, not realizing that both contained identical medicines, resulting in an overdose.”  The largest spate of marketing dollars are spent in the categories where there’s no significant difference between products, in the attempt to make them seem completely different.  In this case, profit motive works against health.  Add to that the routine use of cough medicines by parents to ‘shut up’ cranky kids, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

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NY Times Business:

Fed Cuts Lending Rate in Surprise Move.  Question is, who bears the responsibility for these billions of lost dollars?  Who’s most accountable for the subprime cock-up?

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NY Times:

Asia Seen as Better Able to Deflect Waves From U.S.  “We’re no longer in a world where the United States sneezes and the rest of the world catches a cold.”

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25th anniversary for the CD.  I think the first CD I heard was Andreas Vollenweider’s “White Winds,” 1984.  The clean, pop-free audio was a revelation, then.  Took a couple of years for the prices of CD players to drop to the point ‘average’ people could buy them.

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Times Online.UK:

Stock market rout as blue chips lose £60bn.

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Fox News:

Man Reveals Legend of Mystery Visitor to Edgar Allan Poe’s Grave.  Maybe.  I still think anyone who would do this for so long, would perpetuate the mystery ... not go public.

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CS3 update.

I did a bit of HDR and 16-bit work in Photoshop today.  Shot a home at 10:30, finished at 12 (staged furniture, posed flowers, etc. etc.).  Started processing files for HDR (window details in sunlight) at 2, done with the masking, general processing and sharpening stages at 3:30.  It usually takes me much longer.  HDR pops right up, processes much faster than in CS2.  The 16-bit files opened almost as quickly as 8-bits.  The Lens Distortion filter has no startup lag anymore.  Liquify filter also starts immediately.  The speed of CS3 continues to delight me.

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U.S. Stocks Advance on Rate-Cut Speculation; Banks Gain.  Talk of an emergency Fed meeting.  And, Countrywide Taps $11.5 Billion Credit Line From Banks.  “The company appears to be readying itself for a ‘nuclear winter’ in the U.S. credit markets, Piper Jaffray Cos. analyst Robert Napoli wrote today in a report. ‘With the combination of the additional capital and the focus on government-sponsored entities and bank-eligible loans, Countrywide is likely to have positioned itself to withstand a prolonged credit crunch.’”

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