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“Original shows are debuting on the Web, while existing ones find new life in video games and even blogs.

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The Independent.UK:

Just wait ‘til hybrids go lithium-ion.  But do recycle; lithium is quite poisonous [scroll down].

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

On “intersecting monologues.”

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NY Times:

One of the ‘destroyed’ Gospels, the Gospel of Judas, resurfaces after 1,700 years.

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NY Times Europe:

Article on Bird Flu Criticizes Effort to Monitor Cats and Dogs.  American pet owners, I suspect, would risk dying of bird flu to keep their pets ... until the disease started carrying off their children and grandchildren.  I’m jumping the gun, however, there’s no factual information yet.  Some have even reported that a majority of cats even reject the virus.  In the meantime, there’s a Bird Flu page for Pets you might be interested in.

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NY Times:

Better Not Miss the Buss.  Agree on which cheek first.  For some reason I always head to the left initially, causing all kinds of mayhem.

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NY Times/SF New Mexican:

Senate Vote on Immigration Close, Frist Says, and Richardson rips standstill on immigration bill.

Later: Letters to the Editor.

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SF New Mexican:

The final chapter of the local gay-bashing case that briefly hit national news.  “Alcohol doesn’t make someone a racist, a homophobe or a hateful person ...  [snip] ... Those are things that are there.”

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Backstory: Rocky mountain sigh as slow-lane life speeds up.  Just wait until ‘newcomers’ [immigrants?] outnumber locals, esp. in political context.

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It seems Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s lost his CEO status in the Iraq branch of Al-Qaeda.  Change the ‘-ve’ to ‘-on’.

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Washington Post:

Is Reliance on Real Estate a Crack in the Foundation?  “Real estate helped pick up the job-market slack that resulted when the high-tech bubble burst five years ago ...”  What will pick up the real estate slack?  As long as rumors of inflation circulate, the Fed won’t help.

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A little rain today,

but more importantly, the first hailstorm of the year.  I’d forgotten about having our plants massacred by hail last spring ...

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Are germs good for children’s health?  “What is the house of Eorl but a thatched barn where brigands drink in the reek, and their brats roll on the floor among the dogs?”  Perhaps that’s why they overcame your minions, Saruman ...

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NY Times Science:

Scientists Call Fish Fossil the ‘Missing Link’.  Tween idol.

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Project Gutenberg:

Write It Right, a little blacklist of literary faults.  By Ambrose Bierce.  Someone picked this up, and I echo it.  Bookmark it, if writing is one of your talents.

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‘Sarcasm’ brain areas discovered.

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This is bound to start some controversy: Design software weakens classic drawing skills.  “Computer graphics allow artists to move briskly.”  And pencils do not?

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Huge 1,500-year-old pyramid discovered in Mexico.  But you’ll never get to see it.

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Discovery Channel:

Here’s a full-blown gonzo moral conundrum: environmentally-friendly explosives.

Wonder if they’ll combine it with depleted uranium slugs ...

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Art Buchwald prepares for death with laughs, writing, food.

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And here I thought “Guernica” sat in a permanent home.

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Toronto Star:

Working girls, broken society.  “Today there is a very strong inverse relationship between education and childbearing. Last time around there was not.”

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Boston Globe:

Measuring emotion at the symphony.

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NY Times:

Sampling the Sounds of Mali Without Leaving Home.  Complete with short audio bites.

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NY Times Technology:

Apple allows Windows on Its Machines.  An excellent move on their part, IMHO.  Now I’m sorry I purchased a Toshiba over the holidays ...

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