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Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

NBC is a sinking ship.  Will they dive into that dreaded lifeboat, sensationalism?

04/26/07 • 07:42 AM • Entertainment • No Comments

The Independent.UK:

Another famous violinist makes a go at busking, with somewhat better results.  Moral: Rely on your kids to know the good stuff.

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NY Times:

Texas Legislators Block Shots for Girls Against Cancer Virus. Texans can choose to Gardasil their young girls, or not.

04/26/07 • 07:31 AM • HealthLaw • No Comments

NY Times Tech:

Professional Photoshop retouching, as a business.  I do so much of it routinely.  Never thought about it as a separate discipline.

04/26/07 • 07:28 AM • DesignPhotographySoftware1 Comment

Albuquerque Tribune:

The first “VT” copycat?

04/26/07 • 07:17 AM • LawPsychologySanta Fe Local1 Comment

SF New Mexican:

Trailblazers.  Building and maintaining the Continental Divide Trail.

04/26/07 • 07:12 AM • NaturePhysical FitnessSanta Fe Local • No Comments

SF New Mexican:

Normal fire season expected for S.F. forest.  Which means, no closures!  Excellent!

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SF New Mexican:

So much for our peaceful community ... “Vandals ram a stolen backhoe into a nearly finished investment home, causing more than $40,000 in damage.”  Gotta be kids.  They know there’s precious little law enforcement out here (no local police).

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SF New Mexican:

Build subdivisions too close to archaeological sites ... and you get spraypaint gang sign on petroglyphs.  Albuquerque’s encroaching Petroglyph National Monument, building roads through it for the convenience of developers.  I suppose I should go down this year and take photos, before it’s all destroyed over the next decade.

04/26/07 • 06:58 AM • HistorySanta Fe Local • No Comments


Photos from ‘the bean attack.’  I could never handle the paparrazi as well as most stars do.

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CNN Money:

Watch out: Here comes $4 gasoline.  Getting tired of hearing the ‘refinery outage’ excuse year after year.  Repair, replace - or supplant with new energy sources.  Don’t just sit and twiddle thumbs ... though that seems to be lining certain pockets rather healthily.

04/26/07 • 06:47 AM • ConsumptionEconomics1 Comment

Washington Post:

Study: Hispanics Transforming U.S. Religion.  “The survey found Hispanics see religion as a moral compass to guide their political thinking and expect the same of politicians, with the feeling stronger among evangelicals. Most Hispanics believe social and political issues should be addressed from the pulpit.”

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“It actually eggs us on. On e-mail, people aren’t quite themselves: they are angrier, less sympathetic, less aware. ... E-mail has a tendency to encourage the lesser angels of our nature.”  In comments, too.  Expressing tone accurately, is a forgotten art for many.  I work on it constantly.

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Digital Outback Photo:

DFT Ozone: Colors a la carte.  Plugin for PS CS3.  Complete list of DFT plugins.

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Review of LapLink PCMover, a PC to PC migration tool.

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“Within a year, China is expected to outpace the US in carbon dioxide emissions.

04/25/07 • 03:25 PM • ConsumptionEnvironmental(2) Comments


Gold from MeFi ... The Tanner Lectures on Human Values. Hit the alphabetical list on the left.

04/25/07 • 03:22 PM • Scholarly • No Comments


One of the last typewriter repairmen.

04/25/07 • 03:16 PM • ArtsBooksConsumptionHistoryNews • No Comments


rules of flying.  In-flight entertainment: “Bring a book.”

Oh, I hope they succeed ...

04/25/07 • 02:11 PM • EconomicsTravel(2) Comments


patches MySQL.

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Dynamic Drive:

Online favicon generator.

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NY Times:

Two more from “Affordable Europe”: villas as bargains, and adventures in low-cost air carriers.

There is an alternative, of course.  Bicycles and camping.

04/25/07 • 11:32 AM • Physical FitnessTravel • No Comments

NY Times:

Democrats Say Giuliani Fear-Mongers.  No surprise; it’s his only platform, the only widely-known history he has.

04/25/07 • 11:26 AM • Politics • No Comments

Times Online.UK:

How internet booksellers are killing art of browsing.  And yet, with no basis for me to theorize from other than experience, perhaps this will reinvigorate libraries.  My impression was, after the Barnes & Noble/Borders/Waldenbooks phenom, library use went down.

04/25/07 • 11:25 AM • ArtsBooksScholarly1 Comment

SF New Mexican:

Internet crime rises in New Mexico.  So many remain shockingly uninformed about internet scams.  Interesting to see ‘auction’ fraud is more than half the stats.

04/25/07 • 11:17 AM • ComputingInternetSanta Fe Local(2) Comments
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