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US Nat’l Library of Medicine: An Ancient Medical Treasure at Your Fingertips.

If you don’t even trust aspirin, here’s an option for you.

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Academia.edu: Purported Medical Diagnoses of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Reading this shows what a difficult time modern science has with Occam’s razor.

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Getty: 77,000 Images of Tapestries and Italian Monuments Join the Open Content Program.

Key art-history reference photographs from the Getty Research Institute now free to download and use for any purpose.

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SciAm: Blue-Footed Boobies Have Stopped Breeding—But Why?

A world without boobies?  Say it ain’t so! Not yet, anyway. Sardine populations have crashed, for ‘unknown reasons’.

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Design You Trust: Vintage Playing Cards by Bicycle.

Designed to look beat-up and distressed, this is the perfect set for your home poker room setup.” Pre-grotted. I prefer to stress my own. And I tend to prefer Racer-back (not made anymore, apparently).  At some point, I’m going to invest in some Theory11 cards; they are gorgeous.

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Discover Mag: Women Prefer Complex Composers for Sexual Fling.

Many a male musician will admit that he first picked up his instrument to get girls. Evolutionarily, it seems, they were onto something.” But only if they play complex pieces well. Three-minute pop composers have no chance, I suppose.

04/23/14 • 11:13 AM • MusicScience • No Comments

Richvibe: Lauge Jensen x Henrik Fisker Viking Motorcycle.

These feet-and-arms forward riding position bikes make my back ache just looking at them … but this one sure is purty.  In other words, I certainly wouldn’t kick it out o’ my garage.

04/23/14 • 10:14 AM • ConsumptionDesign • No Comments

Rolling Stone: ‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin.

On a cold night in January, George R.R. Martin sits inside the Jean Cocteau Cinema, a revival theater that he owns in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he has lived since 1979.” Gee, I didn’t know he lived in the theater … (joking) …

04/23/14 • 10:04 AM • EntertainmentSanta Fe Local • No Comments

Foreign Policy: Did Robert Capa Fake ‘Falling Soldier’?

What really happened on that hillside? Capa himself maintained almost total silence about it ...” That particular image has always bothered me, since the first Time-Life photo books I received as a kid (remember that book club in the early ‘70’s, book-a-month or something?). His clothes. They’re too pristine for having been in a trench. No dirt, no wrinkles. Looks like he just stood for inspection. And the pose. As I thought about it at the time, when I’m hit by something (someone throws something at me), I curl around the impact. Was this guy shot in the back? Surprised I can still dredge up those early thoughts. But that pic *did* stick out like a sore thumb.

04/23/14 • 10:01 AM • ArtsHistoryHuman RightsPhotography • No Comments

NY Times: Led Zeppelin Releases Two Previously Unheard Recordings.

Some can only polish former glory, while others are still growing and changing.

04/23/14 • 08:54 AM • HistoryMusic(5) Comments

CNet: Get 50GB of iDrive iOS cloud storage for 99 cents.

Cloud storage just keeps dropping in price. Keep going.

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something & else.

It’ll take you a second to catch it.

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Science 2.0: Neuroscientists Discover Brain Circuits Involved In Emotion.

This latest research has discovered a brain pathway leading from the PAG to a highly localised part of the cerebellum, called the pyramis. The research went on to show that the pyramis is involved in generating freezing behaviour when central survival networks are activated during innate and learnt threatening situations. The pyramis may therefore serve as an important point of convergence for different survival networks in order to react to an emotionally challenging situation.” It may point the way to help for panic disorders.

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Photo Attorney: Copyright Office Establishes New Fees to Begin on May 1.

Of note.

04/23/14 • 07:46 AM • LawPhotography • No Comments

LA Times: Moving in with parents becomes more common for the middle-aged.

At a time when the still sluggish economy has sent a flood of jobless young adults back home, older people are quietly moving in with their parents at twice the rate of their younger counterparts.” The right wing in America has always wanted us back in the ‘desirable’ Depression-era Waltons family model. Seems they’ve almost got it.

04/23/14 • 07:45 AM • EconomicsHome & LivingPolitics • No Comments

DailyMash.UK: Women now doing lots of pointless bloke crap.

Professor Brubaker added that many women were choosing to remain single rather than have relationships with men with crap hobbies, and so were having to take up trainspotting, martial arts and collecting beer glasses themselves.” My amused emphasis.

04/23/14 • 07:43 AM • GeneralHuman RightsTravel • No Comments

Guardian.UK: Christopher Dean and Jayne Torvill - How we made Boléro.

Only afterwards do you appreciate how much four minutes on one day in one place can change your life.

04/23/14 • 07:38 AM • HistoryMusicSports1 Comment

ProPublica: MIA In The War On Cancer: Where Are The Low-Cost Treatments?

For some reason a drug that could be patented would get a randomized trial, but aspirin, which has amazing properties, goes unexplored because it’s 99 cents at CVS.

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SF New Mexican: GOP attacks Webber for ties to Weather Underground co-founder.

As one conversation I overheard yesterday went, “I think it’s mighty fine that he cares enough about New Mexico’s weather. We’ve had too many wildfires.” Sic.

04/23/14 • 07:35 AM • PoliticsSanta Fe Local • No Comments

The Airship: Literary Bars & Restaurants IRL.

It’s enough to inspire a literary field trip, after all, what better way is there to get into a book than eating and drinking like its characters?

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Ars Technica: OpenSSL code beyond repair, claims creator of “LibreSSL” fork.

When asked what he meant by OpenSSL containing ‘discarded leftovers,’ de Raadt said there were ‘Thousands of lines of VMS support. Thousands of lines of ancient WIN32 support. Nowadays, Windows has POSIX-like APIs and does not need something special for sockets. Thousands of lines of FIPS support, which downgrade ciphers almost automatically.’ There were also ‘thousands of lines of APIs that the OpenSSL group intended to deprecate 12 years or so ago and [are] still left alone.’

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WNYC: Do World’s Fair Relics of Queens’ Past Have a Place in Its Future?

As a young boy, my parents took me to the dinosaurs.  And I had to share my plastic dinosaurs with visiting friends from the UK. Bummer.

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Junkculture: Artist Smuggles Golden Cockroaches into Museums Around the World.

Surely a few will end up in Santa Fe. Keep your eyes peeled.

04/23/14 • 07:20 AM • ArtsSanta Fe Local • No Comments

The Millions: 450 Years of Juliets - On Women Making Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s Juliet is bold, Romeo’s equal. She initiates their relationship, telling Romeo ‘take all myself’ before she even knows for certain of his interest or commitment, bubbling over with her desire past the bounds of what might be considered correct behavior, and yet her frankness, as she calls it, is what makes her magnetic.

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The Atlantic: Booksellers - We Got Shakespeare’s Personal Dictionary on eBay.

Scholars say that William Shakespeare used as many as 30,000 different words in his plays and poetry. They further estimate that he knew about a quarter of all the words circulating in English during his lifetime. This is remarkable, and it raises a question: How did he learn them?” My emphasis. Hmmm. As I’ve said before, these ‘miracle’ finds with little or no provenance are fodder for forgers.

[Oh, and Happy Birthday, Will.]

04/23/14 • 07:16 AM • ArtsBooksHistoryScholarly • No Comments
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