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NY Times Art & Design:

Divine and Devotee Meet Across Hinges.

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SF New Mexican:

State under fire from abstinence group.  See what abstinence courses really teach.  To use the same logic expressed here: No abstinence program is 100% effective, so it shouldn’t be taught.

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SF New Mexican:

Track work creates bumps for cyclists.  They took a front-end loader and scraped the access road that parallels the tracks to level, while digging out trees and bushes that were growing in the gravel bed.  It’s gone from a hard-pack heavily-rutted logging road that one could do pavement speeds on, to a deep soft-surface MTB trail where riding too fast (if you can get up to speed in deep soft earth) will gift you with a painful endo.  People who commute, are complaining.  I can’t really blame them, because the paved options are nowhere near as quiet or pretty ... or as direct and short.  It’ll eventually pack down again and green up, but I don’t want to contemplate the first rain, or the first snowmelt.  It’ll be the Santa Fe version of mud wrestling ... only with bikes and dogs.  On my end of the trail, they do seem to have attempted to block off certain single-track areas along the right-of-way, which will be removed by regular users in no time; a useless gesture on SFS’s part.  Really bargain-basement road-clearing, uneven, with dirt piles.  I don’t think Santa Fe Southern or the County realizes how much the trail is used, and that it is an important human-powered thoroughfare to Santa Fe.  It doesn’t need paving, as some seem to desire ... it just needs minimal maintenance to keep it clear and to maintain its wonderful natural character.

I think the operation was a waste for a completely separate reason.  Santa Fe Southern could have made this project pay for itself, or at least help pay for itself. They uprooted many nicely-sized juniper trees that people would have paid good money for.  Instead, the uprooted trees are sitting on the verge, dying.  There are good root-balls on some, others were simply dismembered and massacred. Walking there the other day, I saw many I could have given a home to, but the thought of dragging them a half-mile was enough to discourage my good intentions.  They should have more carefully uprooted them, and used their flatcar to take the trees to road junctions, and posted a person selling ‘em for $10 or $15 each.  Everyone wants more junipers, now that the piñons have died off.

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Robert Amsterdam:

Grigory Pasko: Russia’s disappearing journalists.

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SF New Mexican:

“President Bush signed the Valle Vidal Protection Act of 2005 into law Tuesday evening ...”

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World’s tallest man uses long arms to save dolphins’ lives.”  Made me curious about what happened to Flipper.

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London Review of Books:

Review of “The Prestige”.

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Fewer breast cancers linked to less hormone therapy.  “‘The steepest decline ― 12 percent ― occurred in women between ages 50-69 diagnosed with estrogen receptor positive (ER-positive) breast cancer,’ it said. These types of tumors are fueled by the hormone estrogen.”  Speaking of estrogen and breast cancer, and following up on the soy link of yesterday, more information on soy and breast cancer.

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NY Times Editorial:

The Milk of Evolution.  The indigestion of fundamentalist religion.

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Hobby Lobby has just issued a recall for millions of Xmas lights.  Check your lights, let everyone in your family know about the recall.  Have a safe holiday.

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NY Times:

Diamonds are for never?  I haven’t heard a single person talking about this topic, other than in the media as PR for the film “Blood Diamond.”  How long will the outrage last?

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NY Times Washington:

Democrat in Senate in Intensive Care After Surgery.  My best to Senator Johnson.

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John McCain’s War On Blogs.  I was once an admirer.  Between caving on habeas corpus, and now this ... hell will freeze over before I’ll vote for McCain as President. 

Position on suspension of habeas corpus, that could easily be the litmus test for ‘08.

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Blogging ‘set to peak next year.’

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The Independent.UK:

Thorium continues to garner headlines.

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Leaded gas may return, thanks to the Bush Administration.  I have a friend who, when a teenager, pumped gas when it was still leaded.  She became amenorrheic after just a few weeks, and had to find other employment.  “The elimination of lead from gas is one of the great environmental achievements of all time.” 

Oh, how the times have changed.

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Night Owls Are More Creative.

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NY Times Tech:

Skype’s Free Phone Call Plan Will Soon Have Annual Fee.  $30/year for SkypeOut.

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SF New Mexican:

Governor vows more funding for DWI fight.  Our Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano got an early Xmas present.

Related: Officials voice worries about red-light cams.  Nobody in the news has mentioned the timing of the lights, only the incidence of red-light-runners.  Oftentimes, it is in finessing the timing of the lights and altering the physical layout of the intersections, that works better than for-profit surveillance. 

I think all Santa Feans can attest, we have some really bizarre timing on some lights.  For instance, the one on Old Pecos and Rodeo, heading southbound on Old Pecos, sometimes the light will turn yellow, red and then immediately (like, within a second) go back to green, with a green left turn signal ... without signalling for any of the crossing lanes.  You end up pumping your brakes and clutch like you’re playing an old pump organ, when taken by this ‘surprise’ green.

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I wonder.

How much does your outfit bear on what kind of haircut you get?  Anyone ever done any research?  I have to go in to get my ‘ears lowered’, and I decided to dress a little more hip. The last time I got a cut, they gave me a *part*.  I haven’t had a part in my hair since I was, like, 13.  I was coming back from a meeting, in a button-down shirt and a wool coat.  Needless to say, I’m trying a new place today ...

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Next few nights

are great for the Geminid meteor shower.  Wear your snuggies when you stand out in the cold ...

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often a good source for info, once a thread wends its way to conclusion.  Not this time.  A knee-jerk reaction to the nature of the source, without dealing with current research. 

Don’t pay attention to the MeFi thread ... go talk to a fertility specialist to find out what unfermented soy phytoestrogens do to your hormone levels.  In those of the feminine persuasion, soy often increases the length of menstrual cycle, retards follicle stimulating hormone, and other effects ... perhaps retarding ovulation in some women. 

I don’t mean to imply the effects of soy are all negative; they’re certainly not. You probably already have heard, umpteen times, the touted benefits of soy, without a word spared for the potential negative effects.  There seems to be wide variance in soy’s effect on a per individual basis.  For kids especially, there needs to be a whole lot more research done (I’ll let you all do the Googling on soy and premature puberty, soy and fertility effects in teens).  The food industry is using soy as filler because it’s cheap, easy to grow and supposedly healthy; there’s no conspiracy there.  If they could get away with recycled kleenex filler, they would.

I beg you, don’t feed it to your babies until more research is done.

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The Register:

iTunes sales ‘collapsing’.  Perhaps downloadable music was a luxury that was sacrificed to the high fuel costs over most of this past year.

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is running a Jeannie Moos clip about “Obama, not Osama.”  It’s no joke, however.  I overheard an older man the other day, wondering to a similarly deaf older friend, “Isn’t what’s-his-name, Makuna Hatata, running?”  All propriety aside, I fell out.  Reminds me of an argument I had with a friend in high school, “No, it’s not ‘Benny and the Jess’.”

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NY Times:

In Tuition Game, Popularity Rises With Price.  The myth that expensive is always better, has never been absent from education.

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