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Archaeology News Network: Potential jousting casualty unearthed at Hereford.

... there is a considerable amount of evidence suggesting this man was involved in some form of violent activity and the locations of his injuries do match quite closely what might be expected from taking part in mock battles. The fact that he was still doing this after he was 45 suggests he must have been very tough’.” ‘Tough’ ain’t reserved for the young, writer.

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Public Policy Polling: Americans divided on Williams return.

Of note.

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edgee - playground for the curious.

First impression, from the video, is a mashup between Medium and Tumblr.  I’ve requested an invite (13k).

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iainclaridge.net: Leica M-P Correspondent.

Faux wear, but the wear reveals copper brass (see comments for clarification). In spite of the ‘poseur’ bells in my mind, it’s awfully good looking.  The price will be breathtakingly high, no doubt.

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The Economist: Energy controversies - A frack too far.

Cash in and move out, I assume. They feel left out of the bounty.

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Hemmings: One-off Buick Blackhawk show car could fetch up to $450,000 at auction.


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Archaeology News Network: New clues cast doubt on ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’.

Great detective work. Very much worth the read, for armchair sleuths.

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Vox: Elizabeth Warren is furious over Obama’s proposed trade deal.

Listen to Liz.

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Time: Jeb Bush’s Sense and Sensibility.

He is a political conservative with a moderate disposition.” I’ve warned and warned. I will warn again: s/he who seems (to the public) to embrace the most centrist position, wins. Remember the mythical “Reagan Democrats.” Hillary, so far, is a cartoon of no real substance.

Later: Absolute allegiance necessary.

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VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal: The cost of delaying action to stem climate change: A meta-analysis

This analysis concerned the cost of trying to hit the same climate target with a later start date for the policies. It showed that the cost of achieving a given target would rise by about 40%. This, however, is only one factor to consider in assessing the timing and magnitude of action on climate change.

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Economics in Plain English: Art, meet Economics.

It’s like a Mercedes-Benz, you drive it off the lot, it loses half its value.” Cold comfort in the art photography market.

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The Atlantic: The Designer Who Humanized Corporate America.

Of Paul Rand. “As one of the youngest art directors for New York-based advertising agency Weintraub, he designed for Orbach’s department store, El Producto cigars, and the aperitif liquor Dubonnet. He worked for Manhattan publishers Knopf, Vintage, and Pantheon creating abstract book covers and jackets, and gained a reputation with designs for blue-chip companies like IBM, Cummins Engines, Westinghouse, Morningstar, even Enron. By 1986 he was such a star that Steve Jobs received special dispensation from Apple’s sworn rival, IBM, to enlist Rand to design his post-Apple venture, the NeXT logo.

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The New Yorker: Why Mornings Don’t Make You Moral.

I never thought they did. Tempest in a teacup.

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Reuters: Dutch restorers offer to repair Rome hooliganism damage for free.

So they should. Again, it amazes me that we have any historical aesthetics to enjoy, given mankind’s idiotic destructive tendencies.

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Italian Ways: The classy Moretti 1200 Spider by Michelotti.

I wonder, given the resemblance to an AC Ace ... who was the first with this body style?

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Guardian.UK: Henry VIII’s evidence to support break with Rome turns up in Cornish library.

It was an amazing moment. The old long gallery here is about the length of a football pitch, and the professor lapped it about six times when we found the book.” Video or it didn’t happen.

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ArtDaily: Faberge unveils first Imperial egg in 99 years.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get mislaid ... or sold for scrap.

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NASA: ‘Bright Spot’ on Ceres Has Dimmer Companion.

The brightest spot continues to be too small to resolve with our camera, but despite its size it is brighter than anything else on Ceres. This is truly unexpected and still a mystery to us.” Completely cool. I’m betting on the Guardian of Forever.

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Snow’s supposed to be moving in tonight.

Snow's supposedly moving in.

Unsettled at the moment. Clouds are torn into different layers. Yesterday’s dawn shot of the Ortiz to the south.

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“Spanish Cowboy.”

Even Picasso.

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The Coolist: Aston Martin Vulcan is Built for Racing Daredevils Only.

The Vulcan is powered by a 7.0-liter V12 engine that produces 800+ horsepower under the pedal.” I love the early versions of this body style; they’ve been tweaking it into ugliness over the past few years. I’ll want to see this in real photos before judgment.

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Guardian.UK: Stop calling for a Muslim Enlightenment.

Marked for later reading.

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BBC: Paris night drone mystery deepens.

The security threat from these drones is minimal. Bird’s-eye images of Paris landmarks are available online in far higher quality than anything these devices could produce. And small, shop-bought drones are not strong enough to deliver a significant payload of explosives.” Probably just some numbskulls creating footage.

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Snapmail: Self-destructing emails for Gmail.

Of note.

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ISP outage.

Comcast broadband was out in my area this morning. It is amazing how I’ve become accustomed to having a always-on ‘net hookup. Puts me in mind I need to go get lost in the wilderness soon for a ‘brain reset.’

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