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Vox: There’s a simple reason Kevin McCarthy will be the next speaker: money.

Throwing up in my mouth a little bit ...

09/28/15 • 04:49 PM • Politics(2) Comments

Guardian.UK: Mormon church issues call for calm as ‘blood moon’ sparks apocalypse fears.

Would it be so bad if the world ended, and nobody noticed?

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Guardian.UK: US stock markets fall due to renewed concerns about the Chinese economy.

New product idea: “The Money Mattress.” I’ll make millions.

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The things you run across on the ‘net ...

Normally, I’d say NSFW ... in this case, I say Not Safe for Mental Health.

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The Atlantic: What It Takes to Make Fashion Blogging Look Effortless.

Pro-bloggers, we learned, must continually reconcile a series of competing demands: They have to appear authentic but also remain on brand, stay creative while tracking metrics, and satisfy both their readers and the retail brands that bankroll them. Many work up to 100 hours a week, and the flood of new bloggers means companies increasingly expect to not have to pay for partnerships. Meanwhile, the nature of the job requires obscuring the hard work and discipline that goes into crafting the perfect persona online.” This niche is another I’ve been following, along with ‘mommyblogging’. The investment in ‘brand’, faux-personas, is astonishing. I hope psychologists are looking at this, too. Esp. the folks who can project multiple faux-personas in virtual sphere, while maintaining a separate reality.

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The Atlantic: Debating ‘The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration’.

Click “Read On” on the topmost item, to see one person’s take on the Texas “chain gang” system. Not what some might expect.

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The Atlantic: Should Stuttering Be Treated, or Embraced?

If you had a magic pill, would you take it? And for me, the answer is no.” Hard one to swallow; the average listener is getting more and more impatient. I leave just a second open, and I’ll never get back to the point I was trying to make.

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Plaeroma: When Facebook is down.

Hee-hee. Mildew. That’s it. “I grow mold, I grow mold ... I will wear my fungus rolled.”

09/28/15 • 02:30 PM • PersonalSocial MediaWeblogs(3) Comments

The Atlantic: When Schools Overlook Introverts - Why Quiet Time is Important for the Learning Proces

Important. In our world of helicopter parents and planned childhoods, I stand shocked. I could never have been the person I am, if I wasn’t able to lie with my back on the grass for hours and stare at the clouds. BY MYSELF.

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Guardian.UK: Shady dealings of William Shakespeare’s father ‘helped to fund son’s

There seem to be two tracks on ol’ Shakes. One is doing serious research, the other is expending efforts to deny his existence.

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Three days away from the blog and aggregator ...

... and I have to say, peeking back in, I’m just not ready. So much BS, hype and OMIGOD FACEBOOK IS DOWN ITS THE END OF THE WORLD ...

09/28/15 • 01:33 PM • PersonalWeblogs(3) Comments

I’m here, just running on empty.

Concorso finished up with two of the winning cars running out of gas at the awards platform. Guess who pushed? Links when I can move. Even my fingertips hurt.

09/28/15 • 09:58 AM • PersonalWeblogs • No Comments

Santa Fe Concorso, next three days. Few updates.

I’ll be running around shooting, downloading pix ... no time for blogging. See you on the other side!

09/25/15 • 08:04 AM • InternetPhotographyVehiclesWeblogs1 Comment

Mashable: Town comes together to give elderly man a heartwarming makeover.

Needed this today.

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ITT: Bernie Sanders’ Refusal To Attack Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Principled—It&rs

On September 14, the Huffington Post received an email from one of Clinton’s Super PACs that intimated Sanders would begin diplomatic ties with terrorists and linked him to the socialist former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.” Stay classy, Hill.

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HarperCollins: “Colons, commas, periods, and capital letters ...

Great quote ...

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The Atlantic: The Best Job Candidates Don’t Always Have College Degrees.

Many companies find that skills-based pre-employment tests are better predictors of success on the job.” The airlines saw this most starkly in the ‘60’s and 70’s, though they did virtually nothing about it. They lost some of the best veteran stick-and-rudder flyers by pushing a degree restriction on pilots. Never overlook ‘naturals.’

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Wired: The Bizarre, Bony-Looking Future of Algorithmic Design.

Explicit design is when ‘you have an idea in your head and you draw it,’ he says. ‘Generative design is when you state the goals of your problem and have the computer create design iterations for you.’

09/24/15 • 12:49 PM • DesignFutureScience • No Comments

Guardian.UK: Even on Wall Street, Pope Francis attack on ‘idolatry of money’ strikes a chord.

No one has a problem with his statements on capitalism. But any time we have a moral compass, there is going to be critique of what we do. That’s not a bad thing, but a good thing. We can always use some criticism ...[snip] Pope Francis is saying we shouldn’t get too comfortable where we are – politically, financially, theologically. God gives us the pope we need when we need him.” A little fluffy ... they open with a quote from a guy in an Irish bar near Wall Street, as if this is supposed to represent the wider Wall Street opinion. I understand the Catholic expectation, but still.

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WarOnTheRocks: Navigating the Islamic State Challenge [audio].

Of note.

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TG’s Political Wire: Trump Rivals Smell Blood.

His rivals are smelling something – whether or not that’s coming out of his … whatever.

09/24/15 • 10:51 AM • Politics • No Comments

Register.UK: North America is COMPLETELY OUT of new IPv4 addresses

In the past few minutes, ARIN – which oversees the allocation of IP addresses in North America – has confirmed the region is completely dry of new IPv4 address. No new addresses are available for web hosting companies, cloud providers, individuals, organizations: the last batch was issued this week.

09/24/15 • 10:26 AM • InternetProgrammingSoftware(3) Comments

nakedcap: VW Scandal Bad News For Diesel.

Now that diesel is not as clean as it appeared and stricter emissions tests and perhaps even stricter regulation can be expected, one has to ask; does this mean the end of diesel for light vehicles? ‘Yes, it probably does,’ Max Warburton, senior automotive industry analyst at Bernstein Research, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

09/24/15 • 10:11 AM • ConsumptionEnvironmentalLaw(3) Comments

SciAm: Antibacterial Soap Has Poor Killing Power.

It does no better than plain soap against 20 strains of bacteria.” I was happy to see in the local grocery, that Lava is still available.

09/24/15 • 09:45 AM • HealthScience(2) Comments

BBC: Girl gets through security to deliver message to Pope.

Not surprising. Matthew 19:14.

09/23/15 • 06:10 PM • Human RightsReligion • No Comments
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