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The Art Newspaper:

Revealed: National Gallery’s Cranach is war loot.

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The Economist:

Mena Trott gets a profile, at the forefront of ‘intimate media.’  The frequent use of double quotes, to keep the statements of webloggers at arm’s length ...

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CNN Money:

Second Life ‘virtual millionaire.’

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Encyclopedia Britannica

has a weblog.

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Stop DWI in New Mexico.

Many eyes can take the place of many officers.  If you see a drunk on the roads, you can call 911, or you can call the DrunkBusters hotline: 1-877-394-4258.  If you’re in NM, program it into your cellphone.  I believe the hotline will contact State Police; if you’re in a municipality, 911 may get faster response from local law enforcement, such as city police or Sheriff’s Department personnel.

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The Australian:

Aye gets a reprieve as a suspect in the supposed “murder’ of Tutankhamen.  Oh, and Tut’s manhood has been rediscovered, rattling around in his sarcophagus.

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Laser eye ops could ruin sight.  “Studies from Otago and Oxford Universities have shown that laser surgery for short-sightedness could cause haze, glare and blurred vision as people reach their 60s and 70s.”

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gets personal for Gordon Coale’s family.  I hope everyone stays safe and well, Gordon.

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Gore Vidal, living through history.

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The ukelele is taking Britain’s schoolchildren by storm.  I suppose this is where it will go, as the kids age ...

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Atheists Agonistes.

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NY Times:

A Layered Look Reveals Ancient Greek Texts.  Paper being valuable in the past, I wonder how many other missing texts can and will be found?  The next best thing to finding a trove from the Alexandrian Library.

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NY Times Europe:

West Germany’s equivalent of America’s Cheyenne Mountain complex, restored.

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NY Times:

Madison Avenue pays tribute to Ralphie.

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SF New Mexican:

Woman faces fines for wreath peace sign.  “A homeowners association in southwestern Colorado has threatened to fine a resident $25 a day until she removes a Christmas wreath with a peace sign that some say is an anti-Iraq war protest or a symbol of Satan.”  My italics.  Hmmm, Satan?  That’s a new one to me.  Peace symbol history. 

Later: Come to think of it, I wonder if the neighbors buy clothes at the Gap.  Ba’al Zebûb in blue jeans!

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Simple things.

Found roasted chestnuts at Trader Joe’s the other week.  I’ve had more enjoyment this weekend cracking and eating hot chestnuts out of the shell.  Reminds me of cold days in NYC, where you can buy a bagful from street vendors while you navigate the brisk holiday rush.

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Historical bit:


One of our Route 66 motels.

Prior to 1938, Route 66 came through Santa Fe.

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Washington Post:

Age 35, and something went snap.  Grownups and Legos.  My brother and I used to have a huge homemade laundry bag full of ‘em.  Every rainy weekend they came out, to fill our time with constructing castles and mansions and boats and cars and ... whatever.  I don’t think I’ve picked up a Lego since childhood, but I do recall fighting over who got the last ‘one-er’ or ‘two-er’ ...

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Culture equals money, says new state report.  So improve the Plaza already.  Other small towns in the West improve their downtown areas with huge planters overflowing with flowers alongside (and even in) their roadways, hanging pots along covered walkways.  Santa Fe seems to focus obsessionally on water-needy grass in the Plaza, and ignores the benefits a little more attention to aesthetics might bring.

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National Geographic:

It’s ... what’s for dinner.

If that’s unpalatable, you always have a fall-back position.

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friendly bit:

How to structure large CSS files.  I usually just let TopStyle do its thing.

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As some of us suspected, gas price manipulation during elections?  In Santa Fe, it is a well-known phenomenon when the Legislature’s in session.  If it walks like a duck ...

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Washington Post:

Weapon Of Mass Destruction.  A short history of the AK-47; perhaps it should have been titled ‘bang for the buck.’

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10 Is the New 15 As Kids Grow Up Faster.  “Several published studies have found, for instance, that some tweens’ bodies are developing faster, with more girls starting menstruation in elementary school - a result doctors often attribute to improved nutrition and, in some cases, obesity. While boys are still being studied, the findings about girls have caused some endocrinologists to lower the limits of early breast development to first or second grade.”

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