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Tobias has a mystery.  Can anyone identify the language on these notes he found?

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Mark Parrott, of Wikinfo fame, visited Santa Fe yesterday, on his extended tour across the North America.  I always thoroughly enjoy when a reader or fellow weblogger shows up in town, and makes contact. 

I could wish that he had visited Santa Fe in a more auspicious season, however.  Nothing’s as sad or dreary looking as a wet adobe ... adobe’s made for sun, not precipitation.  Grey smudgy clouds, brown muddy houses, brown gelid dirt, red/brown filthy snow, gritty red potholed roads, sculpture buried under snowy red gritty ice, overgenerous dirty puddles, brisk winds, moody drivers, crabby residents, bubble-headed tourists, grouchy dogs, wet feet, dripping nose, cold fingers ...

Not Santa Fe’s finest face.

I tried to give Mark a brief overview of Santa Fe’s culture, but he grokked the overall situation without any prompting from me.  I walked him down Canyon Road, back on Acequia Madre (getting thoroughly dampened by unsympathetic drivers as we walked in the street), educated him on the allowed architectural building styles, the ‘detente’ between the three dominant races, etc.  Tried to cram as much info into an hour or two as I could.

Our conversations ranged widely, in enlightened manner, but centered mostly over our recent travels.  I think the dishevelled and depressing state of Santa Fe’s downtown seriously colored our discussions a tone of sepia, but given both our recent travels (his more extensive than my own), it was interesting that we’d both come to the same conclusion about modern America; that it is not necessarily a flagrant consumerism, irresponsible zoning or even unrestrained builders that are destroying our quality of life ... rather, the crux of the issue is sheer population. 

My own thoughts have been percolating on this conclusion, especially after my trip east.  If we want our nation, our world to become a better place in which to live, we need to discursively address the issue.  Population is the elephant in the room, as far as climate change is concerned.  The elephant virtually noone’s talking about.  The pollution trend is never going to go down, as long as we’re increasing population at such a clip.  I can’t see even levelling off carbon emissions with such growing population numbers.  To think otherwise, is to invest in fantasy, IMHO. 

Mark, I look forward to following your continuing adventures.  Reminder of two things; one, most who found Santa Fe not to their taste, have ended up in Portland, Oregon.  The town’s certainly worth a look; some of my readers here might assist you when you’re in town (leave a message in the comments below).  Second, come back to Santa Fe again in June or the end of August/beginning of September.  Your impressions will do a 45, if not a 180.

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Rob Galbraith:

Reuters changes procedures, dismisses supervisor after publishing altered Lebanon photographs.

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NY Times:

Why do Americans not watch foreign films?  “The old film culture was based on hierarchical assumptions about taste and quality that have all but vanished, replaced by niches and networks of fans.”  A full half of my DVD purchases are foreign.

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Inside Higher Ed:

Chaos theory.  Rating IQ by the number of messy piles in your workspace.  Doesn’t explain why cleaning it up (for a brief moment) allows the brain cells more freedom.  Nor does it explain why it is so much easier to find individual items in the ‘mess’, than when stuff is organized ...

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Scientific American:

Artists ponder future of digital Mona Lisas.  My assistants and I had this discussion nearly 20 years ago ... how will digital art age?  What of software obsolescence?  Is it really performance art, because the nature of the art is time-limited?  Those who loved digital art, said it would be preserved.  I remain(ed) skeptical.  Where is the PixelPaint or MacDraw art that hung in galleries, oh so long ago?

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This’ll be the third

Presidential election during my blogging tenure.  I’m looking forward to the plethora of campaign rhetoric like a fresh root canal.  I’m going to try to tune the zoo of candidates out until the last six months, but already doubt the success of that best-laid plan.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe escapes big snow, but not cold blast.  Last night gave us another bare inch, if that.  NOAA says nine degrees tonight.  That’s not news ... that’s normal.

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SF New Mexican:

Richardson Campaign: ‘Underdog’ off and running.

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What’s that smell?

Starting up the car(s), awful smells, terrible sounds.  Ah, the snow’s packed solid in the tailpipes ... the high winds last night must have done it.

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SF New Mexican:

It’s official, Richardson is in the race for President.  As if there were any doubt.

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The Nation:

Smearing Barack Obama.  “Since it is politically expedient to be a Christian when seeking major public office in the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has joined the United Church of Christ in an attempt to downplay his Muslim background.”  Oh, for heaven’s sake.  Six years old puts Mr Obama in Indonesia in 1967, long before the 90’s ‘Arabization’ of Indonesian Islam.  What will probably disturb the evangelicals more, is the UCC membership ― a church that recognizes LGBT relationships.

Sadly, there are many in America who will buy the lie at face value.  Mr Obama would do well to quash it immediately, perhaps seek libel action over those purposely perpetuating this falsehood.

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SF New Mexican:

New era at the Mine Shaft.  Sounds like it will maintain its unique character.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Winter storm not the doozy that was expected.  You got that right; there’s a bare inch outside.  At 8AM, the local news services are still trying to sound ominous.

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Photoshop brush resource.

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The Independent.UK:

Folic acid sets back effects of ageing on the brain by five years, says study.  I wonder.  I mistakenly took supplements that gave me slightly more than this amount of folic acid, and it had a significant effect on my fluency (bad, bad, bad).  Mine is an empirical observation, but take this one with a grain of salt.

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Evening news

is saying Governor Bill Richardson is going to announce Sunday whether he will run for President or not.  I’ll keep y’all posted, not that I’ll beat the mainstream media on it ...

Later: More.

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You have to hear it to believe it.  Attorney General Gonzales says we don’t have the Constitutional right to habeas corpus. I agree with others’ opinions ... this ‘interpretation’ (”bovine excreta”) is violating the spirit and history of our Constitution. A right so important, it was specifically put in the body of the Constitution, and not left to the “oops, we forgot a few things” Bill of Rights.  Can our Attorney General be that narrow-minded?  How could he have risen to this position, if he holds these kinds of opinions? 

Well, all I can say is, Alexander Hamilton would be firing off “Publius” letters to the editor, calling for the AG’s removal ... railing about the benefits of habeas corpus, about the risk of tyranny and the evils of arbitrary government. Other Founders, as well.  Do a little Googling.

We have the right to habeas corpus.  It is not subject to interpretation; the right is ‘self-evident.’  I know of not a single Founder who would disagree.

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but never, pile cookies on top of a cork coaster and mindlessly eat while working.  I couldn’t figure out why that last cookie was so tough ...

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Texas study suggests link between pollution and cancer ... and ... Texas view on environment is 18 lanes wide.  “The science supports our claim that reducing hazardous air pollutants must be a high priority for Houston.”  Driving themselves to death ...

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Gotta love

the NOAA’s radar animations.

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Houston Chronicle:

You might be interested to know that the ‘sudden bird death’ in Austin was ‘natural.’  So, when do we have a national discussion about the media aggrandizing ridiculous stories and sowing paranoia?

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NY Times:

The Republicans wouldn’t do it, but it’s done.  Finally.  It won’t make Congress ethical, just moreso than before.

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NY Times Art & Design:

Innovator and Master, Side by Side.  Perusing the influences of Martin Munkacsi and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

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NY Times:

A House Built Around a Tower of Books.  Ah, I always wanted one of those houses with a secret room behind a seamless bookcase/door ...

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