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Publisher’s Weekly:

May Bookstore Sales Up 2%.  If the economy’s getting folks to drive less and read more, who’s going to complain?

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NY Times Asia/Pacific:

At Royal Balinese Funeral, Bodies Burn and Souls Fly.  ” Hunched under a giant bamboo platform, 200 at a time for 100-yard shifts, the porters bore an 11-ton tower, as tall as a three-story building, that carried the coffin of Mr. Suyasa under a nine-tiered pinnacle.  Whooping and laughing, sometimes breaking into a run, the porters swung the platform crazily from right to left to confuse the spirits.”

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The New Mexican seems to be having DNS issues.

Can’t get through.  But thanks to the email grapevine, I’ve heard that Governor Richardson has extended the moratorium on drilling in the Galisteo Basin for another six months ... and Tecton has withdrawn from the NMOGA suit against the moratoriums (both County and State). 

You can read the content of the Governor’s Executive Order here.  It’s a comprehensive order to all departments. 

Thank you, Gov!!

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Body found in storm’s surge.  I was downtown when this storm hit yesterday, and drove past a couple of the flooded, rushing arroyos.  It looked bloody dangerous - and bloody close to the tops of the arroyo banks. No way a person caught in the torrent could escape.  Three inches of rain in roughly an hour. The city should have a seasonal reservoir west of town to gather runoff - this was a substantial amount of water.

Day later: Madorange’s father got some shots of the Santa Fe River, about to overflow the banks.  The water was moving fast.  The river’s still flowing today, after last evening’s smaller storm.

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Adobe Buzzword ...

... just saved my bacon.  Needed to open a .docx file while on another’s computer.  I thought Google and/or Zoho opened .docx files, but apparently they won’t import.

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Medical News Today:

Anti-Bacterial Personal Hygiene Products Triclosan And Triclocarban May Not Be Worth Potential Risks.  Chemicals screwing with your hormones again. Stay far away.

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Science Daily:

Water: The Forgotten Crisis.  Again, the Earth is a closed system.  There’s plenty of water ... just not where the burgeoning populations are. The problems are: population, responsible and realistic stewardship of available fresh water sources, storage of fresh water, transportation of available water, desalinization when fresh water sources are maxed out.

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12 Babies die during vaccine trials in Argentina. [popup alert.]  Screen “The Constant Gardener.”

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10 Credit Card Company Tricks To Beware.  Credit cards are like fast food ... engineered to be fast to consume.  Takes a long time to rid yourself of their deleterious effects.

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NY Times Opinion:

Drilling’s Lure.  We’d prefer you do what is right, rather than what is easy.  Not that you’ve ever listened.

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NY Times Science:

Country, the City Version: Farms in the Sky Gain New Interest.  Anyone familiar with the delivery-of-basic-utilities problems in skyscrapers can tell you this is not feasible at this kind of scale.

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NY Times Travel:

A Lost World Made by Women. 

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NY Times:

At the Uneasy Intersection of Bloggers and the Law. “This, of course, is a blogger’s nightmare: enforced silence and the prospect of jail time. The district attorney eventually withdrew the subpoena and lifted the gag requirement after the bloggers threatened to sue. But the fact that the tactic was used at all raised alarm bells for some free speech advocates.”

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“I don’t know where these guys get the audacity to take our money, taxpayer money, and buy stock in Fannie Mae ... [snip] ... So we’re going to bail out everybody else in the world. And it ruins the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet and it makes the dollar more vulnerable and it increases inflation.”  Buck stops at the Fed, since at least the 2001 recession. The Fed kept interest rates too low for too long, encouraging risky variable rate instruments ... and once again, tax cuts never paid for themselves.  Thank you, Greenspan and Bush.

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Literary Review of Canada:

Whither fan fiction?

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Ereaders: the final chapter for the book? I’ll still be cracking my book, when you’ll be buying the tenth version of the latest e-reader.

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The Independent.UK:

Six months to save Lascaux.

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The Independent.UK:

Is art running out of ideas? Artists forced to explain modern art.  I would add, art is not solely about shocking you out of your state of mind.  Art exists for multifarious reasons.

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The New Yorker Obama Cover.

This is a smart business decision on the part of The New Yorker; it will obviously sell gobs of magazines. It’s also an accurate summation, an illustration of the most common smears.

My complaint [based on these small previews of the cover] is that it does nothing to levy a clear judgment upon the smears; it does not render them outrageously enough to be taken as parody by everyone who will come across the magazine. The rendering is too subtle. You’re supposed to ‘already know’ that the smears are lies; not everyone does, outside of the NY metro area - not even Democrats. I still find intelligent people vomiting up the “madrassah” bile, worrying that Obama is some sort of Al Qaeda plant, here in New Mexico and neighboring states.  This puts an image to the still-percolating insinuations in the back of many minds.

Speaking generally, this whole ‘new JFK’ routine is becoming a drag. Obama seems too good to be true, a danger in a world where all heroes are tarnished ones. Most of America’s waiting for the shoe to drop, and the press are battling for position to be the first ones to destroy the myth.  I’d stage manage some tarnish now, over the next couple of months, rather than let the mythic image build and have a minor incident throw the election in November.

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NY Times:

Bush Lifts Drilling Moratorium, Prodding Congress.  Cheap political maneuvering.  Generally, for a candidate, an ideological ally in the Executive Office is an advantage.  Can’t load our energy problems on the Democratic Congress, boys.  If you Republicans hadn’t delved into rapacious profit-taking in the Reagan years, we wouldn’t be here.  Carter’s alternative energy stimuli would have started bearing fruit 20 years ago.

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NY Times Automobiles:

Poor timing, IMHO: Subaru upsizes the new Forester.  Should’ve just updated the body ... then again, Subaru’s styling department is one of the automotive world’s worst.

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SF New Mexican:

Reactions mixed on pepper link to salmonella. 

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NY Times Americas:

U.S. Soldiers No Longer Find Haven in Canada. “Why do they not fight it within their own legal system instead of being faux refugees in Canada?”  Sounds like the ‘compassion’ of Breckenridge Long.  When a country embraces jingoism, is not the legal system supportive?  History, kids.  It’s important.

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Washington Post:

Beltran Out of Tour de France After Positive Drug Test.  “A strong climber, Beltran helped Lance Armstrong win the Tour in 2003, 2004 and 2005, often pulling the Texan up the steep climbs.  Beltran is the fourth former Armstrong teammate to test positive for doping; the others were Floyd Landis, Tyler Hamilton and Roberto Heras.”  Condemnation by association. Just pointing up that the odds are stacking up.

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Scientific American:

Scientists Uncover Deadly Ebola Virus’s “Achilles’ Heel”. Great news.  I picked up Tom Clancy’s “Executive Orders” when taking a coast-to-coast flight years ago, so Ebola as bioweapon (however fictional it may be) has been in the back of my mind since.

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