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Greek archaeologists unearth Roman tomb.  A remarkable find, in that it remains untouched by grave robbers.

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Blogger freed after record contempt stint.  “Under the deal with prosecutors, Wolf agreed to turn over the uncut video, which he also posted on his Web site Tuesday. But he refused to testify before the grand jury about the events at the protest or the identities of participants.”  Sounds like the prosecutors didn’t get anything they could use.

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Yep, busy here in the studio today.

A photo shoot, now to process the images.  Posts will come, slowly.

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NY Times Editorial:

It didn’t end well the last time.  And there was a whole lot more philanthropy going on then, too.

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SF New Mexican:

A weighty trek.  It’s those fifteen seconds ...

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Gene Grant: Minorities should stop circling and see connection.  The glass of heritage can be either half-empty or half-full; it is our choice.

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The Straight Dope:

If I fire a gun while near light speed, will the bullet EXCEED light speed?  Excellent.

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The New Yorker:

Selling Wal-Mart.  “Even doubters in the environmental movement acknowledge that Wal-Mart is attempting to lower its energy consumption.”

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The Economist:

Short book review, Ian McEwan’s latest.

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National Review:

Rudy Bumpo.  “As part of his campaign to make the streets safe, Giuliani‚Äôs administration sued 30 American arms manufacturers, and his police commissioner proposed a nationwide system of registration under which citizens would be required to demonstrate good moral character and a reason for owning a gun.”  NRO needs a better editor. If the allusion is to Natty Bumppo, of Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking saga, the author overlooked a “p.” 

Having worked in pre-Guiliani Manhattan, the circumstance of coming upon a corpse was a little too frequent for my blood.  At that time, late 80’s-early 90’s, the dark side of automatics was patently obvious.  As a bystander, it seemed the police were significantly out-gunned.

Really, though, just as we have pious declarations from the political pulpit, we will no doubt have candidates from both sides of the aisle in hunter’s garb and spouting Frederick Jackson Turner.

Question is ... what on earth could Hillary do?  Obama?

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Washington Post:

Rightist indignation.  Quote stored in memory for later use:  “Men do not change, they unmask themselves.”

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Quick fix for Windows cursor flaw.  While I’m at it, an interesting comparison: OS X, Windows XP Pro.

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SF Chronicle:

Public’s taste for nonfiction has publishers playing fast and loose with labels.  When a publisher starts saying, “What is truth, anyway?”, it’s time to dump the biographies.

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NY Times Africa:

Did the Red Sea Part? No Evidence, Archaeologists Say.  Ends on a point of needless sarcasm.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Don’t Forget the Astrolabe.  On navigating, Iran, and GPS units.  An informative history of navigational devices.

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NY Times Environment:

Does the First World owe the Third World a “climate debt”?  “The obligation of the established greenhouse-gas emitters to help those most imperiled by warming derives from the longstanding legal concept that ‘the polluter pays,’ many experts say.”

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NY Times Middle East:

McCain Wrong on Iraq Security, Merchants Say. I’ll have to look for Apaches, automatic weapons and bulletproof vests next time I’m at a market in Indiana.

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SF New Mexican:

Fatal hit-and-run: Mother: Driver battles post-war stress disorder.  I can’t really tell from Technorati, but in general, are you in other parts of the country seeing an uptick in war-related PTSD stories? Curious.

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SF New Mexican:

Richardson signs medical marijuana bill.

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CNN Politics:

Art student’s depiction of Obama as Jesus causes stir.  “Obama campaign tries to distance itself from sculpture.”  Bark, bark. Give me strength to last until ‘08.

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CNN Health:

Vaccine cuts repeat ear infections.

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Scotty’s going to get ‘beamed up’ from New Mexico, April 28.

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New version of Spam Karma 2 plugin (2.3).

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Been waiting for this ... “Topix aims for citizen journalists.”  More info.  This concept, if overseen with integrity, could overthrow traditional media.

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ITToolbox blog:

“Best Linux Distro?”  Soon as I get one of these old PCs cleaned off, it’s time to experiment.

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