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DWB: Convert Video to GIF.

ffmpeg is your friend.

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JunkCulture: Artist Transforms Washed Up Plastic Pollution into Beautiful Site Specific Installation

I’ve asked it before, I’ll ask it again. As photographers, what are we actually doing when we portray trash beautifully?

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WaPo: ‘Free-range’ parents plan to file lawsuit after police pick up children.

Three squadcars?! Over six hours of being detained, of which it looks like three were in the back of a parked police cruiser? No food, no bathrooms, presumably. Inhuman. Outrageous.

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PS Mag: Want to Be More Creative? Get Out the Electrodes.

Don’t think licking a 9 volt will help.

04/15/15 • 11:40 AM • ArtsDesignPsychologyScience1 Comment

Vox: Elizabeth Warren has a game-changing idea that doesn’t require Congress.

From Warren’s point of view, the idea of banks that are simultaneously so vulnerable to collapse and so integral to the ongoing operation of the economy that the government dare not prosecute them is the essence of the problem.” My italics.

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Photo Attorney: Musician’s Photo Release is a Rights Grab.

Wow. Just wow.

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TechDirt: TSA Agents Outwitted By Cory Doctorow’s Unlocked, ‘TSA-Safe’ Suitcase.

Check out the photo. Back when I used to fly regularly, the major airlines had a $25 per bag liability. Hair-raising, when I was having to haul a system worth $60k with me.

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CosmosUp: NASA - No Signs Of Advanced Alien Civilizations In 100000 Galaxies.

Hmmm. Given our own predispositions, it looks like the imperative towards self-destruction severely limits the likelihood of ‘advance.’

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c|net: How does Tony Stark’s body survive the forces of his Iron Man suit?

I always believed it was ... FX.  Next we’ll analyze the physics of Groot’s vocal folds ... [why?] ...

04/15/15 • 11:14 AM • EntertainmentScience1 Comment

Guardian.UK: What a $15 minimum wage means for US small businesses.

Business owners, for the most part, will cry ‘foul’. Minimum wage has been so egregiously low, raising it to a proper level is painful and it takes time for businesses to find ways to adjust. As we saw with the living wage in Santa Fe, those with good business models survive. Those on a shoestring fail.

04/15/15 • 10:59 AM • EconomicsHuman RightsSmall Business(2) Comments

Guardian.UK: Alzheimer’s disease study - caveats aside, the findings are encouraging.

The latest study suggests that in Alzheimer’s, immune cells that normally protect the brain instead begin to consume a vital nutrient called arginine. By blocking this process with a drug, the team from Duke University in North Carolina were able to prevent the formation of plaques and also halt memory loss in mice.

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GitHub/Brobin: hacker-bootstrap.

In the oh-so-classic green terminal style.

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CityLab: An Interactive Map of Shakespeare’s London.


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Busy morning.

Links shortly.

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico duck tests positive for bird flu.

The primary risk in New Mexico is to people who have a backyard poultry operation of some sort, whether it’s eggs for the family or a few birds they sell.

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ArtDaily: Timbuktu rebuilds mausoleums destroyed by Islamists.

Now that’s kind of nice to hear. Amid all the other useless, idiotic destruction going on.

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Own that exotic car you’ve dreamed of ...

... in Lego.

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HistoryToday: Monetising the Past - Medieval Marginalia and Social Media.

Perhaps the success of these accounts would be lessened if a tweet were busied with shelfmarks, dates and sources, but wouldn’t it be nice if these huge audiences had the choice between investigating them further or not, and if libraries and archives received due credit for making this wealth of material available.” I recognize a fellow Utopian. Alas, we’ll have to wait for more than just more capable software; we must await a sea-change in attitudes. Attribute, dammit.

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Digg: Jennicam And The Birth Of ‘Lifecasting’.

Another early web story most tech journalists remain unaware of. Even after weblogs got popular, many felt having a weblog alone was exposure enough. We’d point at Jennicam, and ask, “Would you ever do that?” “Hell no!” Yet here we are. Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. Periscope. Anil’s comment at the coda is perfect. Thanks, Curt on G+.

04/14/15 • 05:21 PM • HistoryMotion GraphicsWeblogs(5) Comments

Going grey can be gorgeous.

Going grey can be gorgeous.

04/14/15 • 04:28 PM • PersonalPhotography(2) Comments

Register.UK: SpaceX Falcon punches hovership landing barge in Dragon supply run.


04/14/15 • 03:38 PM • DesignGeneralScience1 Comment

Blot: Blogging platform that uses Dropbox.

Hmmm. Limited to Disqus comments, of course. Yet I desire something ridiculously simple; CMS input screens are terribly vexing. MarsEdit makes posting to multiple CMSs tolerable.

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NY Times: Why Writers Love to Hate the M.F.A.

Other realities conspire to make the M.F.A. one of the fastest growing graduate degrees. Among them: the pervasiveness of digital media and celebrity culture, where anyone with a blog feels like a best-selling novelist-in-waiting; the rise of memoirs, a natural extension of the online selfie writing culture; the popularity of magical realism and noir fiction novels, which have turned many 20-somethings on to literature; and changes in generational attitudes, aspirations and culture.

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Anandtech: The 2015 MacBook Review.


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SciAm: Wine Snobs Are Right - Glass Shape Does Affect Flavor.

Different glass shapes and temperatures can bring out completely different bouquets and finishes from the same wine.” I imagine the same holds true for whisky.

04/14/15 • 12:32 PM • FoodGeneral(2) Comments
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