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29 years ago, I got a call on the telephone.

One of my freelancers was flying back from Florida, and got on one of the early in-flight phones and yelled “It just fucking BLEW UP.” She saw it from about 20,000 feet up - perhaps even before the ground crews, she saw the pieces flying off. After a bit of hysteria, I understood the Shuttle was in trouble. And even though we were a leading A/V firm, we didn’t have any TVs set up in the office. I raced down to the warehouse, grabbed a monitor with an RF hookup, and strung a huge piece of speaker wire outside the bathroom window so it dangled about 60’ down the building and used it as a makeshift antenna. From that point on, everyone in the office gathered in temporary groups as the drama unfolded.

01/28/15 • 12:17 PM • HistoryPersonalScience1 Comment

Guardian.UK: Tutankhamun’s botched beard: conservation chief demoted to royal vehicles role.

Last week, her duties included the conservation of one of the world’s most important collection of artefacts, including Tutankhamun’s fabled death mask and jewellery, as well as hundreds of ancient mummies, tombs and statues. From now on her role will be limited to overseeing the contents of Egypt’s royal stables.”  A judgment worthy of Hatshepsut.

01/28/15 • 12:11 PM • ArtsHistoryScholarlyScienceTravel1 Comment

BBC: Drone maker DJI bans Washington flights after White House crash.

DJI’s smart. Make hay while the sun shines, folks.

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SciAm: What Do Farmers Think about Climate Change?

Given the stats, that looks to me like roughly 68% would be open to attenuation and preparedness measures. That’s a pretty good ratio.

01/28/15 • 11:47 AM • EnvironmentalNewsScience1 Comment

Archaeology News Network: Site of SS Great Britain ‘shipwreck’ located.


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ConsumerismCommentary: How Your Positive Posse is Destroying You.

If you’ve read here long, you’ll know I disdain empty ‘support’ statements. I want to be better, not artificially fulfilled. Take off the kid gloves, rip it up. I like it better that way.

01/28/15 • 11:24 AM • PsychologySmall BusinessSocial MediaWeblogs(2) Comments

ProPublica: U.S. Acknowledges Conviction of David Hicks, Guantanamo Detainee, Should Not Stand.

An odd duck, this one. Read the entire thing.

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Italian Ways: Antonio Allegretti, “Eve after the Sin” with a surprising finale.

Beautifully rendered in marble.

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AVweb: Two Airplanes Successfully Ditch In Pacific.

Ballistic parachute for the win.

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Fresh from out back ...

fresh from the back portal ...

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Paris Review: Shying.

... people don’t look at you sitting by yourself and think, ‘she’s shy.’ They will, perhaps, attribute to you all the power you give them. In short, they will merely think you aloof.” I can’t remember the last time I used the word, “shy”. Worthy of thought.

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AdWeek/TVNewser: Why 2 Feet of Predicted Snow Was More Like 8 Inches.

The Weather Service has launched the new multi-million dollar GFS Model, to compete with the European model.”  They got the right forecast, they just didn’t believe it.

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Peas from Austria. Why?

I just noticed on my package of frozen peas from Trader Joe’s, that they are grown in Austria. Why, I wonder? Did California drop off the map? The breadbasket Midwest get consumed in a tornado? Florida, sink? How can this be economical? Like their Dutch tomatoes and other products, I just don’t get where TJ’s transportation costs are hidden. And I won’t even start on the carbon footprint.

01/27/15 • 05:11 PM • ConsumptionEconomicsFoodTravel1 Comment

CosmosUp: Oldest Star System ‘could Point to Extremely Advanced Alien Civilisations’.

Planetary systems around stars have been a common feature of our galaxy for a long, long time.

01/27/15 • 04:57 PM • HistoryScience • No Comments

Guardian.UK: White House unveils plan to open Atlantic waters to offshore oil drilling.

Like our shorelines can bear more pollution. Thanks for nothing, O.

01/27/15 • 04:55 PM • EnvironmentalPolitics(4) Comments

Youtube: Fantastic Four | Official Teaser Trailer [HD].

Erm. Oh the melodrama (modern superhero trailers). I just don’t think anyone can do a rubber-man convincingly. Can’t suspend disbelief on that one; I see them try, and it takes me right out of the film. F4 should stay cartoon. IMHO.

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Slugline. Simply Screenwriting.

Of interest if’n you need this sort o’ tool.

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Youtube: Nobody Tells This To Beginners.

Yes. In my parlance, “Iterate faster, iterate better.”  It’s not enough to do the same thing over and over again. One has to do it, judge it, do better the next time. Keep refining. Or keep stretching. Whatever it takes!

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Latest Mac OS X [Mavericks] Security update ... long period of white screen is normal.

I let mine update via the App Store, restarted, and my iMac sat on a white screen for a very extended period, with no hard drive sounds. Eventually it all started chugging again, and loaded normally. Just warning others - be PATIENT.

01/27/15 • 03:27 PM • AppleInternetSecuritySoftware(2) Comments

GreaterGreaterWashington: The Air and Space Museum needs a new skin.

Beginning in the 1950s, engineers and architects tried to apply stone as thinly as possible to make buildings more cost-efficient.” Just wait until you see the results of modern ‘starchitects’ work in 40 years.

01/27/15 • 03:13 PM • DesignEconomicsPolitics • No Comments

MessyNessy: Building Mr. Eiffel’s Penthouse Apartment - A Tower Under Construction.

Good old steelwork.

01/27/15 • 03:08 PM • ArtsDesignHistory(2) Comments

CBC: Archaeologists find casket with Don Quixote author’s initials.

No real new information, but photos.

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Hit the ground running with work this morning.

If I see a link fly by, I’ll snatch it out of the air and plaster it here ...

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NY Times: How Much Snow Has Fallen.

The second map. If true ... *yawn* ... some Governors are going to look pretty silly.

01/26/15 • 11:42 PM • EnvironmentalNaturePolitics • No Comments

ArtDaily: Rare 1938 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Cabriolet heads for Bonhams Stuttgart sale.

Looks brand new.

01/26/15 • 10:43 PM • ConsumptionDesignHistoryVehicles • No Comments
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