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SF New Mexican:

Snow prompts delays around Santa Fe; schools, city and county offices on two-hour delay.  It’s an icy, thinnish snow out this way, though it is still falling.  Bad driving conditions here.

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It had to happen.

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The Economist:

Education: The race is not always to the richest.  “For the industrial countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), average spending on primary and secondary schooling rose by almost two-fifths in real terms between 1995 and 2004. Oddly, this has had little measurable effect.”

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The Economist:

If you’re green, don’t forget blue needs some love, too.

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Top 10 Adobe Flex Misconceptions.

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Well, hello there.

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SF Gate:

Mortgage meltdown: Interest rate ‘freeze’ - the real story is fraud.  Mattress-as-financial-instrument is looking more and more attractive.

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Satirical or Strangely True? The Secret and Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal.

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Gear Diary:

A license to poach.

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Movie Trailer:

There Will Be Blood.  “A sprawling epic of family, faith, power and oil.”

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Photo Business News & Forum:

Nikon D3 vs. Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III.  For some reason, I see Canon as the blonde.

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Incredibly busy.

Links will arrive, like the rain and snow that are predicted for our local area.  Unpredictably.

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Levon Helm, of “The Band”, is getting his voice back after throat cancer took it.

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March to keep Santa Fe beautiful.

Sandra and I went into town and participated in the march to protest oil drilling.  I’ll have some pictures up too.  In spite of the cold and rain, we had something like a hundred or so people.  Not a bad turnout in holiday shopping season.

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Motley Fool:

Fire sale at CompUSA’s?

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Mineral Rights: Surface rights and mineral rights are not the same!  Here’s something I haven’t heard mentioned in the meetings of late: “When underground mining occurs beneath a property some subsidence and settlement should be expected. All subsurface voids seal themselves over time. If the mine is below the aquifer rock units which are tapped by the well, subsidence of the mine could damage the aquifer and cause its water to drain into deeper rock units. In this situation the surface owner loses his water supply.”  My italics.  According to what we heard at the last meeting, the drilling and extraction area will be only 600 feet below one of our aquifers.

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Very busy today ...

driving like a boomerang between SF and Albuquerque.  Links, perhaps, much later today.

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SF New Mexican:

Drilling opposition steadily builds.  Lots of good information was presented last night.  We need to get a BLM representative at one of these meetings, to explain their management of mineral rights near residential areas.

Did you hear that yell?

A particularly puzzling MySQL statement in Expression Engine’s query module just worked for me.  A question of grammar, really, not of complexity.  I’m happy.

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I can’t get to the oil meeting tonight.  Too much work.  Meeting at the crack of dawn tomorrow, meetings over the weekend.  It’s being broadcast tonight on KSFR, the meeting starts at 6:30.  I’ll be listening.  You can listen too, online.   Click the top right button.

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The Economist:

Forcing Americans into smaller cars. It’s about time, we’ve been in a holding pattern since ‘85.

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Pretty smart ...

“Annesdiary.com is a social networking site for girls between the ages of 6 and 14, which is secured by the use of a biometric fingerprint sensor.”  Not just a parent, but a sponsor is needed as well.  Via Metafilter.

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Washington Post:

Japan’s bloggers: humble giants of the web.  “About 40 percent of English-language bloggers said their primary goal was ‘to raise visibility as an authority in my field.’ Only 5 percent of Japanese bloggers said that was their primary motivation. Instead, they said they blog to create a record of their thoughts and of information they have collected.”  Perhaps I should learn Japanese. Tired of reading ‘personal branding.’

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Washington Post:

Bush Wins Agreement To Freeze Mortgages.

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Rob Galbraith:

Adobe Camera Raw 4.3.1 update.  Another Lightroom update is imminent.

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