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UK military awaits Skynet launch.  If the name is familiar, and brings images of a bleak future, here’s why.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Where Those Reactors and Centrifuges Came From.  History of nuclear proliferation in Asia.

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NY Times Art & Design:

A Celebrity Warship Gets a Hall of Fame to Call Its Own.  The iron bathtub is gifted posterity.

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NY Times Washington:

Court Rejects Strict Gun Law as Unconstitutional.  “The decision was the first from a federal appeals court to hold a gun control law unconstitutional on the ground that the Second Amendment protects the rights of individuals, as opposed to the collective rights of state militias.”  Interesting how some choose to trumpet English common law over some decisions, and conveniently ignore them in others.

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SF New Mexican:

Spring brings dust woes in southern New Mexico.  Folks around here where the white dust masks regularly. Older folk wear them during flu outbreaks.

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celebrates Bin Laden’s 50th birthday.

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The lead singer of the band, “Boston”, was found dead in his home.  Their debut album broke just before my senior year in high school, yet I remember the album most from freshman year in college.  It was one of the few refuges from Southern rock, after the Lynyrd Skynyrd crash.  Well, them and Foreigner.  Blast from the past, many of the guys in my dorm thought Foreigner’s “Star Rider” should have been the anthem for “Star Wars.”  Alan Parsons Project, Bob Welch.  Jeez, I’m surprised I remember so many.  How’s that for digressing all over hell and high water?  Rest in peace, Brad.  Your music accompanies a great deal of memories, for a lot of people.

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320 Gig 7200 rpm Firewire external, $125.99.  Blue LEDs, two speed fan, also.  Via BroomeMan.

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has changed names, to Ellis Labs.  Same software.

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Will Biology Solve the Universe? “Scientists continue to dismiss the observer as an inconvenience to their theories. Real experiments show that the properties of matter itself are observer-determined. A particle can go through one hole if you look at it, but if you don’t look at it, it can actually go through more than one hole at the same time. Science has no explanation for how the world can be like that.”  My italics.  Cool.

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Inside Higher Ed:

Rebound in Higher Ed Support. “According to the study, state and local support per full-time equivalent student was $6,325 in the 2006 fiscal year, a 5.1 percent increase over the previous year. Measured in constant 2006 dollars, the high point since 1980 was 2001, when per student support was $7,371.”

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Debt-ridden New Jersey Symphony Orchestra to sell elite instruments it acquired in $17 million gamble.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Jim Whittaker, of Everest and REI fame, writes about Mt Hood and personal locator beacons.  A more logical solution would be for the local authorities, who have the best access to mountain conditions and weather, to give the go/no-go directive.  Yet they won’t want the liability.  And how are they to judge the fitness and skill of any given climber?  I don’t know what the solution is, on this one.

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NY Times Science:

Study Uncovers Memory Aid: A Scent During Sleep.

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NY Times Escapes:

California Coasting.  By renting a vintage VW van!  Groovy, man.

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NY Times World Business:

Output Falling in Oil-Rich Mexico, and Politics Gets the Blame.

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SF New Mexican:

Surface protection bill signed into law. “Its aim is to protect New Mexicans who own the surface of the land but not the mineral rights below, and who until now didn’t even have to be told ahead of time that a company planned to drill wells.”

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SF New Mexican:

Drying trend expected to replace El NiƱo. So, after all this snow, we’re already talking about a bad fire season. 

Coincidentally, the last smidge of snow left from the ‘big one’ just melted yesterday.  Didn’t last anywhere near as long as I expected it to, given how much of the deep snow had rendered into thick ice.  I suppose I’ll have to go out and water the trees and garden this weekend.  *Sigh*.

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SF New Mexican:

House rejects bill to legalize medical use of marijuana.

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Gingrich acknowledges affair during Clinton impeachment.  Mr Gingrich tips his hand, making a powerful first move. I think he’s going to make a run for it, depending on how well the evangelicals buy this little bit of used-car salesmanship.  Negotiating with leading evangelicals, so he can be gifted with the ‘forgiveness for any and all sins if they’re confessed’ schtick. Next move, the Gingrich faithful will harden into an aggressive offense, answering all critique with the ‘let him who is without sin, cast the first stone’ routine, and work to subsume the issue into the threat of secularism, immorality of Hollywood, or some other bit of poppycock.  If Guiliani approaches the evangelical contingent for confession and forgiveness now, it will seem grudging, and too late.  If Gingrich enters, McCain will end up a non-starter unless he moves strongly center and grabs some center-leaning Dems ... if any would trust him after his habeas corpus rollover. In this excerpt, Mr Gingrich seems to be making a distinction between ‘commonplace’ lying (lying to one’s wife, lying to the public, lying to one’s self, lying to God), and lying to a Federal judge under oath. I’m surprised he made this mistake.  Nobody understands the power of rhetoric better. He’s negotiating for a lesser sin sentence.  I hope the evangelicals were really listening.  Where else will he draw a convenient line in his mind, once elected?

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CNN Travel:

Massive steel walkway attached to edge of Grand Canyon.

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LA Times:

Tiny island is a feudal time warp. “You can fall on your knees and invoke the Clameur de Haro. You say: ‘Haro, haro haro! A mon aide, mon prince, on me fait tort!’ [Help me, my prince, someone does me wrong!] And when that’s done, everything stops. All work must be stopped until there’s a hearing of the court.”

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Yellowstone’s Quiet Power. I recall reading somewhere that the Yellowstone Caldera is actually overdue for an eruption.  Big results the last time.  Wiped half of America out.

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The Economist:

Come fly with me. A new word I haven’t come across before: cabotage.  The image it brought to mind was one of c4 and Checkers.

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