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Six Revisions:

45 Beautiful Free Fonts for Modern Design Trends.  Sorry, I have a weakness for grunge typewriter fonts ...

12/18/08 • 07:48 PM • ArtsComputingDesignSoftware1 Comment

Lwaxana Troi has passed away.

Rest in peace, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry.  You were a class act, all the way. 

Thought: Long-suffering Mr Homn gets a vacation now.

12/18/08 • 05:31 PM • EntertainmentHistory1 Comment


Credit card holders livid about ‘rate-jacking’.

12/18/08 • 10:47 AM • ConsumptionEconomicsHome & Living(2) Comments

NY Times Magazine, Motherlode:

My Favorite Mommy (and Daddy) Blogs.  How can you have such a list, and not mention SouleMama.com?  Author needs to get out more ...

12/18/08 • 10:28 AM • ChildhoodHome & LivingNews1 Comment

NY Times:

Hertz Tosses Some Car Keys Into the Ring, Battling Zipcar.  Now there’s a useful idea for both ends of the new RailRunner.

12/18/08 • 10:26 AM • ConsumptionEnvironmentalTravel • No Comments

NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

It’s a Narnia Christmas.  It doesn’t matter if it is truth, it just matters if you enjoy the season.

12/18/08 • 10:23 AM • HistoryReligion • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

Delays mark commuter train’s debut.

12/17/08 • 07:15 PM • Santa Fe LocalTravel • No Comments

Times Online.UK:

“Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, believes that a price of around $75 a barrel is ‘fair’.”  That seems a bit pricey to me, esp. if the US bows out of international fisticuffs next year.

12/17/08 • 12:41 PM • ConsumptionHome & LivingPolitics • No Comments


“No new tune has entered that repertoire since the novelty number “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” became an unlikely yuletide favorite three decades ago. The majority of these songs, however, are from a quainter, more innocent-seeming time, untainted by postmodern irony or a disillusion with anything that reeks of consensus. Listening to them each year has become a surreal nostalgia trip.” Or requires barf bags.  McCartney’s “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” does that to me.  Yes, I’m a Christmas music Grinch.

12/17/08 • 12:38 PM • EntertainmentHistoryMusic(2) Comments

ars technica:

Myst Online goes open source, fans to make their own worlds.  Now that makes me want to update my license for form • z.

12/17/08 • 11:34 AM • ComputingDesignEntertainmentInternetSoftware • No Comments


A Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field.  The THEMIS spacecrafts’ discoveries surprise scientists.  And a side-note ... the Sun is still largely blank of sunspots.  Perhaps a blessing, giving us more time to deal with global warming?

12/16/08 • 06:59 PM • HistoryScience1 Comment


Folks are making fun of Pentax’s limited edition white K2000; I applaud the move.  Why?  This is the Southwest.  Gets freaking hot here.  Black cameras, with heat-sensitive sensors, are not particularly well-suited for the environment.  I’ve said for a while I’d like to see silver come back into style.

12/16/08 • 06:17 PM • ConsumptionDesignPhotography • No Comments


UN declares open season on pirates.

12/16/08 • 06:14 PM • LawPoliticsTravel1 Comment


“The Wind in the Willows” at 100.  This is one your grandparents knew and loved, and still has many lessons to impart.  We have a great many Toads around today ...

12/16/08 • 11:53 AM • ArtsBooksChildhoodHistory • No Comments


Dec. 16, 1770: Beethoven’s Birth in Bonn Leads to Longer CDs.

12/16/08 • 11:33 AM • ArtsHistoryMusicScience • No Comments

The Economist:

Why wars happen.  Ideology is #1.  Code for religion, one thinks.

12/16/08 • 11:28 AM • Human RightsPolitics • No Comments

Links?  Hah.

It’ll be a while.  I’ve got some digging to do.  We got something like a foot.  I’ll measure before I shovel.

Later: Gotta take it in stretches.  I’d say a good 8-9” of snow.  Drifts on the north and east side of the house to 1’.  It’s a shoveling snow, not a snow you can just push to the edges.

12/16/08 • 09:51 AM • PersonalSanta Fe Local(2) Comments

Photo of snow today ...

wrong season for pumpkins.

12/15/08 • 03:12 PM • PersonalPhotography • No Comments


More banks reveal exposure to Madoff scandal.  Wasn’t it Krushchev who said it would be ‘the American businessman’ who would bring down western capitalism, not communists?  Prophetic, if I’m remembering correctly.

12/15/08 • 01:48 PM • EconomicsHistory1 Comment

Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Leaving Literature Behind.  “Love of reading was, after all, what got most of us into this business to begin with. We are killing that experience with the discipline of literary studies, with its network of relations in which an individual work almost becomes incidental. But it’s the individual work that changes lives.”

12/15/08 • 12:52 PM • ArtsBooksHistoryScholarly(4) Comments


Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5.6.

12/15/08 • 12:51 PM • ComputingSoftware • No Comments

Be extra careful out there.

One of my clients just totalled their car.  They’re not hurt, thank goodness.  Not their fault; it’s the other idiots on the road you have to worry about.  See Kahunaburger for more.  We’ve got a storm sitting over us for a few days.  Watch out for that black ice below the layer of snow.

12/15/08 • 12:05 PM • NatureSanta Fe Local(7) Comments

The Economist:

Refacing Mecca.

12/15/08 • 10:52 AM • DesignHistoryReligionTravel • No Comments

NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Left and Right, Piling On.  It was your party’s great demigod, Mr Kristol, who removed the CAFE standards in the ‘80’s.  Detroit’s been having a field day marketing inappropriately wasteful vehicles since then. 

12/15/08 • 10:43 AM • General • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

City streets an icy mess.  There’s a steady fall of confectioner’s sugar right now.  I have to say, school administrators must be trying to make up for November’s lack of school days ... it’s pretty dangerous driving out there.  Lots of black ice from yesterday’s slightly-melted snowfall.

Later: Apparently somebody woke up and noticed the snow.  Schools will be out early ... though they shouldn’t have been in session at all. Be very careful picking up your kids ... nothing like harried parents in SUVs swooping around on icy roads.  Many don’t realize 4WD is no guarantee of traction when slamming brakes on ice.

12/15/08 • 10:36 AM • ChildhoodNatureSanta Fe Local1 Comment
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